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The title "Solatiere" in the Bible is used to describe the origins and significance of the title, as well as the importance of understanding the difference between teaching the Bible and building character. The segment also touches on the importance of having a strong connection with God and the church's teachings. The conversation then shifts to the topic of parenting and being a good parent, emphasizing the need for privacy and respect and the importance of healthy parenting. The speakers also discuss the need for privacy and respect in the workplace and acknowledge that everyone should be respected.

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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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Allah I took her to can Lehman Salah Tata a mean? runs what's called run back I guess Ilan was a big, big win

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Talladega him in Kona cola home a new home yuck Fu meldonium mama. tala de him in the moon. Rubbish. Silly Emily Washington Aqua melissani of cocoa leaf and 100 Allahu salatu wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He also created an abandoned second everyone's monokuma tonight on our cattle you normally don't find input on other than the story of Musa and a sadhus and Arlene Salaam, the precursors to the coming of a particular prophet is found in the story of Musa alayhis salaam, from his birth, the you know, an entire account of what happened for him to be saved. And in the case of recently Salaam, Alaska, which actually starts from his grandmother, then the birth of his mother,

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and then from his mother, to his uncle, and the miraculous birth given to his uncle, and then to himself, meaning his the birth of him, you know, from William Solomon, audiences are actually

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an incredible genealogy. Importantly mentioned for a solid Islam unlike any other property, you don't find this regular humanism. You don't find this facade of holism You don't even find this photo Sula. sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Right. The reason that's important is because, of course, a Saudi saddam is one of the most historically important figures on the planet. You know, the majority religion of the world, Allah knew was going to be Christianity. It's a it's a, it's a massive, massive following of rissani salaam, and it all goes back to who he's the son of who is the child of right, so for the Christian faith, he is the Son of God. And that had to be deconstructed Muslims

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were going to go all over the world and they were going to go deal with Christians, right? And so Allah azza wa jal spent a lot of time in the surah really outlining this most important part and I compare this to peninsula Eden, SoTL, Baqarah, sort of Baccarat talks about all kinds of history of the Israelites, from the coming of Mousavi Islam all the way through Jewish history. Like he highlights a lot of it except he doesn't highlight. these are these are on the last chapter of Jewish history that he didn't highlight. He highlighted that here. Why? Because and, and so many different chapters were important. But in Christian history, what happened after he saw the Psalm is

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not highlighted much at all. Because it's been a while it's been six centuries, but not much of that has been mentioned, because the only the most important thing that needs to be mentioned is the truth about a Saturday. So um, he is in fact, one of the most famous but also the most mysterious figures in history. There's so much debate about what really happened with him who he really is, what his identity is, you know, there were early, early debates about whether he's an angel, whether he's a human being, whether he's, you know, even early Jews that except some Jews accepted Him and accepted him as a, you know, there's even some groups like that around today, Jews for Jesus and

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that kind of thing, you know, so there's all kinds of debates surrounding him, which is why you would think for a moment when you're going through these if we're going through these sessions, why is there so much emphasis the build up to the birth of a Saudi, so it's important, because this is actually really relevant for those that have a love for a sunny salon. And just think about how much of a what what big of a deal it is, every year, when Christmas season rolls around? How many people are in the zone of the birth of Jesus, and are thinking about that carols are being sung. And it's not just in the West, it's all over the world. It's really all over the world. And those are

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opportunities for us to share what we believe about the Saudis now, like my plan this year is when these dudes are over. I'm going to actually just take these loose on the way out of the service and just released them on YouTube every year, we released them in Christmas season. Just

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because we need to know and we need to share and maybe somebody else will hear you know, because Alaska honors recently said I'm in this profound way. And it's a very loving way of inviting people. A lot will also highlight you notice that in in other Emraan ullas anger was there towards buttons sorry. And was that I gave you preference over all other nations suddenly for both to come. alameen right. And then for about a lot of women

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They drew upon themselves the anger of Allah. And there was this threatening language, actually, by the end towards the Israelites that have abandoned Islam and Sufi hand up. So they abandoned the legacy of Ibrahim alayhi salam, and who could do so except someone fooling himself. So this is harsh language towards the Israelites, they're here to certain priests that came to visit the Prophet size. And I'm briefly there's harsh language, briefly. But for the most part, actually, even the Muslims are going to be taught, you know, among them, though, there are those who you can trust, they still recite the ayat of Allah, they're also good people, like a level actually soften us

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towards the Christian people. And by extension, some of the larger, unfamiliar Jewish population, but majority here the column, the discourses with the Christian people, allows it, which actually makes us appreciate them, and actually build softer relations with them. So in the in the form of data being given to them. And also in the relations we're supposed to have with them. There's a softness here, that wasn't there in the previous sorta, okay. And this is actually, interestingly, the difference between approach to those who do something wrong after knowing, and those who do something wrong without knowing,

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like your own kids, if your kids knew that they're not supposed to do this, and they're doing it anyway, then you're angry. But if one of the kids made a mistake, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to drink that. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to touch that. Even though they made a mistake, you're not going to be angry with them. This is actually the distinction in the fatty half on Malibu Valley him and abandoning Notre Dame, someone you're angry with. And nobody, someone's just confused. Someone just got lost and someone you've just got lost, you can't be too angry with them, you have to take a softer approach with them and bring them back. And that's really what allows zodat has

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done now. This, what we're coming to now is an idea about you know, zaccaria and Islam asking a lot for a sign. But before we do, there are two things that I wanted to make note of that I didn't get make note of in the previous IOD. One thing I wanted to remind myself of, is when you know, Zachary Ali Salaam used to come into the room of mme and he saw food that doesn't belong there fruit from out of season, and he was inspired. And he asked for children. One of the one of the lessons from that is, you know, this

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is what you need for your sustenance, like I need food, I need clothes, I need protection, I need a roof over my head, this is my risk. This is what she's being provided she's being provided food, which other and the hardest part. And when you see someone getting this, you want this for yourself, you ask Allah provide me also. But notice, he didn't ask for something that actually he will see. He's already very old, he's going to die soon. He sees that is that she's getting in her life. But he's asking for a kind of risk that lives beyond his life, literally a 10 play button, and the remaining children and even their children and their children like future offspring, in NASA

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miandad. We're learning here that, you know, it's a really powerful sign of faith of Eman, that when you see someone having something good in this life, that it reminds you that I just don't want something good in this life. I just don't want to do Nia Hashanah. I want also availability, Hashanah. Why? Because children that are going to do good after you die. They're actually providing you this not for your body, not for your physical body. But they're providing you this for your next life. That resurrection that's going to come they're becoming a continuous charity for you. And that's what he wants. This is the sustenance he's interested in. He's not interested, yeah, like,

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give me food that she gets food, give me a list, but he gets this, he's interested in something more. And you know, what's an old man going to do with a child. It's not like the child's going to help him in the business or do something worldly, but he has no worldly aspirations. The only thing he wants is that allows name should carry forward, the service of lsdm should care. That's the only reason he wants a child. And so to him, that is a kind of risk. And so that changes our view of how we see what we should ask of our children. You know, some of our kids are going to be, you know, engineers, some of them will be doctors, some of them will be teachers, some of them will, they'll

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go into different careers, they'll have their own skills and aptitude and they'll go in different directions. But one thing we should ask of all of them from Allah, is that they become good children, that they do good. It doesn't matter if they're not imams or scholars or who father for is that it's okay. Not all of them are going to be that. And that's our loved ones either. That's not necessarily the case. You don't say this child, I'm giving to Dean, the other kids donia there's no such thing. There is no such thing. All of our children are children that are supposed to be in the service of Dean and that doesn't take their their career paths and their success in business, their

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success in studies, their success in medicine or whatever else that doesn't take away from their success in their Deen. They still need to be the real labor. This distinction unfortunately, we've we've taught it to our children, to the point where we start thinking you know when I my kids are going to

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To the university, they're studying worldly things. And I wish they were they were they were serving Dean also no going to university is also a service to Dean. That's not just a service to dunya. If you have the right mindset, if you're inspired by revelation, and that's what really we need to give our children that's what makes them so reattempt Ava, okay. Look at you know, I'm always I always go back to, you know, Yusuf Alayhi, salam, and musante Muslim because it's important, these are heroes, right, and they did not spend most of their life studying revelation.

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I just think of it from one point of view, Yusuf Ali Salaam spent his youth as a servant. And then he said, spent his youth in jail.

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And he's an incredible hero to us, we learn from him, but he never sat there studying Talat, or he wasn't even given yet. He never sat there learning the teachings of Abraham, he had a little bit of an education of Islam from his father, before he was separated. And all this time, he's what we wish our children were, what we've done is we feel if our children know more about Islam, then there'll be good children, then automatically if we remember, if we have our kids memorize the Quran, they'll be good kids. If we have our children study, you know, take this class, this class, so put them in Islamic school, get them, make sure they go through these these these textbooks, they will be good

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children, I'm not undermining the value of Islamic knowledge. But understand knowledge and character are two worlds apart. They're two completely different things. There are kids that have no knowledge whatsoever, and they can be the real labor. And they can be kids that have incredible amounts of knowledge, and they are not like you but they're not as a scary thing. But what we what we've done, unfortunately is a kid has memorized the Quran in our culture, a child put through madrasa to do health. They've memorized the Quran, they've read a couple of records internally that said, these are an agenda. They're not this is not what makes you rabbis new norat then they had a lot of realm

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that that would that didn't make them good. Exactly. Elisa was making draft for a good child while he was surrounded by people that study the religion in the sanctuary. In the physical body, I mean, what are people of religion, I am, Allah that were around him, and he was afraid of them, because he didn't see goodness in them. And so our definition of goodness needs to be broader. And we need to understand that there's a difference between teaching the knowledge of religion and actually building character that the religion wants and that character is far more important than the knowledge and the knowledge is only there to when the character is about to fail. That knowledge

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comes in helps again, like you know, use of holidays around when the time of temptation came Lola about hanabi. The what he learned about Dean kicked in at that moment, but and then he's able to make good decisions again, and good decisions again. So that's one thing that I thought it was important to highlight in the door of sectarianism. The other thing is at the end when I look you know, congratulated him that he's going to have a Sunday um, yeah. The last description he gave was when IBM in Australia when a profit from among the righteous, which seems counterintuitive, because a lot as our journal has given us a four category list of amazing people. The top is under being,

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then he says, a silly thing. Then he says the Shahada then he says masala hain and what does that mean in English? He says, The Prophet you know what we like to live in and I'm, Allahu Allah, him. Those are the people that Allah has blessed men, and they've been prophets at the top, a salute in those who accept the prophets and tell the people that they're actually prophets likeable, because these are significant. I show her that people that are willing to die in their loyalty to profits go into battle and die, a Shahada and then finally, a solid ain't good people. four categories at the bottom is what good people in general, right and the the beat and said the thing you could say still

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possibly say the door of Nevada is closed. Somebody who accepts that truth wholeheartedly can still be acidic. Somebody who dies because they're holding on to their faith can also be a Shaheed today, and generally people who live a good life and stay away from prohibitions can still be a solid thing. So those doors are still open. But here it's like Allah said, I want to be in that Dr. Islam is going to be a prophet, which is ranked number one and then he said middle Salah him from Oman a Sunday which is ranked number four, it's at the bottom so how is it that both of those things have been put together in the middle and via properly profit from a one profits? But now via manansala

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hain seems counterintuitive. Here you have to appreciate the use of the word mean in the Arabic language. The word mean which means from also means on the side of belonging to the group or siding with so for example, in the story of Busan Islam had I mean she it hahaha I mean either way, this one is from the side of his group. This one is on the enemy side. But when I come in home, Quran says then

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are on their side they belong yummy McNamara home, there with them. They belong with them. They have association with them from Antalya hufa, who many alternative a nominee whoever follows me he is on my side. That's one of the meanings of meaning. here when the word mean is used, it's actually saying that he's a prophet. One of the meanings is he's a prophet who will side with good people who is going to be on the side of good people. Why is that important? Because when you hear a Salaam is going to grow up, he's going to grow up alongside any salesianum. And recently, salam, O, Allah has taught him durrett. So now there are two dots, the Torah that is taught at Salah Salem, and the

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Torah that the rabbis have the one that has changes in it. There's two books, two versions of the same book, and they're both claiming who I mean and Allah, this is from Allah. Obviously, that's creating a tension in that society. He's calling them out saying that's not what Allah said. This is what he said.

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And now those those are also religious leaders. They also have a group around them. They're also calling people to join them. And yet, they said I was doing down here, okay. Okay, I saw this. I was doing Dawa. He's calling people to them. Yeah, they said, I'm siding with Assad Islam and the people and everybody who joins them. The other group is saying don't join them. They're deviant. They're a cult. They don't know what they're talking about. They don't even have a jazza When did they become a llama? Why should you follow them? This be beware of them. So they're actually there. There are two groups that are both claiming to be Muslim in the same society, and they're pulled towards two

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different directions. And Allah azza wa jal then describes in a very subtle way, that those who are going to be on the side of

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Islam, he is going to side with those that are good. Because you know, for someone who doesn't know much, and he's just watching this, I trust these religious leaders, and he's saying they're all wrong. What am I supposed to do? Which way am I supposed to go? Allah so we have kind of gave him his verdict, that his vote goes with whoever yeah goes with when IBM in Australia when you understand so he's gonna side with those that are good, meaning the followers of Islam are not outlaws. They're not criminals. They're not bad people. They're actually the only good people. You know, this is important also, because the original right now Christianity, I mentioned majority

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religion in the world, but at the time, very, very few people believe the messenger inside a salon, and they were actually considered outlaws and criminals, which is why when the attempt to kill Jesus was done, then they were scattered, they couldn't even stay together because they were looking for them, they were actually considered rebels. And so those people are called asylee hain when we administer it, that's a very powerful beautiful thing that allows the region highlighted the way that the career and the mission of the salon alongside each artist is going to go so anyway, so those are the two things that were outstanding in my mind about about the BIA medicine one more

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thing came to mind household I told you to stay away from marriage, like one of his qualities is that he's never going to get married and stay celibate, etc. How soon also if you look at the Bible, there's another thing the Bible even mentions he'll ever have any drink.

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He'll never have anything, any wine or anything like that, even though we believe that wine was already prohibited. And but they had made you know, they had so many things that were haram they had made halaal on themselves, but he will never come even close to it. And he actually resigned a salon never drank either. You know, and this is this is important because they in their in their changed books. They attributed drinking to profits, which we would never do, but they did. Okay. So now let's come to the iCarly, Carla Ramage, Alia. He said Master, my master,

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Zachary Allison said, Give me a sign. That's really interesting. So far, something I didn't highlight in all of these stories. Did Allah speak to him or the angel speak to him?

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The angel spoke to the angel spoke to, you know, to Zachary Ali Salaam and talk to him directly, and give him the news. And he doesn't talk to the angel.

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He doesn't talk to the angel. He says my master, give me a sign, or bijaya.

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Why? Because the profits are clear. Well, even when the angels come,

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Allah speaking, I don't have to talk to you. And then you go back and tell Allah, Allah is hearing all the time in Mecca. semirara da, you hear everything. So just because I'm hearing from you through an angel, doesn't mean you need to hear from me through an angel. You hear from me directly. He doesn't say to the NGO, Hey, could you go back and tell Allah, I need to sign he talks to Allah as if Allah His presence is there like the angel does not remove the Presence of Allah. This was also important for the Christians to learn what in so many denominations of Christians do. They placed angels between themselves and God, they call on saints and they call on angels. And they have

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amulets of angels and they call on those angels then the angels will protect

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Then the angels will be empowered by God and they will the angels will protect them zecharia de Salaam is in the presence, physical presence of angels and he still turns to Allah, my master, give me a sign a jolly Ayah

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he doesn't even tell the angels Hey, did my master give you a sign to give me? No, it's not up to you. That's from Allah. And when Allah wants to give me a sign, he will deliver that sign to you. Maybe he'll tell you tell me through you but I don't need to talk to you I need to talk to Allah. So profound, profound connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. So don't be jolly i a master furnish a sign for me Giada and lamb is to furnish and to provide. So please, for me, but also furnished for me, provide me a sign. I uh, Allah said your miracle, your miraculous sign is going to be allowed to collimate NASA tell me that you are not going to be talking to people for three days, you will not

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engage people in conversation for three days. It alonza except by slow gestures signs around rhombuses Actually, I'll get into the language of it later. For now it's okay to say slow gestures or gentle signs. Three days you won't be able to speak to people. Some people interpreted this to mean for three days he was supposed to fast and the ancient fast used to be not only I'm not gonna drink and eat like we're doing in Ramadan, but actually not speak either. Like fasting used to include not speaking. Okay.

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But actually, if this was just a fast meaning voluntarily, you know, Dhawan. Let me attack a llama he didn't talk. Then how's that a miracle?

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That it says ayah says it's a miracle. Actually, the sign was that Allah took his ability to talk to people away.

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Allah took away his he couldn't speak to people even if you wanted to, which is why it's not a lot to tell them. You won't speak for three days. It's you won't speak to people for three days. Notice what's going to happen after that. You won't speak to people for three days except by gesture sign motion. You remember when I said he's gonna, he's gonna say my child's name is gonna be Yeah, how did he say? He just wrote it down? He didn't say it. Right. And even in the biblical record, he just wrote it down. But notice what he says after that, let's go to Rebecca Thielen remember your rob a lot do a lot of thicker liquor is in the heart. But thicker in Arabic also means to mention

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something meaning saying Alhamdulillah saying Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar, saying La ilaha illa Allah, this is also thicker on the tongue. Okay. But how could it be? There's a contradiction. He says, Don't talk and do the good. Well, if I can't talk, how am I doing Vicar. And then he says what's up, Bella Shiva lipca Judas be declared as perfection in the evening and in the morning times. But when the morning arrives? Well, that's because Allah said don't talk to people, but keep talking to Allah. So every time he will try to do thicker, it would be fine. His time would work. Every time you will remember Allah, he can do it. Every time he tries to talk to people, he can't talk. This is

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a this is a sign from Allah. You see. And so Allah azza wa jal told him, this is the miracle that you've been given. Now, some have

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interpreted this in different ways, three days, because in the next three days, she's going to become pregnant. And until that time, I don't want you to speak to anybody and others have added other sort of extrapolations. I didn't find them very convincing. So I'm not mentioning those extrapolations. You're you, you're welcome to read them. Those of you that are interested in colonic studies, he actually mentioned some of them. It's okay. I'm going to skip over that, because it's not really very, I didn't find it very compelling. Allahu Tada, Adam. And I just one thing I tried to do in my explanations here with you, if I find something compelling, I shared with you, if I

00:23:41--> 00:24:15

don't find it as compelling, I might tell you, you can find it, even though I won't spend time on it. Okay, or I might be just passing reference to it. And some of those things I didn't find appropriate to say about profits personally, so I won't share it. Anyway. So he says, you know, give me a sign. And Allah says, you're not going to be able to speak to people for three days. Now, this is something that the Christians knew. The story is something that Christians do. And I want you to know what the Christians do Muslims, mostly, we don't know what the Bible says, and I don't read something from the Bible so that you say, Oh, that's when God said, No, no, I want you to know, how

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are the Christians thinking about this? And how to change their thinking. So I'm going to read something to you from the Gospel of Luke, about this story, the same story that we're reading in the Quran. Now, I'm going to tell you something that happens in the Bible. When he was serving as a priest before God, he's talking about zecharia Zachariah, they call him right. When he was serving as a priest before God in His section was on duty he was chosen by lot, lot meaning he was chosen by a lottery system, a caste according to the custom of the priesthood, to enter the sanctuary of the Lord and offer incense. Now at the time of the incense offering, the whole assembly of the people

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was praying outside. Then there appeared to him an angel of the Lord standing at the right side of the altar of incense. When Zechariah saw him he was terrified and felt over and fear overwhelmed.

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

him, but the angel said to him, Do not be afraid. Zechariah for your prayer prayer has been heard your wife Elizabeth will bear a son. And you will name him john. What is called on call him?

00:25:10--> 00:25:48

Yeah, yeah, okay. You will have joy and gladness and many will rejoice at his birth, for he will be great in the sight of the Lord, he must never drink wine or strong drink, even before his birth, he will, he will be filled with the Holy Spirit, He will turn many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God, with the spirit and power of Elijah, he will go before him to turn the hearts of parents to their children, to the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous, to make ready are people prepared for the Lord Zechariah to the angel, how will I know that this is so for I am an old man my wife is getting on in years, the angel replied, I am Gabriel, I stand in the presence of God and I

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have been sent to speak to you and to bring you this good news. But now because you did not believe my words, which will be fulfilled in their time, you will become mute, unable to speak until these things occur. In other words, seems to be he's being punished for questioning a lot. He can speak because he question debri lollies OMG visa, excuse me, um, gibreel a lot talks to me directly. How dare you question that now you can't speak?

00:26:15--> 00:26:19

Is that the story in the Quran? No, no, Quran says he was overjoyed.

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And he said, Yeah, Rob, give me a sign.

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That is amazing news is being I want to have, you know, like, when when there's there's winds, people that are very aware of the weather, they can just go outside, feel the breeze and say, Oh, it's gonna rain today.

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I can just do that. Now, like, give me some early relief, that this is coming. He's not saying this because he doesn't believe also, it's like this legacy of Ibrahim Ali. So now what I can do

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is how do you bring life to the dead? He knows Allah does it. Allah says do you don't believe? He said no, just to just to make my heart feel at ease. And he gave him the story of the birds, right? So it's like, the sun is out of joy asking for a sign. Yeah, like, give me a sign. And he's not just saying, Give me a sign. So you can prove that this is actually happening. Yeah, like, give me a sign when this is coming. I don't know if this is happening this month, in a year from now, tomorrow. When is this going to happen? Well, the moment you stop being able to speak, you know, it's coming. That's actually that's how you will know that this is actually on its way. And so when you when that

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hits, you don't think you've got some kind of disability, you should know allows good news is around the corner. That allows good news that this this child is going to be born is around the corner. This is how you will know that the conception will happen of the child. Meanwhile, the people were waiting for exactly this is Bible again. Meanwhile, the people, the people were waiting for Zechariah and wondered at his delay in the sanctuary. When he did come out he could not speak to them. And they realized that he had seen a vision in the sanctuary. He kept motioning to them and remained unable to speak with his time of service was when his time of service was ended. He went to

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his home after this. After those days his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months she remained in seclusion. She said this is what the Lord had done for me when he looked favorably on me and took away the disgrace that I have endured among my people, meaning she couldn't have a child and that was considered as a disgrace. According to the Bible, in the Quran, Allah never mentioned that not having a child is a disgrace.

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Allah doesn't he doesn't ever say that. You know, I need kind of temporality. Arkadin is not a it's not a, you know, humiliating thing. And it's not like, you know, in some cultures, if a woman can't have a child and you just say, you know what, I can't be married to your little one, because you can have a child, I'm letting you go. Ibrahim alayhis salaam old age and his wife is the one who can't have a child still with him. You know, and she even said, you know, this, this husband of mine old man. And I look at my age and I'm awkward. I can't even bear a child and they're still stayed married. Right? So this wasn't something to look down upon. At least in the in the narrative of the

00:28:53--> 00:29:00

Quran. It's not something to look down, down upon. So now hold on a bit on the ayah Allah I

00:29:01--> 00:29:23

took a luminous salata am alarmed that you won't speak to people for three days except by way of motion alarms in Arabic. Like for example, Rama, Nakata, Ramiz Latika to Tim Shipman secretly have a seminar it's when someone animal almost can't move like when they make slow gestures. So he'll his body will be extra relaxed and he'll make very slow gestures when he speaks.

00:29:26--> 00:29:51

I'll skip what Mr. Xu said about this. But we'll go back to continue to what's called Rebecca Catherine remember your your rob a lot was some big bill he will leave car and declare last perfection night and day. Remembering a lot a lot and declaring his perfection is an important lesson here for the giving of children. Children will never be perfect only allies perfect.

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

Children will never be our you know something we deserve. It's a gift from Allah or Rob gives our uptakes away when he decides to give when he gets out

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

To take away is up to him. Yeah, he is a salon did not live to see an older age, he died pretty young. He died actually, soon before the Sally salon was taken up.

00:30:11--> 00:30:46

Right. So how long are children will live and what role they will play that comes from their club. And that's why the word rub will be repeated a lot. As opposed to Allah, the word rub will come up a lot here, because Allah is not just mentioned as the only one or the one that's to be worshipped. It's the one that has the ultimate authority over you. That's where the word rub is about ultimate authority. You have no say he has every say, you have no power. He has every power. That's when that word is used over and over again. So it's a bit mushy. Well, you've got another story quickly switches. His story is dealt with, he's gonna have his three days of silence. In the meantime, back

00:30:46--> 00:30:56

in the corners of mediums laminata in hermit crab is called a tilma echo when the angel said Jamar him. Now Maria, who only gets visited by who?

00:30:57--> 00:31:09

Zakaria the only one who ever visits her. Right? He's the one that's her coffee. That's her caretaker. That's That's why he's shocked Where did the food come from? All of a sudden not food, but it's actually a group of angels that have come

00:31:10--> 00:31:19

and the angels spoke to her but in Surah Maryam Allah describes that actually, even though a legion of angels came, one actually walked in.

00:31:20--> 00:32:00

And the one walked in was GB Ali Salaam Fatima Salah, La Habra, Sharon Surya. He looked to her like a man and upright man. So he looks to her like a man she doesn't know that's an angel. Some strange guy has walked into her room, and she was terrified. What what intention could you possibly have? If we accept the Bible's account, and I don't see a reason not to accept that she's just 16 years old. She's just a teenage girl. And some guys, just some, you know, strong man has just walked into her room and she's terrified. Anyway, now that part of the story where she was calmed down is not mentioned. Now it's as though Allah has skipped that part. And he's talking to us about when she's

00:32:00--> 00:32:36

actually at ease. And what is it? What are the angels then say to her, and he, it's, it seems, if you accept literally the story from the Quran, that gibril Ali Salaam calmed her down, but then she noticed other angels are there too. And they all then spoke to her and said to her, in a lot of stuff, archy no doubt about it. It is a lot in fact that has chosen you. All this time you were chosen, you were chosen to be the one that Allah you know, makes into a female in the womb of your mother, when your mother had made a law chose that. When you were born, Allah chose that you should be the one being taken care of by a prophet named zecharia. A lot chose that you should be allowed

00:32:36--> 00:33:05

the honor that no other woman has been allowed that you're going to be raised inside the sanctuary, a lot chose that you didn't choose that for yourself. The priesthood of the time the Imams of that time didn't choose that Allah is the one who chose you like this. He is different from software, he chose you because how pure you are. Each one is a pure choice that he's made. He decided why you should be chosen in Allah has Tofurky water hierarchy and he's cleansed you he's purified you This is a special thought here from Allah, like Allah has

00:33:07--> 00:33:39

removed all imperfection and purification from her spirit in a spiritual sense. He's It could also mean the same thing that that his mother mentioned her mother mentioned another mother was to cut her off from all other worldly concerns. It says more or less saying he has purified you physically and also spiritually from every other concern. You've only been in the remembrance of Allah all this time without hierarchy. And it says though, her upbringing up until now, from from from being a baby up until now, she's remained completely pure. And Allah has made sure that she stays that way what the hierarchy

00:33:40--> 00:33:43

also, this is the Qurans way of saying that she did not get married,

00:33:44--> 00:34:13

that Allah has kept you pure, because you know, in the in the the Bible's version, she was handed off to Joseph. And we don't know what happened and in one version that he never touched her whatever, but there are other accounts. And so we have here what the Hauraki Alliance captured pure and Allah and physically also appeared because the skia the spiritual purity, that he'll fahara his physical purity also. Okay, so it's your physical, you've been kept pure and uncontaminated completely.

00:34:14--> 00:34:18

Now, again, was the hockey and he has chosen you.

00:34:19--> 00:34:59

And he chosen you again. So there's the same exact word twice. It's tough hockey, but the hockey was tough hockey, why? The first choice was up until now you are different than everybody else. Up until this age, you are especially chosen among all from here on there's another choice that's being made of you that sets you apart from all women in on Earth was the fact he identified in either mean he has singled you out and chosen you over for a certain mission that no other woman will ever be given. You will give birth the virgin you will give birth without a man and you will give birth to Lisa and his son

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Like you are chosen in a way that no other woman has ever been chosen. This isn't necessarily saying you are the greatest women woman of all time, you have to understand that this is actually saying that you know that and that word, by the way is footballer, like football knocking on an island mean, we gave you preference we gave you rank over everybody else. When you're making a choice over everybody else for this particular task, you have been chosen for this pure, beautiful task like no other women of all of the nations of the world have ever been chosen, and of course, what she did nobody's ever been given. So what's the hotkey identify a lien? So there's two degrees of choice and

00:35:40--> 00:35:41

because of these two

00:35:42--> 00:36:23

different sets of choice, it led even hasm Rahim Allah and even are sure after him and others after him to have a certain opinion about that, and I want to share that with you. I personally am more inclined towards this opinion, even though I'm not 100% sure, but I do find myself inclined towards this opinion. I'll share with you what the Corolla is perfectly Anil is a world that he repeated the word estafa because the first time he used it, it was for her personal upbringing. Without further ado harmonica has a key with tiny B magnet of lead and Elaine, the first one because she's pure in character the second because Allah has given her a preference or a choice a rank above others for

00:36:23--> 00:36:57

the valley, Colombia. A llama tonic word, the son is a lemon, which is why the first one I didn't say he chose you over. He didn't mention the word over the first time. But he did mention it the second time. Well, Melissa was Amani, her only son who saw it as Mina. It could be that the women of her time or the women of all times what the kleemann Mullah ekati will testify listen to this, but this is the opinion now and angels coming and speaking to her. And the special choice of her being made in this way you do learning I don't know boo at her, indicate that she was actually given Prophethood

00:36:59--> 00:37:11

that she was actually considered a prophet. And then he says when the will to the cooloola nessa do not miss Allah, that Prophethood as opposed to being a messenger, there's a difference between prophet and messenger that Prophethood can be given to women.

00:37:12--> 00:37:53

And I mean, what is it that makes somebody a prophet? Allah speaks to them through an angel directly and gives them revelation. Could you argue that this is the case here? Absolutely. Even has them argue that Rahim Allah even assura him online at the Hollywood and we argued that you know, in other places in the Quran and SoTL Haji Allah says Allah huya stuffie minalima ekati roussillon wamena Allah says, Allah chooses messengers from the angels and from among the people, but the word is defy is used for Russell justifies us from BIA, same word is used. So the fact that Allah uses the word istighfar, and Allah is the one who has chosen you. It's, by the way, the same way that a lot talked

00:37:53--> 00:38:18

about by loot, in Baqarah. In a lot of stuff, ah hoo Alaykum Allah has Allah is the one that has chosen him over you. And he was given the wall. So he was made a profit also. So for those reasons, you know, some other might have considered that Miriam Solomon had he had did receive the rank of prophethood, because of this row, and this changes things, because then there are things said about her in the Bible, that are inappropriate.

00:38:19--> 00:38:36

And she's not spoken in the highest terms in some, some places. And we reject all of those places outright because of this rank. And even if it wasn't the case, we'd rejected anyway, actually, you know, now you're Maria makuti Leon Viki, was she the worker, Mr. avakian. Marian,

00:38:37--> 00:39:17

soft and yourself before your club. You know, I described Qunu tuba before Olympiad when someone completely become submissive before someone else if they were about to initiate another Howerton with the makina de la Kahala seca. And that Eliezer woman Hallmark will be the one you know, when you have the leather pouch that holds water in it, and it keeps watering it for a really long time. And then the inside of it starts getting soft because of the water that's being contained in it. That's actually called pollute. And so when the lessons will not be softer yourself before your rub, keep your heart soft. You know what this also means you're going to have Allah hasn't even said

00:39:17--> 00:39:34

you're going to have a child yet. That hasn't come up yet. All that's been said is you've been chosen, you've been chosen. And you're you've been purified like nobody else. And so now like our social ads, through the angels, Merriam be completely submissive and soft towards your hub.

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

Also means have to accept whatever Allah tells you to do, comfortably. It's gonna, it's not gonna be easy. And by the way, that the command that she's going to be given and the mission that she's going to be given is a really hard one. And it's going to need for her to keep, like a good opinion of a law and a submission to a law that's going to be hard to hold on to because sometimes obeying a lie in difficult circumstances becomes

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Very difficult. You know the heart is going one way your feelings are going one way, obedience to Allah is going the other way. So the more important thing she's going to need is, quote, a submissiveness to Allah, that even when things get bad, you just let go. The situation's out of my control, it's in Allah's hands, I have old, I'm obeying Him, so I'm fine. He'll take care of it. That letting go is a really, really hard thing to do. You know, and it's almost if I give you a visual image, it's like you're out at sea, and you're just floating. And you're letting the waves take you wherever they want to take you. You know, and that's that just giving yourself up to the

00:40:36--> 00:40:49

waves is a you give yourself up to a line complete submission. I am at your command wherever you decide to take me. Okay. I've done that. It doesn't work out well. So some wave comes in, you know?

00:40:50--> 00:40:55

So, yeah, Maria Makati. Lila Becky was Judy, what can I make such that

00:40:56--> 00:40:58

makes sense that make ruku

00:40:59--> 00:41:36

Put your head prostrate your head on the ground and make room for now. That's not the order of prayer. We don't do such that first. We do go first. And then we do such that. So it's the other order but here strangely, he says what's God? What a guy Moroccan in a few years ago, I was doing research on Jesuit Christians and some branches of Christianity because you know, the Jews don't have such die anymore. Right? I talked to a rabbi about that they lament the loss of the prostration they do it once a year the most orthodox of them do once a year. Right That's what he told me I didn't make this up. He told me himself. Right So how's it Wow, that's really sad because Rahim Ali

00:41:36--> 00:42:15

Salam like if there's one thing we learn is a hell of a deal. But if he will archeologica soon you will the people have such that when people have a Rahim Allah, how could you lose such that? You know, by the way, at least they had recurrent left, right? And so what does Allah do when he invites the Israelites This is what Cairo Moroccan make record with those who make record meaning at least you still have Roku but a real record is being done by the prophet size of them and and his followers, he is being told she is being told or co noted Arabic He will surely make such that. Now such that if you if you notice in the Quran, where it says dimensioned such as mentioned when

00:42:15--> 00:42:17

something overwhelming happens.

00:42:18--> 00:42:56

So is that as mentioned when something happens that is just it can only be from Allah and you are overpowered by Allah as if your knees buckled, you collapsed and you can't even stand anymore. You're so overpowered by less power, and you just bow your head into the ground and humility to God. This is what the angels This is what the magician's did when they saw Moses stick turned into a snake. They couldn't handle it they fell opia Sahara to sardine when you subs brother saw that this is our brother, the one we throw in a well and he is now feeding us he's in charge of us What happened to them? They fell into Santa Rosa Jaden. When you know Christians came to meet another

00:42:57--> 00:43:04

another time Christians came to meet the prophets I seldom heard the speech of Allah heard the word of Allah and guess what happened to them. You heard Runa lil Afghani Sudan.

00:43:06--> 00:43:34

They fell on their faces in such that every time something overwhelming happens, something overpowering happens then such that is called for. She's given this incredible honor and by the way, such that means that I am in awe of Allah, I am humbled by Allah, I feel overpowered by Allah. And I also feel incredibly grateful to Allah. So today's also says that of sugar. And so here, when he says was God, this is a very powerful moment, you need to be inside that

00:43:36--> 00:44:04

and also means out of gratitude to fall into such them. What should he what garima bracket mean, and then he says and make Roku along with those who make Roku bow along with those who bow in other words, still join the congregational prayer she's in the restaurant after all right? And so in a very subtle way even though you've been given this rank, that doesn't absolve you from the regular responsibilities that a Muslim has you know sometimes in in

00:44:05--> 00:44:15

certain spiritual law you know, leanings, people say that I have a personal connection with the law. And it's so powerful that I don't need to pray with everybody else.

00:44:16--> 00:44:53

Because you know, when I'm by myself doing the kind of alone this close to Allah, but when I joined the, you know, when I joined the prayer with everybody else, I feel it's more formal. It's everybody else's on that connection, that personal connection isn't there for me. Sure, you're more special than then, Islam's own teachings. You know, there was a famous mystic that used to say when he would remember he would sit there in the corner and just remembering a lot and when the van would be called, he would say I was in you know how you have the king has a palace, and then you have the inner You know, you're in the throne. You're right by the throne of the king. And then there's the

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

courtyard outside. And when the land would be called, he would say, Man, I was sitting at the throne now being called to the courtyard.

00:45:01--> 00:45:30

My music was essentially saying I was so much closer to God by myself. And now the congregational prayer you know the guy next to me is gonna be burping and you know this guy socks are smelly or whatever like, this is not a spiritual experience for me. allows me just shatters that in the Quran in simple ways. When Allah says something will bring you closer to Allah, it is actually it's it's a it's a climax. So the you know, the when things are mentioned in progression, it's the greatest of them is at the end.

00:45:31--> 00:46:06

Often, especially in in worship. So what do you have here, you've got submissive, be submissive and keep your heart soft to your towards your rub off naughty little Viki, that softness should compel you to do such that was God. And that is that same softness and that size that should make you even more committed to what congregational prayer what Karima can make Roku work with those who make Roku? stay humble within and by the way, this is a subtle, subtle, beautiful way of saying when she is going to be given the the miracle of birth, does she want to be around people?

00:46:07--> 00:46:42

No, she doesn't. Because it's humiliating, people are going to say all kinds of stuff. There's a subtle hint and make Roku or those who make Roku, that even though you're going to go far away and have this child, you're going to have to come back, you're going to have to make record with those who make record, you're going to go join the community back. And basically, it's almost like Mozart being told return to the Pharaoh. Right, but come back and you will find support, there will be those who will believe Don't worry, there will be those who make record. They won't all dismiss you. She doesn't even know about the child yet. But she's being told don't leave the community. In the

00:46:42--> 00:47:18

words what came out, okay. Anyway, the research I was doing on some Jesuit Christians that have that still believe in Torah, and they abide by Torah, they eat kosher, they're Christian, they believe in Jesus. But the A lot of them actually don't believe Jesus is the Son of God, they actually believe he's a prophet. So they're very close to Islam in many ways. And some of them are found in Jerusalem to this day. And their prayers normally don't get recorded, like you don't normally see there. I mean, some people, you know, secretly, whatever makes some film or whatever. And you've seen, you know, you know what they do they make such that first record. Second, I did some study on this,

00:47:18--> 00:47:51

actually, in the prayer of the Israelites, when slaves that was their size, they used to be first who were used to be second in our prayer, the prophets, prayers, and aloha Sandra who is first, such that in a second, because this is the Israelites because it's the law of Torah, because it's the original teachings of that book and actually on notice the sequences actually corresponding to the way that they used to pray such that first ruku second was God what can mama can, in other words, both sides that Andrew who couldn't be with those who make Riku, but rather, it's such that by yourself, meaning be grateful to Allah by yourself, and then join the congregational prayer, Yama,

00:47:51--> 00:48:29

Yama, Arabic, he was God, what can a Moroccan so inshallah Allah at this, I'll stop orders today I am number 43. And we're about to get into some pretty heavy stuff. And he's on a Salaam, himself. That's the that's what's now around the corner. And this is where there's quite a bit of debate and controversy, especially more recently, some Muslims have started doubting whether or not entirely Simon's coming back, and they're giving their reasons and I'm going to dig into some of that with you guys in shallow Tyler, just look at both sides of the argument. And then, you know, because I personally don't believe that if somebody makes a claim about Islam, that we immediately say that

00:48:29--> 00:49:03

these people are kofod or they're deviant or they're wrong, or you know, they're not Muslim anymore, etc, for what they say, you know, academic views are academic views, and we should discuss them with an open mind. And, you know, this is what Islam is Islam is inquiry. Allah wants us to believe something, after looking at evidences, and maybe the evidence is I find compelling, you don't find compelling and that's okay. So long as you sincerely follow what you what you try to figure it out to the best of your ability. That's really what's being asked of you. That's what's being asked of me. And so inshallah Allah, I'm going to try to present I'll give you ahead of time, I do believe

00:49:03--> 00:49:45

he's coming back. I am convinced of that, and I'll share my reasons for being convinced of that. A lot of that is comes from Hadith literature. Right? And I openly say, I'm not an expert, or, you know, experienced in the science of Hadith, I go to experts and rely on their, you know, opinions, living ones, not not those of past but living experts in Hadith. And I go and enquire with them and ask them hard questions. Questions I would never say in public, but I asked them because I have no shame in private to ask those questions because I need to know for myself and I play. I don't want to say devil's advocate, but I play difficult student advocate. When I when I do my research, and

00:49:45--> 00:49:59

then I get my answers and then I try to present what I find most convincing. And so even though many of you consider me a teacher, I want you to consider me as a fellow student. That's really what I want you to consider me as you're studying Quran with me. You're not sending Quran.

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

through me, you're studying with me, I'm helping you learn some things. And I'm enabling you to do your own work, to do your own study and to do your own reflection into the Quran. And this is really the nature of God are no one has authority over it. All of us are just trying to seek it. Some may be a little bit ahead of others. And we have to maintain that humility that the word of Allah supreme we will never be, we're never going to have any authority over it allows origin, you know, help us in our journey into his book and allow us to reach guided conclusions. And those conclusions will not just come from research and study and language and grammar and history and books and

00:50:33--> 00:51:09

scholars. That will come when Allah habla number 11 karma, right when Allah gives Rama from his special behalf, then Allah opens the heart and the mind and the mind goes towards a guided direction. That at the end of the day is the only thing that matters. Because when we engage revelation in the beginning of the surah, it wasn't about you better study the language carefully. You better do your research. The thing was people who truly have knowledge know that when they come across difficult passages and IOD they turn to Allah and say give us mercy from your behalf. have let me learn karma in Canton, Ohio. That's the attitude of Rasul Allah Medina minahasa enough lol

00:51:09--> 00:51:15

barakallahu li walakum from Quran Hakeem when I finally did it with the team very proud of you boys Somali corner