Certainty In Faith & Prophets Legacy

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When people just see calamity all around them, the strength of your Eman are not local in Allah azza wa jal and you European in Allah subhanaw taala makes you such that you see Allah azza wa jal is mercy even when other people don't. That is the way that the prophets of Allah wa salatu salam Ibrahim alayhi salam Manas thrown in the fire, he knows the certainty of Allah azza wa jal promise. And so Allah subhanaw taala saves him from the punishment of the fire that his people threw him in Mousavi Sena and when he sees before him to see, and behind him, the armies of Pharaoh and the people around him who don't forget our people who have accepted Musa as a prophet and the messenger,

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people who are upon his religion. They say enameled raccoon, we've been caught. He's caught up to us. While Attila in the Marriott Dean. He said No, never. For my Lord is with me and He will guide the prophets of Allah. Where are you muslim, Abu Bakr and Abu Bakar said O Messenger of Allah, one of those people only has to look down towards his feet and he will see the opening of the cave, the mouth of the cave and us within it. And the prophets of Allah wherever you will send them responded Lanta Hudson, in Allahu Mahana don't despair for Allah azza wa jal, his wills were no one else sees hope. They see hope. When no one else sees any exit or any solution. They know that Allah azza wa

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jal promises true and that is what he again brings