Akram Nadwi – Did we choose to be created? – The ungrateful nature of man

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Islam's creation is a big favor for people, but it is also a choice made by the creator. The creation is a big deal for people, but they have to choose their path. The choice is their choice and they force themselves to be wrong.
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Last one hodler did not give us choice to be created the creation, the love choice, to we are here because Allah wanted us to be here to do a really big favor for las omotola but what he did really he put, you know, he gave all the favors, and also he put a

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belief in him, and also all the good things in our nature to that why you know what the root of a good thing is, to know that a lie, the Lord of all the universe did for him that all the things come to when he created Adam, you know, He created us, he brought from his or her descenders which are going to be unto the deaf. tiama and he asked them I asked to be or become, I Am I not your Lord or rubella all of them, so why not? So, that was nature actually in the nature of the people Fedora. And they have got to like, you know, love the dependence of unlawful hautala knowing him speaking the truth, in all these things are put in the fitrah in the nature of the human being before they

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came to this earth. But coming to this earth is not their choice. I live MidAmerica cages here, but I get problem really fast. Some people lose their think our creation is like a curse or something, but don't be negative, you know, creation actually suffered something good. Imagine really that he creates you and you pass the test. And you get eternal life in paradise. It was so happy to he gave you this life, you know, and he gave me a chance in paradise to I don't understand why we take the creation as a negative in favor of us. omotola one of the you know, the biggest family critique reminds us that you know, I created you it's a big favor. I don't you know, people are not going to

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* far enough by themselves. You know, but just, you know, I the chance that they're going to have fun because they want to go

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you know when a proof is completed, they forced himself to go to her farm I learned remote. He created the he gave the mind he gave nature he gave them guidance. And actually he then he gets time for them to repent. To now people want to go to her for it actually there are there that you refer to antis a creation not people choice. But Hellfire is People's Choice. If people go to * for they want to choose that. Allah never chose for that Allah chose for them to have mercy of Allah to go to Paradise be opposed to go to * fire is a people's own choice. Nobody can force you to go to her fire. Even if you if people put you in the prison for life still you can go to Paradise you know

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going to * fire is basically forcing going to paradise in natural way natural part that Allah created when you asked that you tell me really is a smoking is nature. No naturally want to eat and drink. Basically smoking when you make hybrid it actually you're you're corrupting your your body by not what is smoking. It's nowhere there. Too many people smoke, they should not blame anybody. They brush themselves. They choose to smoke, but very eating. You know it is not something that you use at Mitchell. You can't live without eating, smoking, not like eating is faking the truth in natural you know, lying is actually you make effort to lie either making progress people tricks, conspiracy,

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it effort in the right manner is natural, right ways not to make us be nice to the people you don't need to make effort for that. If you don't have money to help people you can say good word. It is so natural but to harm people to effort harming people hurting people insulting people their effort you forcing yourself to be bad, too I don't understand why you're thinking that creation is silly, but no creation is good thing. But after this good Rama animosity for Allah you have got no choice to go to her far. If people choose to go to her far then yeah, they will go and let them know for them therefore themselves. So in a be very clear, that creation loving mercy and right path is your

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natural path. Going to run path is actually is your choice and you force yourself to be wrong.

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