Sujood (Prostration) is part of Salaah (Prayer) in Islam and Christianity

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Furthermore, it's mentioned in say Buhari, one number one, in the book of Odin chap number 75. Added number 692. Hello, Dennis Miller up with him.

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He said that when we offered Salah, our shoulders that they should have the companion.

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It's mentioned in

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point number one. In the book of Salah chap number 245 656

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of the lab no more men lobbied for him. He said that the profit before starting salary he turned around and said the state in your rows stand shoulder to shoulder closing the gaps and do not leave any opening for the devil.

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The Prophet was not referring to the devil within the museum with two horns and a tail, he was referring to the devil of racism, of cast of color of wealth, irrespective whether rich or poor King apapa. When you stand for Salah you stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of the black or white, yellow or brown, when you stand for Salah you stand shoulder to shoulder

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and the best part of Salah is the salute. It is the prostration.

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In the Quran, sudduth is mentioned no less than nine two times and Allah says in Surah imraan chapter number three was no 43 that oh marry, worship Allah, devotee and prostate thyself and bow down with those about down. Allah repeats the message and sort of hide chapter number 22 was number 77.

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At the I live in amanu Oh you believe, bow down and prostate your cells and worship the loud and do good things to that you may prosper all the messengers of Allah subhana wa Taala of Almighty God when they offered Salah when they pray to Almighty God, they did the sudduth they prostate it.

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And if you read the Bible,

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it's mentioned the book of Genesis, chapter number 17 was number three, Abraham fell on his face

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when he prayed to the Lord. It's mentioned the book of Numbers. Chapter number 20 was number six, that Moses and added fell upon the faith and the Lord appeared to them. It's mentioned in the Book of Joshua, chapter number five, verse number 14, that Joshua fell on his face, and he prayed to God.

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It's mentioned the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number 26 was number 39. In the garden of getsemani, Jesus Christ peace be upon him, he fell on his face, and he prayed to God, so all the prophets of God, they fell on the face, and they pray to God, and no gymnast also can do better than the baby Muslims do. by falling on the face and pray to God, that means we put the highest part of our body, the forehead on the lowest part on the ground. And we say to mine, I've been Allah that Glory be to Allah who's the Most High.

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And today, the psychology tells us that the mind is not directly under our control, but our body is directly under control. If I want to raise my hand, I can raise my hand, I can take a step forward, but the mind is not directly under control. Therefore, to humble your mind, you have to humble your body and there is no better way than to put the highest part of your bodies avoid the lowest bar on the ground and then security between law the Most High God bitwala the Most High, thrice