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Santa Monica. Allah he will brachetto Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Rafi but you

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will not regret it in that Alladhi meanwhile shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah Who are the whole actually cara 11 Oh Alina What are feeling or should do and then a billionaire Mohammed Abdullah who will assume stuff and I mean, long somebody was sending Mubarak and I'm Dakota Sadiq Mohammed where are the early he was bleeding edge Marina my back Welcome to an episode about zero page by page return we take a page of the Quran and we make his theory shallot Allah today we are on page number 15 of the first job Surah Al Baqarah. And Allah azza wa jal as we've mentioned the previous episodes has been speaking about the relative Bani Israel in the many blessings that He bestowed upon the

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nation the many prophets and messengers that were sent to them and the revelation and guidance that they received. And the way that they rejected that revelation and guidance so they chose and claimed that they only followed what they received and rejected anything that came after that. Even though Allah azza wa jal says that that assertion of this is false, because they disobeyed Allah azza wa jal and committed shirk in the time of Musa Ali's salatu salam, they would kill certain prophets from amongst them and reject others, and that is something which continued they continue to do so disobeying the commands of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah azza wa jal at the beginning of

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page number 15 investment in it for Allah subhanaw taala gives to them a challenge.

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Allah azza wa jal says our older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Paul in local muda euro to de la Hee ha this Alton mill Dooney NASCI Futterman will mount Futterman will melter in ko Tom saw the clean say, if the last home with Allah azza wa jal meaning the next life the life of the hereafter, is to be for you alone and no one else, then you should long for death, if your claim is true, Allah subhanaw taala gives to them this challenge. It is almost a challenge as if it is a challenge that they will be given to see the truthfulness of their claim. The claim of that they made that their assertion is that they are upon the truth that they are the chosen ones of Allah azza wa jal that

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they will not be punished in the fight except for a very short period of time. That for them is eternal bliss and reward that they alone and no one else will receive that reward. Allah azza wa jal says that see, if the next life, the life of the hereafter, is truly for you alone, at the exclusion of all others, no other people, no other nation or the religion will have that reward except for you, and it is for you alone, then why don't you long for death? Why don't you long for that meeting long for that meeting of Allah azza wa jal, if you will, indeed truthful. Because if you know that, despite whatever you do, whatever it is that you do in this world, whatever, whatever problems you

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may face, or whatever syndrome or whatever it is that you do in this world, despite all of that, you will definitely have gender, then who would love to go for gender? If you knew for surety, if you knew 100%, that you would have the everlasting bliss of gender, that it is something which is guaranteed for you, then why wouldn't you love for it? You see, the reason most of us don't look forward to death in that respect, anyway, is because we're unsure, we're uncertain, have we done enough good deeds, have we accumulated enough reward, Inshallah, in order for us to be able to enter into Jannah we are still fearful of our sins, that our Toba hasn't been accepted that we haven't

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done enough good deeds, that we our sins are still too many and too great. And so because of that, we have that level of trepidation or that level of fear. But they don't make that claim. They claim that it is for them alone, and that it is something which they will have at the exclusion of all others. If that is the case, then why don't you seek that death? Why don't you look forward to that death? If your claim is true, and we know for example, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said concerning the prophets of Allah that none of them dies, until they're shown their place in gender. They're shown the reward of Allah azza wa jal, and then they're given a choice, and then

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they choose and that is why all of the prophets of Allah azza wa jal choose what is with Allah subhanaw taala because they are guarantee that reward from Allah subhanaw taala as every Shabbat, the Allah one has said, concerning our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith concerning body, the prophets on Allah while he was telling us to tell us this hadith that the prophets are given this choice, she said then in his final illness, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fell unconscious. And then when he awoke, you said Allah Who method Rafi louder Oh Allah, I want the highest companionship. Alright, you just said. I then understood that now at this moment. The

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam me

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has been given that choice and he will never choose us. He will always choose what is with Allah subhanaw taala. If that is your situation, you have that guarantee, then why don't you also long for death and ask for death?

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Allah azza wa jal says but they will never do so in verse number 95 Walia Turman know whoever done but dammit ad him wala who aren't even below the mean, Allah says but they will never long for death because of what they have stored up with their own hands. Indeed, Allah is fully aware of the evildoers, they will never long for death, because they know in reality, that they have committed coffer and disbelief. They know the sins that they have committed. They know the things that they have done in order to circumvent the commands of Allah azza wa jal and His laws and so therefore they are fearful. The Prophet sits on Allah while he was telling me the hadith of Irish about the

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Allahu anha also in so hurry, he said, whomsoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet them. She said, O Messenger of Allah, which one of us looks forward to death, studying human nature that you run towards death. All of us have that fear, as I said, and trepidation, because we don't know of our sins and our good deeds, the prophets of Allah Who are you sending replied or Aisha, that is not the meaning. The meaning is that when death does eventually come, the believer knows, and they will receive the assurance from Allah subhanaw taala, that by virtue of their Eman, they will have the reward that they have been that they have been promised by Allah azza wa jal as Allah says elsewhere

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in the Quran, Allah in Alia Allah La hopefully finale him Wallah homie Zanon indeed the only year of Allah the close wants to Allah will have neither fear nor will they despair.

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So at that time, when they are given that glad tiding they love to meet Allah, and Allah loves to meet them. And as for the disbelieve, at that moment of death, they realize the reality of the situation, and that they are going towards the punishment of Allah. So they disliked the meeting with Allah and Allah dislikes to meet them. And that is what Allah azza wa jal is saying here, not that as a Muslim that you have to actively seek death will look No, but that you look forward to that moment, through virtue of your discernment that moment does come that the believers will receive that assurance from Allah subhanaw taala. And as a result of that they never disliked to

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meet Allah azza wa jal, if Allah decrees death for me or you today or tomorrow, we should be happy with that decree and it is upon us therefore, to prepare for that day to prepare for that moment to prepare for the time Allah azza wa jal says As for the vision people have been struggling as a result of what they have achieved in the team by their own hands, their sin, their call for their disbelief. Allah azza wa jal says they will never wish and they will never long for death. For indeed Allah azza wa jal is all aware of the evil that they have done.

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Allah subhanaw taala says rather, the opposite is true regarding them, let alone longing for death. The opposite is true that they are the people who are most severe in clinging to the life of this world. Allah azza wa jal says Well, I told you the new nurse yada HYAH to me Amina Lavina Roku you ever do a how to home? No you are amaro Alpha sanity woman who have been Mozilla Him you will either be a new unmarked, wala who must be my young man on Allah says indeed, you will surely find them clinging to life more eagerly than any other people, even the polytheists and that is because Benny is rockin Believe in your multi AMA. They believe in resurrection. They believe in the concepts of

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reward and punishment. Whereas the Mushrikeen for many of them, they don't believe in resurrection, they don't believe in judgment. They don't believe in paradise. So how far so for them, they think that when they die, it's the end, it's all over. That's it is over, there's nothing left. There's nothing more after this life you live as you can get everything you can enjoy as much as you can. Because then when you die, there is nothing more. But as for Ben Israel, they believe in the concepts of resurrection and judgment of paradise and how phi of punishment and reward so they are even more eager and clinging on to this life. Because they knew they know deep down the reality of

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what they will face on human piano and the punishment that is waiting for them is when they will be judged by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and that is when Allah azza wa jal says do what do I love you I'm Maru Alpha Santa, any one of them would wish to be given a life of 1000 years, they would live to they would rather live for 1000 years, then go to death, even though they claim that with that death will come for them eternal reward and eternal bliss.

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Well, man who will be Musa Zooey Meenal either be in your Amaro, Allah says even though such a long life would still never save them from that torment, even if they were to live for 1000 years in this life, that 1000 years would pass in the blink of an eye before they realize that time would be up. And then eventually that punishment would come to them. They would always receive that punishment and torment, no matter how long they live for in this life, and that Subhanallah is the reality of the

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His life, as you get older, as you reach middle age, and as you reach old age, and you look back upon and reflect upon the many years that Allah azza wa jal has given to you in this life, you realize one thing, and that is that despite you having lived for 4050 6080 100 years, in reality that time passed by so fast, how often do we hear ourselves or our elders say, it's only like yesterday that it seemed like I was a child, it only seems like yesterday that I was in school, it only seems like yesterday that I was single, or that I first got married or that I only had one child, it only seems like yesterday that I could run out or I could do this and this and that. And

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that is because the reality of life in this dunya is that time passes by so fast. And for us the concept of 60 7080 years at one point seems like it is so long, when you're a child 80 years seems like eternity, when you're 20, the age of 100. Or when you see people around you in the 80s and 90s. Seems like it is so far off. But before you realize you reached half your lifespan probably and before you realize you reach two thirds or three quarters, or maybe the majority of your life has passed by you. And then you reflect and you think what have I done? What did I achieve whatever attained whatever I put forth in preparation for the life of the next world. And that is the reality

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of the dunya even if you were to live for 1000 years, so they live wish to live for 1000 years. Allah azza wa jal says that even if you were to do so, then your end result would still be waiting for you. So there is no escape from death. There is no escape from the judgment of Allah azza wa jal and that is why Allah subhanaw taala says ina Mata Kulu Dudek kumin Mote Welcome to Phoebe Rajim Masha Jada, wherever you are, you will never escape death. Even if you were to be in a high fortress or castle. Even if you were to be in a place that was impenetrable by anyone else in this room, Allah subhanaw taala would still come and he will take away your soul when he wished. Subhana wa

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Tada. And that is one large zealot says will Allah who will soon be Maya I'm alone. And Allah azza wa jal sees everything that they do. And Allah subhanaw taala knows the reality of those people.

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Allah azza wa jal then goes on in verse number 97, to say, only men can I do when legibility letter in Hoonah Zara who are the Kobe, Kobe even in LA he most of the QA was not the only man. They were who doesn't want Bush Iran, meaning say to them, If anyone is an enemy of Gibreel, who by Allah's command, brought down the Quran to your heart confirming previous scriptures as a guide, and good news for the faithful. This is an assertion and the claim that was made by the Jews and that is that the angel Jibreel is the enemy Gibreel salatu salam, as we know is the Arch Angel and he is the leader of all of the angels. And Allah azza wa jal speaks about Jubilee in salatu. Salam in multiple

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places in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And he's mentioned in numerous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the angel Jibreel is the one that Allah azza wa jal entrusted with Revelation. So he is the one who brings down revelation to all of the prophets and messengers of Allah, including the prophets of Allah who Allah He was selling them. And he was the one who came to the prophets of Allah where it was send them in the case of Shira, and gave him that first revelation of the Quran, and then he would continue to do so as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Gibreel Ali Salam comes to me in every month of Ramadan, and he revises the Quran

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with me. And in the year that he passed away sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Julian Ali Salam came in to revise the Quran twice with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Gibreel Ali Sam has mentioned in a number of contexts in the Quran, and in the Sunnah, the Jews used to claim that he is the enemy, and rather it is the other angel mica eel, or Michael, that is the one that is their friend and he is the one that is the protector or whatever it may be. But as for Gabriel Gibreel, he is the enemy.

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And that is when the Hadith in Sahih hadith of NSE medical the Allah Huang when Abdullah musandam or the Allahu anfis came to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam after the hijra, and our beloved was synonymous from the leaders of the Jews in terms of the scholarship, in terms of their knowledge, who's from amongst the most knowledgeable of the Jewish tribes of Medina. And he came in he heard the coming of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe, salam to Medina, he wants you to test Him, and He wants you to see the truthfulness of this clean, because he's the man well versed in His scriptures, he knows the science he knows what Allah azza wa jal gave of the glad tidings of this message that

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would come, he now wants to put the prophets of Allah where he will send them to this test. And so when he came, the prophets of Allah where it was stolen from the things that he said to him, is that Gibreel Ali Salam came to me. And so Abdullah Abu Salam said, that angel is the enemy of the Jews. He is the one that we consider to be the enemy. And that is because this was the prevalent belief of the Jews that Gibreel RT Salatu was

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then this angel of Allah subhanaw taala was the enemy. And so Allah azza wa jal says that this is the angel despite them claiming that he is the enemy, the one who is the enemy. Gibreel is the one who is an enemy to all of the angels of Allah, and is an enemy to the revelation of Allah, and to the prophets and messengers of Allah Azza wa salatu salam, all of them, because Giblin is the one who came to Ibrahim, and he's the one who came to know and to Musa and Teresa salatu salam and all of the prophets and messengers of Allah Allahu wa salatu salam. And so he is the one Allah is saying Gibreel that brought down the Quran, upon your heart revealed it to you. And He is the one who

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bought the revelation the rest attests to and confirms all of the previous revelations that came before. And so this claim that they only believe in some of the angels are only like some of the angels and they dislike others of the angels of Allah subhanaw taala it is from the coffin and disbelief that they have. And that is why it is from the tenants of faith that we have from our kind of Eman the pillars of iman in our religion, that we believe in all of the angels of Allah subhanaw taala and we believe that Allah azza wa jal has placed for each of those angels, their respective duties and their respective tasks and jobs, and that we believe in all of them, and that they

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worship Allah subhanaw taala in the way that is pleasing to Him. And the way that he commands Allah is and the way that Allah azza wa jal commends him to do so. And that is when Allah subhanaw taala says in verse number 98, men can I do well in law, he won't equity he will also do he would you be real? What do you bury? Let me Kerala in Allah I do want Lin caffine and if anyone is an enemy to Allah, His angels and his messengers, an enemy to Gibreel and mica eel, then indeed Allah is the enemy of such disbelievers. Meaning anyone who tries to separate some of these from others, anyone who says I believe in some of those prophets, but not in others. Anyone who believes that I've been

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through says that I believe in some of those angels, but not in others. And that is why Allah azza wa jal mentions the angels in general and then he specifies the two that they had a dispute over and that is Gibreel and Miko mica el arte him salatu salam, Allah azza wa jal saying that the one who separates and says I believe in some or disbelieve in others, prophets, angels, Revelation, whatever it may be, then that is a person who just believes in all of them. And that is why it's part of our Eman. As we said, the pillars of Eman and belief in the angels belief in the divine revelation believe in the prophets and messengers that we must believe in all of them. All of them without

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exception. You don't get to cherry pick and choose the ones that you like. You don't get to say this one's convenient for me and that was inconvenient. You don't get to cast them and frame them in the light that you want. That these are good and those are enemies that these are our helpers and saviors and those are the ones that are our enemies to us know. Allah azza wa jal gave to each one of them their tasks Jubilee Valley Sam, is entrusted with Revelation and Mica ilardi Salatu Salam is the one that is entrusted with the risk of people with the rain and and with with with the vegetation and so on with the with the provision of people. So one brings life of spirit of the soul

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in Revelation, and then the one it gives life and spiritual and the nourishment that is physical of the bodies, and Allah azza wa jal gave to each one of them their tasks, just as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us some other angels by their name, such as Seraphin, the one that will blow in the trumpet, and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the derives that he would make and from the ways that he would praise Allah azza wa jal is that he would mention Allah azza wa jal has been the lord of these three angels. Allah Mara big burrito is Rafi Allah will mica in Oh Allah You are the Lord of Gibreel and mica Elise Rafi. This is from the donors of the

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prophets on Allahu Allah he will send them would make, so to believe in all of that is a part of our religion. And Allah azza wa jal is saying in this verse in number 98, that those who don't believe in all of them, who distinguish and change or pick and choose some of them over and above others, such people are enemies of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah azza wa jal then continues in Western 99 While accordance and Eleague making that warmer yet for all Bihar in Lenfest own for indeed We have sent down to you clear messages to you, and only those who defy you would refuse to believe in them. Allah subhanaw taala is saying to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, We have sent down

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to you so many signs and so many miracles and so many, so many, so many signs that test your truthfulness, just as Allah azza wa jal sent those signs to the prophets that came before they were given their subtle signs and they were given the Americans, whether it be you know, whether it be Ibrahim or Musa or ISA or any of the other prophets and messengers of Allah. Allahu wa salatu salam, and those who choose to deny those signs, those messages those miracles of those prophets, they are the ones who are Facetune they are evil, there are people of corruption. There are people who deny the worship Oh Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is right to be worshipped alone. Allah azza wa jal

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continues to invest in

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But 100 And he says, our consumer do not buy the whole very minimum Bill XR Humla mean on. How is it then that whenever they make a covenant or a pledge, some of it throw it away. In fact most of them do not believe Allah subhanaw taala says that if they truly believed in Allah azza wa jal truly accepted the message of Allah believed in the prophets believed in the divine revelation, they would accept the covenant that they made with Allah, the pledge that they made with Allah and the greatest of that pledge is to worship Allah azza wa jal alone and to polystone heat. But then there are other pledges in terms of the pillars of their religion, the major aspects of worship, the halal and

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haram, that they also accepted that Allah subhanaw taala obligated and legislated upon them. Why is it then that there is always a group amongst you that break that pledge and break the covenant that don't uphold the heat of Allah azza wa jal as we see today in all of those religions that claim to be monotheistic religions, they have aspects of ship, aspects of disbelief, aspects of rejecting certain prophets, or certain divine revelations of Allah subhanaw taala and that is where Allah azza wa jal says bell activehome law you may known but rather in reality, the majority of them do not believe

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this is important for us as Muslims to understand that when we accept Islam, it is not just that you accept one thing and not another. It's not something that you can choose to take certain parts and not accept other parts, but rather you accept Islam as a whole in the way that Allah subhanaw taala revealed to His prophets and Allah Allah Allah he will send him and that is where Allah azza wa jal says elsewhere in the Quran, you will live in a man who Oh people of iman, or the whole office, send me Kapha. accept Islam enter into Islam wholeheartedly and completely. You can't just choose to cherry pick what you want to choose. And so what we see unfortunately amongst Muslims today, when

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some of them will choose not to pray, some of them will choose not to wear the hijab. Some of them will choose to engage in certain practices that are haram by Iijima and consensus of the Muslims. I'm outspoken, speaking about the small issues, that there may be differences of opinion on the minutiae that the scholars may have differed over I'm speaking about the assault that major principles of our religion. Now one of the Muslims agree upon, that all of our all of the scholars of Islam agree upon and there is unanimity upon they will still go and they will choose to reject certain aspects of that Sharia. That is what Allah azza wa jal is referring to. That is the type of

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disbelief it is a type of reservoir of rejection. And even though he may not cast the person outside of the fold of Islam, that person is on very dangerous ground because of what they are choosing to do and how they are choosing to behave. In the final verse on page number 15, verse number 101, Allah subhanaw taala concludes this page by saying, Well imagine a home Rasulullah min. De la he was out the Connemara amerihome nearby they're very Amina Lavina autoland kita kita Billa humara, LOD in anomala Allah Mon, when Allah sent him a messenger confirming the scriptures that they already had meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent confirming the message that they will

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already given through the book of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran as we've mentioned, our alarm surgeon has mentioned in a number of times down Surah Baqarah that the Prophet SAW Selim and the Quran didn't bring anything radical. They didn't bring anything that was foreign and alien to the way of the prophets and messengers who came before them. Yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has his own Shinya. So certain things were allowed for him that were allowed previously, certain laws will change for Zumba. But in general, the general body of the Sharia the general body of what Allah azza wa jal has obligated and legislated. It continues in the tradition of those

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prophets and messengers who came before. So what do they do? Now by the 30, Amina Lavina O'Toole keytab, a group from amongst the people of the Book, the People of the Scripture, they throw it away Kitab Allah, He whare avoid him, they took this book of Allah, and they threw it over their shoulders of behind their backs. And this means that they rejected they ignored it, but Allah azza wa jal uses these words to show the gravity of what it's doing, for someone to see the Quran and to reject it as one thing, but to physically pick it up and to throw it away, is a Griever way of rejection is the most severe form of rejection. And that is why Allah azza wa jal frames in in that

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way, because in reality, even if they don't physically do this, this is the reality of their actions and their deeds. And that is that it is as if they've taken the book of Allah, and they've thrown it away behind them can never lie alone, as if they have no knowledge, in reality, that this is the book of Allah, the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala. And so therefore, the believers the Muslims should never be like this, that they come across the guidance of Allah, the book of Allah, and they throw it away and ignore it and disregard it but rather we should be as the companions of the Allah

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One word that when they came across the book, a verse of the book of Allah azza wa jal or a sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the very least they would humble themselves before it yes we are wiki man. Sometimes we disobey sometimes I will email isn't strong enough that we could do it. But we should still acknowledge that we are doing haram and we should try our best to turn to Allah azza wa jal and make Toba we should never show the arrogance that Allah azza wa jal is referring to in these verses May Allah subhanaw taala keep us firm and steadfast upon his religion BarakAllahu li calm or some Allah who I'm going to be the Muhammad who are the early he will be

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engineering was CENOMAR Alikum rahmatullahi wa barakato listening

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