What Is The Meaning Of The Attributes Alquddus Alqawi

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Welcome back to the session know your Lord God brothers and sisters, we were discussing about the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. And trying to comprehend and understand the real power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that we understand our own reality, who we are, what is our status, so that we can become the humble slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yet another name of Allah subhanho wa Taala is produce output produce is the one who is the most pure, he's the holy, again, he is free from all kinds of defects, free from all kinds of deficiencies, free from all kinds of folds, mistakes, or any kind of disadvantage. Allah subhanaw taala he is reduce and produce is the

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one who is the most pure.

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Allah subhanaw taala being the most pure, being the perfect,

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we need to understand that we also need to do something which is pure, starting from the worship of our produce, it should be done with complete purity. What do I mean by worshiping Allah, in purity, worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. worshiping Allah produce in purity means that we do not in the deep down our heart, or in any way in our mind, or in any way in our actions, or in any way from our tongue, pollute our monotheism, pollute our belief, pollute our aqeedah, our methodology, our understanding, that there is someone who is also most of your similar, co equal or closer to reduce closer to Allah, we need to make sure that our worship to Allah subhanaw taala must be only for only

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to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala we do not mix our belief with any wrong thoughts with any wrong actions with wrong sayings and worship, reduce in the most pure way, he is reduce, he is the most pure, and he loves who the people who are pure in their thoughts in their actions in their sayings. We need to go an extra mile in terms of redefining our goals, understanding our own strengths, removing our weaknesses, and strengthen our relationship with our produce. And Allah subhanaw taala as he is pure, he loves what is pure. So we need to go away from the evil sayings from the evil actions from the evil thoughts. So that we get closer to reduce and we ask and

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produce, we ask our produce, to purify us, to make us obedient slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yet another name of a las panatela is re Allahu Akbar. Allah corrib

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it means ever near Allah subhanho wa Taala is ever near. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah surah number two, at number 186. Allah says in the Quran, that when my servants look at the expression, Allah says, When my slaves when my slaves asked me,

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tell them, I am near.

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I am near to them, or profit when they ask you about me. When they ask you about me tell them I am mirror to them. I am ever nearer to them in terms of his knowledge, in terms of his seeing, in terms of his watching, Allah subhanho wa Taala is always near us.

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What does it indicate to us?

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Whenever we have a wish, ask an corrib. Whenever we want to achieve something, ask Allah corrib whenever we want to accomplish something, beat anything which is God and wurfl. ask Allah

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to help you

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Because he is there with you in terms of his knowledge, so ask a law and abandon all the falls righties, ask an corrib. to nourish, to provide you, to guide you, to bless you to have mercy on you. Al Karim is always near you. Whenever you think about Allah, Allah is there for you. Allah says, I will respond to their prayer to the supplication. This is the word of Allah. This is the promise of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala always fulfills his promise. If we ask Allah, Allah will give you When was the last time that you sat all by yourself

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with complete dedication, with complete determination, with full trust

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with absolute hope.

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And ask, Oh Allah, give me so and so.

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ask Allah and you will see a loving response you Allah is there ever near al Karim? is there for you and me?

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Let us not look any vendor bow. Let us be closer to a law who is Al Karim

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and ask a las panatela what we want. ask Allah subhanaw taala.

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To strengthen, to have mercy to bless ourselves. And corrib we asked you to help in all the matters of our life to help us in order to become the beloved slaves of Allah subhanaw taala yet another name an attribute of Allah subhanaw taala is

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an AVI Avi is the one who is the strongest. There is no OVA on the face of the earth. Literally, there is no over there is no strength, there is no power, there is no strength in anyone who can compete with a las panatela if the whole of mankind

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what to gather together to do something for you. T will not be able to do you accept what a love it's except what? Avi wills and if all the people come together to gather for a purpose to destroy you, if you have a strong belief, he does not will this there is none who can overcome this. And Avi is the strongest one, we worship the God Alhamdulillah who is the strongest of all? And it is common sense. If you have someone who is strong, who doesn't need any associate, who doesn't need any partners who doesn't need any strength to accompany who doesn't need

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any will of others who doesn't need any permission of others. Why do we go to anyone who is less strong, less willpower Do they have as opposed to those who is alcovy the strongest? He is the one who is the strongest of all, He is Allah subhanho wa Taala This is another name of Allah subhanho wa Taala therefore my dear brothers and sisters, in this episode again, we have talked about some of the greatest names and attributes of a las panatela some of which is an order of

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produce Allah subhanahu wa taala is alcovy We ask Allah subhanaw taala by all these names and all those names which Allah kept for himself, to help us, to guide us, to empower us, to make us stable, to make us established on his Deen and to make us die as a sleeve of a las panatela we ask the Las panatela to make us among the people of agenda whom he loves. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the great company of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my dear brothers and sisters, keep reflecting, memorizing and relating the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the next episode, again, we shall continue with more names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala till then,

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was salam o Alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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we come

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Tell me

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and then you