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Light Upon Light 7 Winter Conference in ExCel London wth
Sheikh Ahsan Hanif as he speaks about another of the 10 companions promised Paradise – Jannah, “Sa’eed ibn Zayd is in Paradise” Part 2 of 2


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The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the Prophet sallali wa sallam's win back to Muslims and the use of relatives in political positions. They also touch upon the use of natural and cultural attributes for personal benefit and the need for individuals to address their behavior. The importance of staying away from a situation until a decision is made is emphasized, along with avoiding harm and addressing behavior.

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By the time they realize that the fans come close to Mecca, and they get back to the Muslims weather is finished, but it was over the baffles complete. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave both of them a share of the war booty of Baba. And he named them from the companions of Baba. Why? Because they went out on a mission given to them by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he did Museo de Allah one. He was from amongst those people, as we said, was extremely low key, someone that didn't like to get into the business of other people. Very little is known about him. We don't have narrations about him on the day. We don't have narrations about him on the day of Azov on the

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other battles of Islam, except that he was present. He was from amongst the people who participated. And he was known for his bravery and courage. And this is also an important lesson. Because just because he was a man who was quiet, a man who didn't like to speak and mix and didn't like to, to put himself forward. It doesn't mean that he didn't play a role in Islam, when the time came for him to stand up and be counted. When the time came for him to participate in battles. He would be at the forefront if the time came. And this is how the companions were generally, just because there's a companion like armor of the loved one who's known for that strong personality. He would hear a verse

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of the Quran, and he would cry. Because this is the time to stop crying. And Abubakar do long run. He's a soft man, he's known to have a soft heart is the lead to crying. But when the time came to be strong, the time came to stand up and show bravery and courage. He was the strongest of people around the law. One man or the long run was known to be shy, he was known to be someone who was extremely shy, extremely quiet. But when the time came to him to lead the oma become the halifa. He stood up and he was counted. And that's how the companions were, or the Allahu Allah Jemaine. That's what we need to instill within ourselves and within our children. It's okay to have your own

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personality. It's okay to be different. It's okay to be you're an individual in the way that you are. But when the time comes to, to pray, you have to pray. When the time comes to be generous, you're generous. When the time comes to show bravery. You have to be brave. You know, you often hear of those people who say, No, no, no, I don't give charity because I'm a person who just likes to do bad. I just like to pray. I don't give charity. It's not how the companions were. Well, someone else says, No, no, no, I'm a businessman. I just give charity. I don't need to learn about my religion. I don't need to seek knowledge. The Companions rhodiola Wang how much money they used to use the

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goodness that they had to excel in all of those fields. Yes, he's not as generous as abubakr on earth man. But that doesn't mean he doesn't give charity. Yes, he's not a scholar like other companions, doesn't mean he never saw knowledge. Yes, is not as brave as Omar and it doesn't mean that he never participated in the battle. So to say the Museo de la Juan, on the day of your MOOC, in the philosopher Baba karate Allahu Allah decisive battle that took place between the Muslims. And between the Byzantine Roman Empire, the Battle of your MOOC, a Barbadian Mangia raha de la one is the General of the Army 24,000, Muslims are facing 100,000 Roman soldiers. And the Romans come out

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with all of their pomp and ceremony, they come up with the knights and they come up with the Shining Armor, they come up with their priests, they come out as a whole procession, just to show them might have room to show the ones that they have to show the soldiers that they have. And they are three times bigger or four times bigger than the number of the Muslim army. So the Muslims now are looking at all of this. And they haven't really faced the Romans in this way before. And they know that this is going to be different, this is going to be a big deal. So the profits are not the processor, away the mangiarotti Allah when he starts to speak to the companions, and motivate them, encourage them.

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So one of the companions, he stood up and he said, I will lead the charge, I will be the first one to go and fight these people fight the Roman army. And he said, because the largest agenda will see to me meaning that today I will die. I'm going to be martyred. I'm going to die. I'm going to learn. So when john asks me, did you find my promise to be true for halwa jet from our other bukom hochkar? Did you find a lot of promise to be true? I want to be the first one to say Yes, I will.

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So he's ready. And sorry, the blues a lot. The last one, the companion that we're speaking about. He was the second one to stand up. And he also said, I will charge and I will lead this army. And so he didn't because of those two men, the companions and the Muslim army were motivated and encouraged and they went and they fought. And as we know they want a decisive action.

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That victory would also end up to kneading up the area of a sham of Syria and so on and so forth. Maillard soldiers make the face easy of those people. That part of the world it was conquered because of the efforts of the likes of Agra Baden sorry the Museo de radi Allahu anhu, man. And that's why when Damascus was conquered, sorry, the Museo de la grande was appointed as the governor for a short period of time. Under the law, one becomes the halifa of the Muslims. Because Abu Bakar khilafah is very short, under the law and had this principle that he didn't appoint relatives to positions of authority. They don't like people saying, Oh, it's because it says cousin. Oh, it's

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because this is brother. Oh, it's because this is uncle and that's why he's given them these positions. So he told Sally Debussy to come back, love your loved one to Medina, even though there is nothing wrong with giving family positions of authority, if they are the people best suited to those positions. That's not a poor principle against Islam. If you think about it, and you're on the low end was given positions of authority by the prophet Salim. And as his son in law, the prophet of Santa Mary, the daughters of Abu Bakr Rahman is their father in law's in terms of marriage relationship, and they will given also positions are as man is given positions, he's another son in

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law. So the profits are low while he was senator appointed, he appointed people in positions of authority that will relative stream related by blood, or related by marriage. However, Mr. adiala, one understood that the community is changing, people are changing. And people don't think the way those companions is to think people aren't as pure of heart, pure of mind, as those those companions will never think even of one another. But now the new Muslims are people that are now accepting Islam, the younger people, they don't have that same type of mentality. And that's why one of the criticisms of us man that would eventually lead to his assassinations, even though it was an unjust

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criticism was that he appointed relatives to positions of authority under the law one, four, so this was an amazing man. He understands he has his hand on the pulse of the people he understands. So he says to say, no comeback, sorry, the Museo de la Juan lives in Medina, and he's happy because he doesn't want to be the leader anyway. He doesn't want to be the governor of Damascus or anywhere else. And when the alarm is attacked, and he's about to die, he appoints as we know assura assura six of the remaining companions from the 10 they will be in the Shura, there were seven living of that time, seven companions out of the 10 promised paradise was still living, and his time Abubakar

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has passed away about our VEDA has passed away, karma is about to pass away, seven after living, but he made the Shura of six. And he said as for salaried employees eight, then he will not be from amongst them. And this haulers have an interesting discussion as to why. And remember, there have been others they said, it's because he was a relative, that same principle is a family member of mine, I don't want to include him in this issue. Another set is because of his personality. And more knew his brother in law, he knew he doesn't want to be Holly fan, he's not interested. So why put him in this position in the first place. And that's also a good lesson. If you know someone, your

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family, they're not someone who wants to go and do something, it's not the position that suits their personality, why put them in that place anyway? Why give them that thing and you know, that it's not something which they're going to necessarily want to do? Remember the law one exclusion, man becomes the halifa

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as man or the law one what he used to do also with the companions, was that he would give them wealth and land and he would pay them in accordance to their rank. When it was the time of Abubakar Khalifa. He would pay everyone the same amount doesn't matter if you're an old Muslim or new Muslim, senior Junior doesn't matter. You all get the same amount of money from the state from the beaten man. Mr. said no. Some mother accepts Islam at the beginning of Islam, and went through difficulty and oppression and torture and fought in all of the battles isn't the same as someone who becomes a Muslim in the final year of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life, there are ranks

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amongst the companions. So he would reward people accordingly. To sorry, the blues he gave them, he gave him a lot of land in a Kufa Kufa in Iraq, modern day Iraq, in the time of man, and it, say the mosaic said to them both, I don't want anything to do with anything. I don't want to be a leader. I don't want to be a governor. I don't want to be a soldier. I don't want to be a general, I will go and live alone. And he took his family and he went, they would call him and they would say, Come and lead the prayer come do this come to because he's a senior companion. He's a major companion. But he would say no, I don't want to do it. And that's why in all of those issues that you hear ramamurthy

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allow assassination and erode your loved one. And then the disagreements that took place between him and while we are all of those connections.

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means you will never find the name of sorry, the Museum of the illawarra wasn't involved, didn't want to know, didn't like to get involved in these issues wanted to keep himself to himself. And that is also something which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that it is a prophetic thing is something which the seminary encourages. When you see a big trial, and you see confusion and you don't know who's right and who's wrong. Sometimes the best option is just to keep quiet and stay away. To stay away, is safer for your religion safer for the region of your family. Why soil yourself in something if you don't know, if you're not sure, and a large soldier hasn't put you in

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that position, where you have to make a choice, stay away. And that's what say the most either of your loved one chose to do. He chose to stay away. Then after your loved one when he moved his khilafah back from wherever it was to Kufa he moved from Medina and he came to Kufa he comes to cufon he makes at the capital of the Muslim Empire, the Muslim state of that time, and sorry, the bruises rhodiola. one happens to be living there. What does he do? He leaves and he goes back to Medina. So this shows you the extent to which he's willing to stay away, he goes back and he moves to Medina, in a place called Alaska, while the Arctic the Valley of Africa in this valley is on the

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outskirts of Medina. And it's mentioned in some of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he moves away and he stays there. And he lives until the 50 or 5100, meaning after the Death Valley, while we are the local incomes and so on and so forth. He is someone who lives he is one of the last of the companions, and one of the last of the 10 to pass away, I think only sad they're going to be overcast rhodiola one passed away after him. So he lived for a long time. And sorry, didn't Jose towards the end of his life, he kept himself to himself. Man Where are we are the Allahu Akbar was the leader of Medina of the Muslims. His governor of Medina would later on become a

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future. Oliver, Marwan Abraham, he was the governor of Medina, and the people of Medina, if you ask them to do something, if you wanted them to agree to something or do something, they would say, no, not until sorry. The museum does it first. The people of Medina knew his status. They knew his virtue. We're not going to agree to anything until 70 degrees if he agrees, we agree. So when they said to him, for example, come and take your seat, is he the son of myopia is going to be the next califa give him bear in the life of myopia. Give him the Pledge of Allegiance? They said, No, not until sir. He agrees. So they went to say the museum and they said, Give him Bayer. He said, No, I

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don't want to be involved in any of these issues. You want to do what you want to go and do it but don't involve me. The problem is all of Medina won't agree until he does. So they said, Take him to Damascus to the governor. Two soldiers came and they said, Come with us, we're going to Damascus to my area. He said, No, I'm not going on staying where I am. They said, either you come, or we will force you.

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So sorry, the museum laughed at them. And he said by Allah, I used to fight for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the day that we're out here and his father, Abu Sufyan were fighting against the Prophet sallallahu. It was him. You think you can come and take me on, I used to fight for Islam, when the halifa and his father were the enemies of Islam. So they left him alone, and they went away. Some of the mothers of the believers, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, some of those who live towards the end in the 40, after the 40th 40th year of the hijra, and so on the last ones to pass away, or some of them, those are passed away in Medina, they were right

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in there, we'll see in the will, that we want sorry, to lead our janazah. When we pass away, sorry, the bluesy, we want him to lead our janaza rhodiola one. And so he kept a very low profile until he passed away himself or your loved one in the 51 history. My time is up, I want to conclude again with that very, very important point. And that is that the companions had very different personalities, very different natures and characters. The amazing thing about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that he was able to use every person's nature and character in a way that would benefit them and benefit Islam. And that's what we need to be able to do with our friends, our

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relatives, our families and our children. We need to understand that people are different, how do I correct the things that need correcting in a way that doesn't break their personality? And how do I nurture the good characteristics that they have, so that they will benefit themselves, their families, their communities, and benefit Islam, as a large soldier that it gives us the strength to use our characters to benefit Islam and their allies that will save us and our families from ever even and harm under a large soldier shows His mercy and forgiveness upon us all. So cannot be merciful, Muslim, Allah Mastani

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Welcome to the line below the mean with some olive oil in Vienna, Muhammad Ali. He was talking to US Marine or said Mr. de la he