Ahsan Hanif – Keys To Knowledge #07

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the truth and not denying one's own successes is emphasized in these segments. The speakers stress the need for caution and language use in media to assert one's own knowledge or weakness. The importance of finding one's own expertise in finding one's own success is also emphasized. The segment discusses the importance of shaming people for their actions and loss of certain people due to their actions, and the negative impact of shaming people on their bodies and relationships. The speakers also mention upcoming events and a course on the weekend.
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mula Ramana Rahim Allah and Roger venial hamradio or him along with Vicki Tammy by any folder in miself Jada and we'll hold off I mean other metadata Academy Award and how prevalent they are the US took a

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couple horses on in Canada when I moved here uniqueness but that's about it well to the hush yet I felt openness yeah and humbly have heard of rotary dial or Obama of hardware we have seen a team the man forcing him for him definitely for human difference

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for Obama of her OBL seen at him them and force him to tre Harada Rosina shared the attitude and nests within him and the unforeseen motor well, they're gonna they're gonna be there. Well, who am Interpol at Abu Iberia, Commander Behati tell your own if a member member the homeowner dilemma we have How do I mean who my way of Halloween whom I would admit he was still there behaving my unit if you're in my unit for subpolar class for inner slider by a half on the fair part NFC Nuada. NFC means who will hurt him, for whoever the insurer will insure elderly now avoiding wet he was discerning.

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A further sign of this is that such a person will not accept the truth, or submitted, he will act arrogantly towards those who speak the truth, especially if they seem to be off of LSS T status, then then him in the eyes of the people where the sign of this meaning from the signs of not beneficial knowledge of having knowledge isn't beneficial is that that person can accept the truth even when evidence is made clear to them. And this isn't speaking about when the set of themselves had genuine differences of opinion. So you choose one opinion over the other because you think that stronger? No, we're talking about positions where you're going against the position of all of the

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setup, you've you've disagreed with them completely. And when someone makes it clear to you that that position was not understanding of the companions and the terbutaline, in the issue of Africa, whatever it may be, the new still rejected and you refuse to accept it. That's what the author is speaking about. That's the sign from the signs of that knowledge not being beneficial, will persist upon this falsehood, simply out of fear that he in the hearts of the people who might oppose him, by his returning to the truth, because you fear that that group of people that respect you now they will no longer respect you? Because you've turned away from them and you've left them. So when you

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see for example, the hadith of an ambassador the Allahu Anhu met when the Prophet Islam wrote the letter to hirato. The room leader in inside Buhari so long narration and miracle reads the letter the prophet sent many questions about a friend in front of him, what did he say at the end? This is the prophet we've all been waiting for. And then when all of his people were threatening to rebel against him, because they didn't accept the Prophet, even though he knew that it was the truth, what did you do? He left the truth, to preserve his kingdom and to preserve his power. That's the worst of people. He knows that is the truth, but he's going to give precedence to the dunya over what is

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pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, and likewise, those people they fear for their position amongst their followers and their people. And so they will stay away from the Quran and the Sunnah simply to keep hold of the position that they have. Such people may even publics publicly censor themselves, and show that they think little of themselves in front of an audience so that people believe that they are harmful and thereby praise them. This is from the subtitle of forms of showing off, as pointed as pointed out by this by the successes, and those who scholars who came after the the willing acceptance of praise and encouragement of it negates their claim of being truthful and sincere at

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the truthful person will always feel falling into hypocrisy into hypocrisy and meeting an evil and

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such a person is always fighting off being praised and accepted and accepting it

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or not Rahimullah fully heard that tournament at MIT, I learned enough here and normally are only unforeseen, higher than what I'm a plumber, or a Corona buffalo behemoth this gear Talmud? What are you talking about? Oh, now the hot aisle has an Rahimullah in the 150 who's here to feed Jr. was overfill authority in Missouri Dean Hill worldwide rd. unworldly winery

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affiliate in Arkansas Park and Lila Eleni sudo su La Nina I assume for a while Ah yes, Holloman doing what I have for the other end when I leave a hula hoop around.

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I said Allah who believed them when I heard you Allah I mean I love a hula hoop a jaw or however Qalamoun a pharaoh petroleum Anna who I don't even know Amaravati Allahu Anhu Manuel totally. Whatever you learn when you learn minasi recolours they do mean how they read Mr. Dooley later well Don Washington one monkey Selden with Allah

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Allah bamboo self in belittling young yoga Tolaga dot sceeto elbow and little behavior in a hookah lovers They're even better be here meditating because they're there you know how she had them when they have better was there the whole zoo loan Kisara

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This is why a sign of the people have not interested they do not think of themselves to be of any great state estates or station.

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They detest it in their hearts praise and uncommon they are common

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nation and they do not act arrogantly towards anyone for the author now is going back to the signs of the people of knowledge. The people who have beneficial knowledge is going back to more of their signs, how you recognize them from them, is that the people have humility and humbleness. Despite their knowledge, despite what Allah azza wa jal has given to them. They don't use that as a means of showing arrogance towards others. And if they speak out the speaker out of love for the vision of Allah and defending religion of Allah, Anna, because they want to get one over on others, or to show that they're more knowledgeable was to uphold the religion of Allah subhanaw taala and His laws, and

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hasn't said that you resist the one who abstains from this world. And this is the hereafter. He has an insight into this religion, and it's an earnest and it's continuous in the worship of sloth. In another narration, he says, Concerning the scholar, one who does not envy those above him, AWMAC those beneath him, and does not take wages for the knowledge that Allah has taught him. The meaning of this last statement, he also has also been reported to us from Allah, Allah Hanuman. If you don't even know emerald, Allah and Homer, the more the people have this beneficial knowledge, increase the knowledge, increase in knowledge, the more the increase in humility before Allah, fie of him, a

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submission to Him. Some of the cell phone said this caller should place thus, some some scholars said this caller should place it should place dust on his head, out of humility before his slot. Each time he increases in knowledge of his load, he increases in fear I love off him as well as humility and submission. So the person who's seeking knowledge for the sake of Allah teaching knowledge for the sake of Allah, doesn't matter who is impressed. I'm not impressed how many followers he has, or doesn't have, how many students you have, what doesn't? His goal is to please Allah subhanaw taala and teach them right that is authentic people like it, they like it, they don't

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like it, they don't like it. And those people who follow after numbers and views and followers and students and those types of issues, then sooner or later Allah subhanaw taala makes their affair known to the people because it's not done purely and sincerely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal

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Rahim Allah long Tiana. I mean Allah Mattila, let me know if you I know who you do lose or people who are ill. How have you been a dunya? Well, I want more. I want to hurry so to show to admit that terbaru granddaddy Codility heard of him agenda but even Allah matalon Minerva so even with passion you mean there they come in a little costume of tearing kind of Sahiba hole for your whole thing should add main activity behind the wheel sharing your coin Macron was the diraja current event watch Maria heartful, dedicado car industry her this me? Well, what were the acidity, from the sign of the beneficial knowledge that it will teach one to flee from this well, what is what is what is

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in it, the worst of which is the desire of leadership, fame and praise. To afford this make every effort in staying away from this is from the sign of the beneficial knowledge. If any of this does occur, without his choice or desire, who is in a state of extreme fear of his end, as easy as that could be define a defined plan and a means of gradually leading him to an evil and

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it was because of this the Imam Rahim Allah used to fear for himself on see became famous because the self didn't like to be recognized. Remember, last year, when we did the book of Abu Hanifa, the book of knowledge, he said that some of the self if the left the sittings, or the gatherings of knowledge, and they had more than two or three students following them, they tell them to go away. Because when you have a number of people following you, what do people think, Oh, you must be someone important. They didn't like that. They said, don't don't gather around me, one of the walk with me one at a time. But don't just go the one mean like that. So the set of didn't like this

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people being put into that position, because there's a fitna and that's why some of the selfies to say when this was to happen is a fitna for the chef and there's a fitna for the students. And so they didn't like to be well known or famous or to have the type of recognition that everyone knows who they are like you remember how to handle Tada. He became famous because of the trials that he went through and because of defending the Sunnah, but when he reached that level of fame, he feared for himself because that is one of the ways in which shape and some times enters upon a person and he corrupts that sincerity and their intention

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or not a human law. I mean Adam had to get him in there for it and that's why he bahala hit dead end mode I have hot will be here the weather in Cebu whether you answer google yahoo email God lemon harvester Nevada, finding find who your target la movie or Baba Nila healer or Baba Lin FC he will constantly refer to her either had

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a dilemma what a momentary Mahalia Ron as your information has shown see with the cup bottle beer in me here the nurse will have who felt near in me nearly him when he spoke to him when he spoke to him in other words, an apostle whom the earth fer rededicating him or her that mean upper burial facades are the four of them. And I said oral Burma. NASA manca nabla homeland Rolla ill gentlemen have left

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it definitely the last letter was so so ug, hula hoop benefi he or her Babu

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We have plenty of money. Here we have what he said to London, he'd be myself from the science of the beneficial knowledge is that one does not lay one does not claim to have knowledge or become forceful of it. He does not accuse others of ignorance unless they oppose the Sunnah. And it is people in which in which case he spoke, he speaks against them out of anger, for the sake of Allah, not out of his personal anger, or the desire of besting him. So he doesn't try to show that he's better or more knowledgeable than others, except terminus, when he needs to speak because of making clear the region of Allah azza wa jal and the laws of Allah subhanaw taala. And what is better or

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not better, what is right or wrong, then he speaks because that is as ash about the Allah when Allah described the Prophet Selim, he never sought revenge for himself, unless one of Allah's laws was broken, and then he would speak for the laws of Alonzo origin. And so if it's the religion of Allah is a religious issues, the issue of halal or haram would have something to do with Allah's religion that he speaks, because that is from preserving the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. But if it's not to do that, then it's not something which the necessary will speak concerning. As for him whose knowledge is not beneficial, he has no concern except to show his to his supremacy over the rest of

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the people by the Minister of his knowledge, to accuse them of ignorance and to and to demean them and to demean them. This from the west and the lonely, lonely list of traits. Such a person will even cast the scholars who came before him as being ignorant and negligent, because such a person loves himself and wants to promote himself, he had a good opinion of himself and a bad opinion of, of those who came before him. And so the student of knowledge should be careful of this. Because sometimes we see students of knowledge, for example, will come to a book of Hadith, like Timothy or Buddha would. And they say that with Timothy was easygoing, in his Hadith narrated from every one

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week the writers and and so he starts to speak about those scholars of Islam and those Imams of Hadith. And he starts to label them as weak or as easygoing, or as lacks in the, in the diligence of choosing narrators. And who are you to go and speak about him and materiality? Who you to go and start criticizing someone like attend with the Abu Dawood or unnecessarily and those Imams of Islam. So sometimes the person because of their lack of knowledge may say certain things, because they want to show that I've studied this and I know this, and I have the ability now to speak about this and you know, even against the Imams of Islam, that's what he's saying here that sometimes it's not even

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about the people around you, or the lead people average people who start speaking now about the scholars, and about the Imams of the syllable until it goes higher and higher to levels that are not befitting for anyone on Urashima hula Well, hello let me know if they had you see, oh, no one maybe emphysema? Yes, no, no one abdomen self Amina Lola AMA, while Corona

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Corona buco became one forcing him to follow Him and said fit him will be RZ him and Buruli mount RTV him when he was odd Yeah. Oh ma Betty ha. I'm gonna send out to me honey feta Osuna and Amato, I swear to you home off for call at one Lahemaa national via Helene B F li B ethylene endless Quran the case and without lubaina home. What kind of unlovable what kind of noodle more about it the Corolla common salsa Yun sheet, the tadoba Nelida clean la tadoba Nicoline Fe victory him they saw how either measure I tell my body that we will have the beneficial knowledge of accept, accept obviously, they have they have they have a bad opinion of themselves and have a good opponent

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opinion of the scholars of the bust. Their hearts accept the nobility and the excellence of the predecessors and the inability to reach their ranks or come closer to them. And you see this in the status of the self how often Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah Tala would be asked about something even though his position was other than that someone had sometimes asked him a question and he would say, I heard the man will hustle and bustle you had this position.

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out of out of humility and humbleness to the scholars who came before he didn't want to disparage the position of someone like a hustler. basally even though the majority of the scholars may have different that hasn't. So someone came and said that's what I want to follow. He said, Okay, you have been has an impossibly came before you. He said the same thing, or apart said Umoja had said it and that's the highest level of of humility and humbleness that a scholar can show. And I will share with Mr. ibid Rahim Allah Tara, Allah Tada. Often in his lessons, when people ask him questions, you would say, I have shocked members used to say this reality means that there's another chef, you will

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always do this very common in his in his questions and answer sessions, he would just say, I heard so and so say this, and that's how I answered his questions. And that's what the seller for us to do. It says someone so said it, you have an Imam, that's enough for you that an imam of Islam said that before you because what you don't want is to do something that no one did before you know, Imam with the seller ever said, you have an imam of the setup. And that's something that you want to follow. 100 is to have an imam. That's how you want to take your knowledge, take your knowledge in that way. And that's the way of the setup they always have people have humility and humbleness.

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As the saying of Abu Hanifa when he was asking about a one one he was asking us to which of these two was better?

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I will come or less what he said but Allah we are not even deserving of mentioning them let alone determine in determining which of them is better uncommon as what are two students of the students have been there from the teachers of the teachers remember honey for him Allah He was asked which one of them was better? He said we shouldn't even be mentioning their names their own determining which one is better like my nothing compared to their who am I to tell you which one is better than the other? Let someone comes now and says oh is Imam Muhammad better or Shafi is manic petrol chef is about honey for his mother, who used to start going into this and give them those Imams have done

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what they did and they sacrificed for Allah's religion, Allah has given them the reward. Are you pleased to come and start determining who's better, who's not better and who's more pious on a pious, who's more knowledgeable, knowledgeable, you focus on yourself and learn what you know and what you need to know as opposed to trying to now determine and that is what Allah has written in the Quran. He said Tilka Rasul. Allah azza wa jal said in the Quran, mentioned in the Quran, that it's not from the position of the believers to say that some of the prophets of Allah are better than other prophets of Allah. It's not to even the largest gift, some of them status that is higher

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than other profits. But if it is done in that way that this one is better than the other, that one's better my profits, but that's not something which the profits that I'm used to like and that is what he said in the Hadith. in Bukhari, none of you should say that I'm better than Yunus Gibney Mehta, the Prophet Yunus. Sorry, Sena, even though the Prophet said about each man is better. But each man is part of our Eman that is the best of Allah's creation. But when it's done as the competition between prophets to demean or belittle one over the other, that is not something which is from the religion. And so likewise with the scholars of Islam, if it's done to defeat the mean, one ought to

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say that this one was better or my chefs better than yours or my imam or my Muslim friend, and that's not from the way of the people of knowledge.

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When the madness of the self were mentioned to him, even involved, I would say the following First of poetry do not mention us alongside them. The healthy when walking or not like the disruptive, decrepit, decrepit, meaning the one that can't walk, meaning us and the self, select the person that can't walk and the one that can walk, the difference between us is massive. And so you don't need to involve yourself in these issues. Or a lot of human loyalty either, while men nail them or you're on if you're in need of someone from the NADA element of a demo, hopefully male and female party with the Chicago Motor Show pokel killer. On the Linux here they inform them following me with Dhaulagiri

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in the law. They probably in hustle be here I miss Liefeld info sabe here Armand Saba Fattah Fattah complimented them was Raleigh he was a legendary well Ayala, Moon Myskina and nothing later Kela Neiman Serafina McKenna war on Washington Lila whoa Rodell caribou Atlanta Tola mirages and coming up on our bestseller on the Allahumma performing seminar community about only 50 Americium to enter the law here a bed and a skirt. A skirt a toe Tom Hershey Tula human lady I mean lady Regan wherever we're in the home Lahoma Luna wonderful Swaha over to La Pa one new Bella and remember it will be a random it will be a yes

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or no either to that total data call.

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Oh you don't know me that total of metal is either to the quarter of amatola partial 330 K lira and homie that courroie vomit Allah Hitachi delicato lumen K Surat, Kulu boohooman tata elsina To whom haughtiness develpoment min Delica use airone Allahu La Maddy sirki at are doing Amazon million with a real pain in the human FTS who nopalea Oh no, my blood Amina was assaulted in we're in the homeless abroad on Winona Ballroom

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in the Himalayas, take your own Allahu Allah anomalistic for your own Ella Hill kefir. Well I don't want other who believe what I do and Ali Bin Ahmed whom Hi Tamara let us definitely move the moon and we should own our genome and our ha if we want haha whoever in our own right mineral oil

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whoever this knowledge is not beneficial and deems himself to be better than those who those who preceded him in in this position will also do himself better than better than them in knowledge or in standing before Allah, who will look down upon those who came before him or mock them for having little knowledge. This poor person does not realize that the lack of speech arising from the self will stir you to the leaving the permissible and fearing Allah had the wishes to speak and elaborate. They were fully capable of doing so. But even our boss or the law on whom I heard some people debating our religion, he said, Do you not know that Allah has servants who are silenced by

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the fear of Allah an illness or dampness? The truth is called as eloquent intelligent, noble scholars aware of Allah's blessings, except that when they remember the greatness of Allah, their minds are over.

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Come the heartbreak from the fear of Allah and the tanks are silence it. When they recover from this state, they hastened to perform righteous deeds thinking themselves to be amongst those who had fallen short. They're intelligent and strong against oppressors and sinners. Whilst being bias free of oppression and sin. They never believe that they have done too much on up on our content will move a little worship.

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They do not look down or any actions of worship, they do not look down on any actions of worship. Whenever you meet them, you will find them focus it humbled Trump and fVf proposal but I will invite him and others esteem interview an ambassador of the Allahu Anhu man, it's an amazing statement that the scholars of Islam all they want to do is worship Allah and DO what is pleasing to Allah and find the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's what their focus is. That's their focus for themselves. That's the focus for the students. That's their focus in their teaching, and the spreading of knowledge. So they don't busy themselves and things that aren't beneficial and they

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don't busy others and their students with things are not beneficial. And if they wanted to they could have because they were qualified in many, many subjects in many, many areas. But they were always looking for what is the most pleasing thing to Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's how you find the personal True Knowledge. All he does is focus on what is pleasing to Allah and spreading what is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal because he wants people to be engaged in everybody wants people to worship Allah and to do good deeds. And he doesn't go into issues that will stop people from worshiping Allah like the example that we gave that example that the author mentions about those

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people are disputed as to when the last third of the night occurs, happened or occurred in one location or one place on what's the person going to do at the end is going to stop people from worshipping Allah and the last third of the night. They're gonna think doesn't make sense to me how can even be not possible that must be weak, and they won't worship Allah, instead of that, and that's why the psychologist wrote books on fertile virtues and rewards and merits even though sometimes many of those generations had weakness in them, but they would rather you focused on that, because that rabada of liquor and Quran and worship of Allah it's established in the Quran and the

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Sunnah maybe the Hadith a particular wording isn't established but the principle is establish the rule for you to worship Allah by reading Quran thinking that you get your reward even if you don't get the reward you get the rewards. Well then you focus on stuff that doesn't benefit you doesn't help you only takes you away from Allah subhanaw taala and Allah who in a from another human Allah to Allah, wa jal Imam Ahmed with to medium in heavy heavy metal the Allaha and Annie Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and no all at higher oil. Are you sure with an immediate email? Well, whether we'll buy a new shirt with an even NFL or hasenhuttl Mini Johann Roger will help him also have a holiday a

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horrible job and a horrible job no hit benefits are here and then we hold the Allahu Anhu an intermediate Salah who are using the man who called L binomial L by aluminium law he was very human to shaytaan release it by an OB Castro to Colombia with Akindele Bernal phospholipid help. What are you little Kedem Allah can men selfie * help of numerosity Muhammad evening carbonyl all of the yarn, Ravi of university Mohammed unicameral for over a year and in the views of Allah How do you know about Sarah young also be in the lab to fit dunya where you did it could be hidden. Sara tema who are Allamani that are Rahimullah higher where you listen Allah Luminarc della Sera two minute

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Eman al higher oil alpha for when you listen. You will call people are evil Amell or who were who named me many years or who know me many years it made me mad he or she didn't feel well who know me many years it didn't feel right to where we spend a minute dunya

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also nominate dunya amazing Nephele SRT ekonomi million may also nominate dunya or we had Mr. Farming with him life all about the setup Incarnate Word doula agents who either call me for your own and maybe hearing genuine maybe hearing you and in the hula 31 Muslim, Imam Ahmed and Timothy recorded the narration of Abu Omar Abdullah and the prophets of Allah assalamu said modesty and withholding the tongue are two prompts of faith, loneliness and Liquin an illiquid speech to prompts of hypocrisy. It was declared sound by through media and also referred by hacking or declared authentic Hillary is the inability to talk. And he is someone who has a speech impediment so they

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can't talk. And so the meaning of this hadith is that someone who remains quiet not physically the physical impediment, but someone who observes the same thing because the person who can't talk physically isn't going to speak much because they physically can't speak and hear in this hadith saying that that's a good thing to have to be a person who doesn't speak too often. Who remains quiet more than they speak. That's a good trait to possess.

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A burn recorded the narration of our or the law and the prophets of Allah and cinema said today clear speech is from Allah an inability to speak is from Shaytaan. Free speech is not speaking a great deal. Rather, it's stating the truth, an inability to speak

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doesn't mean little. It doesn't mean doesn't mean literal speech, but it means to make a mockery of the truth amongst them among the Murase reported reports of Muhammad, even

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Alhaji alpha z from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ista, he said, there are three matters which cause the servant lost in this world, but he will find that which is greater than them in return in the hereafter joining the ties of kinship, modesty and withholding the tongue, how do they cause loss in this world, because sometimes ruining the ties of kinship means that you have to do certain things that you wouldn't like to do, you have to sacrifice you have to do certain things go out of your way out of your comfort zone. And likewise, modesty modesty sometimes means that you lose certain people around you certain friends, certain opportunities, because of your shyness and your modesty and

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withholding your speech or your tongue also, because people will think this person can't speak he doesn't have the ability to not fun to be around doesn't really jokes, you lose certain things. But Mohammed bin cam said even if you lose things in the dunya, what you will gain in the Akira is much better or far greater.

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Only bin Abdullah said three matters from the faith, modesty, chastity and withholding, withholding the tongue not withholding the heart or actions. These are things which cause gain in the Hereafter, and loss in this life. But what's gained in the hereafter is greater than that which lost in this world. This has also been reported as say, a saying of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, but it's weak. Some of the set of set the hub's messes with some people, and they think that he's an he's unable to speak, whereas he's fully capable of his speech. But he is a Muslim scholar, some of the people, the solid scholars of the self because of how little they would speak. People used to think

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that they had no knowledge, they didn't know anything, they had nothing to contribute to the conversation. And that's not the case. It's just because they used to withhold their tongues. And that's why some of the stuff used to say that people use it whether you think that that person has no knowledge because it's unknown to you don't know who he is, you don't know his value. But in reality, that person is a solid he's an Imam, but he just won't speak about anything and everything he will only speak when it is beneficial.

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Allahu Allah. Allah Muhammad Allahu Taala from an adult seminar or Fedora Sarah Seattle Alison this will go to my merciful to me whom and Laura will Columbia cathedral Hassan was the other to fill by any other means. You tell me a corner Ian whether jehlen wa Casola we're in America and around Washington de la who's still out and I'm not I am Pharaoh Bhima here are seven feet radical Qalamoun Fuseli dinner for a few feet of zero for anyone how do you feel physio Dr. Walker told me Well my dad coming back I can lay movie from inside so we don't focus on the woman sadaqa lawyer rossabi remodel horrific authorities herbal bath will be developed to enable qualifying for any rottefella

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who've been falling while nfcu been not sicker and a Howard who Oliver

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whatever knows the way they are the set of will know that the silence is certain matters, such as excessive speech, argumentation and debate and an increase in upon explanation beyond that it's necessary does not come from an inability to speak no ignorance no due to shortcoming. Rather, it comes from the leaving of the permissible fee of Allah and the pre preoccupy themselves with those affairs which would be benefited rather than those of us who would that contain no benefit, regardless of whether it whether it to be in the foundations of the religion, or it is

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tertiary issues.

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The fear of the Quran the explanation of the Hadith,

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US citizen martyrs which soften the heart wisdoms and acts extortions, rotation exhortations and whatever else the self spoke about, whatever follows the bath in this is rightly guided, and whoever does not instead, in forefront himself in excessive questioning disputation and speculations is not rightly guided. However, if this data person was to admit the excellence and his own shortcoming, then he is closer to them. There are three types of people that will do the same when it comes to following the self. The first are those people who strove to follow the way of the self to the best of their ability to learn from their knowledge and to seek from the knowledge and to follow in their

00:29:16 --> 00:29:49

footsteps. They are the best of those people. And Allah azza wa jal rewards them for their efforts and their sincerity. The second group of people are those who oppose the way of the self, and they belittle the self and they demean the self, and they believe that they are more knowledgeable than the self. And those are the people that are far away from that path. And from that methodology, and the third group of people are those who oppose the way of the self, but not because they think that they are better for for some other shortcoming or lack of Eman or whatever it may be. They know that the knowledge of the self is greater, but for one shortcoming or other they still don't follow that

00:29:49 --> 00:29:58

path or they don't follow it completely. Those people are in the middle what they do have good they get good and what they do of harm or evil or wrong then that's upon them as well.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa taala. Es una Moro yet Amina Adela already for our event of sea level who are about to you know the WHO firmer I book all at the throttle kala we need Darlene MC and follow Edmund Serbia who now soldier for Bala Bala them moving in and will hacia la salon and Alima if your dream that if if he had Hitler's manifested into him and your volume shadow Nipsey and you're gonna demon and Allahu Allah bah

00:30:26 --> 00:31:05

bah in Libya in your corner in the desert maneras. Family. Where do you find the fsfe Nila Heafy among Caterina who have been Allah who I defer to Nick Tessa, we might have Tila here. Well, I'm your buddy Libya, and you're gonna add him in and then nicely the father told his son in law why he was on pada ballerine. Mother You bet he will you marry me? He's only yesterday. Maybe he will do hand sad if and yet but what my father whom and now he asked me anymore. I said Only a fool is unaware of his own deficiencies. It was asked to him it was asked of him. What is your shortcomings, he replied to speaking too much. It's even more obvious from the solid with the tabular in. He said,

00:31:05 --> 00:31:40

everyone, every person of intelligence and knowledge should know his own weaknesses. So someone asked him, What's your weakness, he said, I speak too much, even though that generation of scholars didn't speak as much as those who came later. But even for them, they recognize that what we're doing is more than what the companions did. And sometimes there's a need, as we said, sometimes it's to refute people's people's want, or people's harm, or whatever it may be the innovations. So there's a need for it. So it's not always one, but it's recognizing the methodology. So if there's a need to do it is halal, in fact, sometimes is wajib upon you to speak more, to refute evil or to

00:31:40 --> 00:32:03

correct misunderstanding or to help people in the region. You have to, that's part of our religion. But just as it being a normal methodology, or to think that that means sorry, that is better than the way of those who spoke less from the center. That's where the problem is, as Lourdes has mentioned throughout this book, however, if this latter person was, was to attribute excellence to himself and deficiency or ignorance to those who preceded him,

00:32:04 --> 00:32:10

then he has clearly in then he has clearly deviated and has suffered a great loss.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:53

In summary, in this in this corrupt times, it's upon the person to either to be content to the hate escala in the sight of Allah or not, be or not be content with this, and instead, content himself with being a scholar in the eyes of the people. If you choose the first then let him suffice with Allah is a recognition of him for whoever has a special relationship with Allah will suffice, will suffice with Allah as recognition of him, whoever choose the second one, then he falls under the saying of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whoever seeks knowledge to compete with the scholars, or to argue with the force or to be or to win the attention of the people, letting him take this place in

00:32:53 --> 00:33:29

the fire, like everything in this religion. If you do it for the sake of Allah and to please Allah, Allah will recognize you and Allah will make the people happy with you and Allah will open for you the treasures of this life and the next. But if you do it for the people, and you turn away from Allah, then Allah will give to only the people and you won't have anything from Allah azza wa jal will do the word other than Allah who may come on Rahim Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Hayworth in Obi limini Ebola who knows what am I doing Angela human Ilja healing or fear so humans human I never heard of that on the law regarding the use of the law honey Solomon who are in a woman to Saudi

00:33:29 --> 00:33:37

Hinata with her in a Willem and Tusshar will be hidden out of the data. How do we know to our level value or the home or power

00:33:38 --> 00:33:47

or the home early or your cleaner O'Meara behave for us have some oatmeal Robbie he says hello allergy he had only effing now

00:33:49 --> 00:34:27

for 11 Top bananas to me that it tells you that the Logitech took me bananas Yeah, hi Luca and how you can lose your ugly Mona Madeline be Funkadelic. Defeated, they felt like they stepped down a lady who had been lady who a high one to Parliament Raja Tirana, de Raja to valamar. Who have even inward said it could be done this call is called Search by the people but in the sight of Allah is from the ignorant meaning that what is important is what the people call you. What is important is the way that Allah sees you. If the people will call you a scholar, or they will call you a pious man or they will call you generous, but in the sight of Allah you none of those things, doesn't

00:34:27 --> 00:34:43

matter what the people call you. And so it's not about what the people see you as what they call You are the labels they give you. What matters is what Allah azza wa jal sees you as and what he calls you with him. subhanaw taala remember, Muslim recorded the narration of Ebola and the prophets of Allah and cinema said

00:34:45 --> 00:34:47

the first to be burnt in the fire or three.

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

One of whom is this color under recite of the Quran, who only lent that knowledge that they might be called a scholar or a reciter that was seen by them

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

That was that was said of them and they will be dragged face first into the fight. If one does not content the soul this content in it instead with the position of church simply because this the position that people respect then he has chosen that which is lesser instead of that which best and he has to remove it from the ranks of the scholars to the ranks of the oppressor meaning he wants to label of the people like the label of Judge point in the title, even Roger. It's one of the highest positions that you can use or reach as a scholar. You're the judge. You're the Mufti, you're the you know, share whatever it may be. You think that's what people want. They want to label they want to

00:35:37 --> 00:35:55

position whoever wants that Allah will give it to them, but they won't have the reward of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah doesn't care about the labels that people give to you, or the qualifications that you have or what the people say. Allah azza wa jal looks at your heart and your action and your Eman and your class. That's what Allah azza wa jal looks at

00:35:56 --> 00:36:45

all Rahimullah when he heard the call available seller Phila Merida Lemme lemme UI Darnell comma Ferber in the meta limb to learn manual Shalabi email and via Illa man will look for in Aruna you Sharon via one COBOL to your Sharona man will look. But I will delete minimum well I mean Emil Sabadell Coleen Hetalia so let me he Isla Raha tiempo de la for injures our LM your spirit for Hua param Lulu. Mon Savio, one sobre la firma min sabara femoral upper lemma your spirit woman Jessica woman jazzy Alpha Kalamata alternately member Scheffer, your Rahim Allah who you should, yeah enough Suma here in LA sobre yummy kinda moved to Canada to her abodo data. Can I move data I'm worthless

00:36:46 --> 00:36:56

me enough to God I need to z and it's too juicy and it Dounia Mova Dr. Ratan Lyon has in Malaysia, in Malaysia called

00:36:57 --> 00:36:58

for in Malaysia

00:37:01 --> 00:37:06

and it's Allah Tada. And when Nafisa whenever Ruby him in Edmond Lyon, Amin,

00:37:07 --> 00:37:20

amin FC LaTisha, Amin DARIAH ELO smart Allah who may know narrow the becoming holder in Alba hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was so happy he married

00:37:21 --> 00:37:53

this is why one of the self was offered the position of judge here fusidic saying, I only serve to notice so that I may be restricted with the with the prophets not that I may be resurrected with kings, let's call this Arabic directed with the prophets and the judge Aerostructures with the Kings, not all of them, obviously, but those who take that position for the sake of the dunya otherwise our judges as we know, that do it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, and they have a great station in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. But it also is the norm, that there are many judges to do it for the dunya because of the position and the wealth that comes with it and the power that is

00:37:53 --> 00:38:07

attached to it. It's necessary that the believer has a small amount of patience in order for him to attain the of the everlasting please, if he dispersed, becomes an impatient, he is an imminent Mubarak set.

00:38:09 --> 00:38:48

Whoever has patience, whoever has patience, how short is the duration of his patience? Whoever despairs, how short is the duration of his enjoyment mean? That if you want to be patient, then you only have to be patient for a short time before Allah azza wa jal gives you a reward. And if you're not going to be patient, and you're going to take the dunya, then even the time of the dunya is short. Either way it is short, but one will bring eternal happiness and reward from Allah azza wa jal and other one brings nothing except the anger and the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala Imam Shafi Rahim Allah He used to say the following lines of poetry, or my soul is only a few days of patient.

00:38:48 --> 00:38:59

Its length is like a fleeting dream. All my soul through this world passes through this world pass swiftly and leave it for true life lies ahead.

00:39:00 --> 00:39:38

We ask Allah for beneficial knowledge and we seek refuge with him from knowledge that does not benefit from the heart that does not fear Allah from the soul does not content from us publication that's not answered, oh Allah who seek refuge with you from these for all praise and thanks to Allah, the Lord of the worlds where Allah bestow His peace and blessings upon our leader Muhammad upon all of his family and his companions, his book of the barrage of Grammatology. So it's an amazing book, not very long, but contains very important lessons and reminders for all of us. And Sharla Tada, we come with that to the end of this weekend's course on I give my ijazah to in the

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

three books that we studied the book have been Ferris McElderry and the book will have evil about whatever the * up we thought it will Hadith and this book of ignore Roger Brian, Willa Tara, and if you registered as you know by no doubt, you know by now the process inshallah Tada you will receive those prizes in due course and in due time and I wanted to share that data to remember what we learnt this weekend. As we progress in terms of seeking knowledge

00:40:00 --> 00:40:25

are striving for knowledge and traveling for the sake of knowledge and seeking the knowledge of the self that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah Tada as I said, we will have a q&a on Tuesday 8pm inshallah online, and our next course will now be after lunch around mid July sometime in Atlanta and that information will be given out in Sharla on the telegram groups closer to the time BarakAllahu li masala Mohammed rather early or sommige mine, Salam Alikum

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