Akram Nadwi – Learning Arrangements for Women

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "married" education in India, which is not a professional course but rather a way for women to learn to stop sexual behavior. The concept is not just for men, but also for women who are working in similar roles. The speaker suggests that women should not be treated similarly in education, as it is harmful to their life.
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Did you know for a long time, there was no arrangement? Father, for the girls to study the new arrangement in India. What actually happens is when the people realized that women really study in the US and colleges, sexual education, there's no way you can stop then or the Marielle. I really the only way we make our own colleges and the stuff that we'll have confirmed here today stop them. Then they started women madrasa, we went on madrasa, very Newton, very, very neutral. And the whole intention is to then women don't go to the mortuary school secular education, they come there to they stop them they did to the purpose never has been to teach them the purpose has been to keep

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them in seclusion for a while. I remember I went to one of the madrasa in England in Bradford, to test to write tested this garden student did not know anything, too. I said to them, no, this study for five years I don't know anything to the director said to me, but intention not to treat them intention that they have to be here until they're 16 year old that they are not forced to go to the location, then they'll get married to even when they have mothers or fathers. The purpose is not to teach them to that by the standards very, very low. The teachers who teach actually they don't know anything whatsoever, the examiner for a garden madrasa in India rampur very famous. And when the

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exam papers came to me, it was so much mistaken. Meaning these guys don't know anything to spending six years don't allow any Arabic. everybody happy and the guard is happy at least they spent some time to decide what to do. Is this not right? Any people should spend six, seven years giving money, their life they should study that way when we started was lanisha turino. in Oxford all I made very clear that guns are not for the same teachers in the same classroom, the same education until they can hear the questions of the men men can hear their question, do they understand how each people think it can help them to my thinking does matter I sacral education, people not in the same class,

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many went together from the same teacher, that how we must, should do and the past if or if you read the books of Hadith. In every class men or women used to be together, you never find the mate had this session for men and then more for women. In same session. Men and women are both here because this is how you learn. If you separate them, then the education of the women will be weaker. But if it's same education, the people will make effort to make the same standard to advice really, if you want to support any mother, daughter make a mother sad for the girls. It is going to make them look simple matter. It's not I will below the Why is it supported though the mothers are those

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institutions which want men or women to study properly together that was going to make the women stronger tomorrow so for women who will lead it always will be weak. Always it will never come to struggle because women also need to learn really how men think how does question everybody understood from each other. So I'm not really in the favor of it because the mother says I have not failed in Gaza Masjid or something like that we must imagine men of women actually are met by lasota to be together, you know, but you know with proper hijab, nor does it but learn together that how they learn otherwise education for the women will suffer to now the so many mother Assad, but hardly

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there any woman is colored to the story that but they don't know. They know very little really, in the same time men or other places. They become Mufti, not in so many, but at least many education, math education much better than women's education. The reason is, because their proper teachers, women don't have good teachers. But if they study the same classroom, some textbook women will be much better than the men we simply just the reason we might do so low is because they don't have good teachers good school system, too. I don't like the idea of you know, women whether it's this really very very harmful six, seven years of your life had been wasted on what you learn really

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people can learn in one month into the model, sir. Cuz you can't read article nothing, you know, the best time is fine are really under encouraged. Normal dose is cool. So mothers were many women, they learn properly together in the same environment. There's much much better

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