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AI: Summary © The women's field has led to movement for feminism, with the focus on issues related to women, including the lack of understanding of women by men and the negative impact on society. The lack of respect towards women in the Middle East and pressure women face is also discussed. The importance of praying and not being advised on not going to the mosque is emphasized. The declining writing culture in India is discussed, along with the need for women to be seen as partners and respect their roles in society. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of finding solutions for problems, such as finding a solution to a prayer problem and finding a solution to a problem.
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100 I spent in my life long time to do research on the women. But that's not my field dogs in my field has been a hadith. But somehow it happened, that I wanted to collect the biographies of the women who have been teaching Hadith, or thinking maybe some, you know, some, at least one volume to volume, it will help people. But somehow it happened when I did research it to become much, much bigger, because so many women have been narrating Hadith teaching her this in the mosque in the madrasahs, in the college and everywhere. I was, like new information for me too, I spent so much time nearly 15 years and more than that, researching on the books on huge information in the book, a

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novelist soon published in Sharla. And in my book, there are 9300 women. Now biographies of 9300 women, just in the field of Hadith. I just want to say, actually, even now I keep getting more information, but I don't include bookable stock information more than that. So this actually how it happened that I became in this field. And then certainly I wrote this book, because I can see in the UK, there are many, many, most people don't allow women to come for the prayer.

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And actually, sometimes they stop them. If they want to come they study, they don't allow them to pray in the mosque. And sometimes the facility for the women is not so good. So people asked me to do something. So I wrote this book. Okay, now I'm doing another thing also on the women.

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I nearly finished it. You know, there is such a stronger movement of feminism in the world. I'm writing a book and a from Islamic perspective about feminism, what feminism is in Islam, and you know, how about our response? So 100, that book is computer you can see really I spent a lot of time on, you know, on the issues around the women. One thing I have understood from my research, and from my reading, the Western and the eastern literature and Islamic and Muslim literature, one thing I realized really, that men don't know women. So this actually I fasting I become very clear in my mind. Men really don't know women. So if people think, you know, the women are very like a chef is a

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NASA saying that, you know, we have women around us mothers are women. And, you know, sisters are women or they're still we don't know women, people, men really do not have idea of the woman, and that a lot of women don't understand why we men behave so differently. reason is because men don't know who women. They don't know what the word women mean, really, to the reader women in the Quran, sunnah. But exactly. They don't know what it means. The meaning that in their mind, even the philosopher's great people, even the pious people, everybody Muslims and non Muslims, Christians, Jews, philosophers, Greek people, nobody knows me, or is totally such great man, philosopher,

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thinker. Every field of knowledge is such great scholar. When it comes to the women. He does not know the women. He is he's writing he's a he's written in one of his book, The reason why women are inferior to the men. He assumes it anyway that women are inferior to he did not question he accepted women are inferior to the men. Now his reasoning why did he feel here, because women have got less teeth compared to the men.

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Now, the first thing it is not true. We met if you don't have less teeth, if women have same teeth, either men, to the historian of the sciences, they actually committed this is this is a total, and he has two wives, he could count the teeth. But he didn't bother just got information from anywhere. He put this man who does research for every single thing or the plant every single thing. Basically, every science in the world is coming from a total. This man does not know what a women are. He said women have got less teeth compared to the men that actually what is written. And similarly he said, When a child is born, women don't play any role. Birth of the children basically the only action

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after men meserole Women are just a container vessels. The soul is the professor of teacher really why sometimes children are, you know, more similar to the mother of something because he said both play the role the professor, but Aristotle said women don't play any role in the birth of the child it all men, women are just containers. That's all. That's what he said. That thing if Aristotle says something like the he does not have the women to wise, mothers, sisters, people around him, he does not know what women are. They're inferior. They don't have teeth like the men, that what he says to anybody else. You can see how what will happen that influence Greek philosophy all the time. Even

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Muslim philosopher like in Messina. farabi They accepted what Aristotle said even Muslim, religious people who study philosophy. They accepted it even mahadi who's great Muslim fapy All those things, but he's

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study Greek philosophy. If you read his books, he also accepts that women are inferior. He has written a book. Now Seattle mourou, a tabula rasa book fee nasarah Helambu book by Azadi. Were here, the Vita kings to one of the advisors that has given this book is it domotec concert, the women, simple thing. He said to the king said, Don't a concert ever don't cancel the women. But if you type into you that to consult the women, then it do opposite of what they say. Take their opinion, and then devotee of that what they say, see the professors, he consulted the women, I hated what they said, no, man was Ali, the founder of the Prophet, but in this matter, he represented the Greeks he

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forced him to he said, don't consult the women. And if you have to consult them, then do opposite of what the women said. And then he said in some, whatever evil in the world isn't all comes from the women. Every event that you see in the world, they come from the women that are written by who by Missouri in his book, a table must book fee NASA hullabaloo and a similar thing also is found in Yahoo. Meeting.

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Same thing, Jude, Christian, any IP community, we take really, nobody respects women, nobody makes the effort to understand them. Nobody, even our theory, what women want, what the issues are, what the problem, nobody even has to understand. So this is one thing I really really do my research it that the men don't understand the women and they don't understand them. They don't respect them. To the no respect in the heart of the men for the women.

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Even all ama I got a good use for the older my turban all those big people in Pakistan sitting after dinner. Then one person comes and he says I'm going

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to listen to somebody for word to me. The whole point is in the search to the women on all the people in their turban and all of my big people I don't want to mention their name. They laughed. None of them said this alive. Women are not like that. No, everybody enjoys the point. They loved it after dinner, they want to enjoy something to develop that point. This what exactly is really to condition is not very good. Really neither of them understand the women. You know one thing you must have heard really some of them are who who are much better. Like another two llama and Marissa what we used to learn when they used to teach women cannot go out. Women need to be inside the house.

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They need to be covered to one argument and mothers I used to be given by big bigger all my even now going on. Women are very precious.

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If you have a gold, precious stone diamond, you don't want to say to the people you keep them hidden to women are precious, that is why we keep them hidden.

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In which I think really this is not right. If this is the truth then I said to the men, you are more pressure than the women you should put in the boxes. Is it this argument that since we melt pressure they should be inside the house. Somebody can make argument men are more precious, they should be inside the boxes. You know difference between women and diamond diamond has no real diamond needs protection women have got when they have got body they can protect they can understand they can know good and bad. Allah has given the power to understand. Allah said to other Madhava both you both the latter para Baja the Shahdara who are Adam and Eve, both of you don't want to come near to the tree.

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Then a Quran does not blame the mind a woman Quran bless both of them for Aquila, then mine and a woman both ate from the tree, both of them for by that Allahumma so Tahoma and both the guard the consequences of this will be the both of them. Then Quran said in both of them they repented Allah Rabbana both are they repented and ALLAH forgive both of them. Quran makes very clear, women can receive the command either men received karate miss very career a man or a woman can disobeyed. Either Mantis obeys Puranam it's very clear a woman can repents as a man repent, say, and the repentance of both of them will be accepted. There were currency. But what we learn what we teach

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something different with the women has to be inside actually one teacher in Egypt.

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I recorded my book, he used to preach in Egypt that women are not allowed to come out except three times. How many times three times first time when they come out from the womb of the mother the first time, second time when they come out from the house of their parents to go to the house of the husband. second time, third time when they die and their body comes out from the house or husband to the grave. The only three time when women can come out otherwise they are not allowed to come out. Read the Quran. Quranic women are all without the never inside the house. Musa the sister in women in the mud Jan Maria Muslim carrying the child outside people come at her they say when you got

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They recognize her they talk to her women in the Quran. They are like men, they talk, they work, they go around, you know, they discuss the, you know, they do everything that men do what women do in the Quran that you can find. If you look at the life of the person, some women are outside their farmer, they are fighters during the war. They do what men do. They do business, they do trade in the Time over totternhoe in Battlefield move 35 women were fighting with a soul in Battlefield under Just imagine. And one woman some of them will not some of that fighting in the growth of the men, too. You can't know that they're women. They've heard what he was impressed by one of them he said

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to some somebody who is this man fatter so fiercely, so strongly. People say he's not a man. She's a woman. However, I've been tougher to see women fighting like men were closer. If a woman wears the cloth like men in Pakistan, tell me what will happen. First of all will be she's coffee, she left Islam. Now in the other component, women are wearing the cloth of the men and the fighting and the companies have no problem. The fighting with them, almost fighting with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and she's fighting the process of praising her that she's so good in fighting. Just read a different thing if you read a study the Syrah the Prophet, women are everywhere in his life, they

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come to him use them they meet him they ask question he asked even the question which I try not discuss with my daughters, they used to discuss with the person in front of them and I tell you example to to help you to understand really how the women were allowed to be part of a very public gathering. Most of the profit rather was sitting with his company mere companies. You know, a very small room, a woman comes she makes her way and cost neutral parcela listen to so much crowded the some companies have to stand outside the door. This woman comes and ask the person to listen Shiva devote three times warehouse bed. She married someone is

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now she only can come to her husband the first one if she get divorced from the second one. She said to the person Allison, I want to come back to my older husband, the prophets what happened to the new one? She said Ma Ma who Illa who the battlefield. I cannot translate. But she said in front of the men and her the Waleed was standing outside the room. He shouted Oba Siddiq, don't you see this woman saying even in front of our salon listener, but the Prophet don't mind? He answered there she said, I want to come back to my husband. The Prophet said no, la Hatha loopy was a lotta who will do taco salad. You cannot come back to your first Hussmann until you taste honey for this new husband

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and he tests your honey means until your relation if she had not asked the question, you know what happened? or answer the woman can come to the process when Tanika Zeldin Aveda if she marries someone she can come back

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around say Marie professional second marriage not enough you must have relation this thing will let people know from that if she did not ask then answer would be marriage. Then people may click this divorce three times. Now she want to come back husband what they find a person. Okay, if we make a niqab between you and you divorce her in front of us and she can come marry marriage can joke, the professor know in relation telling me how you got relation from not from Quran. If she'd not ask question that everybody's put up with Hanifa American Shafi Fatah would have been married enough because that is a very very now had to change the Quran a little bit. They interpret the Quran

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differently because her question she asked question the so many Hadith we will need that because of women. Not so many Hadith about voodoo about Muslim, but even sunnah Hanafi people fret for a customer before

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this for personal nothing from min minaret, the Prophet used to pray to the casino before the before is an anomaly because everywhere Hanafy was afforded but because wife had the problem maybe but some other wives they said the Prophet used to pray for Raka before so that now honey faucet she's more right because the Prophet is used to press una at home to women at home they know more than the men here Abu Hanifa prefers a woman over the men because she knows more.

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Even for kosuna confront them in front of him not from the men. There's so many Hadith we operate in my book, many hobbies and features. We want Lee depend on the women we have no male narrator only women read in Hanafi madhhab in multimodal Shafi mother hombre Mira in order Medine now people come that in a women cannot compare it is something new really be the

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rest of the world and on hindsight Buhari mana data fee I'm Reina Harada, ma laser Minho, for Hoba done, if anybody in immersed in the religion, something which not If not the religion, it to the rejected

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Not allowing women to come to the most either Epita invention, new thing in the religion. It never happened in Islam. There never has been a time when people refuse women come to the mosque. The professor Larson actually said, you know, don't stop the women from coming to the mosque. Hardison Sahih Bukhari and Muslim both strongest Hadith in this matter, this hadith over photogra Latina respectively the story is

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it's a Buhari that a family of Omar said to Omar survive Artica you know, what is Khalifa people said to article that your husband Omar does not like you to go to the mosque to why'd you go to the mosque

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must otherwise used to go but when we were at the Comedy not like article agenda to somehow manifest some jealousy the man who he did not like Artica to go to the mosque, other women used to go Murray's to discuss with them. They keep questioning everything happening. Far. Artica even not happy. If you go to the mosque to people set to article Why do you go to the mosque? If your husband does not like the castle? My husband's a woman in my husband? Why does he stop me? People say to me, why don't you stop? If you don't like it, you have to stop. Omar said how can I stop when the Prophet said don't disturb the women from going to the mosque. Omar cannot stop and we can stop.

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And then Artica continue to go to the mosque. He went the day when Omar was killed. She was praying behind him. She was in the Muslim she never stopped. Omar didn't like but she said into my right eye her right Omar does not like but the Prophet allowed me it in my right nobody can take away this right for me. She kept going.

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He saw don't honor another Hadith

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one of his son Bella, Audra Watson Baylor. He said I will not allow my wife to go to the mosque. Or then Omar asked all the family come together he gave a speech and he said to his sons don't disturb your wife's from go to the mosque. I heard the prophets in don't disturb the women from go to the most beloved I've reached out my wife.

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I do no matter the loudness. Charlie would read the Hadith. Salim said my father became very angry. And he used those abusive words against my brother, which he never used any time his life of using my brother as much as possible. And then he said, I will never talk to you all my life. I read to you and you say you start your wife or go to the mosque.

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These are the strongest her these are the Norma Drafthouse Novosel, my Marta, lateral Narrator The Women used to go to the mosque. Sometimes they're so much crowd.

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So the complaint the prophets now said, Okay, men should extend the most until women have lived to the No pushing on the door. Then women can play later on still there are so many men then the professionals and made a special door for the women Babu Nyssa in the most of the Prophet now officer since then, are there an armor my Master never intend to the mosque through that door because the prophecy only for the women, they used to come pray there all the time with there are so many Hadith

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and now people say we must have prayer at home is better than they're afraid. The mosque Ivan Ryder this interview, none of the hadiza This matter is sound. They are fabricated of their market. None of them are sound. It never can happen that we must prepare at home is better than the most I'll tell you some details. First thing really, if we may get more reward in the house. Then the professional said Do not disturb my friend go to the most he should say you should stop because they got more remote at home. But that didn't reset to the women. You get a more remote at home. Why go to the most? If we got more remote at home, then really should we stop at the prophet had Ignacia he

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said for the people if we met get more rigor at home, tell me why you women go to the most why women have to lose their reward. It doesn't make any sense. If the women get a more reward at home, then they should pray at home that what makes more sense.

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Second thing just think really, if people get a more reverted home, does it make any sense to you to make a more effort to get reboot?

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Does anybody

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if you tell me you pray here, you'll get more reward. And if you move a little bit ahead, you get less reward. Tell me what I'll do. While make more step to get less reward. I shall get some more we wouldn't house her house in the most. Then she just goes into most why? To get less reward. Nobody in the world can do this. Nobody makes more effort to get less reward. Then a rain Sun women go in the sun in the rain. In the dark of the night. I said the women you took off at our mosque in so dark. We can't recognize Buddhists. My girlfriend Buhari Mata Muslim everywhere. Women to all this effort why? To get less removed

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Never Never can happen nobody will do unexpected you have this for a minute as a Latina. In Medina, a woman came to Muna she said I met another that I will go and pray in but to knock this because the prayer there is so much reward. My mother said, Have dinner with me tonight tell you she had dinner. Man when I said the Prophet has said a prayer in my mosque. i The more reward than any other mosque, praying the most profit you get the more reward than going there. Tell me if this reward was only for men, why she's about the women. Mr. Reward is safer men say for women in battle. This reward is safer for women. In most of the profits, same reward for the men say for the women out there. It

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does not make any city farm I'm not to say don't pray the bottom of this pray this most. You get more reward. If the women don't get a more rewarding the mosque, why she got invited to prayer. The same reward for everybody this thing, keep actually the truth really is in the matter that I bada Allah never made a difference between men and women. If men pays a cat, they get rewarded. If women pet the cat, they get the same reward. Nobody has a difference of opinion. If men give gifts other charity, they could reward if women could sadaqa they get the same reward. If meant to get the reward or women to do the same reward they get same reward. If men do Amara they get reward. Women

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do Amara same reward if men predicate reward women plus some reward if mindset Subhanallah he gets a reward women system Hunter she gets a reward. If man fast he gets the word women for same reward. How you make Jamal clear for the woman different. No prefer that. It never happened in every single way. Botha many women get same rewards. Why in the Jama they don't get some reward. The only difference is a lot easier for other women. Because women have you know more difficulty more hardship. If women don't pray the most. They don't get sick. Like jihad. If we meant to jihad, they get the same reward as the men. But if they don't do jihad, they don't get seen men get seen. If

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women pray Juma, they get reward. If women don't attend Juma, they don't get any sin. If men don't pray Juma, they get sin. If women pray in the Jama Masjid, they get the same reward as the men, if they don't want to pray the most did not get any sin. Things have been made lighter for the women, but they don't lose any reward. This has no proof at all to read actually the book or or or dogma, you can see very clearly. So this really and then after that, all the time is history. Women always have been praying the most in the other person or listen in the tug of war for Russia do more so Marilla gave a speech in the mosque that people should not make bigger Ma

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Ma Tao remarks should be small. A woman stood up from the audience. She said no, the Quran said women can get more marks. Then Omar said You are right. I'm wrong. She's in the audience. masoumeh came out for the most a woman coming from the most she started arguing the lotto. She does say in the audience.

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I shall not arrest women used to pray the most of the Prophet I used to do Yaakov when he was alive, and they did Yaakov, when is the most when he died, women used to do a calf in the Moscato personalizada when he was alive, and also when he died, that Aisha who can no more than her. And she always used to pray in the mosque. And when she did not pray the most at home, there are some times she will lead herself prayer in Jurmala. If she missed the prayer in the mosque or something like that, then to make her own Jama with the people. There are so many different that this thing that if women are not allowed to pray in the mosque, it is without innovation, and be the other rejected.

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When men say this Muslim only for men. It is bizarre. I even if women make mosque, women only mosque. It's a bit odd. But men only mostly aceveda is an omni ever had and men only mosque. This thing, the very date I was really in India recently. I was invited to Gujarat because there's so many women, they leaving Islam they can move to some people asked me to come there, you know, teach something because many of these will live in Islam. And I realized that related mistake are Muslims, the girls, the bride that you know, that no argument for their Islamic education at home.

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They can't go to madrasa. They can't go to the mosque. Now the study in the university. They are don't they are not allowed to study in any circle telling me how they will remain Muslim. They the girls have no place to go to study to advise them what to do really. But this actually what happened. Then I went to see Amitabha the city. It was a very wonderful city built by Muslim rulers in long time ago. 700 years back. I went to some Mosque, the big mosque in 700 years 800 years back by the Muslim kings very good mosque.

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Each of these Muslim most early in each mosque, there is a section for the women. The call is anonymous anonymous women 700 year bike kings Muslims actually, respectively when they made our image in the most for the women, they can come and pray and they can sit and discuss and the car circle they make especially space for the women inside the most. And the very near to the mom. The spaces near the mom not very far not in the corner, very near to the Imam huge a mosque big most they could make a space anywhere else. But the space that they made for the women is nearer to the mosque. In order to the mosque. You can go and sit zenana 700 yearbooks, our rulers and our Alma

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they have facility for the women. Now in this century, when everywhere else women are doing everything. We stopped them.

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In the past they used to they used to teach reading. We managed to teach the most controversial lesson. In my book I've got three women teaching in the most of the personalism one woman Her name is Ayesha. In Omega Rahim Bintan Muhammad Al Bhatia died in their 711 Phaedra Harris tournament in Russia, the sub the greater the ingest from Morocco from SEPTA he has written his own travel journey. I came to Medina and people told me that Fatima bataya is teaching Hadith. In the most part, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I came to attend her class. She was teaching in the most do University she's not somewhere hiding. She was teaching in the Central Park the most she was sitting

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next to the grave of the person Allison teaching. Even the grave had head and feet. She was sitting upward of the head of the pasilla. If we get a place near the feet, and we're so happy, she was sitting next to the head of the personality center. And she was old, too. Sometimes she had to lean and she used to lean on the word of the grip that what had his tuner right. And she used to teach that all the day. And after the class he would write a Jazza certificate for every single person with her her own hand.

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If Muslims did not expect the women, would they allow the woman to sit next to the grave of the Prophet

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teaching there?

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I also got three women teaching Hatim Hatim is part of the cover basically. Now it is different protect foundation. I'm in a hottie module. She used to teach inside hottie Muslims in that time, they allow the women to teach in Hatim.

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When I tell him Mr. Bobby, she used to go to better knock this. I teach there. And huge crowds used to come after class. In one of the class I calculate the name of the people counter the name how many people are in the class, Estonia this dimension or the name she came to better not this teaching there. These are the people who are in her class name, I counted them 396 names, how many 396 in the Khilafah, this woman and then the person who wrote the names, he said, there are many more I lifted, he could not write all the names. At least he wrote 300 Not the new names existing. I have to I do the old difficulty to read all the names really some of the names I include in my book,

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in all the names they have a really to write down the name of the audience, the company required to you know, really, what in the class 396 NIFS. Men and women are neither philosopher, single lady that had it. And then these humans would teach in the most common Maija in every mosque, every mosque, you see the women teaching, every mother say you go women teaching, they learn, men have no power not from the women, women have no product to learn for the men. Now people say voice of the women in our in our body. We have been learned from so many women, nothing the company have learned who made this thing. Quran in the Quran men and women talk to each other in the Tata compatibility

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you know people only need to marry for family if you learn from women don't need to marry her people can make the numerous for people because they want to learn from anybody can learn from anybody. So Korea anyway I don't want to

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read the book understand the argument and actually discuss the book as well because now we know people are on social media and you know, Facebook which I never use I never know how to but anyway I know people use Facebook and also meetings and so many use listing rubbish to at least get my book get some some things from the extract from book and put it there at least people discuss something useful to advise you you know make disgust at least people know argument many people don't know this argument they're not a very that women used to be part of Muslim community so it's family you know in the west now women got all the freedom in Islam this freedom for the women but always they're

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always a human used to be part of you know, if you if you want to know most women scholars, you can not find a woman is

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among Christians, Jews, Hindus, women is cursed only exists in Islam. Women is non existent. women priests exist. Women scholars, one in Islam, and one quarter of Islam. 1/4 of Islam is the best either we will sit teaching, not a one to one quarter on 123 Mousavi makes very clear so many bodies had been comfortable with so many 1000s and in Hadith, there are many many men who are lives, fabricators, imams, the hubby said, there are no single woman who have been accused of lying in the Hadith. No single woman, no one woman

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the theory to who had more virtue. Men or woman, women never fabricut any of these myths when you hear this woman in the center. You are Sephora her she did not lie. Men don't lie. There thunders other men.

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So much fear if we shouldn't think of them, we should be grateful to the women, whatever. Let them come again. Maybe we may actually there are many books of the Hadith when they survive in the world because of women. They are the one who teaching nobody has taught them like Morimoto Bharani. And all these books they will lick him for the women that only have a 300 Buhari. The most sound copy of the war in the world the most sound in Islam of the Quran the most sound good hurry, at least and men should carry Buhari but even in Buhari the most sound copy curve comes from woman but remember was a year half of these people say no man has been like her. Her copy of the bow Khalifa most sound

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won't even until now read the new copy of OHare more sound than the copy of Kareem Amavasya even for Buhari will depend the women actually I wanted to write her book on criminal magazine to show people that how her copy was so excellent compared to any men until now. For the best

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narration Buhari people refer to remember with the hara Hara Buhari Barharwa Buhari describe the best describe the whole word. So sound and so so nicely done. She was very much a great in in writing the Buhari as she never allowed anybody to report these Buhari unless you copy from her copy and then you compare with her that way her copy until now in the whole world that no copy of say Buhari more sound than the copy of Karima Allah Marva Zia chef NASA Dean you know from Medina Guerra is mighty i i met him he has published a copy of SIBO hurry based or the NASCAR scrutiny in from media and that is based on the style you linear that people said the best copy of say Buhari if you

00:32:34--> 00:32:40

read that Nasca no slight Unia the best other than the staff Karima Alma Rosia

00:32:41--> 00:33:06

people did not get until now any copy of OHare more sound than the copy of curry Mama was even even as a sonic keeps referring to Kareem and berbizier so 100 Anyway if I T sometime holder cut this thing in color if I'd written the biography of 9000 women to certainly semesters in my mind anyway so it will never have to you need to read it as a but we have we are getting better but if you have any questions please ask.

00:33:22--> 00:34:02

Yeah, it's very good question that we women have been so active in Islam in teaching learning madrasah the college or the you know everywhere to when it happened, that decline happened decline actually happened mostly in India, Indian subcontinent, because in Egypt and everywhere else, I got a record we used to come to the most very, very late in India decline happened, not only periodically, we used to be late and what actually happened here, too, I really analyzed Indian curriculum change just before nobody Empire Sikander nobody is a great, you know, king of loaded period. After him. You know, his I think Brian's only became the king. And that time when Baba came

00:34:02--> 00:34:44

Secunda loaded by the philosopher. He invited philosophers from Afghanistan and now India curriculum change, if not to become Ali. He studied more philosophy, philosophy and more dominant philosophers. The view is women are inferior to the men. Simple matter that why my book, you can find women from Shia community, from every community, but you don't find a woman. Philosopher summary. Philosophers don't allow women to learn because they think we are not meant to learn they are inferior, they have to start from the total out where Indian curriculum became dominated by philosophy, Indian, our mass, start thinking that women are inferior, they need to start home. I'll tell you the I don't

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

want to mention the name because I love those peoples. But still you can see those. There are Indian Obama respected people. Not only that did not like women to learn. Even they did not like women to learn how to write writing. Some of them gave fatawa

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

A lot of new lighting for the women the Haram and some who are little bit more cautious. They sit in Makuta hurry. Why? If the women learn how to write, they will write letters to their lovers.

00:35:12--> 00:35:53

This only popular writing letter is the Prophet says to Omen Shiva teacher my wife has a how to write or devise a new after did not know writing. The Prophet asked her shefa to teach my wife how to write. When women love writing, they do more useful thing. Maybe they also write love letters, but men also do the same thing. Don't men write love letters? To stop the frog right? Tell me really any event that women do women. Men also do is that men don't do too far. For some people support you stop all the women from doing it. If one or two women they are bed to now you depress all the women from done writing because some women do this. There's some men also do something even 10 In other

00:35:53--> 00:36:17

parts a lot of people say Ayesha has said it the prophet has seen the women of our time, he will stop them from coming to the mosque. I discuss this idea in very detail. So you can see this more sounder this about stopping women from his Mojari Muslim people not about her this mystery. She said it the prophet has seen the winner of our time he will stop them from come to the mosque. To watch women in the time of Asha did

00:36:19--> 00:36:56

what they did they did not didn't earn a profit in the entire profit of women whose Zina is there anything wasn't there? We meant it Xena in the time the Prophet did he stop the from coming to the mosque? Minute Runa both did Xena in the time of the Prophet. He didn't have to start then what next? What new things they have done now that they need to start? You know what happened it His way of speaking, because some people are very, very eloquent in speaking, if people are more aggressive, I never found anybody more eloquent speaking, that then then is except has been the professionalism. Nobody. So you could illiquidity people make a speech like that. What happens is some women in her

00:36:56--> 00:36:59

time, they started going to the mosque with perfume.

00:37:00--> 00:37:38

To she want to stop that. She says the prophet has seen these women, she was because the Prophet said, when women come to the most don't apply the perfume. That what she made she wanted to stop them. She did not want really to stop the women she just want not to go with perfume. Otherwise, if she said that the Prophet would have stopped them. Why yourself go then why I said the first part should be stopped. But she goes to the most hardest tourists go to the mosque. She never stopped. She kept control because of my intention of odd women's should not apply the perfume. What's happening now went to the most element was passing by she had perfume. Reza Yamata Jabbar, don't go

00:37:38--> 00:38:06

to the mosque, you know, in this perfume? By the Prophet forbid. So that's right. Latino, black many men come to the most they have gotten a smoking is the concept. If the Prophet hydrolite He would have stopped these medical outcomes the most. Okay, he did not like people to come with the, you know, on Ian and benefit to the most now people come with the smoking to the mosque. He'd never allowed, but doesn't mean that have now no man call to the mosque. If I say if the prophet had been alive, he will stop the men from coming to the mosque.

00:38:08--> 00:38:45

I go to take literally you know what I mean? These people who come with a smoking they should be stopped when I started the Prophet now I'm here to start the women meaning the women who comes with a perfume never she means but she herself comes the most to have greater six answer for this thing very, very clear. You can see and best answer if I show her continued coming to the mosque. Anyway, this decline happened in India because of the influence of philosophy, Indian curriculum, well philosophy become part of our curriculum, Indian mind change and they start thinking women are inferior to them in

00:38:47--> 00:38:48

your question.

00:39:03--> 00:39:16

Encourage The sooner he makes a space for them. He missed the good for them adore in the most in the most Babu missa is encouraging. He said to the men remain seated until women have left

00:39:18--> 00:39:42

he or disarm. It doesn't make us think he encouraged women to come to the most. And then he said in his prayer women should go there as well. Outside to some women said we don't have jilbab they said borrowed your bar from those who want some women say but we don't pray we are doing investigation and hide we don't need he said still you go there at least he said sermon. He encouraged him even go even if they're not praying still go at least

00:39:43--> 00:39:48

in the in the Friday prayer they come they ask question. They listen for the buck. they memorize

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

it all encouraging. He miss every space for the women to be there. It is we who marry actually I tell you more than that. We men came to the Prophet and complained to him

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

When and men do sighs done they don't have proper cloth to their private parts are uncovered our eyes for under private parts the document said that with this what happened to what the professor did he said though these women, they are very bad they look at the private parliament, they should stop what he said to the women, you remain insider until we men get up. Then you're idle for

00:40:23--> 00:41:02

the other tribe. You know, mine young boy, he said my tribe actually before became Muslim, that compels us to come to I let many of Quran before Islam. When I became Muslim, the Prophet said Who knows Quran most people said this boy, today he made me Mom I became a mom. But I didn't I was poor. I didn't have growth properly. To win I fought I took aside my private parties to be uncovered. The women complain women said to the men Varu Unoh aura Imam Guevara masa the aura the private part of your mommy mom's private but uncovered cover it is so close women are their eyes for on the private part of the mommy they can see the mom

00:41:03--> 00:41:37

to what happened. Did they start the women? No. Then they collected the money they bought new clothes for the boy in a young boy from poor family gets a new cloth you know how happy will be he said because so happy. I never had been so happy with anything after Islam. He became happy. The solution? You know if your finger gets injury, to what solution? Cure it, not to cut it. If women have been the most curious problem not to cut the problem though we mentioned our top two the most inner solution solution is find solution. If we will come to the most famous crowd, maybe space.

00:41:38--> 00:42:22

Actually mamani Farah who people have bad name is Tony Muhammad asked about how Khalifa in Velocita he said I asked a honeypot. I said that in this new edition. He said I asked him Hanifa if people are praying, a woman comes in and she stands next to men. Women should be behind the men. But she can't stand next to a man. What would happen if Abu Hanifa said the prayer of the man on her right side, the prayer of the men on her left side and the prayer of the mind. You know, on her back three men that have innovated every man or woman that is fine except Freeman. The one who's on her right side. The left side. Don't on the back. Imam was clever man. He said then I asked mama Hanifa what

00:42:22--> 00:43:01

happens if a man comes on his transit? A woman concert she's standing next to the Imam. Now a different question. If you say a master prayer is not valued, he's left to the woman. Then all the Coronavirus Kimani Foster, then everybody's fine. All praise fun. Imam Muhammad say you are the one who say three people's prayed about it. Now she stood next to the email and fine. He said because if I make the master invalid, then everybody throws individuals. I can't do that. I do this, Tessa. I think that it is better not to invalid. He does not have argument he just think that Mr. Mahama sir. I said to him what happens a man or woman they are late. They miss one or two raka man Acosta he

00:43:01--> 00:43:37

stands next to the man woman Casa she stand next to women. Very Marcella. Now men, women, they have to complete one more raka their mind moves backward woman moves forward and they stand next to each other. What will happen? Have 100 That's fine. There's no harm in that. He said but you are the one who said evil woman enough to men and my spirit never know they're next to each other. He said if they are next to each other in the same prayer, now the other after raka they are not in the same prayer they can stand next to each other Imam Muhammad Allah What if I said we think men or women cannot stand next to each other in the prayer imovel Honey faster they can stand only problem will

00:43:37--> 00:44:14

be if they are praying the same prayer behind the same EMA if they are next to each other then woman has no problem man his problem his prayers, why not if not worse prayer. But if they're different prayer, they can stand next to each other even a woman stand next to Imam Imam Abu Hanifa no problem. The phrase fun is written in our books all the time actually, I analyze not only my Mohammed but our scenario of the hedaya or the Hanafi saucer. They keep repeating same thing that women come to the most what will be the regiment they keep repeating this that women don't come to the mostly the very late feminine is not very very late.

00:44:17--> 00:44:19

The concept of the ladies playing

00:44:21--> 00:44:58

baby partitions on the profits yeah the people subaerial if they're a barrier how they can play between Imam and followers should be no barrier. If anybody had piano learner there should be every buddy should be able to see the road ahead of because sometimes Imam so voice people cannot hear something you have to mister for example, a mom had to sit in the secondary car. But my mistake he stood up. If women cannot see the mom what they will do, they will sitting women are sitting on Minutes standing telling me how the women will know the mistake. Everybody needs to see the row row ahead of that white if condition for the

00:44:59--> 00:45:00

first one

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

We'll see the map. Second posse, the second, everybody to remain should be there. There is no single proof in whole history of Islam, in the mosque, in the classroom of barrier like that anywhere, I never found anywhere that I did research of, you know, in Hadith in the fifth class, in the most in a very good in the classroom, there never has been any barrier between men and women, both used to be respected. You know, thereafter to say when men and women they meet, they learn how to respect for a man really, when you make women push away, you don't know how to behave with them, you don't know how to what how to prop them, you need to be part of society, you need to know that when women,

00:45:40--> 00:46:21

you need to talk to them, then you know how to respect them. We don't learn this thing that people do it and they knew how to interact. That is fine. Like you see all the Hadith in the classroom. Men actually even there, the see all that the men and women both on the classroom, and if you see the details, surrounded by happy bird in the big girl, in your congregation, and so many, many women, the person who write all the attenders, He even writes this lady, she was sitting in the classroom with her a baby, and the baby was crying. And then she took the baby outside the classroom, and she missed from this or this to this or this, or that now, she cannot read this or this, because she

00:46:21--> 00:46:59

missed out on the person who writes it. He looks at every single person. He knows, every minute went by name, he knows he rushed her name, this woman with this unnamed mother of seven so far, by far so and so she was sitting in the classroom, she left for even not only that, really, this man was sitting in the classroom, and he was sleeping. From this, this was sleeping, even that this person was sleeping in the classroom. Now I've seen it to somebody sitting in my classroom, I did not write it. But in those days, they didn't miss this. If somebody said this in the classroom, they would write it all recorded. Exactly. Now this person cannot narrate that this because he was sleeping

00:46:59--> 00:47:36

that time. That how to I never found any barrier in the classroom in the most in the history of Islam for more than 1000 years. Bariatric first time I saw in England, I never seen a barrier anyway. When I came to this country, people are fasting they don't allow women anyway, if they're there, they allow the make barrier barrier if not sooner, but I don't mind easily. At least they allow the women there are people don't don't allow the women at all but I really don't think you know it just it doesn't make any sense to say men or women outside the room, your class they meet each other husband or wife they come together in the same car their husband wife they live together

00:47:36--> 00:48:14

now you say has led to terrible wife's it here doesn't make any sense. They talk to each other. The colleague they're working together, when they are very, very same. They go on the same on airplane that together. They sit in the office, they sit next to each other in the kitchen in the restaurant, they eat with each other. When they come to your class, you make a barrier doesn't make any sense anywhere. The Prophet never can delegate can you know this person? It does not make any sense. But underpinning Moeller, NASA because at least you're looking at to allow led by this product community people have problems, too. He did not want to know what to adjust. He does not want to have the

00:48:14--> 00:48:36

women. But the problem really is people don't understand. You need to develop it. If you're a fella, if a fear of a lack of power when a boss cavada like I said you need a minute to rest to get respect for the women. If they're a spirit of women, you don't need a barrier. If they don't have a spirit barrier will not help. So we need to create that respect that took over that part.