Abdullah Hakim Quick – Sadness, Sorrow, and Grief

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa shadowgun La ilaha illAllah Walia Salim wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo pata Milan BIA, it was more serene Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah ab decoda zuleikha Mohammed while the Allah He was happy he had my robot

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but yeah, he by the law

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it took a lot hi tomorrow

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when you cool hug suparna yeah you heard NASA Tokuda back home in nuzzles ella Tessa, shaken rd.

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All praise to do to Allah, Lord of the worlds and surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And surely there is no ill feeling animosity except for the oppressor. And I bear witness that allows one and has no partners. And that Mohammed, the son of Abdullah is his servant, his last messenger and the seal of the prophets to the Day of Judgment.

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May Allah send his choices, peace and blessings to our beloved Prophet Mohammed, his family, his companions and all those who call to his way to the day of judgment

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as to what follows

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Allah subhanho wa Taala, Creator of the heavens and the earth has revealed this court n in a way that defies Time,

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time as we know it is the past the present and the future. before Allah subhanaw taala the past, present and future are the same.

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And this court n, although revealed 1400 years ago,

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is a relevant guide to what we would face and what humanity would face as we move toward the end of time.

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And as we are entering into the month of

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in the chapter of the Hajj, the chapter of the pilgrimage, Allah subhanaw taala begins this chapter Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, are you Hannah's taco Robuchon in Zelda Zelda Tessa, Shay on Alvin.

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Allah begins this mighty chapter,

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reminding us all humanity and not just Muslims, the whole of humanity.

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Be conscious of your Lord.

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For surely the quaking of the hour, will be a terrible thing.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala tells us and shows us that as we move toward the Day of Judgment,

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the final time for humanity on this earth,

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there will be a shaking and quaking in the universe, and also a quaking in our own lives.

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And no doubt, we have seen what is happening in the world, that the whole world now is quaking earthquakes on the rise. We see tremendous calamities coming with the natural elements, the element of fire,

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which is a blessing in itself, because it purifies but fire is now destroying huge pots of territory,

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the elements of water,

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which is a blessing to us, we are mostly made from water,

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but the water now the lack of it, or the floods, is turning into a source of destruction.

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And Muslims are not clear of this. We are right in the middle of this.

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And because we are part of the last part, the last nation

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of the prophets, we have a special mission

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that we have to maintain the revelation in its final form, to put it into our minds and our hearts and implemented in our lives, all the way to the Day of Judgment.

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And because of this because of being curious of this message, we are feeling

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a series of pressures. We are feeling it around us. We are feeling fear,

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fear being created by a media or fear in the streets, Islamophobia.

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And now Muslims even

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In our beloved land in Toronto, in Canada, even under attack, just for the fact that they are Muslims, women, feeling pressure and being under attack just because they are covering their head, as the women of the righteous. We are also feel feeling in the Muslim world hunger.

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Hunger is widespread all of humanity. But we as Muslims are seriously feeling this in the heartlands of Islam.

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There is a loss of wealth, many of the countries that were

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rich countries have been turned into poverty stricken zones,

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the loss of life. And personally, most of us have lost somebody even within the past year. And as we move toward the Day of Resurrection, life will be taken away. The catastrophic events around us will have an impact on the human life.

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Our community lost the brother of our beloved Imam

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and his brother Cohen, he could be a dean,

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as we have understood, was a scholar. And one of the interesting qualities of our mom's brother

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is that he used to take care of the poor and he spent a lot of time giving to the poor and the undernourished in his community.

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We have also lost brother ilias Muhammad,

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who was a pillar in this community and the days of the Jami mosque. Those of you who remember the days of the Jami mosque in the 80s, he was one of the first publishers of a Muslim newsletter,

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along with many of us called a Knorr and active in the community, from the early days. And so for these individuals and the other individuals that we have lost, we say in LA he was in LA he raggio. We say that verily we come from Allah, we belong to Allah, and we will return to Allah.

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And it is surprising that many Muslims read this at the time of a crisis. But I'm not aware of the verses that come before the statement or after the statement.

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And in putting it all together, if we look at cirtl, bachata, from verse 155, to 157, and you see the whole thing together, you will see that this verse is talking directly to us. It's talking to us today. And it tells us yeah, you had levena, our minister in ob somebody was Sala

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in nagahama savuti.

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They start by saying, Oh, you who believe seek assistance, in patience, and in prayer.

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Because surely Allah is with the patient.

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And then the verses continue. Well, that's a kulu Lima yoke tanto feasability la. Um, what else? Uh huh. Yeah. Well, I can let us roll.

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And do not say, do not speak of those who die in a large way, as though they are dead. No, they are alive.

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But you know not.

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So Allah tells us when we speak of individuals, who are who have been striving in the path of Allah do not speak about them as though they are dead, as though they are finished. No, Allah said, they are, they are alive, but you do not perceive it.

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You don't have the ability to know the state of life that they are actually living in right now.

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And as we are living in this dunya this world state of life, that those who die in the path of Allah are in a special state given to them by Allah subhanaw taala

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and then the verses

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switch and it's interesting how Allah is so merciful to us and guides us so much after you speak about the dead then Allah told us about ourselves

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well another one that can be Shay in Manila Kofi well Juba will not send middle Anwar Ali well unforce with them are at war. Bashir is savarin. So Allah then said

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Certainly, we will try you and test you

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with something of fear

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of hunger,

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of the loss of your property,

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the loss of your lives, the loss of your crops.

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War budget is sobering than our last set, give good news to the patient.

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So a lot of describe our situation right now, fear,

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hunger, loss of property, loss of lives, loss of economies, but then we have a way out, but surely savini give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere alladhina either a saw but will masiva kalu in Allah He will in LA Raja.

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So then Allah describes the sabihin

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they are those who when the mu siba.

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When the calamity strikes them,

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they say,

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surely we belong to Allah.

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And surely to him, we will return.

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And this is a deep use of the Arabic language in not little lamb.

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And the lamb here is possession.

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It's possession.

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We literally belong to Allah,

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our soul our room.

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It belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and will return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so the sabi Dean, at that point of crisis remind themselves, we came from Allah, all of us, and we will return.

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And then Allah gives glad tidings and the end of these verses, and tells us Ooh, la, la him saltwater, Mira, BM Rama, what he can do.

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And these are the people who will have blessings and mercy from the Lord. And they are the ones who are writing the guidance.

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So our response to the hardships, our response to the fear that is around us, or suppose it fear,

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our response to the hunger,

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our response to the loss of wealth or loss of lives, has to be the response of a saw beauty in

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the patient people and part of Saba is being steadfast,

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persistent, to persevere, and that steadfastness is couched in optimism, positivity, because if we were pessimists, if we thought negative about things,

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then we would be literally destroying ourselves.

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And so, optimism, positive approach to all situations

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will give us that blessing inshallah, of those who have mercy on them,

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who have blessings

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and those who are rightly guided

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and it is interesting that the word who doesn't or hasn't sadness, or sorrow or grief,

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it does not appear in the court.

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Anywhere as sadness or grief, it is not a description given to the believers anywhere in the book of Allah.

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And this is important for us to realize, because sadness and sorrow, it can lead to depression and you know what I mean? I have felt this myself, we all feel this, you feel sad, you just feel negative, you feel in grief. And if that continues in your life, it has an impact on your mind and on your body.

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It can lead to depression.

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It can lead to defeat in this world. And so when Allah subhanaw taala tells us of husband or husband is different ways of saying it. Allah tells us in Surah Al e Imran will not tell he knew what

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will entomol Atlona in control. Allah tells us and do not falter.

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Don't get shaky, and do not get sad.

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For you will be

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on top you will be victorious. If you will

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I truly believe this.

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So this is the way Hassan comes in. It tells us in Surah Al e Imran 170. But I hope for him while they're home. He has a new one. It's talking about Olia, the friends of Allah. Let how often or lay him one last home, yes or no.

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They have nothing to be afraid of.

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And they have nothing to be sad about. sorrow. Yes. When the masiva strikes us, when we lose our family, we lose our friends, we feel something inside of ourselves.

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But once we remember Allah that leaves the believer, because we remember that life is a transition from this world into another world.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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clearly shows anywhere in the corner anywhere. Yes, the noon, where husband comes in. It says they are not of those who are sad.

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And when you see the first that says lack how often or lay him without home, he has a noon.

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It shows us like how often or lay him in the present. Don't be afraid of anything.

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Don't be afraid of the future while they're home, alone, and do not be sorrow sad, and sorrowful about the past.

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So the past, present and future, for the believer

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should be optimism.

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It's optimism, we have a natural grief process that we go through. But optimism

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because sadness in the heart,

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as the scholars have shown us, it is one of the things that the shaytaan the devil will be now he loves this. Because if it reaches the heart, it causes depression and it causes the person to go off the path.

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That this feeling of sadness. It's something we need to ask a lot to take away from us. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to make a prayer, a lahoma in the house will become in harmony with the husband. As part of the prayer he said Oh Allah,

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I seek refuge in You

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from sadness, and from faltering being weakness, weakness and sadness.

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So he would ask a lot, I'm seeking refuge in this, don't let this come into my art.

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Check no camera mahoba, one of the great scholars of Islam, he said in translation, don't ruin your happiness with worry. And don't ruin your mind with pessimism.

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Don't ruin your success with deception and don't ruin the optimism of others. By destroying it. Don't ruin your day. By looking negative at yesterday,

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don't ruin your day.

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You look at yesterday, you take lesson from it, but don't look with sadness. With hosen

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be optimist, be positive, have the trust in Allah subhanaw taala

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and depend upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is that tawakkol Allah law, that trust in Allah

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that can make every situation that the believer comes into a positive one.

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And so we find ourselves in this. And of the great reflections made by our scholars, I want to leave you with a great reflection of our scholars about the heart.

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He spoke to me and he spoke to you. And he said,

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when you feeling sad, you could be sleeping, and the doors of Paradise are being opened with two hours that were made on your behalf. You could be sleeping.

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who is sad

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that you brought joy to could be making to offer you

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someone who you pass by

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and you smile that that person

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could be making too hard for you. Allah bless you, because you smiled at somebody

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because you were positive in dealing with other people. Someone in distress

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and you removed that distress that person could be making doll for you.

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Let us never underestimate our good deeds. And never underestimate our Creator, Allah azza wa jal

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because if we think good about Allah,

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then inshallah, we will be in a state of goodness. And realize that these tests that we are going through as a nation, it is a trial, it is a purification, it is a test that our nation is going through, because the whole of the world is about to go into a cataclysm,

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category, catastrophic life, it's moving on us.

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And Muslims will have a key role to play during the time of the crisis, the time of the cataclysm, to maintain the core and

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to maintain the tawheed the belief in Allah subhanaw taala, to maintain our character, and to maintain our connection with all of the prophets and all of those righteous people who are living anywhere in the planet that we find that

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so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to take this husband this sadness out of our hearts, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to put happiness into us, that we are positive and our relationship with him. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give the best to our brothers and sisters who have died recently. We ask Allah to give them the highest part of gender. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and to help us to meet them. And we ask Allah azza wa jal that our last words in this dunya would be Kelly ma la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam akula Cody Helga was stuck for la de welcome. Elisa. He was the minim in Cali them been stung Pharaoh in nahu over for him

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