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AI: Summary © The story of Islam is discussed, highlighting the importance of happiness and the use of it as a means to achieve wealth. The speaker warns against using one's wealth to make a living and suggests that it comes from resources like money, clothing, and resources like wealth. The speakers stress the need to find one's own success and set priorities for it to create a positive life.
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As if it was on Irina, and in Hadith Kitab Allah He

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was the head he had Juna be Gina Mohammed in Salalah. Harare, he was he was

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death in beta. What could it be that in

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all places due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide

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I bear witness that none is worthy of worship. None is worthy of our ultimate love and devotion, but Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was his his servant, and His Messenger or you who believe, fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of submission to your Lord as Muslims, all mankind, be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person, and from him he created his wife, and from them both he created many men and women, and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is ever an old water over you, are you who believe, keep your duty to

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Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah. And the best guidance is that all Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

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And the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the newly invented matters in religion, and innovation and Buddha, and every day is misguidance.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, Allah God can fer saucy him a Beratan leoline Al Bab. Indeed, and their stories there are lessons for people of understanding people

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are live and those who are looking for the truth.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran about the story of a man called Kowloon and the story doesn't occur in the Quran for entertainment. Actually, the story has a lot of relevance to our times. So in this hotline sha Allah we will just go briefly over the story of Koran and

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try to reflect and see the connections that we can learn from that story. In our times,

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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in a corona can I mean only Musa la him that's a now Hulan kono Xena in number 30 Who that I know who we lose Betty only

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if call Allah who call me

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in the Lucha Hain web Ituri FEMA attack Allahu wa

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one Athens and I'll see you back in a minute. duniya Singh Kham Allahu eek whatever if I said the fill in Allah, Allah you will move Syrian

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common was a man from the people of Musa alayhis salam. So he lived at the time of Musa alayhis salam, and at the time of the Pharaoh

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and the scholars of FCSA our own was some sort of a minister for the

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affairs of the

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Jewish people at the time or Bani Israel.

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And Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with so much wealth, plenty of wealth, possessions,

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to the point that Allah subhanaw taala describes his wealth. Allah says the keys to his treasures, only the keys to where he stores his treasures

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can hardly even be carried and handled by 10 strong people, these are the keys only. So you could imagine how much wealth he had he had in store.

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The wise among his people told him later for

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Do not be overjoyed us to not let the joy of the possessions and the wealth that you have been given don't let that

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carry you to a point where you transgress, will you abuse it?

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Well, you will

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No thankful to Allah subhanaw taala who gave it to you, lots of frogs do not rejoice with password.

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And then for which we usually translate as joy and rejoicing, is mentioned in the Quran, sometimes

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with a positive sense sometimes with a negative sense ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, for example, going to be familiar here will be Mati Febi. There, you carefully have to tell them with the blessings of Allah and His mercy that he sent down upon you. This is what you should be curious about. This is what you should feel happy about.

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So this is a good way of our good style of happiness are good form of happiness, that you are happy or you are joyful, for the right reason for the things that really matter. For the blessings that are connected to your eternal happiness, that's the reason for real joy and follow. Whereas if you are joyous about things that are merely trials, like wealth, what was usefulness? Wolf is not necessarily a pure blessing. It could be a curse, it's a test, how you use it, and how you manage it

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is what really matters.

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So these people said to him, the wise ones among these people, they said, Do not be joyous. Do not get overboard, do not let that the wealth that Allah has bestowed upon you don't let the joy with that.

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Allah Allah your head Boothferry hain, Allah does not love the people who get carried away with the joy of the worldly possessions to a point of transgression.

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But as people take this out of context, and they think the Quran says Allah doesn't love the people who are happy, and that's not true. Allah created us for happiness. Allah wants us for happiness, and the real happiness that Allah wants for us, which is the ultimate one Allah calls it in the Quran. A sad, Allah refers to the people who will be ultimately happy in paradise, which is the real success. Those are the people who will have the real joy which really matters, Allah says, And the sooner you do, those who have this happiness, which is a sad, the prophecy describes people of Anasazi, Chicago, the people of sad the people of paradise, the people of real happiness, and people

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of the Hellfire are the people of misery and ABIs.

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So the fella that doesn't want us to have the joy that Allah subhanaw taala warns us against is the joy that is in the wrong place about the right for the wrong reasons. That gets the person carried away to do something that is wrong. What bitterly fina attack Allahu dal fer those wise ones are giving him advice. They said, Whatever Allah subhanaw taala has given you use it as a means to the Hereafter. And that summarizes what our relationship with everything in the world should be. Every blessing in the world should be a vehicle that leads us to Allah, your wealth, your children, your family, your job, your resources, your beauty, your clothes, your possessions, your talents, your

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gifts, your skills, all of that is a blessing from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And you aren't meant to treat it as a means or as a way to get you to Allah. Weber Terry FEMA attack, Allahu Allah,

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us what Allah has given you, for the sake of the hereafter. That's why Allah gave it to you in the first place, or gave it to you for you to use it as a tool for you to attain ultimate happiness. Anyone who gets blinded by the blessings Allah has given them thinking it is there just to enjoy, then they haven't got the message, right? The reality of all of these blessings is they are gifts. Allah facilitated ways for you to make it to paradise Allah has given you wrote your Biller, you have resources, you have cash.

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Then remember Allah gave this to you to see how you're going to handle it. And Allah gave you an easy way to Paradise. That's what it means.

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When a 10 cent asleep they come in and duniya the balance comes about here. And do not forget about your share in this life, because you have a share as a human being who's living in this world. You need food, you need clothing, you need accommodation, you need a decent life, that's your share of this world.

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All the means these that you have to be met. This is your shirt. There's nothing wrong with that. There's no sin. There's no harm. When you take care of all of that. It's your right it's your share of this world.

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that when Allah has given you wealth, you fulfill these needs, do not go overboard. That's the point.

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We're both alternatively not attack Allah who doesn't

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see becoming a dunya. What sin can send unique, and be good, be generous, be kind as Allah has been generous to you, Allah has been generous Allah has given you. That means you should respond in kind, by being good by being generous by doing well. Doing well by managing your wealth, well using it for a good reason using it to build projects that will employ people and improve people's the light of day the quality of people's lives, or use it to help those who are in need.

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Or use it to offer some kind of service or facility

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or offer it to spread the word of truth to everyone as much as possible, is income X and Allahu Allah because Allah has been good to you, you haven't earned that you might think you've earned it. It's all from Allah at the end of the day, even the means you use to earn a living are from Allah.

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The word that you put to make a living and to get your paycheck to paycheck is from Allah in the first place. So you can't claim anything to yourself?

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Well, I think about us and Allah will take one example in facade or fill out and do not seek to spread corruption.

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Do not

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abuse your power.

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Because wealth comes with power. And we see this today, people who have the wealth, people have the resources, the big corporations and enterprises, they are the ones who have the power, who influence the politicians, and influence the policies, and see how our country is governed and how the economy is being run. People of wealth have the power this happens all across the globe.

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wealth comes with power brings about a lot of resources gives the person a lot of leverage.

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And most humans are weak when they when they have power, they tend to abuse it. So those wise people advised him

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Do not seek to abuse your wealth and your power, do not do something wrong with what Allah has given you. And all of that.

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The background of all of this is actually this is all from Allah. So do not get overwhelmed, do not get carried away with that kind of wealth and that kind of power in Allah Allah. Allah doesn't have those who spread corruption, who do wrong, people who say things and

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it could be the corruption of anything. But first and foremost, the corruption of people's hearts. That's the worst type of facade. If you spread drunk information about Allah are you to teach people falsehood or a false religion.

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This is corruption because you are ruining people's chances of making it to Allah of making it to Jannah you're destroying their hearts. And that's a huge sin. It's a great veil, a great violation.

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And then there are other types of facade where you can spoil someone's life financially,

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especially in the state of our own, a person who has a lot of wealth, obviously, he has so much power and some of the scholars have said they said, he used his power and his influence to take over people's lands and houses. He used to limit people in money with interest. And when they were unable to pay the interest, he would take their property and he would annex it to his own wealth.

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So money comes with a lot of power, don't abuse that Allah doesn't love this. You ruin someone's financial life, someone's family life, steal my social life, you ruin someone's reputation. You ruin someone's emotional life by bullying them by slandering them. This facade that Allah subhanaw taala hates, and Allah doesn't love. The ones who create facade, any kind of damage that you bring into a person's life is facade.

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Whether one person or a group of people, or a society or a nation, that's that's something that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't love. Now look at the response of our own.

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Call in Mr. Ott, nd Allah may, Allah, Allah communicably Human men and women who shouldn't do me know what a work

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well, I used to be him on.

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The way if you read his wealth, he said, I must have a special place with Allah that's why he gave me wealth.

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There's something special about me that Allah favored me with wealth whenever

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Anyone else is poor and struggling

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and thus differ in every self as he met him online, he says

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in Nephi, equality Neff sin min Henneman, net with

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every self, every human self has some of the traits of phenomena. But he says, Well, I can never allow in enough equally innocent men have been that way for a while I can never worry who urges that every self has this kind of tendency to claim lordship for itself. The self has this tendency to make itself for God to make itself this perfect being.

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But for one was able to claim the Lordship and divinity to himself but most people decide to do that. Or most people don't have the resources to do that.

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So he said, I must have something special with Allah. And Allah talks about this in the Quran, Allah says a million sound will either

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be a common event to Allah Who forgot the rally here is fair or be a Hernan killer.

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That man, human beings when Allah subhanaw taala gives them wealth, or makes life easy for them. They say Allah has honored me, I must be special with Allah that He has given me all of this.

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And when a man is deprived and not given the wealth or the going through hardship and back and they're struggling, they say Allah has disgraced me, Allah has forsaken me Allah has given up from me.

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Allah says no. And the prophets I send them says about the dunya.

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europei heard him and you hit Bremen, Allah subhanaw taala gives this dunya to the ones he loves and the ones he doesn't love. So when we get our share of this dunya is not an indicator at all of how much love Allah has for us, or how much connection we have in Allah. It's not a sign of Eman. It's not a sign of goodness, it's not a sign of pure it's not a sign of faith, that you have wealth or we don't have wealth, it's irrelevant. Connection, there's no real connection. Allah gives this dunya to the ones he loves them, the ones he hates.

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And we know the story of

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a Ubuntu he said that his two friends who remained with him after long years of suffering with the illness, one of them said

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you must have done something he must have committed a sin that is unforgiving that Allah has tested him with such intensity.

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But when

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you buddy, he said I've received this he said Allah I haven't I don't recall myself doing any sin. But it's the assumption of humans that when someone is tried with hardship or illness or poverty, we assume that Allah subhanaw taala is disgracing me, Allah is displeased with me. There is no connection. This is an assumption that has no foundation or no basis.

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When Allah says haven't

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go on scene that we have destroyed nations what much more power much more wealth than he had before?

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Because they disbelieved we destroyed them and they had wealth. So wealth is not an indication of Allah's love or your connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. Then our own displays His glory, his wealth, his powers, and he comes out he walks in public with all of his luxuries for Harada only he if he Xena,

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he displays his vehicles, his cars, his private jet, his properties, his palaces, His commands, right? We have this today. A lot of the celebrities do less. That's why you know the celebrities online that's what they do. They display their wealth, right attracts the weaker ones. Look at the responsive is people

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on Lavina duniya later and I miss nama oto Qarun in our little have an oven. Those people who want dystonia, people have gotten why they, why they are here for or what they are here for why Allah place them in this world. What is the meaning of this world that it is just a journey to the hereafter? You shouldn't forget that. The moment you forget it you become attached, overly attached to this dunya you lose your direction.

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You lose the right orientation or what happens your priorities are messed up. Your desires are messed up what you value value some mystery. You start with the wrong things.

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So those people

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who wanted this worldly life as a

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I says when they saw power ruin with all of his wealth and his luxury with this beautiful display of Allah's blessings upon him, they said, We wish we have the same as our own indeed, he's a man of great fortune. He's been favored.

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The hearts were taken

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by them that buy the beauty of this world but look at the believers Larina Otto the way you're calm, for wobble, likely your own demon am and our amela saleha when it will occur

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so the people of knowledge people with a true understanding of true faith, they said Woe to you. What kind of logic Do you have? You have forgotten about the reality of this world. This is a man who believes in Allah. This is a man who wrongs people is a matter of people's worth and money and the rights.

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This man has all of this corruption in his life and his behavior. He missed his future up with Allah subhanho wa taala. And all you care about is his wealth, all you see is his wealth. And that's what I'm unlovable youth today are absorbed into they see a lot of these celebrities, a lot of these stars. And a lot of these famous people, rich people, they have no shame. They have no morality, they have no good character. They do bad things in this world, the spreading corruption, they have no real value system.

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It doesn't make a difference. They still see them as role models. Why is the rich? Why? Because they're famous. Why? Because their lifestyle seems to be attractive.

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Morality is no longer a criteria for people to judge or for people to classify others into choose their role models wisely. They choose based on wealth based on worldly possessions.

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So the ones of faith they say, the reward of Allah subhanaw taala is far greater than that is far better than that. For those who believe women and men are amela solid.

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They do righteous deeds.

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It's better. So don't be deluded by this immediate temporary, beauty and luxury because that's going to end soon this is going to come to an end soon, I will be over so you should aspire for the greater good, that is eternal, that's not going to end. That's what you should be looking looking for. That's what you should be coveting and looking today at the world as well. We shouldn't lose our priorities. Allah gave us blessings and Allah gives wealth to the good and the bad. Some people get their wealth from good sources. Some people get their wealth from abusing people and taking advantage of

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people who are less fortunate. It doesn't mean making wealth is good.

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Having wealth is a great test from Allah subhanho wa taala. What really matters is how a person where a person gets their wealth from and how they use it as the Prophet SAW Allah when he was in them said had to use Allah and marry him in a nectar center who were female and found out that a person will be asked in the day of judgment about their wealth, where they got it from how did they earn it? Is it a Halal means is a good means?

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Or is it a bad one? And how did they spend it? How did they use it?

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That's what really matters. So the story of our own here we all what it tells us is that you should not be deluded by the immediate reality by the glare of beautiful things. You should be more insightful see beyond that. See the bigger picture with this life and its real pace. That doesn't mean we undermine wealth or resourcefulness not at all.

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If you can earn money from a Halal means, and put it to good use, by all means, do this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so I'm gonna ask Allah who I know Near money man of Saudi, Julius salah. It's a good thing to have good money, good wealth, or it's good for a good person to have good wealth. It's something good. There's nothing wrong about this. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to what he loves and what he's pleased with. Holy hell that was tough the Lord you welcome

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him to the law he'll be Alaminos salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was heavy Jemaine well.

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So the story of Solomon goes, after all of this glory, and all of this display of his wealth and his power, and the admiration by the short sighted people who lost their connection with Allah who lost their insight about the reality of things.

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Allah says Stefan Irby he will be Daddy. Hello

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We have destroyed, we have shaken the earth underneath him. And underneath his house, this his house was destroyed and he was killed.

00:25:13--> 00:25:16

The people who were covering his wealth, now they woke up.

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They woke up because they saw the wealth that they worshiped. They saw it being ruined in a matter of seconds.

00:25:24--> 00:25:47

Now they woke up to the reality, this is a temporary thing. Money comes and goes. And Rich people are going to leave this world with nothing. Every human being comes into this world with nothing, and they leave with nothing. You're not going to take any wealth with you. What really matters is what you do with it.

00:25:49--> 00:25:52

How you give it away, put it in good

00:25:53--> 00:26:06

projects, put in in in any kind of end of his or projects that help people that make people's lives better or elevate the quality of people's lives, help poorer people

00:26:07--> 00:26:13

create more job opportunities for people who need work, help countries

00:26:14--> 00:26:20

who are struggling, whose populations are struggling, help single mothers, orphans, widows.

00:26:22--> 00:26:34

Make good with your wealth, because you're going to walk out of this one's going to step out of this world with nothing. So how you use it is what you're going to take with you to the grave and then as you meet Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:26:35--> 00:26:38

So we don't want to wait

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for some of our role models or the wrong role models that we take until the wealth is ruined or their their lives are ruined or something wrong goes with them because this might not happen in our lifetime.

00:26:51--> 00:26:53

It might happen might not happen.

00:26:54--> 00:26:58

But we should keep our hearts attached to Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:26:59--> 00:27:02

We should keep our goals

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connected to Allah to meeting along the Day of Judgment and to entering paradise and remember that this world is a test people who are rich, they have not been favored by Allah. There is no more honor given to the rich people. And everyone's life is rich in some sense. Some people are rich with talent and skill. Some people are rich with a good heart. Some people are rich with a social life. Some people are rich, with the kind of difference than making other people's lives. Some people are rich with wealth and money. Some people are rich with their influence, there are so many ways a person's life could be rich. Still, all of that is a trial and what really matters is how you use

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what Allah Subhana Allah has given you. Then Allah says,

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He concludes the story to cut double fer to Nigeria Luhan leadin Allah you will you do not only one will obey Allah

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will have to but will

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be hereafter the real blessing the real

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gift from Allah subhanaw taala. The real honor from Allah subhanaw taala is $1 is in Jannah. We make it to those who do not aspire do not have real aspirations about this life. It's not their end goal. There's nothing about this life is their end goal because they know this whole life is a journey. This whole life is a tool. So they don't aspire after it. They don't chase it as their ultimate goal. They might use it and chase it as a tool to bring them closer to Allah only. But they don't take it as their ultimate goal. These are the ones that Allah will give the hereafter for. So we have to keep our priorities right. We have to set them right. We have to always put this this is

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life where it belongs, a tool, a new tool that we could use to destroy your hearts or to bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the reality of this life. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide our hearts Allama you know what I mean? That when a Muslim no one wants to be mad at me normal and what Allama Filipina than Obinna why so often if you empty now with a bit of them and I want so now they'll call me Catherine? Lama fildena Anybody Dina will remember doesn't happen Elena yeah the jewelry will Ekrem Aloha my

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gosh geography Arctic sea aroma sciatic we are made up kita because Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Machiavellian muster by fina Manila minion F equally Mecca and olam which broadcasts Allah Allah whom Regina Allah Who makin Dima Matsunaga Valley him Dina humble Eman

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I mean, in the La Jolla mobile anyone he tell you the Oba in Hungary Sasha one monkey will

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come to the karoun with Goliath could come Moscow Allah and yummy he is it commercial Allahumma wa sallim wa barik ala Abdullah Saleh Muhammad Ali he was out here as you may

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