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Hatem al-Haj


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The speaker discusses the use of "has" in various situations, including a "has" used by God, a "has" used by a woman, and "has" used by a man. He emphasizes that "has" can be used for various purposes, including confirming information about a person or situation, and that "has" can be used for various purposes, including confirming a person or situation.

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than fighting with each other, the Qur'an put it together all, all of it in one verse, you know, Allah Wakata, Jacqueline Bitonio magical. That's all I'm gonna say no to Allah from some all of Surah of ADA and Allah brought you out of the wounds of your mother's knowing nothing. And he gave you the hearing, that's truthful reports, truthful reports, all of us believed in China before, you know, is this rational output? You know, all the people who believed in China throughout the ages, was that rational output? No. Was that empirical? No, no, they didn't see it. They didn't touch it. They didn't smell it. They just believed in China. What was that? It was for reports. If you get

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people coming from this door, and people coming from that, and that and that, and that, and they all tell you it's raining outside. What do you believe them? Yes. Is this a good source of knowledge? Yes. If it is impossible for them, if collusion is ruled out is impossible, then you should believe them. That's, that's a good source of knowledge. It's not limited to empirical it's not limited to rational truthful reports. A good source of knowledge, when you that is the lotto, right? Okay. But when you have one person coming with miracles that are basically

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over women, miracles, overwhelming amount of evidence that they are truthful, then it would be perfectly fine to believe the reports of that person. And if he's telling you that he was sent by God, then it would be perfectly fine to believe his reports about the unseen, to believe has reports about the unseen which neither our intellect, which is, you know, an either or our empirical experience, can examine or can comment on, but