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Salam O Allah craftsvilla workato Bismillahi r Haman hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, while he was such a big man, my bad, thank you for joining us, those of you who are online, and those who are physically here in the masjid, this place is packed, it is standing room only. I'm just kidding. There's literally two people in the room somehow. So

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Excellent. So as you know, we're going to be talking about the signs before the day of judgment, because what can I say so many annoying things. Like I'll get this email about how are these WhatsApp messages about how the someone saw this dream? And the dream was the virus came to him and said, I am going to kill a billion people and I will spear the believers. Like That doesn't even make sense that the virus Have you ever heard in human history of a virus that just affected non believers and never infected? The Muslims? Have you ever heard of that? You know, we're going to talk about the the plague of Hamas. And some of the great companions were infected and they died.

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But have you ever heard of a disease that only affects non Muslims? And then all these messages about all because you know, the areas that we watch for will do or the areas that you need to keep clean? And because we'll make we'll do five times a day, we're not going to get sick? Well, we already know of Muslims, some of them right here in Houston, who actually, well, we do know of some Muslims who got sick. And in Seattle, one of the people who died is a Muslim. So and then it's not going to be assigned. Like, before the Imam prays over someone, that's how we know if someone is righteous or not. Yeah, if he got sick, that means all he wasn't a believer, because this virus only

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hits the anyways. And

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and anyways, there's so many of these, they look kind of mysterious and mystical and cryptic. This man saw this dream and the chef interpreted the dream that this virus will kill that many people, and it will mostly affect China and this place and that place. Yeah. Well, you wrote this fake message after you knew the affected countries. You know, if you would have sent this this five months ago, or maybe 10 months ago, we would have believed anyways. So we want to we want to keep this too complicated here. But in order to talk about the science before the day of judgment, you really have to talk about some guidelines, because without the guidelines, anybody can be anybody.

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I'll give you an example.

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This was this happened. I can't remember what's what's maybe it was Florida. I can't remember I was traveling to give a class in that city. I gave the Juma hookah and in the Juma Hawkman I mentioned the MADI and unbeknownst to me, the Maddie was in the audience. So after the Sala, this guy came up to me, he said, Have you heard of a man his name is blank blank. I forget the name now. I said No, I've never heard of him. He said because he owes he claims to be the muddy, the mighty that's going to come towards the end of time. I said Really? I said Where can I find him? He said I am he

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now. So now he's the Medina I'm face to face with the muddy man. I wanted to have some fun with him. But I didn't because one, he was in his 50s to just about every single person who says they're the malady has something wrong here. There's always some kind of mental problem because nobody would think they're the MADI unless they really have some mental problem. So this guy had some kind of mental problem. That's why I didn't make fun of him.

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a number of interesting things by the way, you know when you when you look at the videos of the Haram in Mecca, you always see police officers standing near the Imam. And I used to always think that these police officers are there to guard the Imam to protect the Ummah and that's part of their job. But another huge part of it, they're actually protecting the microphone because people will come and specifically claimed to be the MADI not a submarine or anything unless they claim to be the MADI. Why? Because in the Hadith, the Maha de emerges and he is given the br the pledge at the Kaaba. So everybody who thinks he's the man, he says, Let me grab the microphone and announced it

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there. I might get the

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get the bay out. Anyways. So

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so let's get back to the guy in Florida wherever he was. So this guy now he said, I'm the MADI, and I'm like, Oh, great. So let's test this man. I said, Okay, now and I'm trying to be very respectful and keep a straight face. I said, you know that the melody, you know, he is of Arab origin related to the family of the prophets of Salaam. And his name is Mohammed Abdullah. So he said, Yes, yes, that was the original plan. And then Allah saw that the Arabs were not worthy. So he changed the plan. So he gave it to me and he was from you know, not to mention

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He was like from the islands, you know, Trinidad, Guyana, he was one of those two.

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All right now. So he's saying a lot, change that plan. And so now I'm trying to get him to understand and that's the point that I'm trying to make. Now, if I don't have any of these signs and descriptions, if I don't have these guidelines, anyone can claim to be anything. So this man said, all the plan changed, meaning His name is not Mohammed Abdullah, he doesn't have this, you know, like large forehead and nose with like, like a huge, big nose, you know, with the bridge? He does. He's not related to the problem. All the signs are gone now because he said they are exam worthy. So I'm trying to explain to him nicely, I said, Okay, so I'm just a normal Muslim here. And you say

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you're the Maddie. And this brother here says he's the muddy what information what do I have to discern to be able to tell which one of you that is the meridian? Which one isn't? Like how do I do that? If all the Hadith are canceled now, how can I tell if I have two people who claim to be the MADI? What do I have to use that as judgment? Anyways, of course, he had to make a long story short, did not understand the argument. He said, I just gave you proof that I'm the malady I said, What was that? He said, I quoted the Quran when I walked up to you. Also everyone who quotes a Koran is the Medina.

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Okay, what about this? To make it let me make this rule simple. I didn't want to jump into the rules right away. But since we're here, imagine someone tells you, you meet someone. You ask him. What's your name? He says Mohammed Abdullah. That's my name, Mohammed Abdullah. And then he says, pledged to me.

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Okay, why should I pledge to you? Because I'm the man at the moment. His name is Mohammed Abdullah. Okay, but are there other descriptions of the MADI you have to match all of them. You can't just be Mohammed Abdullah. That means you're the MADI, or somebody comes to you with a large bridge on his nose and says, Look at my nose. Now pledge to me. But why should I pledge to you, then Maddie will have a large nose. So that means pledged to me. But it doesn't work like that. What about the other things is your name Mohammed Abdullah, for one? What if someone comes to you and his name is Mohammed Abdullah and he has a bit of a bigger nose and a protruding forehead, then what you pledged

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to him. And that's why it's so important to always cover the rules the ground rules before you start speaking about the signs before the day of judgment. I want to start off with a Muslim, Abu hurayrah della Han who narrates and maybe some a lot of Selim said the best day on which the sun has risen is Friday. Hi, Roman Talat, Asian human Juma, the best day The sun has risen is Friday, fi Holika. Adam, on that day, Adam was created, where he would kill agenda and he was entered into an agenda on that day, when he opened a German hand. He was also taken out of agenda on the Friday and the the last hour ended, the day of judgment will be on a Friday. So what if, let's say you have a roommate,

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you wake up Wednesday, you asked him Did you pray for God tells you know someone, why didn't you pray? fudger. He says, because I know the Day of Judgment is not going to be today. Today's Wednesday, the Day of Judgment according to the holidays. And so a Muslim will be on a Friday. So if it's on a Friday, it's not today, I'm safe. Here you would tell him, don't worry about the big day of judgment, worry about your day of judgment. Because then Nabi sallallahu Sallam said men matter for karma to pay homage to whoever dies, his day of resurrection has already started. So you're worried about your day of resurrection. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would shift

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people's attention sometimes from trying to talk about when the last day will be any if somebody look at us and say, hey Bukhari, a man asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the Day of Judgment. He said, when your meta sa, when will the hour be? Now?

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He lives, you know, 1000s of years before the day of judgment, and he's not going to be alive when the big day of judgment happens. So even the person who doesn't even know that the date, but suppose he knew it and told it to him, would he benefit from it? So that's why that's not your concern here. The problem shifted his concern to something more beneficial. And he says, Wait, Huck, mother or the tele, he said, may Allah have mercy on you the equivalent of that, what have you prepared for it? That's the big deal. If you know what day the day of judgment will be, it doesn't benefit you. What benefits you now is how do you prepare for it, and the fact that your day of judgment can begin at

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any time, that is really your concern? And that's why it's interesting in one narration,

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the companion said the problem would talk about the journey so much that we think he is hiding right behind those trees. Porcelain would speak over the gel so much that we think is coming right out of those trees.

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Hiding right there. And then another time and the Beatles album came out. And he found the companion sitting, talking about the judge. And then he tells him Should I tell you of something that, that I'm more concerned for you then the judge is shook and huffy. And hidden shark is when someone shows off or does an act of worship, to show off to people not to Allah zillion. So look at what the balance here, sometimes the President will talk about it, like it's right there. And then the next time he wants your focus not to be something that you probably will not encounter, but to focus on something that will affect you and your life.

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The first most important thing, now we're going to talk about the minor and major signs, and I'm going to talk about just maybe a few of the minor signs, and use them primarily and examples. And then we're really going to be focusing on the major signs before the day of judgment. And for those who wanted something on a lighter note, look, some people are saying these are the end of ends of times, or this is the end of the world, or you know, Maddie is going to show up any minute, the man is always going to show up at any minute. And and every generation always believed me, or many generations believe that the math is going to show up in their times. There was one of the scholars

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and this is hundreds of years before us, he was certain that the Maddie will show up during his time. And he used to tell his students, when you see them, Id tell him I said the Salaam article. Yeah. And I know that if I don't, if Matthew might come in my lifetime, if I die, he will certainly come in your lifetime, if you see him give him cell lamps. And this was hundreds of years ago. We know people today who believe and I'm talking about legitimate need knowledgeable students of knowledge, who believe that they will show up at our times.

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Or the john will show up on our time. But there's many things that happened before that the judge shows up. And many of them have not have actually almost all of them have not happened. And things that happen before the melody shows up. And they haven't happened either. So when someone tells you all the dogen is gonna be here two days from now, or the Maddie is stuck in traffic, but he's going to be here any minute.

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Just don't believe him. All right. So what we have to do with the signs of the hour, the major and minor sound signs, and I'm going to explain it a little bit the difference between the two. Number one you have to believe all the signs as long as they're from an authentic source, meaning they're from the Quran or from the authentic sooner, then you have to believe that's your only obligation. The fact that I believe something doesn't mean I have to know the inner workings of it, and I have to explain it to everybody.

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I believe in, in the beast. And Allah Subhana Allah mentioned the dub,

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dub but a minute or two, Colombo, we we brought out a beast from the earth that speaks to people. So that's in the Quran, the process Allah mentioned in authentic hadith. Now, I my job is to believe in the emergence of the beast. Now someone might come to me and say you so you believe you're Muslim? You believe in that? Okay, now explain to me, what species is it? What is this beast that speaks languages? And how is it under the ground? And where are its parents? And how does it eat? And how long has it been underground? And where is it right now? Why can't we find it? That's not my job. So to make life easy, your job is to believe only not to have a thorough explanation, and to give you

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give you like, what kind of species it's from and give all you know. So that's not your job. Number one, your job is to believe in that which you understand. And more importantly, to believe in that which you don't understand. Because that's when the real challenge comes, everybody can believe what they understand. But when you don't understand something, and it's authentic here, are you going to believe, or you're not going to believe

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the sun rises from the west.

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Sunrise from the west. Yeah. So you got confused for a minute, the sun rises from the east now, and sets in the west. But there's going to be a time when the sun will rise from the west. So some people tried to explain it and say, okay, when the sunrise, the sunrise in from the west, you know, it's not possible that the Earth would spin the other way. So the sun rising from the west, meaning the light of Islam, growing in the West and rising from the west.

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Sounds nice. And it sounds promising. But here's a very big problem with it. And it will I'm skipping ahead to the rules. The big problem with it now is that now you're breaking one of the rules in order for me to say this is that sign, it has to match all the descriptions of the sign to tell me that the sun rising from the west is Islam growing in the West la voce, okay? But one of the clearest

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I one of the clear things when the sun rises from the west is that Allah does not accept anyone's Toba anymore. So if Islam is growing in the West, why can't I make Toba? Doesn't make sense, right? It has to fit has to fit all the descriptions, I'm coming back to this in a second.

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But if you don't understand something, it's not a reason to say it's, it's not authentic, or I don't believe it simply because I don't comprehend it. It's the world of the unseen. That's the nature of the world that the unseen if you could fathom and explain every aspect of it, and even see it, then it wouldn't be unseen.

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Okay, trying. Another mistake people make is that they try to interpret every sign. According to our present world today. They try to interpret every sign according to our present world. And people are always guilty of that. Let's take some simple examples.

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So basically, one of the minor signs is that there will be less Baraka less blessing in time, less blessed, sorry, Time passes quickly, Time passes quickly. This is one of the minor signs towards the end of time that time will be passing quickly. So some people said, okay, that means there'll be less Baraka in time. Other said the day will get shorter, or you know, so it will be the same in hours, but it will be like it will feel shorter. So like I said, time will pass quickly. Now, other said, time passing quickly. In the old days, a lot of times they would refer to a distance using time. So they'll see they'll say, you know, this person is Masuda together the distance of three

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days, for example, they used to measure distance by days by time. So with time now, passing quickly, some scholars said that means of transportation or faster means of transportation. So that what used to take three days, the journey of three days now can take you a few hours, or sometimes even less than an hour. If you're on a plane, you went on a car, a journey of days on Camelback just a few hours, and you're there and you're back again. So they're saying look here, time passing quickly can mean faster means of transportation, or it can actually mean less Baraka less blessing in your day. So the hours passed, and you don't get much done. The point is that

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this is a sign that could have been understood one way and it also could have been understood according to the changes in our times, but not everything has to match our times. I'll give you an example. And maybe so seldom mentioned in the Hadith that our will not be established until

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predatory animals speak to people on the lions, tigers or wolves, predator animals will speak to people and it will not be one incident or two, but a number of them in it's a common thing that these animals are speaking to people. Now here. Let's look at the rule we mentioned earlier. What if someone says that's not possible? Animals don't talk on wolves don't talk by slow down. Allah subhanaw taala? Did he not create animals that can speak? When you say yes, not just parents, there are other kinds of birds that can speak. Okay, so who created this parrot? Allah subhanaw taala created this animal able to speak? All right, can he take an animal that he already created and make

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it speak? Okay, yes. So that's the first thing No, so well, wolves don't speak. Of course, wolves don't speak. That's what makes it a sign before the day of judgment. When wolves speak, it's a big deal. That's the first thing that Hadith mentions. Then it mentions that a man will talk to the tip of his whip, a man will talk to the tip of his whip. And some argue that the whip will talk back. Because if you just talk to your whip, you're just crazy. There's no sign there. But if your whip talks back to you, then that's an inanimate object speaking, and that's a major sign. And then it says a man's thigh will inform inform him of what his family did in his absence. So a man's thigh

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will inform him of what his family did in his absence. So people in our day and age when they hear that, what do they understand immediately? cell phones, where do you keep your cell phone right here in your pocket, which is right near your thigh. And you pick it up and you call your family at home? And they tell you what happened while you were gone. So hello, standard that Case Closed. Okay. But a number of things here. One, it could be the cell phone, but we cannot confirm and write it off as it is the cell phone for sure. Because it could be something else that will happen in the future. Why? Because number one, the man's sight is play it like the cell phone is not such a miracle that

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it would be placed in the same house.

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As wolves speaking, and inanimate objects speaking, and then you call on your phone, and it's not even your thigh telling you really, it's not your thigh telling you what happened. It's your wife herself telling you or your husband, when you pick up your phone, that device connects you to them, and they tell you what happened. So it's not really the same as it, it's not really the same. So we can't say it is definitely the cell phone. It could be. But it could be something more miraculous more of a sign before the day of judgment, that immense die will speak to them. And again, my job is to believe in that I'm not going to explain to you how it happens. And how often does your thigh

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speak? What if it's talking too much?

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Hit it to stab it with a pencil.

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And just get it? All right. Anyways.

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But But people are always guilty of trying to explain things within our world. Like this is, you know, this particular like, there's one Hadith that mentioned that,

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that there will be people from my own Ma, who will go to the massage it riding on chariots, or sometimes described as chairs. There's Okay, how do you go to the masjid sitting on a chair or on a chariot? And some said, well, I've seen handicapped people go to the mustard on a wheelchair. That's something that 1400 years ago, you couldn't imagine other said, cars in the car, you're essentially sitting on a chair and it takes you to the masjid. So it couldn't be but one of the beautiful things about the unseen is that it can always have more than one plausible explanation. All right.

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I'll give you an example of that.

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So nav sallallahu Sallam described,

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described a number of scouts that will go to verify certain information, I think we'll get to that later. But the point is that the Prophet London swears by Allah, that he knows their names and the names of their fathers and the colors of their horses.

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And there is also a mentioned and this towards the end of time, that they'll be on horses. And then we see a lot of descriptions of primitive weaponry. The problem says, a custom taenia Constantinople will be conquered without firing a single arrow. So people said Aha, he said arrow and then he mentioned that when you jujin judge come out that you started the answer the believers will use their man remind him

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that people will eat for many years use their their like Spears the wood from their spears, for fuel for fire to light fire in their homes to cook with. So okay, so they had Spears, arrows and Constantinople and horses, when we were when we're talking about the scouts. So they said that means something will happen and people will go back no more guns, you know, or airplanes or tanks, they'll go back to horses and spears and swords. Okay.

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Then they start to like, you know, just speculate here. One, or one one famous thing they say, okay, we're going to run out of oil. When we run out of oil, no more tanks, no more cars, no more planes. So what will happen you get back on a horse, and then forgetting about electric cars, you know, they're coming along way. Ask Tesla. The point is what? So they went straight from there's no gas to horse, but there's no gas hybrid, or electric car, hydrogen fuel cell, you know, there's some other things. Bicycles I'm gonna Annie Li live in friendswood, Texas, I'm going to just if we run out of gas, go buy a horse. I'll use the bicycle for a minute. You know. Anyways, the point is, so they

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said we run out of fuel, and then we people go back to that one, too. They said it could be something nuclear. And then it wipes out all technology blah, blah, blah. And then people go back to horses and, and knives again. Probably there's not a single gun laying around. And I'm sure in Texas, they'll be if even if the whole world dies, come to Texas, you will find guns and bullets. hamdulillah. Right. All right. Then they said maybe it's something like a solar flares solar flare from the from the sun. Huge one, it will knock out any technological or electronic device on Earth. Besides the fact that scientists said there's only a 10% chance of a solar flare doing anything like

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that. But it doesn't have to be a global catastrophe. The scholars mentioned very reasonable, very plausible explanations. One, they said that it could be that there are other weapons, no weapons and advanced technology and what have you, but the terrain allowed these men to be on horseback

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You can be a car and you can still be on horseback. There can be a tank, and you're still on horseback. One of the examples a scholar mentioned, he said, if you look at the war in Afghanistan, Gabon, when we say the war in Afghanistan, we mean the halaal, one against the Russians. We don't talk about the one.

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Just kidding. We don't talk about the one when bush you know, during his room, we don't know what that was. But it was halala when the Russians were

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you were fighting the Russians. They said if you watch footage of those battles, the Afghans were on horseback and they're fighting an enemy on helicopters on on tanks. Why? Because the terrain the landscape allowed them to be on horseback even on the enemies on on machinery. So they said that's another explanation. It doesn't have to be catastrophe. The world starts from zero and now of course some people probably thinking awa Coronavirus, kills everybody, then people start fresh, but start fresh with a gun in the air and started fresh with a knife even anyways.

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So that's that's one the other expression the scholars mentioned. They said, it could be that they had guns, and machine guns and bombs, and RPGs. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't make the lesson was not about the weaponry. The lesson was about what will happen. So the pro Selim skipped that part. And he spoke to them in a language that makes sense to them. And the reason I said him would tell him, not a single arrow was shocked. He would because they understand the arrows, he will not say not a single RPG was fired. And they will say, well, Carlo, Carlo woman RPG Ursula.

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Okay, anyways, get the point. What What is beautiful about it is that there isn't just one possible explanation. With the unseen, you will find more than one very plausible explanation. And that brings us to another very important rule. And that is, if you ever are listening to anybody, and they tell you for a fact, this thing that will happen in the future will take place right here. And he gives you latitude and longitude. And they give you the exact date and time red flag goes up immediately. Something is wrong when someone is telling you about the unseen, which is unknown, in perfect detail, no matter who that speaker is someone is telling you the future in detail and

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telling you this is the only explanation. Do not listen to that person. I've seen with my own eyes, I've seen a picture of the barrier of the Union judge that broke down. I mean, this guy had a picture of the barrier of the Union judge that will contain built and it was broken. He said yes. Yeah, Julian George broke, they came out eight years ago. And they're out. Like, okay, now here's the other, we have to follow the chronology, right? Because

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of the 10 major signs before the day of judgment. We know the last one for sure. And we know the first three or three, right? We know the first three in order, we know the last one. And then some are the ones in the middle. Even in the besonderheiten lam said whichever comes first. Even if you saw Selim didn't know which one comes before the other one. But the chronology the fact that we do know that when the magic emerges, the gel emerges, they fight a little bit than a salad salad comes down. And then he kills it that gel. And then before they could do anything, they get news that union majority have come out look at that order. And there is no dispute, disputing that order. Then

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somebody tells you, your jujin judge broke out and came out eight years ago.

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And it was probably 10 years ago now. So okay, what about all the things that happened before? So all that changes now, which means if Julian madrids came out, we're either hiding in the mountain with a salad salad right now, and we don't know it, or we are using jojen? We don't know. It just doesn't make any sense. You have to follow the chronology.

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So but I was on another point before what was I saying before I got to this I would finish at a point before I jumped to this other point too many points here. Anyways, the what? Yeah, what I was saying is that, so this guy, yeah, I was saying the red flag. Remember, I was saying it's a red flag. I'm just excited about this.

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About this material. We're saying a red flag is when someone tells you precisely and exactly, this is what's going to happen. So this guy had a picture of the barrier of your engine modules that broke down, and he'll tell you some certain things by date, this will happen about this time, or this moment. He can't know that and the minute somebody says, Oh, this is the only explanation. It cannot be the only explanation. It's the unseen and maybe it's not even something that's gonna happen during our lifetime. So you know, that's strike three, you're out. Okay.

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Next question.

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The next point is that some especially when people cannot understand a sign, they say it's figurative. It's not literal. It's figurative and this is just one of those

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things that are cue every time Oh, this is not secretive. It's not I mean it's not literal. It's just it's figure in a figure of speech. When you say that the agenda the agenda is not really a person that the job is a system that the job is a government that the job is what government what system pasilla mentioned his eyes, he mentioned his height he mentioned his hair salon Sela mentioned his hair he mentioned his shoulders his his body structure look you know a shoulder what they look like he mentioned you know his on his forehead has the words

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he mentioned that he you know will will kill a person he cannot enter Mecca and Medina. So how can you after all this told me this is a system this is a system this is not someone this actual or physical, and to have workflows and and are still good. Doesn't comes in Sharla they're not for those who are stuck with the abandon. We have about 15 minutes or so and then we'll stop.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, I'm about

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Okay, before I continue a special shout out to a rich Zaid and safe ID okay. seem to be the only three three kids in southeast Houston watching.

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Okay, so we're saying that, first of all, language is literal. Any language, it's literal, in most of English is literally one Muslim conversation. And most of instructions and directions are literal when I'm telling you actually for the bring that chair. I mean, bring me that chair. I don't mean by chair he means support, bring me the support. Nobody talks like that. Okay. So unless it's clearly very clearly from the language figurative than its literal, when, when an obese person speaks about the smoke, he's maintained.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Smoke. All right.

00:35:03--> 00:35:41

And that's the most popular explanation that if he meant smoke, when it's talking about a beast that will come out of the earth, some people said no, because they couldn't understand how a beast comes out of the earth. So they said, No, the beast, it's it's germs, germs that will come because the beast in the Hadith will mark people on their noses and the the face will be marked believer disbeliever. So they said it's a germ that comes and leave some kind of mark on the face by Allah subhanaw taala says 100, not 100 but the man or the limo speaks to them. When's the last time German spoke to you? or some kind of disease spoke to you? so

00:35:42--> 00:35:59

ever. Right? So. So it has to, it can't be just you take everything as being figurative that the jail is a system. It's a system of government, and so on and so forth. That's also there's no evidence for that. And the President describes

00:36:00--> 00:36:23

a man, a man, and he even says that, if no cotton he tells the companions the man have no cotton looks like him the most. So how can it be not a man at this point, or the barrier of your region majority is figurative, okay? You just want it to be figurative, but there's nothing figurative about everything is literal, read certain, everything is literal.

00:36:24--> 00:37:07

He said, Tony Zubrin Hadid. He said, Bring me He didn't say Howdy, zubaan Hadid which means the chunks of metal like this, or, or iron. And then he melted, overland rally etc, which is copper. And then the mixture of copper and steel, an iron was a known mixture, you know, for extra things and to last a long time. And then he's a column for who blow all this physical description. veinous said Dane, and the many clues there allows me to didn't say Bain and jobaline but Ben is sedang and all that to show you that it's physical. There was actual work that was done fire that was blown things that were melted. And then after all this is just figurative, it that's not how it works. And that's

00:37:07--> 00:37:16

why anyone who says oh, this is figurative that is figurative, doesn't really understand how the language works. Not just the Arabic language but how language works. All right.

00:37:19--> 00:37:20

Very good.

00:37:24--> 00:37:24

All right.

00:37:28--> 00:37:46

Allah subhanaw taala purposely gave us a lot of details in some places, and few details in other places. And he gave us as much detail as we need for example the MADI, Allah subhanaw taala gave us so much detail so that we can test put anyone to the test to see if they're the Maddie or not,

00:37:47--> 00:37:48


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Okay, another shout out. azeem Dixon is also watching so like for kids now who are watching Mashallah, shalom. This virus blows over, you get some kind of prize. Okay. Right now, I don't want to give any anything out, huh?

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All right. Good job.

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Where's Ayesha?

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That's it.

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All right. No. zayde.

00:38:24--> 00:38:59

Okay. Yeah, we're saying Allah Subhana. Allah gave us some details, or about certain signs like the mahadeo. We have so many details that if anyone says I'm the Maddie, I can open up the details and say okay, you don't have this. You don't have this. You don't have this. Sorry. You're not demanding? Because I need to know those details to be able to discern if this is the Mad you or not. I told you something interesting. After the MADI leads that fudger prayer, and he said, Listen, I'm trace behind him. There is not a single narration about the malady after that. Nothing. You know why? Because you don't need anything. You don't need to know anything about him after that. The

00:38:59--> 00:39:05

superstar is here. As Alice Ramsay, nobody cares about the media at that point. You know?

00:39:07--> 00:39:11

I can give him analogies yummy. So if I'm in the room, then Khalid walks in

00:39:12--> 00:39:15

Hamas, right? Anyways, the point is,

00:39:18--> 00:39:34

then certain signs Allah subhanaw taala purposely give us very little information, like the beast, very little information, or like how Allah subhanaw taala hid the location of your image because guess what would happen if we knew exactly where you're getting a huge word today?

00:39:35--> 00:39:52

What do you think would happen? We're gonna liberate these people, and we're gonna go and free them and bring them the internet, throw them an iPhone, come come to our great world. Leave them alone, because I know you anthropologist trying to free them and give them human rights stuff. They'll give you some rights.

00:39:53--> 00:39:55

Anyways, the point is,

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

you took your to take every text literally accepted.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Unless there's a reason to explain it otherwise, all right.

00:40:05--> 00:40:45

And that was going to say the companions when the pasilla mentioned the smoke. Some of them said the smoke happened because there was famine. Now, he watched this here, he said there was this intense famine in Mecca. And when the person would come out from the fatigue, he would, it would, it would everything would be hazy. And it would be as if there's smoke everywhere, but there wasn't smoke, but others believe the smoke is literal. Because the Hadith describes when the believer like inhales it or experiences the smoke, they will just get like the sniffles the runny nose, but the disbeliever will become bloated and their face will become black. So here, you see it's something

00:40:45--> 00:40:47

actual and literal. Anyways,

00:40:49--> 00:41:21

in order for something to in order for us to affirm that this is that sign it has to fit all the descriptions, I said this earlier with the example of the melody to tell me you're the melody, you have to fit all the descriptions, not just an occasional alpha or what do you call it, like an aquiline nose where the nose with a bridge and a protruding forehead and his name is Mohammed have not been as well. And he his lineage can be traced back to the prophet SAW a settler, bizarre enough there right now on earth people who have those descriptions. But is that enough? The man the also

00:41:23--> 00:41:56

the Hadith mentions that Allah you slit her Luffy Laila Allah rectifies him overnight, that means he's just a regular guy. Nobody knows who he is an overnight. He's the MADI, and everybody recognizes him as the MADI. And that's why people pledge to him. And that's why the President said if you hear of him, you, if you have to crawl over the snow, crawl over the snow and pledge to him. Now my friend in Florida that Maddie, this guy, he's been telling people, he's MIT for 15 years.

00:41:57--> 00:42:39

So I'm like, Okay, I'll also change that plan that he was immediately when everyone knows is MIT, everybody pledges to him. Just go home, leave a shower, uptown Florida, I'm in LA. There's another guy. There's a YouTube channel, there's a melody. This guy's from Pakistan. And he's, he has a YouTube channel, okay. And he uploads a video every week or whatever it is. I don't know if he's still going on this channel. But I used to see it's all an old do. But what's interesting is that all his videos are refuting his 15 year old cousin. Because his 15 year old cousin. This is a grown man. But his cousin who's 15 doesn't believe that he's a Maddie. So all his videos are refuting his

00:42:39--> 00:43:18

cousin. He's not talking to the oma, he's not. I think when the melody comes out, he's gonna have bigger issues than a 15 year old. The man is out he has a YouTube channel. And he doesn't help with all the calamities that are happening for them. He just has to convince a 15 year old that he is the man and there are others from all around the world, you know, all around the world. Anyways, you have to fit all the descriptions. One speaker once said that the gel is a television screen. Why? And bear with me I know I use this example a lot. He said that the gel is the TV screen because number one, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it enters into every home. So there is a TV screen in

00:43:18--> 00:43:19

every home.

00:43:20--> 00:43:27

So that's one, two, sometimes four, huh? We have a good point, sometimes three, four TVs in each home, too. He said

00:43:29--> 00:43:51

it's one night. And the TV screen is one. I see how I'm pushing it. It started here. It's not even an eye. And our means one eye works. The other doesn't work. So the TV is just one it's not like a broken one. They don't tell you a broken one with a good one. You put them next to each other. Right. Then the other thing is it says that

00:43:53--> 00:43:59

the other thing he said that the it's called the jail because he's lying. And what do you see on television?

00:44:00--> 00:44:14

Lies all the time. And we know and we know that so you know you see you watch the news. Oh, they're lying. You watch the commercial. They're lying. And I've said this before but I love it. When you watch the sandwich commercial.

00:44:15--> 00:44:59

everything falls on top of each other slow motion and spins and the lettuce is always sweaty. And the meat falls on the water spills good when you go by a kid someone just stepped on it. Did you make this with your foot? just stepped on it and something flattened that's the one in the picture. Yes sir. Okay, so he said this lying all the time. So did the gen is the TV screen? Yeah, and he never saw sanlam describes a man tells you the height and the hair and the forehead and which I and tells tells you he looks like if Nakata and then you told me it's a TV because the TV lies and the digitalize. The TV has one eye that TV is one screen and the TV is in every home that the gel enters

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

every home

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

Okay, but what about the other descriptions? We said that the gel in the Hadith mentioned pasilla mentioned, he cannot enter Mecca, or Medina. And that's why when you want to have an ombre, and you want your, your your room in the hotel, there was no TV because the gel can enter. No, there was a TV and the TV screens all over but Ken Medina doesn't make sense did the jump cuts a man in half, they still haven't made a TV that will cut the man in half. And if they make it, don't buy it when the guy says, and also it can also cut you in half. Okay, show me another model, please.

00:45:37--> 00:45:39

Anyways, has to fit all the descriptions

00:45:40--> 00:45:42

can just take half of them and say hello, here.

00:45:44--> 00:45:47

Oh, okay. Now,

00:45:50--> 00:45:51

the fact that

00:45:52--> 00:46:01

something is one of the the signs before the day of judgment, it doesn't make it a bad thing. So this actually happened to me in class, someone came to me.

00:46:02--> 00:46:45

And he said, I don't understand why those Arabs keep building skyscrapers. And this is one of the signs of whether they have judgment. Yeah. And what are you? Are you bringing the Dave judgment closer? Why do you keep building these structures? This is one of the signs. So why do they keep doing that? And of course, the answer is that it is not Tom. And the fact that it's one of the signs doesn't make it a bad thing. Not every sign before the day of judgment is a bad sign. And in a bizarre Sallam said before the day, towards the end of time, a believer will hardly see a dream except it comes true. Is that a good or bad thing? It's a very good thing. Believers, the dreams

00:46:45--> 00:47:09

will come true. So that's one of the signs and it's not a bad thing at all. Towards the the end, or the Arabs competing in the construction of tall buildings. It's just one of the signs. It's neither bad nor good. Building a making a building is bad. It's permissible. It's not bad nor good. Towards the end of time, there will be a lot more women than men.

00:47:12--> 00:47:19

Depends, is that good or bad? I think if you're single, you're thinking, Okay, that's good. And if you're married, you're like,

00:47:20--> 00:47:21

Okay, I'm just kidding.

00:47:22--> 00:47:25

Just kidding. Alright, anyways,

00:47:26--> 00:47:31

so so not everything is evil, because it's from the signs of the Day of Judgment, we got like four minutes.

00:47:34--> 00:47:39

What's interesting is that when

00:47:41--> 00:48:27

when an individual seller mentioned the sign, okay. We cannot link it to to something or a specific event that took place or we say that is this is it for sure. Unless we said it matches all the signs. And then the other thing is that I'll give you an example. Then maybe so someone mentioned a fire that will that will erupt in ages. And this actually did happen. It was a volcano that erupted and anyone who who's been to Medina read the Sierra, you know that the Medina is in a volcanic area. That's why they had the Hara, Hara, rot and Herat high bar which were areas of jagged, rough volcanic rock on the sides of the city, and that's why the President only dug 101 trench. Because

00:48:28--> 00:48:39

the Herat were protecting the sides. And then Benno corredor had a pact with the Brazilian, so they were protecting the back and now just one trench in the front. Anyways, the point is, we know is a volcanic area.

00:48:41--> 00:49:22

So the President mentioned the fire that will erupt in Hejaz, and it's it's flames will be seen as far as Basra, not al Basra because al Basra didn't exist at that time. But busara is a city in a sham. It's about 100 kilometers away. And literally when that fire broke out or the volcano erupted, people in Busan actually saw the flames. And they said it's flames will be reflected on the necks of camels in Busan. So if you're sitting at a campfire, you see your camel, the neck going a little bit, look what's going on, you look that way you see a fire, that was it. So and poets wrote about it, and people went and made this stuff far and Toba, and so on and so forth. So we know this event

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

took place. And despite that, even then some scholars say it could still happen another time. So and that's one of the things about the minus signs is that they'll be repeated more, some of them will be repeated more than once. Some of them intensify as time goes on. So inshallah, what we're going to do next time, we're going to look at the difference between the major and minor signs before the day of judgment. And we're going to look at some or at least a few just like two or three of the minor signs and then primarily focus on the major signs. But one of the minor signs I want to mention is is

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

three trials that occur and one of them is a trial that will not leave anyone on earth except that it will affect them either directly or indirectly. So could that be COVID-19? Who has had to Allah knows best? We'll look at it next time. solomo how much Samadhi Proctor lager Carter. Thank you again to Ayesha of Zim safe. Zaid, Zaid again and region everybody else who's watching online and the completely sold out and packed audience we have right here at clicks calamari Proctor loca.