Muslims are Boycotting France – Is there Precedence from the Sunnah?

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The importance of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family is discussed, as it is the light of faith and the last of a long series of prophets. The struggles of Muslims in various countries, including lack of alcoholism, illegal drug usage, and national and race races, are also discussed. The Prophet's actions, including his plans for the assassination of the Prophet and the use of the mushGenerationen to avoid the worst parts of the road, are also discussed. The region's religion, including its implementation of Islam in Arabia and use of religion in other cultures, is also discussed, as well as the use of religion in the Arabianippedides to avoid war and the upcoming attacks on Islam's people. The segment ends with a recap of the history and actions of the Prophet Omar and his followers, including their actions against Muslims and women, as well as their actions against other groups.

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Not a mean, well sadly was Salam ala

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nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, about a percent of our praise due to our Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the master of the first and the last, and upon his family and his companions and all those who call to his way and establishes Sunday, to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows my beloved brothers and sisters, our friends, our viewers Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah our praises to Allah, we have another opportunity to reflect upon a type of illumination that came over 1400 years ago. And that is not the light of electricity. But it is the light of faith. The light of taqwa the consciousness of God, the light of good character, that manifested itself, within a society that was known for its savagery.

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And that wasn't the time of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, the last of a long series of prophets and messengers, who came to every nation and every tribe. And one of the differences between the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the other great messengers was that he was sent to all of humanity. So his message, although the core and came in a divine form of Arabic, it is situated and designed in such a way that people of all nationalities, all languages can benefit from the book can benefit from the experiences that happened over the 23 year period, to the Day of Judgment. And so within that generation,

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that the prophets of Salaam said it is the best generation, they are the best of people, we get clues, we get direction, we get light, as to how to function in different circumstances. And because of the Sahaba, the companions, or the last one who managed my aim, were from different walks of life, different tribes, nationalities races, then we can see how people react to the circumstances of these circumstances, over the 23 year period, give us an array of situations, and how to respond as a Muslim.

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And one of the great examples, which is of benefit and light to us, in the 21st century. Now, when we find that Muslims are being surrounded, we find that Muslims are under attack in many parts of the world. And I'm not just talking about the wars that are going on in the Muslim world. But even in the Western countries, where we are living, for the most part as taxpaying citizens, we have less amount of alcoholism, illegal drug usage, stealing murder than any other part of the population.

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But yet because of our belief in Allah, because we believe that the Creator of the heavens and the earth gave us a message that should impact all of our life. Because of this, we are being persecuted.

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And so we look to the companions of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam for the guidance that a lot manifested through their lives.

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One such person was the chief of the bedroom hanifa.

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And the bento handy for was one of the large tribes in Al yamamah, which is the central Arabian area.

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And this area, up until now is known for its huge Valley, with water and with vegetation. So contrary to what you would think the center of Arabia is not necessarily a major desert, it is more out toward the south, east side, in the empty quarter. But the central part where the valley is, has always been one of the most productive areas in the Arabian Peninsula.

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And so in the six year after the higit, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, sent eight letters to the kings of Arabia. And these letters were too

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Major tribal groupings. Now, we know many of these areas, as Yemen and we speak about Bahrain.

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And we look at different sections in Arabia, but in those days, they were tribal divisions. And so one of the great tribes or nations was the better hanifa. And so a letter was sent to tamama EBIT, Rizal. And he was a person known for his emotion known for his decisive actions. And when he received this letter from Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, he flew into a rage.

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And he wanted to destroy this message, and to destroy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him himself. This the level of his arrogance, and the level of the authority that he thought he had in Arabia. And so we made his plans for the assassination of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. But Allah subhanaw taala had blessed the oma by that time. And the Prophet was well secured within the area of Medina to menorah.

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And so Dinamo was not able to carry out his wicked plan.

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And in the tradition of the pagans, the mushrikeen, of the Arabian Peninsula, he planned to go to Mecca, to make a type of ombre, to make a less of pilgrimage for the idols. And they used to go to Mecca, in order to worship their idols, and to pay a B cents, and also to discuss trade, to listen to poetry. This was their way of connecting with the other tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. And so tamama made his intention

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to go, he wasn't able to fulfill his evil design, but he did find a group of Muslims who are passing through the area, and he killed all of them.

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And so because of this, the mama then became known as a person who was wanted. And the prophet SAW Selim, actually put out a message against Obama because of this murder that he had committed

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on the companions, and to mama, then in his arrogance set out in order to get to Mecca coming out of this valley, you have to sort of pass within the vicinity of Medina, and then go down, this is the best way to avoid some of the worst part of the desert,

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by the will of Allah subhanaw taala

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tamama ran into a group of the Muslims who were scouting in that area, and they succeeded in capturing him.

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And so this was a man who was as they would say, in Texas, in the USA, Wanted Dead or Alive.

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They captured the mama. And they brought him back to Medina. And they tied him to a pole in the in the main Masjid area. Because remember, the masjid was not just a place of prayer. The Masjid was an all purpose Islamic center.

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And so even in this case, with a person who is newly captured, or for those who are embracing Islam, they would first bring them to the masjid. It's the main center of activity within the city of Medina.

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They tied him to a pole when they didn't know who they had. But when the prophet SAW Selim saw this man, he realized this is the Obama This is one of the great kings of the Arabian Peninsula, it is the one who carried out attacks against our people. But instead of being revengeful and spiteful, the prophet SAW Selim then said to his companions, take some milk from my camels, give him food, allow him to rest, keep him tied, but feed him and so to mama then was fed, he was watered and he was able to take

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advice or at least to see what was going on in the mosque because this is a Masjid which has a lot of activities. Time for prayer. People are making this a lot. People are studying in Hala pious, the poor are being fed talim is going on education is going on. There's a brotherhood is a sister with two because sisters women were also coming to the masjid. There was a section for the men and four section for the women. And this is something that was unheard of in other parts of Arabia. But women were liberated and they were coming to the masjid. And so tomorrow

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First day, he is watching the activities that are going on in the mosque. So the prophet SAW loved and came to Tama, and then started to negotiate with him. And to mama being an arrogant person, he said to the prophet SAW Selim, if you want to take revenge, then you have noble blood.

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If you want to forgive me, then I will be thankful.

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And if you want compensation, I'll give you anything that you want. So this is a tough negotiator. The prophet SAW Selim than just watched him, just smiled and he left. Second day, the same thing happened. The third day the same negotiation went about.

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Finally, after this, the prophet SAW Selim again who does not think like normal people, he is guided by Allah subhanaw taala, not guided by his emotions. Naturally, one of the primal emotions amongst human beings is intercon. That is revenge. And so instead of taking revenge, he is looking for this person to come into Islam, that the person has strong qualities, and maybe a loss of Potala would guide this person and help him to accept Islam. So the prophet SAW Selim in his mercy, and he was Ramadan, the latter mean, a mercy to all of humanity. He said to his companions, release this man.

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And so they released him. And to mama then went with his Campbell, he went to the outskirts of the city at that time, they'll clear the graveyard, which is now sort of enclosed in Medina. But in those days, you had to go some distance from the Prophet's mosque to come to the graveyard. It was kind of outskirts in that section. And he went there and he relaxed, and he thought about what was happening. And Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala opened up his heart.

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He realized something was coming over him. And he wanted more of this. Even though he had been hostile to Islam, he wanted more of this religion. And so he returned to the masjid. And he went in front of our group of the companions. And he raised his hand and he said, I shall the one that ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, He bore witness in the oneness of God, and that Muhammad was his messenger.

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This was an amazing thing, the companions were shocked to see this.

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And when the mama went into the person, into the presence of the Prophet so seldom, he exclaimed, that you owe Mohammed, you were the most hated face, the hate most hated personality in my life. But now, you are the most dear person to me in this world.

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And the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him,

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then prayed to Allah for blessing for the moment.

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And to mama, then feeling guilty for what had happened. He said, but I have killed people I have done wrong. How can I atone for my sins?

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And the Prophet peace be upon him told him Islam? Yeah, Jew buma Kabbalah that Islam wipes away the previous sense. And so a great burden was lifted off the back of the mama.

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And he left the Prophet peace be upon him know that his original intention was to go to Mecca, to perform his giant Li omura his visit to Mecca to worship idols, and the Prophet peace be upon him said continue your intention, but do it for Allah subhanaw taala. And so the mama then went down from Medina to Mecca, came into the precincts, of the Kaaba. And as he came in, and he had been instructed by the prophet peace be upon him, how to make the basic formula, one of the basic rights that you have to actually do and as he was coming in to court he heard the sound law Baker law Humala bake law Baker LaShawn ecola cola bake in 101. Now I'm outta Lackawanna milk, law, shoddy

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Kodak. They heard that eternal sound, the bake Allahumma barik Voila. I am at your service.

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I'm at your service, there is no god except you. Surely the praise and the kingdom belongs to you. There is nothing worthy of worship, except you. When the chorus heard this, they pounced upon this man.

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And one of their archers was about to shoot him and kill him. But the court aged and recognizing who it was, they said, Don't do this. This is tamama.

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He is the the leader of Belo hanifa. This is one of the most powerful clans in the Arabian Peninsula. We have to talk to this man.

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So they they went to remember what are you doing? Are you disrespecting your parents and your religion, and tamama then told them I have accepted the best religion.

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And I came here in order to carry out my religion and the Quraysh then were dumbfounded. They didn't know what to do. Not just because this is a man who's accepting Islam because a normal person, they would have killed him immediately. But the difference was young mama at the time, was the one of the most fertile places in Arabia. And it was through the trade going on with the center of Arabia that Mecca actually survived. Mecca up until today is a very hot place. It's a very dry place only because of technology now that you see some green. But if you knew what Mecca was like before, nothing green, a few palm trees here and there. But two major supplies that come into Mecca, are

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coming from the outside, it is dissolves on water that's keeping them alive.

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But they were dependent upon your mama for their trade.

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And so the mama then

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wanting to do something for Islam,

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recognizing what the Quraysh had done,

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seeing the oppression that they had carried out the slaughter of the people, having heard the stories of the surrounding of Medina, first the torture and Mecca, that the companions went through. And then the Battle of better about love or the Battle of the conduct of the trench. All of these battles, the near extermination of the people, the continuous oppression that was going on. He then said, I pledged not only myself, I pledge my life, I pledge my people to Islam.

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And so he returned to the area. Having been the first person

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to make the Tobia, the baker lahoma bag, this is the first Muslim making it. Remember this is before the Great ombre of the prophet SAW some of them, this is before it. So that this is a record in the sense. Today, people will put you in the Guinness

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Book of Records. This is the first person to make the Tobia

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a great achievement that was not enough for him. He wanted to solidify

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what he was doing with Allah subhanaw taala. He wanted to pay back for the lives he had taken and for the bad thoughts and intentions that he had. And so he returned to the center of Arabia, and he cut off all supplies. He cut off the trade with Mecca.

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And this is what you would call today will kata it is a boycott. He literally cut the trade.

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And as the year went by, the difficulty came in on Quraysh like a thunderous boat.

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They were suffering because their goods are coming from there. Their sustenance is coming from there. The animals could not be fed the wheat, the major wheat production in Arabia at that time was in the center of Arabia. So their bread has cut off much of their supplies, even the sukkah the dates that you get today. This is where it comes from. The best dates in Arabia coming from out of the center, as well.

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And so it was all cut off. And they really began to suffer to the point where starvation started to come in. And the kodesh out of desperation, sent a delegation to the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

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And they said in words with others sofiane came as their leader, the same person

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who had

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sought revenge and or the same person was organized against them with the zap in the Battle of the trench. He came now as a beggar because of the sanctions that were put upon his city. And he came to the prophets are seldom and said, I thought you were a mercy to all of humanity. We had a treaty, this sort of who they BIA, we have a treaty of who they BIA that I made we made with you that we would have brotherhood, between ourselves I thought we had some kind of agreement that that was actually going on.

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And the profit sell, selling be being a mercy for all of humanity.

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He then sent a letter to the mama and told him lift the boycott, allow the trade to come through.

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Because it is not the intention of Islam, not the intention of Muslims, that we are harming the individuals. But we are calling to the good and forbidding evil, not the innocent people to suffer.

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And so tamama then lifted the boycott.

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Following this in the same area, one of the lowly people who was demented, diluted individual was salema then came up and said, I am the messenger of God. He got a little attention from the province of Southern when his delegation went to Medina, but he was not really the lead up to Mama was the leader.

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And so was St. Lima then came up and claimed to be the Messenger of Allah and he sent a letter to the prophet SAW Selim saying from Hussein Lima rasulillah to Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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you take half of Arabia, and I'll take the other half.

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So the province of Southern wrote back to him and said, from Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah to Salah Al Khattab de ly.

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And he quoted from the Quran, enough out of the law he up to how many shadowman A baddie allowed people to live in a tepee. Surely this earth belongs to Allah. And it gives it to whom he pleases from his servants and worship is, and the best reward is for those who have piety and right action.

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And immediately the Muslims recognize the danger of these people. The prophet SAW seldom had passed away. But it wasn't the time of Omar but a hot tub. That and even before that, that

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tamama himself announced his Islam, and he began to wage a struggle against Mussolini.

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This was the first activities, the first struggle against the liar prophet.

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It was done by samama himself. Following this, the armies of Islam led by Khalid a bit of Walid rhodiola, one came to the area, they followed up to Mama's actions, and they defeated was Salem and finished his false Prophethood.

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But Obama himself would go down as one of the great leaders who had embraced Islam. And we have to remember that although the prophet SAW Selim himself did not declare the boycott, he allowed it to happen. He did not

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punish tomorrow, Obama. He did not say to him, What you did is wrong. It's against the Sunda.

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He told him because seeing the effect on the police lifted,

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and so it was lifted. And some historians even look to the fact that by the time the prophet SAW Selim and his companions then opened up Mecca, the facto Mecca. This is one of the physical reasons why the kodesh could not resist because they had been weakened

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by the boycott and the sanctions that went on.

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And so in looking at this illumination, and what is happening in the world today, we recognize that Muslims are being pressurized and attacked by a number of nations

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recently, because of a very sad situation in France, where a Muslim immigrant from Chechnya who was not part of the French community, Muslim community was angry because a teacher then put up cartoons against the Prophet so seldom.

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He took it in his own hands as a vigilante and he murdered that teacher. I want to make it very clear that we do not condone any type of vigilante action like this. This would be considered

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A crime in the Muslim Lance. But we do recognize that the response of the French by closing down mustards by demonizing Islam, by allowing the right wing people within that country to start attacking Muslims and women have been attacked to women were stabbed under the Eiffel Tower.

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People are being beaten, they're living in fear. This is not the response that is supposed to be because we recognize that if France is a secular society,

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then if something is done against any religion, if the Jewish religion is attacked, if they are leazes, their leaders if Moses and peace be upon him, is ridiculed. In a cartoon, this would be considered anti semitism.

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If women are being openly ridiculed, it's anti feminism.

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And so the secular state does not allow these things to be happening to religion.

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And so when the Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom is attacked, and is clear that it hurts the sensibilities of Muslims as he is the Messenger of Allah, his Sunnah his way, is a major part of our understanding. It is well known, it is well discussed. And so it is an open attack upon the Muslim. And this follows the centuries going back to the crusades, when even the First Crusade

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was called in Claremont, which is in France, where the first major crusade is to come with a Franks, where the western side when crusades was sent against the Muslims in Spain and Portugal and the loose, it was the Franks. And so it is part of an ongoing animosity and attack against Islam. And so Muslims, we are not those who take revenge, wild revenge. However, we do have the right to resist. And in the Sunnah all the way up to mama.

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If we're not, if we feel this pressure happen, we see the evil that is going on, we have a right to resist into Mama's case. He did not sell goods, he stopped that. But in our case, we do not have to buy goods, because we are some of the biggest consumers in the world. Even in tourism, Islamic tourism, considered to be the biggest tourism in the world. Now, in terms of cosmetics, in terms of quality products, high end clothing, much of which comes out of France, Muslims are some of the biggest consumers in the world. And the least we can do without love of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. And our recognition of Islamophobia.

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Coming through all ranks, within that society, the least we can do is stop eating their products and stop wasting our money upon goods, which only have a name on the back of it. But I'm not even as as well done as products coming from our own lens. And so the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and the people around him, give us the best example. And they give us illumination. They give us light

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at the end of this darkness, at the end of the tunnel, there is light through that illumination that is coming from Islam.

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And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for the Muslims in France, and the Muslims throughout the world throughout Europe and even here in the Americas right here in Toronto, in the GTA. Islamophobia is on the rise. masjids are under attack. People have been killed. People have been threatened, Islamophobia is rising up, but we are not going to sit back idly. We're not going to roll over and die, as they say. But we will stand up for the truth. We will not take the form or actions of a savage. In order to fight savagery, we will keep the best character but in the tradition of our companions in the traditional prophet moment so seldom, we will stand clearly for

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Islam. We will stand clearly

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for our message. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala would have mercy on this Omar and would make it easy for all those who are suffering

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Throughout the Muslim world, as I leave you with these thoughts, Baraka Tawana Alhamdulillah rabil alameen wa Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wa better cat