Someone Who Has A Cognitive Disability Required To Wear Hijab

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There are some of our fellow Muslims who have been tested with having a mental disability. In this case, wearing hijab can become a weight for this person due to lack of understand the concept of it. Is this person still obligated to wear hijab?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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If a person has a mental illness, cognitive disability has been described someone who will not understand what that means. They are not McAfee and there is no obligation upon them to ask them to have a job or not to have a job or to pray or to do anything of that nature. So basically, their family members will care about their well being they care about their higher they'll need to make sure that they are safe and and covering the proper wide. But the rules of Islam like the hijab and the way that the jobs described upon the Muslim woman do not apply to them nor their family has to apply to them, but they should be dressed them in a way that it will be suitable for their dignity

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and safety.