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Can You Be A Good Muslim And Also Be Into Fashion? Listen to what Sheikh Saad has to say regarding being a good muslim and being trendy with the latest fashion.

November 23, 2016

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Can you be a good Muslim? And also being a fashion and style Muslim prostitute presents q&a with sad thusly? Let me answer that question by sharing your Hadith with you. Now, there's a hadith that many of you, I'm sure have heard. But a lot of times we only hear about half of this hadith. The Prophet I send them said that a person who has a mustard seed of arrogance, meaning a small amount of arrogance, will not enter Paradise, one of the companions when you heard this, he got concerned. And so he said, O Messenger of Allah, what if we like that our clothes be nice, and our shoes be nice? And the person who sent them replied, he said in the lodge emilian. Well, you have boogyman, he

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said, a lie is beautiful. And Allah loves beauty. He said, kibow arrogance is to reject the truth, or to look down on people. And so that's the arrogance of speaking about that if our arrogance has caused us to reject the truth or arrogance has made us look down upon people, that is what is blameworthy, but to express our creativity to want to look nice to actually express our beauty is actually a good thing as long as it doesn't lead us to become arrogant. So there's nothing wrong with wanting to be fashionable. There's nothing wrong to try to be stylish, as long as it doesn't make us arrogant as long as it doesn't make us look down upon people. And there's a few other

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Islamic guidelines in terms of not going to access not going into a slot off, and a few other things that we're going to discuss in the seminar inshallah data. So I hope to see you there when we cover this in more detail.