Mufti Menk – No matter who you are, you will taste loss

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for Islam and not giving up. They stress that praying for Islam means being around people who have experienced similar experiences and that it is a gift given to you. The speaker also warns against thoughts of negative outcomes and encourages you to stay positive.
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No matter how pious you are, no matter how close you are to Allah subhanho wa Taala you will definitely taste a little bit of loss. There has to come a day in your life where in which you suffer some loss, because that is part of the plan of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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No matter how many prayers you pray a day beyond your forum, and that which is compulsory, you will still be tested. And the reason why I start this way is because they are people who say, Why is this happening to me when I pray five times a day as well as the head Jude as well as my sunnah as well as my nephew, when I'm honest, when I'm a good person, when I don't cheat when I don't steal when I don't hurt people, why can I not get a job? Why have I lost my job? Why did I lose a family member? Be it a child or a spouse or a parent or a sibling, whoever it may be? Why did for example, my factory burned down? Why did for example, my health degenerate, Allah says it's got nothing to do

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with whether you prayed or not. It's got nothing to do with whether you are close to us or not. In fact, if anything, the closer you get to Allah, a sign of it is that he is going to test you more. The Prophet SAW Salem says clearly so beautifully. In Allah Eva, a hum, barbudan a bit allow when Allah loves his slave, his worshiper, then he tests him real tests. So you lost your job, you just cannot get another job. Something went wrong in your life. It's just not coming right? Do you know what? stick in there? Don't give up. Continue to obey Allah become closer to Allah because everyone suffers loss a believer. The days are made easy for him or her. You are content. Someone told you.

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Your car was damaged right off, the first thing you said was Alhamdulillah. At least no one was injured, at least. For example, the injury was little, no one lost their lives. You always look at what could have been in terms of being worse.

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That's a believer. A believer always looks at how it could have been worse. But it's not SubhanAllah. This is a gift of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's why we say Don't think because I'm a pious person or because I read Quran every day. I'm not going to be tested, you will be tested. But Allah will give you contentment throughout your test. That is the difference. But if you're not a believer, or if your faith is shaking, you become very depressed and stressed and angry and upset. And you start questioning Allah and you become distanced from Allah and you throw yourself further into bad habits. Some people resort to drinking and drugs and everything else to

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intoxicate themselves to run away from the reality of the problem. But Allah told you, you know what, we have tested the messenger before you we're going to test all of you

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