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So welcome everyone. I am in Islam of odd Pakistan, and I came across something very, very interesting, very inspirational. And that is a Street Library. Someone has started this initiative.

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And it's called Smart Street Library. Basically, there are books for people to take away and read them and bring them back. And it is entirely based upon trust. Right? You can see here it says, self service, because we trust on you. So if you take a book, you are supposed to bring it back. Right. And you can see it just now open SubhanAllah. What an endeavor. Only in Pakistan. Can you believe it? And what an idea, you know, I always talk about public libraries in Cordova. In the 10th century. There were 70 public libraries in the city of Cordoba in a londolozi in Islamic Spain, where people could walk in and take books and read them. And I always talk about how bookless we are

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today as, as a people, as a community as a civilization. And it is time for us to return to book leanness, right. And this is one of the best ways to do it. What an amazing idea, right? I'm so fascinated and inspired by this. And this needs, this needs to be replicated all around the world, if not the Muslim world, right? Find the magical world of books on the streets of Islam about so this is Pakistan, Islam about what an amazing idea.

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Okay, books are available, like free, they're not to basically for people to take away, but for them to read and bring them back and put them back. Right. There are different topics in focus on Punjab. There is

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the emergence of Pakistan, Paul Kennedy, preparing for the 21st century.

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Amazing books, Quran, the miracle of the Quran, there's a book in order there are other books and nor do religious books. Okay, so books are different topics, books for kids, books for adults, history, and, and many other topics. So this idea is a great idea. I think it should be replicated elsewhere. And we can start this endeavor it doesn't take a lot of money, someone has started it. And I'm really inspired a gift for the book readers of Islam ball, smart library.

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And Earthlink I think a CSR okay, this is these are the people who are doing this. They definitely deserve a sound of CSR initiative by

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the Grand since 2010. I don't know who they are, but they have done an amazing job. amazing idea. I really like it and this is what we need to replicate everywhere. Thank you so much. Just wanted to share this with your family.