Nadim Bashir – How to perform good deeds

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of shaping one's life and the value of good deeds, as well as the need for acceptance of one's supposed Day of Joy. They share personal experiences with Islam and offer suggestions for achieving good deeds, including sponsorizing children and providing opportunities for them to reach their goals. The importance of good deeds and a culture of good deeds is also emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum and Rahim Alhamdulillah

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the other older documents here's one of our team is from diorama and Rahim when he put it in with your husband or whoever What do you have to pay right at the merger guru yeah typical law which I mean in Allah Allah condition for the for Allah to either handle the other hand mouth will hire they will welcome a book of Acts And while I'm at one when I was using a full set up along with all the warfighters all summer long or it was set up in a hadith in Allah Allah already that the disarming room Why don't you see what equals what I eat up a movie called Wild magical Oh Come my photos who mind he said the last morning was in Istanbul Hajime Kitab Allah Muhammad had he had Mohammed

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shown to work

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or to look at art in order for him to go relative and now I'm Maga

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restricted brothers and sisters.

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Many scientists believe that what we think and what we comprehend throughout the day

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will is what we will see in our dreams. And similarly, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, and what we learn from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is how we spend our life will dictate what happens at the end of our life. If a person is an obedient slave of Allah subhanho wa taala. The hadith mentioned that his soul will be taken out so easily. On the other hand, a person who was formed from Allah subhanho wa Taala and he was disobedient to Allah, then this, then this soul will be removed and he will go through a very painful experience. So how we spend our life will dictate will how will lead from this world? Likewise, how we spend our life and

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what we do in our life will dictate the outcome of our hereafter.

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The reason I mentioned this is because Allah has given us life. Allah has given Allah will bring upon his death. And if there is any confusion, that why Allah has given us life, and why Allah will bring death upon us. What is the purpose of this life? The 60 7080 years of a person's life? What is the purpose behind this? What is the purpose behind death? To answer that question, Allah says in the Quran, and that he hung up on mode when higher, Allah has created life and death, Leah will do a poem to test you and to see a ucommerce and Ramana when it comes to when it comes to good deeds, which of you are the best?

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In a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, in Allah Allah younger when you that it does sound evil. Allah Allah does not look at your appearances. When I bless you when it comes to love does not look at your body does not look at your appearances. He does not see what race you come from what language we speak, he does not look at the ethnicity we come from, what race you come from, what color you are, what are key and during that blooming. Allah subhanaw taala looks at two things only. He looks at your heart, making sure that your heart is the right place. And the second thing is that he looks at your armor. In the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us first of all

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your odds when it comes to Hastening towards good deeds. Allah says you should compete with one another, you should come you should surpass others and compete and beat others when it comes to attaining good deeds. In the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says sadly, oh, Sadie. Oh, don't feel I think men who have become one gender in our

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own or in their haste into the pulpit all of Allah subhanho wa Taala because it is the month of law, the forgiveness of Allah, that will be our ticket to enter into Jana in sha Allah. Now, what is the value behind the good deeds that we perform? What will what will I get from the good deeds that I will perform? Before I get to that discussion? I want to share with you a story, a very beautiful story of a Mohammed death and this will have that he

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explains his story that how do you think most of us have a handle with the island, that before he became an immediate stable Alyssa behind what the other than he used to be a person who was who was a police officer. But not only that, but he was always drunk. He was always drunk. The name of this person is married with me now, I need to log on a man had been denied one time he was sending in his budget. And he was a great man of his time. And so he began to tell the people his story, he says that I was always drunk. If I was on duty, I was always drunk. And there are some slight variations in his story. So please do do follow with me.

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Since I was always drunk, he said that one day I was patrolling the streets, in my city. And I came across two people who were in a conflict. And I came to those people and I began to resolve that conflict. That's one of the people who was in that conflict. He had a five year old daughter. He says, I saw that young girl, and instantaneously, Allah subhanho wa Taala put the love of that girl in my heart. He says, I felt like I wanted also a girl just like that I want to the door just like that. So he says in some books that he mentioned, that he got married.

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And then after he got married, he had a child who was behind granted him a beautiful daughter. And he named his daughter father.

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And he says he continues with the story. He says that

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Allah subhanaw taala put the love of this child in my heart. Whenever I will sit down with her, I would have a bottle of wine, this young girl will slap the bottle of wine out of my hand.

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And he said that if it was anyone else, I would have been extremely angry. But Allah subhanaw that I put so much love of that girl in my heart that whenever she would push my bottle of wine aside, or whenever she was thrown on the floor, it never made me upset and said that this girl began to grow up in front of me. She became five years old.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala took her away from me.

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He says that in order to overcome this depression, I went back to drinking.

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Before this, he had cut down on drinking, never give it up completely after the death of his daughter, and he says I resorted back to drinking. And we see that even within our time, the culture of the United States of America is such that people who are depressed are the ones who are hitting the bars at night.

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So he says that he resorted to drinking, I began to drink and drink and drink. I was always drunk. He says one day, I slept at night, and I saw a dream. He says that in that dream, I see that there is a chaotic scene taking place. Everyone is running around, worried about themselves. And he sees that. He says that I have no idea what's going on. I don't know where I am.

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And he says, I began to walk. And he says that I felt like there was something behind me. And he says, I turned around to see what was behind me. And he said, I saw a huge black circuit, a snake chasing me. And this snake was so it was so strong. And it was so huge, that it made me one and I began to run. I saw as I was running, I saw a man, an elderly man dressed all in white. And I went to the span I said please for the sake of Allah, hold me against his black snake and serpent. And he says, I am too weak. I apologize. I cannot help you. He says go over there you might find someone to help you. So Malik When did I said that I saw a hill and I went over there. And when I went I went

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across the hill I saw the the fire Jahannam was there and people are being thrown into the fire Johanna and he said that this is not the place I want to be. So he makes a U turn. And he begins to run.

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Again he comes across that man. And he says please for the sake of Allah just do anything you can protect me from this circuit. And he says I am too weak. If I try to fight the servants, I will be defeated. So he says once you go across over there will look for someone you must you will find someone so he runs and he finds a hill and he begins to cross that hill. And as he crossed the hill he begins to hear the he begins to hear children flames.

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And he says that as I began to compose him to the lab, this the sound of his children are playing increases. So I know that there are children over here and he says that I come

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into a palace, where I see that those kids who passed away in their young age, those kids are in this palace.

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And then there is a call their founding,

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father is outside.

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Malaguti law says that my daughter came out. And when I saw my daughter, it brought tears to my eyes, that this is my daughter, Fatima and found them out comes to her father, and he hugs her father.

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And then she says she gives a hand gesture, and she tells the snake the serpent to go away, and the serpent goes away.

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Then Malik Ben denier says he has his own daughter. The one is this, where am I? She says that this is the Day of Judgment.

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This snake that you saw was your sins. Your sins had are so much and they are so strong. And that man that overly man in the White attire was your good deeds. You had perform so less deeds and your sins was so much that your sins would overcome your good deeds.

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And then she says, is it not time that you change your lifestyle or my father? At that time? She recited the iron southern Hadith LM Yeah.

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Middle and Tasha.

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What can

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you tell them in the public if at all I think you will Emma do

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what can you

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briefly this I have a wealth of 100 with the ALLAH is talking about that has a timeout companies people to repent all of us have behind me.

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Matignon denier says that I woke up and I had done something that I had not done and over 15 years, I made it to do and I went to the masjid. And at the masjid while I was standing in prayer, the Imam is saying the same exact idea. I love getting in,

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touch out.

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And I respected brothers sisters. Why do I mentioned the story? Because we see here that Malik Bundeena sees a serpent, which is actually his sins that he has committed. On the other hand, he sees a man who is so weak, and that is his good deeds, respected brothers and sisters. If this this should wake up, this should wake us up. This should create an awareness within us that Allah has given us a very small life. Compared to the people in the past this life has nothing 6070 years of life. And Allah what He wants from us is that we prepared in this slide before the here after every day we sleep at night. There are people who sleep at night, and they don't see the next morning. And

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there are people who go to sleep and they do see the next morning. Why? Because Allah is granting us another opportunity to do some more, to do some more. And to prepare for your life here after

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a while we get to work but

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when the DMCA was female, but you SQL let the HIPAA law know where you are in a genuine sunlight. Allah says when people sleep at night, everyone's roof is taken away. They are actually in the state of death. They are dead.

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But there are some that I returned their school back again and there are some that I keep her soul with me. Allah has given us another opportunity. Respect your brothers and sisters when we look at our deen, how much is a lord Merciful? Allah has given us so many ways to come close to Allah. Allah tells us that if you do this, there are so many rewards for this and Allah has made it easy for us to attain the deeds. But before that, the question is the what is it? What is it for me? Because that's the that's the question that we all have. Before we do anything in life. What is in it for me? How does this benefit me? If I Allah Allah is telling us to come towards Ahmed to hasten to his

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buddies, what do I get from it? I want to share with you just four things. And the best way to understand this is I want you to remember the word gapps G A P S. First one is G A person who does good deeds will always eliminate the sins. Allah says in the Quran in the asanas. You live in a car. What do we do with this? It will wipe away our sense. The next one is a

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that says, Allah subhanho wa Taala would love a person when he comes close to Allah subhanho wa taala. You remember last week and I forgot I shared with you a hadith that would say, and when I was behind the with the island, he says that as that a person comes close to me, because of the obligations I made upon him. And then Allah says,

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me being at the corner of the building.

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And then he does the optional deeds, and through them, he comes closer to me. And when he comes closer to me, I began to love Him. And when I love him, come to somehow will net investment will be that it becomes ears through which he listens, that means that I use my ears in the right place and not in the wrong place. Well, first of all, we'll be able to be you and then I become his eyes through which he sees me that we see those things that Allah has been awful and we don't use our eyes to see those things which Allah has made unlawful and prohibited, then we are the way that we'll be able to show that I become his hands that I will use my hands only in the right place, and

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I will not use my hands to hurt anyone into coming but what he will let em she'd be happy I was about how that I said that I become his legs through which he was that means that I will go to those places which Allah has mentioned are considered as righteous places and I will not go to the wrong places. And then Allah says this person is a beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we do righteous deeds, Allah will love us and as a result what will happen want to insert at any level of theater, if he asked me for anything, I will most certainly grant him and while it is the identity level really that that if he seeks my protection, I will most certainly protection.

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This is what Allah will give us don't even wonder what was behind the Isla. Yes, we do want the milk a lot when we have to use interest with these. The next one is p in the word gas is protection is protection from what from fitness. There are two types of fitness that our whenever I talking about. There is a fitna of shuba had doubts and there is a bit of a shadow of desires in lust. Allah was Allah while he was sitting says in the Hadith.

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He tells us about the fitness that will occur as we come closer to the day of judgment. And he says bad he will repeat

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the his entrance good deeds before you are overcome with fitna and those fitness and those trials and tribulations. The problems are some He gives us an example of how they will be he says covenants are remained in movement. It will be like a dark night. It will be like a dark night. I want you to put yourself in imagine it's a completely dark night. You have no idea where you're going. You're completely lost. Allah Subhanallah what the Bible says someone says a title fitna, this will be the state of most people used to be for blood to the minute where you will see coffee on.

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The Prophet saw some says a person will be a believer because of those fitness there'll be so severe. A person will be a believer in the morning by nighttime who spent his magic caffeine.

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And there are some people who will spend their morning as a coffee but by nighttime they will be able to prophesy some says why this will happen. Yeah Bo Lena who will be our dunya they will sell their Deen for monetary compensation for temporary compensation. Respected brother and sister sisters. When we do good karma, this will protect us this will create firmness in our EMA and this will help us repel the fitness and a trials that come with those victims. So that is p the last one is S which is satisfactory in this life. Allah says on mana Amida saleha whoever does righteous deeds will who will movement and he's a believer for Loki and who hasn't forgiven, we will please

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him. We will give him a life of full of peace and content. Respected brothers sisters don't we want a life of full of peace and content? Each one of us we want a live a piece of content. We weren't alive that is misery free, problem free, challenge free. If we want that Allah is telling us you have to do that you have to the good deeds. So from today, what has happened in the past has happened the past two days from today let's make a result amongst ourselves that every single day I will do something that I can compose to Allah subhanho wa Taala because believe it or not,

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today, if I go to Malaysia if I want to purchase anything, I have to use Malaysian currency. If I'm in America, I have to use American currency. If I go to Europe, I have to use the euro. If I'm in England, I had to use a pound. You know what, what will be our currency in the hereafter

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It is only Allah. The good deeds is the only currency that works with the hereafter. That's why Allah has given us his life. May Allah Allah give us the ability to act upon what's been said in Kearney Shall I want to share with you some more things in the second part of the article alone and now I'll leave when I find that way Yeah, can I add one thing Can I Can I steal from Allah and Annie welcome when you sign in

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and hamdulillah and 100 I want to start you don't want to stop you know, when I was

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a young

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woman building further ahead here heavier especially

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when it comes to the non blue collar, the fun a lot of Article Two and mochiko for con homies brother in law, he will share this we'll learn more here in Oklahoma, and also Long Island, maybe you will lay down on Sunday while he was in the steamer alongside Allah, Mohammed Walla

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Walla Valley brought into the company majestic robotic AI that humble while

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Allah and he brought him in to cover the machine. And my wife, we spoke about the sisters by now. I'm hopeful that you understand the what is the importance of Hastening towards good deeds and why we should hasten to our good deeds and what will will get if we base it towards good things. Well, I want to quickly share it with you as we come to the conclusion of our football, that what are some of the things that we can do? First of all, as I said to be in the first in the first football, Allah subhanaw taala has given us countless opportunities to come close to him. If you pick up the book of Hadith, you pick up with you haven't already got the solid, hey, just read through the

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Hadith, there are so many small things that we can do, which will give us that will give us so much as you pick up any book of dua like like a classical Muslim book, and you to read through that and you will find that there are so many small door eyes, but by reading those, there are so much that we can benefit from. So I want to share with you just few things that hopefully we can do this small things. But the reason I mentioned these these things to you is to once again to give you that realization that Allah has made easy for us to attain good deeds. First of all is that prophet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he talks about reading the Quran, when we read the Quran.

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Not on every word, but every single letter, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us a report. If Allah subhanaw taala was fair, Allah would have just given us one, one good deed for every single half that we recited the Quran. Instead, Allah subhanaw taala is willing to give us at least 10 times more than that. Think about how much we can gain when we just recite the Quran. When we recite the Quran in the month of Ramadan, we read one page, you count the letters and do the you do the bad that is the bare minimum Allah Subhana Allah is willing to give to us in a in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He only said what Psalm says that whoever recites whoever says and he

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makes money off for all the believers, the believing men and woman, Allah Subhana Allah Allah will give him the reward for every single person that is on the earth who is a believer. If I say a law of offending misdemeanor when was the man when whooping either when you Mina, and let's just say there are 1.6 billion Muslims on the face of the earth? In four seconds, you can gain 1.6 billion personals.

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How easy has almost been for us, four seconds 1.6 No one can make money. Even Bill Gates can make that much money that way. In four seconds, you can gain so much faster now. The sooner the better. So a lot of it was set up. I have been sharing this address other than Fauja on to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we all take off our slippers we all have to wear our slippers or shoes. The Sunnah of the Prophet is you take off you wear your shoes, starting with your right foot, you take off your shoes starting with another foot. Think about how many times you have to wear your shoes and take off your shoes. Every single time you do that Allah Subhanallah is giving you when you sleep at night. Just

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follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you are there in your snoring. You're snoring, you're dreaming, but they're sleeping as long as you sleep that is considered as an arriba. And as long as you're in a bar that is giving you enough for that how easy as our men are for us we're spending more than sisters. You send out a solid budget and tools rule and you pray Tulika only that's it just to raka Allah is willing to give us the reward of an accepted hygiene ombre

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you give them a cell kajaria You give us some for diarrhea for any budget for any Quran program for any good cause. As long as people are benefiting from that you will continue to benefit. You'll continue to benefit from people using that if you sponsor a child becoming a happier

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And then as long as that child reasonable time, and he teaches it to anyone else, they all the reward that they are accumulating, you will get the reward for that. When we give us a progeria, we are the rewards are multiplying, multiplying. When I hear Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, every single time I say something along my knee, he was sending them, first of all is something that we have to do. I was awesome says that we must do it. In fact, the Wrath of Allah be upon that person. The moralism says the Wrath of Allah will be up on that person who does not say, said Allahu Allah, He will send them out. Something that we have to do, but even in that, there is reward for

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that in us. Every single time I think Sunday Allahu alayhi wa sallam, I gave 10 internasional. So it's not your brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala has made it easy for us. Allah has provided so many opportunities for us. And you know why MOBAs provides opportunities first of all is to get her to Jana. Allah wants us to come to Jana. Allah has created Jana. Yes, he has surrounded Jana with some some challenges, but they're not challenges that are beyond our capacity. Allah Subhan Allah is trying to give us ways to enter into jedna why are we entered agenda? Why don't we do this Hassan and come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever you do is hustlers and protect ourselves

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from any kind of fitna that will come with respect to brother and sister as from today. If you don't want to do these things, there are so many things that you can do that you can gain is enough, but do not lose out on the opportunity every single day. Allah returns our soul to us is another is another opportunity from Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah give us the ability to icon request to send her and Allah subhanho wa Taala take us away from this dunya at a time when he's playing with us. Allah Azza wa

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