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n this video, Sh. Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses four very important questions related to the Quran:

1- Why should one learn the Quran?
2- Where should one learn the Quran?
3- How can one learn the Quran?
4- When can one learn the Quran?

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Sina salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali wasapi is marine living among Pharaoh now and founder of the Magnum tena was it going man? Yeah kidding. So today we're sitting opposite me lasagna Poli are visiting, or visiting or visiting even.

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Before I start, first of all, I'd like to talk a little bit about what exactly embracing on is embracing for fun is a project that I started about two years ago, in the year 2016 along with Ramadan and hamdulillah It was a program in which we covered the seal of two Jews of the Quran and then we went on to do the following Ramadan as well in sha Allah will continue to do that as a as a regular habit in sha Allah. So long as the last panel with Allah grant says that they'll be able to do that. And in order to make this project even grander even larger,

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the Koran is an ocean and of course, it requires many minds for parts of that ocean to be delivered to the people. So we started to

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think about the fact that there is a lot of people that are skilled in many different angles, many different fields many different

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you know, sciences that can contribute to embracing on so we decided on doing this conference called the embracing for on conference, we have as you can see a lot of different very talented people. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to grant them the job that they deserve in the light Allah for taking the time out to benefit the Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. My topic today is more on why we're how and when. Okay, so there's a lot of questions there for questions. Each of these questions can be answered over a long period of time, I'm going to try to keep my answers to five minutes. So they're very simple, they're very clear, and inshallah Tada, they give you a very important take

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home points, key points for you to go and ponder and think about. Why should we study the Why should we even think about the Quran? To understand why we should think about the Quran, we first have to think about where this barn had come from. Okay? Allah subhanho wa Taala created this creation, every single Muslim believes in that. And if you're not a Muslim, and you don't believe in that, then you have to ask yourself, that you see a creation around you, could this creation have come out of nothing? The answer is of course not, no, never, it could not come out of nothing. So considering the fact that something cannot come out of nothing, that means that there must have been someone who

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brought this creation into existence, we call that creator a lot of publicity.

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Now, a lot has been placed a Yvonne A lot has placed a certain pattern, Allah subhanho wa Taala placed a certain system for everything in this world. And Allah subhanho wa Taala made that system very intelligent. So for that reason, a lot of xeljanz sent messengers to humanity as well to describe the intricacies of how to live this life, which is very, very intricate. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala sent down the different messengers, right? Because by pondering life, we can come to a conclusion that we couldn't have been alive, except if there was a luck. But the details of what we were supposed to do to worship Allah as the origin, we need to have messengers to tell us

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about it. There's people that came over the generations, each one of them said, We are a messenger, I am a messenger, I'm a prophet. Now, some people made this claim and they came with proofs which were beyond the capacity beyond the capability beyond the ability of human kindness, right. So some people came and they showed us one form of miracles, other people came and they showed us another form of miracle or another type of miracle, right? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, and he also brought many, many miracles, so much so that some of that stuff used to say that the prophets miracles were above 1000 miracles. And you can find some of these within the books that

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deal with emerges out of Delilah who our size of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Normally, this is where you can find the marches out of the prophets and many of these are authentic messages that authentic miracles, something which is not within the capacity of human beings. So if there is a Prophet saying, I have been sent from God, and He brings along with that something which is not within the capacity of a human being, then we have to admit that this person must have been a prophet, the last of those prophets, the last of those messengers was Mohammed, Salah Bhagwati himself and he brought the whole arm. So that is why it is very important for us to consider that.

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Now let me tell you from another angle, if

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Today I was to tell you, the president of this country, or the, the Prime Minister of that country, or the king in a monarchy from that country, had sent you a letter or

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a shot or so forth. If I was to tell you of that, then you would obviously take the time to read that. Allah azza wa jal tells us from the very beginning of the Quran, that the Quran is a book that has been sent for you, right? How so? Let me explain how so Allah subhana wa tada says it an ayah that you recite on a daily basis basis pretty much all day long. 17 times at least, Allah subhana wa tada says, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen the first ayah from Surah Fatiha Of course with the exception of the best man right the rest of my life and I as well but encounter start from I'm done right? So Alhamdulillah Allah behind me All praises due to a law, the Lord of that, that what an

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island. Now the scholars of the sea desert island means the entire world. So we don't need to pluralize something which is already plural. An island is something that is encompassing everything within the universe. So why does a lot so realize over here this word is a unique word in that when you make it plural, it becomes more particular. Normally, when you make things plural, they become more general this world word is opposite. So I haven't been in not yet a bit odd I mean means all praises due to a law, the Lord of the jinn and mankind the ins and the jinn. It won't be easy with gin up the alchemy of the intuition that this is referring to gin and it's why am I saying this? The

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very first word in the Koran or the verse in the Quran. The last word of that verse talks about you or Mohammed, shabu or faulting. Allah is addressing you in the very, very first verse of the Quran. And it doesn't stop there because just like he addressed you in the very first verse of the Quran, he does that also in the last verse of the loves of henna with Dionysus Minnelli Jean at equinox. So the whole peran Is it a dress for Jin con and mankind and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala starts off with a mad Carnage, unchain and allies that we didn't finish this off with an anti Indian con. That means all of us are addressed by this book. So if we haven't been addressed by this book, then

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we should, it should only follow that we take time to read it, especially because this is not just a king. This is not just a monarch. This is not just a president. This is not just a letter from a prime minister. This is the word of a lot, the King of all kings, the one who's whose Majesty is beyond anyone else's majesty a lot.

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This is why it's very important for us to ponder this book bruster consider this book. Now the second question that follows is if we should consider this word woke the words of Allah azza wa jal? How do we consider this? How should we learn this book? How should we understand this book? I'm going to give you two things which are very simple insha Allah and all of it is within one Hadith of the prophets, Allah long readings of the prophet SAW, Selim said in a hadith that lays Amina Muslim is

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the one who doesn't do the honey Bill peran is not from us. Now the scholars they explain this particular Hadith in two ways, both of them could be understood from the words of the Hadith and both of them in sha Allah could be mentoring the words also the loss of

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the Prophet said that the person who doesn't do Devaney, some said, the person who doesn't recite the Quran, mela melodiously, meaning he doesn't try. Of course, not everybody has the greatest of voices. This is something that a lot of gifts to some people in a way that he doesn't do others, other people have to develop that skill by practicing and so forth. So if you don't have the greatest of voices, don't worry. what's expected of you is what a lot told you in the art world, or Atilla recite or on in a melodious in a beautiful way as best as you can. So the prophets are simply missing the one who doesn't do this with the Koran where they attempt to recite as beautifully as

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possible, then that person is not necessarily that that person is not from us. And another way to understand this is that the one who doesn't consider the

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odd and enriching experience than that person is not from us. So you need to do two things. You need to learn how to recite the Quran. And you need to learn what the Quran means. When you learn how to recite the Quran, then you will be fulfilling this mission

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ticular these you will be reciting melodiously and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to love the voices of people who had a beautiful voice, or even those who would attempt to recite as beautifully as they possibly could. One day the prophet SAW Selim was walking, and he walked at nighttime and he came across his hobby by the name of Abu Musab Shalini was reciting the upper part to the profits of a lot more it was similar and he stood there and said, look like DITA misma min masamichi alida, would you've been given a flute, like the flutes of Al that would the family of the rota means is you've been given a voice as beautiful as the voice of that Buddha is around. And and

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the voices of those people were very beautiful. So the prophets is referred to that as an example. Now, I've almost actually walked out and when you heard this from the prophets on the log, where it was, suddenly he said, old prophet of Allah, if I knew that you are listening to me, that have been to look at hubiera, I wouldn't have made it even more beautiful for your sake, all messengers have a lot where it was similar to the Prophet send them love this beautiful voice that he was reciting with the beautification that he was doing to his voice. So that's the first thing you try your best to learn that that read and how to pronounce the Quran properly, right. In fact, if you don't learn

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the basics of the treat, this is a problem. Some scholars, they said that even a sin, Muslim utopian, or Ana assay, whoever doesn't do that read of the art doesn't recite the maharjan proof and also the photo proof properly, then that person is going to be committing a sin because Allah sent this book for you to recite, and there's a manner in reciting this book. So you have to learn at least the basics, so you leave the realm of sin. And if you really love the arm, then you go wholeheartedly, and you try to recite the score on as beautifully as possible. The second thing again, is that you learn the meanings. When you do that, then you will be enriching yourself with

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the meanings that unless it kind of went to Allah as pleased within this book, I asked a muscle kind of Madonna to grant us the defeat, to practice to convey I'm going to say something very important here about the third question and that is when should we learn to put on or when to put on. The first thing is that as parents, if you happen to be a parent, inshallah, all of you will have progeny that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts on the day of judgment and the loss of data purges their sins and raises and increases their rewards in the light data. So if you so have a progeny and inshallah, you will recognize that one of the greatest things that you can do for your children, one

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of the greatest things you can do for your progeny, is to ensure that within them are people who know how to recite the Koran. One of the things that you can do in sha Allah later on in your life is learning the Quran, but you can never do it as well as you can when you're a child. So it's up to the parents to ensure that the children are in fact learning the Koran. And I'll tell you something that isn't a holdover he no longer Allah, he mentioned in his Nakajima of his study, very famous book Adama within, which is a lot of knowledge. He had on low data, he went through the different countries during his time, the ninth century, he went through a country after another after another,

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he went through the people of modern, and he spoke about the people of modernity. And, and what that means is North Africa, basically, and he told us that the people of North Africa, their education with educational methodology was that they would stick to the Koran first and foremost. Okay, so this is one country's describing all of the different countries that he had access to the information related to their educational methodology, what would they learn first, foremost, later, and so on and so forth? What would they start off with? So he says, No, and welcome in the people of North Africa? They are, they were very keen on doing what they were very keen on reciting the Koran

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or teaching their children to put on first and foremost, yes, they would add to that, a few other things here and there, primarily, they would do nothing, but teach them the Koran, when he speaks about the people of undos. And what he says about the people of India is that they will teach their children how to recite, and how to read and how to write, okay, so he says that they would teach their children how to read and write. But in order for them to teach how to read and write, they would employ many things, including poetry, including, you know, just literature in general, but the art would again be the foremost thing that they would use to teach their children even how to write

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as well. Then he speaks about the people of Africa. And he says, again, the poor are and he and a few basic, you know, corny, few basic laws of knowledge and so forth, right. So you see the people of North Africa, the people of Africa itself, the

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People of the people, all of these different countries, what are they doing? They're reciting the Quran as one of the first things that they do in their life. And then he speaks about that of the machinic, which basically means Arabia. And he also says that one of the things that he's heard of from them is that they would focus on the Koran and some other basic sciences as well, in the beginning of the journey of, of the child, this is learning right? Now I'm going to read out to you a passage that I've translated here from even huntoon itself, right. So you understand what he's trying to say in this passage, he summarizes everything related to this particular matter. It's very

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important to keep the Listen, he says, teaching children, the proper is a mark of our faith, of our religion, which the people of our faith have adopted and acted by in all countries around the world. Because the strength of faith that becomes established in the heart, by the verses of the Koran and the passages of the prophetic traditions, is by the verses of the Quran, and the passages from the prophetic tradition that he says, on has become listened carefully, or on has become the foundation of learning upon which all other skills are founded thereafter. So this is the way they would look at the Quran, anything you wanted to do in your life, the very first thing you do is you learn the

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art. And there after you found every single thing, else, on top of this particular Foundation, the strong foundation that you have established a faith as well, I say this, especially for the parents whose children are going to be involved in secular education, which is pretty much everyone, right? When your children go into those secular colleges and universities and so on and so forth, the leader ideas that are antonyms, to Islam, perhaps some of you, if you're you haven't been to the same curriculums, you may not even be aware of some of these ideas, right, but they're there, those ideas are there, the concepts are there. So in order for you to ensure that your children are

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protected from those ideas and protected from those concepts, then you need to ensure that the onic education is the first and foremost thing within their lives. So that they are equipped, not just recycle of the odd, but also the meanings of the icon, we may think that perhaps our children cannot understand but by law, they can, if we try and if we give them that opportunity to learn from the early portion in their in their lives, insha Allah, Allah, they'll understand that foundation, that meetings will remain there. Okay. So the point that I'm trying to get to is make sure you're if you're a father of your mother, your children, the first priority for you is teaching them the, you

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know, they will do their icgc, they will do all that stuff later on, don't worry about he shouldn't hold on, let them memorize it, if you don't want them to memorize it, okay, at least make sure they're reciting it properly. So if they ever make the choice to memorize it later on within their lives, right, they will be able to at least recite the Quran properly, and give them some of the meanings of the Quran as well. You know, it's very sad that some people, they will spend hundreds of hours 1000s of hours, perhaps most of their lives, venturing into subjects which are not going to help them for eternity. But they don't spend even half or less than that, where even a quarter or

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even even just an eighth or even less than that of time to learn things that will help them ensure a login salvation on the Day of Judgment, the second point that I wanted to get to, and this is where I'll leave you off inshallah, or actually, maybe I have still one more question to answer. I'll answer that quickly.

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The second point is that if you're an adult, then don't think that you're not going to be able to learn, do not think that you're not going to be able to learn, okay? Because sometimes what happens is people think that I'm an adult, I'm not going to be able to learn, and this is just for the children, they're going to be learning, and it's all about them, and so on and so forth. Think about the fact that the vast majority of the Sahaba, who became some of whom became a grown up, they were adults, when they became Sahaba, when they accepted Islam, yet all of them were from the most learned of people. So educating adults is actually possible. This is what's very important to know,

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because many adults have an idea that it's perhaps not even possible to educate adults, I want you to get that idea out of your mind. And remember that the Sahaba they became oceans of knowledge, but they were adults, many of them when they became Muslims as well. We are put on and that's the third point. were put on anywhere, okay? anywhere in your house in the masjid. You know, right now, as you're doing listening to a conference on your computer, perhaps you're driving and you're listening on your cell phone, it could be anything, anywhere is where the right place for fraud, so long as it's in a respectful environment.

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But one place is specifically mentioned by Rasulullah sallallahu. It was said to grant this extra award and that is found within the Hadees in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said that much time on our own, the vatan been booted that a group of people do not gather in the house from the houses of Eliza which, okay. A group of people do not gather in a house from the houses of Allah. It's no Nikita de la jolla. dadada. So no they read the book of Allah azza wa jal and they recite the book of Allah xojo illa Allah, except that nonetheless Allah He was accepted the Sakina comes down upon them. Okay.

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Well, well she

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comes down upon them as well. We'll have Fetterman melodica and the melodica envelop them was the Calico bomb fever and the Allies mentioned them in the higher assembly as well. So by gathering together in the semester to learn that we're on with other people as well, you're going to be fulfilling a lot sooner because of what you get for rewards. Imagine that a lot of us are looking for peace within our lives. So the prophets and symptoms at Indiana's Allah, Allah He was Sakina except that the Sakina comes down upon them, okay. A lot of us are hoping for the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, Allah Subhana Allah His Messenger says, Well, unless she had trauma, and the trauma

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comes about upon them, a lot of us want the satanic presence out of our lives. And we want the angelic presence to come about laws messengers are seldom said we'll have FET woman mela, aka the angels will cover them. And a lot of us hope that someone great in the world mentions us in their gatherings in their places on their Facebook page, in their Twitter account in all of these other places, right and we are sometimes obsessed with these mentions. But here are mine see when that got a whole lot more human and Allah will mention this person in the highest assembly, the assembly of the angels and the meeting of the angels with a lot of ways that he would do that I asked Allah

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Subhana Allah to grant us to field to practice to convey why we are how and when, in shallow data that must be cleared by now I asked Allah, Allah to grant your ease and graduate a blessing. A blessing from Oban in sha Allah and I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make your Ramadan filled with the army the light allergies aka low current or some Allahu Allah say he didn't. He didn't wanna early he was over here, Germany