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Did analysis paralysis sometimes it makes you fearful. It makes you scared. And it kind of makes you a wimp. I don't feel like it like so. Like, so. You shouldn't feel like it. Yeah. And I actually the more you don't feel like it, the more we accomplished because that means you're changing yourself. That's why the prophets I said, in a famous Hadith, he said a prophet in Jannah to Bill McCarrick. Well, first in order to show up, right, Jen is surrounded with hardship. We were there at 6am or running or working out, and our coaches would always say, Who are you in? No one's looking for numerous and right. I mean, when they've memorized how to recite the letters, and I'm like, you

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realize it's a huge account if your non Muslim family hears you is reciting another language. Oh, yeah, we don't realize that but that's like, that takes a level of discipline. It's nice when men sit down and kick it Yeah, the men way. Yeah. Right. Like yeah, you know, I want to do that no, we're go getters. Yeah, right. We you know, get up we want to do something we you do we just do it you know, and it's beautiful.

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I salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How's everyone doing? I'm Abdullah Oduro and welcome to The Man Cave where we discuss issues of male excellence or being grounded in faith, discipline. What is it? Why does it matter, especially in the life of a man, you know, many people have become Muslim because they see their discipline mentor, friend, co worker, there must be something about it that helps to make the Muslim man, a great man and an influential person. We're going to talk about that today. Mashallah, with our co host, Murad our mashallah to radical Islam Why is the Entrepreneur of the Year mashallah to Baraka lie he has dealt with the youth for many, many years.

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So, particularly talking about masculinity is mashallah is his pastime. 100 level? I mean, how are you doing? hamdulillah she said, for allowing me to be here. It's really an honor to be a guest in this and a co host, in this show, inshallah. Now Hamdulillah, and he also on the side, you know, does a little MMA for about roughly about 15 years, but that's happening.

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And speaking of that, we have Michelle our guests, remember the area, that Fierro hamdulillah for pronounce it correctly. MashAllah Tabata Kula Ariel is a real estate agent. And also, I'm going to say it he's a triathlete, martial arts vertical law, he's a running coach, amongst other things in the community. As you can see, both of these brothers have an understanding of physicality, they have an understanding of what it takes to be a person of discipline because they went through processes mentally to get to a certain place. It reminds me that hadith of the prophets of Allah, Allah was Solomon, whenever it pops off Salam said, Imani and Allah duanmu. Ha, when was the most

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beloved actions to Allah? Are those that are consistent, even if they were a little bit? So what does discipline mean to you? What does this mean to you?

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To me, discipline.

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Discipline is what

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a man should like it's the aura of a man. When somebody looks at a man, they should see discipline, right? It's the ability to, to achieve and accomplish through consistency. That's my like my definition, right? And I'm not trying to like give you a Webster Dictionary type of definition. But like, it's, you know, I but one thing I always remember about discipline, you know,

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I would like for it to be there's a lot of AI at least, but I read this book when I was in college, called The Art of War. By you know, Sun Tzu, it's a very famous book, everybody knows it. And he said to achieve discipline, right, you need clear instructions.

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Right? Good incentive.

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And unknown punishment. No one punish you for not being you know, for not following the instructions. Right. And when I read the Quran,

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that's what you see. You see clear instructions what Allah wants from a believer. Right? Yeah. Clear, clear instructions. And then good incentive. Jana. Nice. And then a punishment. Right? So how long it's like, it's there. And I'm like, yes. It's as if he read binary this was written like 1000s long lifetimes ago. Yeah. You know, but no, you see this right? This is what I think of? Well, not as interesting. You said either clear punishment and the consistency you know, and I have a different answer for it to have this discipline is consistent acts of control to reach a desired goal. Right. So it rhymes to Yeah, right.

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Now, the Hadith of the Prophet saw me says, he asked a question, if there was a river in the front of your house, and you were to bathe in it five times a day, would there be any dirt on you? And obviously you would be comparing said no. And he said, this is like the prayer. It wipes away the sins from the prayer that was before it. So Ariel being someone who

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Did you convert to Islam? Revert to Islam? 2012 2012 How was the prayer for you? When you first started? Because there's a promise that is five times a day. And to be I'm not gonna lie when I first when I first heard about Islam, yeah, everything was cool. But then when he said, but you gotta pray five times a day, man. It's like, every single time and it's around the time when your phones were, I suppose like, do I get rollover? It's a lot like if I don't make the five today? Yeah, can I get like do six tomorrow? Because like now,

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yours five times a day. So I don't want to stop stop the thought about it. You know, it's better for me, you know, saying but it was it was a process. How was it for you? I mean, it's it's, I mean, I'll be honest, I struggled for years to make those five prayers. Yeah. I mean, I remember very early on, like, sometimes that praying all day, and at the end of the day, I'm like, oh, I should pray all five right now. And I would. But it was a struggle. It was it was something that I thought was the hardest thing possible.

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But really, it wasn't until I dug into the religion and learn the beauty of it and then learned, you know, it's something that my Lord wants me to do. And I need to dedicate those five moments of my day. So that, in turn, will get a reward from my lord for pleasing my Lord. So it's one of those things I saw. It took me a while. But I saw that clear, like, that clear path that was just opening up for me if I were to, if I was disciplined enough to make the five prayers, and I knew that God was going to reward me that day, it was kind of my logic, right? And just rewarding my life. I consistently kept doing those things. So I mean, it's being a new Muslim, for sure. That's I don't

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think anyone that hasn't convert realizes like, that is a hard thing to get to grasp and understand that you got to do this. But then eventually, you actually said something really profound one time. You just said, just keep doing it. This is a new Muslim thing that we did years years ago. Even if you're not, I remember asking the question, like, I don't really feel this prayer sometimes. And you just said, keep doing it. Like do it every day, do it five times a day, keep doing it. And what that did for me is like I fell in love with a prayer at some point. But it took years for me to fall in love with that prayer. Yeah, man. And that ness is good. You said that because that's so human. You

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know, we as men, sometimes, especially when we were younger, you know, getting up for Fudger, or waking up or having to get your first job. You know, you got to really look at the reward, you know, so the reward from Allah. And that's what we're talking about the last episode of purpose, that our purpose is transcendent. It's something that's not like, Okay, we want the white picket fence in the job. And as a man, if I'm going to be a father, a leader, I have to think beyond and that's the beautiful thing about the prayer because you have to detach. Yeah, you know, and that's what makes you a strong man as well you find in the manosphere. Now they talk about being stoic. Right being a

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person. That's a minimalist, Mrs. Wallace is already in the fabric of the deen of Islam. You know what I mean? It's not new to us. It's not new. It's not new. It's not new. It's I was a prayer for you. I mean, when you were younger, I mean, you from Jersey, from Paris, you know, hon, Allah, you know, I think one area that struck me was SubhanAllah. It's about discipline. Yeah. But Allah summarized it. With regards to Quran he said in a salata. kanatal menina. Key turban? Mahkota. So new, like Salah for the believers is a prescribed book. Right? Meaning, Okay, I gotta do this right now. Okay, then, when the solid time comes, that's it. It's like a timestamp in your day. Yeah,

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right. Everything is built around it. So what I understood from that as well, okay, okay. I'm not going to be a believer until I can achieve that this bare minimum amount of discipline.

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You're gonna say like, it's as if Allah saying, you know how, like there's a bare minimum of like, of Eman? Right. And that's why Salah was connected to Eman. That's what it's about. Yeah, exactly. Right. Right, the prophesy salaries like, you know, a lot. Have you been in Albion? I'm salah, like, you know, we're, you know, the covenant between us. And it's like, the salah is the bare minimum amount of discipline, a believer has to have, yeah, and it conditions you man because you have to start five times a day. And then it makes you responsible, right? So if you're born Muslim, you come a certain age, it's time for you to problem parents will realize that sometimes, you know, our 1516

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year old No, it's like, okay, you are on your own now. You have to get up and pray you have to, you're going to answer in front of Allah subhanaw taala, you're going to answer to him if you don't make those prayers. And also, that's what's that's what was beautiful is that, that time that you have to stop and allocate, you know, for prayer, and if you don't, you know, in the beginning, you managed to at least you hold yourself accountable to a certain degree because you you see that, that ultimate reward, you know, I mean, subhanAllah if you remind me actually, actually the verse, there's another verse, which is beautiful, which is what more halacha Bisola it was study rally, you

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know, as order your family to pray, and have perseverance over. You know, he didn't say what's the rally

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Have you added more letters it says the editor has been added to do as the editor of mine when you add more letters in the Arabic, verbal verb makeup, the morphology, add more letters, it has more of a meaning to it. More liquid meaning So what started it means patients over a long period of time, it was like when you mentioned the prayer, you had to stop and think to yourself, I have to do this for the rest of

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the rest of it. I've never done this before the rest of my life. Yeah. But then that you know, is that reward that kept you going like, Man, I know Allah wants this. I know Allah really wants this. But for that to transition over to the physical sports, right? Athletics, I mean, all of us here, you know, we have been of some form of athletics, of physical exertion of putting your pushing yourself to the limit. That requires some mental fortitude. You know what I mean? Some it's afforded to me now saw myself me. I remember when I, I mean, as a youth, I've always been in sports have always been in anything that had a ball, I was always down playing, you know, it was like, tackle

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football in the street. You know, it was able to touch we were like, you play touch for so long. You know, inside those guys like, oh, well, let's let's play tackle. So, you know, that's just that aggression. That's tough. Yeah. And it's normal, you know, tackle on the asphalt. That's, yeah, attack on the asphalt

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next level and make you grow up real fast. Real fast. Real fast, real fast, real fast. So when I came back from Saudi Arabia, after studying, I came back and

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I mean, I was overweight. You know, it was the best booster and you know, the sweets and the end

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capsule, the capsule, bass booster capsule, my Alicia muscle. masu muscle now, um, I had to have on my so but yeah, came back. And then my friend told me something the way that I looked at I just couldn't handle it.

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With a thought, Man, you still you know,

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you know, you need to lose something. So yeah, brought me in the gym and then just brought me back. But then I realized, man, I gotta be consistent with this. One of the hardest things for me was the diet. Be honest. But then like you said, you have to reach a goal that you have to have, you know what I mean? So you've been introduced for 15 years on MMA,

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MMA for about 15 years. But you know, what discipline is?

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It's a transferable thing. Exactly. Like you were probably disciplined in memorizing Quran, reading books and studying with the scholars. And then you came here and you realize that same discipline has to go to a more a needed aspect. And like, so it was easy to kind of like, switch in. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah, definitely. You know, I feel like the hardest thing is when someone doesn't have never experienced discipline,

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right? Never experienced that discipline on their own. And when I say this pleasure, it's not like, oh, yeah, I went to school for 12 years of my life, you know, no, your mom woke you up and say there and you hated it. brought you back and you had to study because you know, what you're gonna get if you don't, right. So discipline, I think is one of a man just decides to, to, you know, like, you know, I'm gonna put in this work, I want to achieve this goal. Yeah. And I need to face everything out. That's going to deter me from that. Right now. That's beautiful man. Like, like he said, transferable, and I think that's what's important for parents to know. You know what I'm saying?

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And, I mean, you can even start with your child getting their first job, and then him having to get up and go to work by themselves. Man, I love seeing that. And my son, you know, needs to get up and, you know, pray Fudger, then go to work. So get it in that process, like, you got to pray Fudger, then go to work. This is what we call responsible. I don't want to do it. Well, life isn't about what you want to do. You know, life isn't care, you have to keep moving. Like you said, memorizing the Quran is huge, man. How many times I tell that the, the young guys is like, look, you've you realize you've memorized this whole book there. I know. There were days that you didn't want to do

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this. Right. Yeah. But you did it and you accomplished it. Or even you haven't accomplished you gotten halfway you've gotten, you know? Yeah, yeah. Like even for numerous and right. I mean, when they've memorized how to recite the letters, and I'm like, you realize it's a huge account. If you're not Muslim family hears you is reciting another language. Oh, yeah. We don't realize that. But that's like, that takes a level of discipline and so running. Yeah, I need it. We all need that. We all need it. You were talking earlier before we were talking with Sharla. About You know, when you because you're running coach, and the you were talking about how

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I asked you the question of what are the things that people do wrong when running, right, that amounts in injuries, long term injuries, but they don't realize it. And you mentioned what was your answer just too much too fast. Us too much too fast. Yeah. Okay. So what's what's the medicine the what's the formula? The medicine is of course, discipline, and consistency over a long period of time. All right. And you see that with running it's a

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tangible thing that you can look at your phone a year ago, and look at it. Now, if you consistently ran, that you can see this training line of like, Oh, I've gotten better, oh, I'm healthier, etc, right? So for me running has always been that tangible thing I can hold on to when I'm even lying to myself about, you know, learning Arabic or whatever it is, I can always say, No, I'm capable of anything. If I just do it consistently over a long period of time, then so, you know, that that, for me is kind of is what's been the key like, discipline, to me is the key that unlocks everything. Because everything can be broken down to small tasks, and everybody can do a small task, right? And

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you can do it repetitively over and over and over. And like one day, you'll look back and you'll say, I remember, memorize a whole Quran. Allah never thought there's been plenty of times you would think, Oh, I'm never gonna be able to do that. Right. But you do. How was it for you? Like, when was it for you? Your first time? Because we use you told me you love football. Yeah, right. Yeah. How did that transfer over into long distance running and then to doing triathlons. Your first time when you started intentionally running? What was going through your mind? So I grew up playing Texas football

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in the heart of North Texas. So I grew up and I want to say, the hardest offseason possible.

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We were there at 6am. We're running we're working out. And our coaches would always say,

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Who are you when no one's looking? Right, because there's so many bodies, and they couldn't, they couldn't make sure everyone was doing the right form. But always internalize that, because I'm like that, I see everyone doing half reps in the gym, I see everyone not running as hard as they can. I wasn't the most like physical person, but I was like, I can do those things I can do the things that the coaches want that now I can see or like that are gonna build you to be a better man, just in general, they understand there's gonna be cheaters, but there's gonna be this kids that aren't cheating. Right? Right. And those the kids are talking to those kids that are going to take that. So

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I've always had that foundation of like, this hard work ethic. And there was no denying it. There's no getting around it. It was there. I was there every day, I had to do the work, and people were watching. So I did it. And I think that just transitioned to me looking for something hard again. You know, you get older you get out of high school, you go to college, then there's no like hard physical task, you know, you sign up for a 5k a 10k. But there's not something that like scares you a little bit inside you go. And so maybe about four years ago, I've made a decision. So like, every year I'm gonna set a goal that sounds super crazy on January 1, but by the time I do it, it's gonna

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be amazing, right? Like, I'm gonna do something that I never thought I was gonna do in a funnel reach that goal, I'm gonna get so much closer than whatever if I if I didn't even start. So every year I set a goal, something really physical, something really hard. So the last few years, I've been chasing a sub three hour marathon, which is like 650 average pace, and I haven't got there yet, but for the last three years, I've had the biggest growth and just my overall health just because I'm chasing that dream. The last taste in my shoulder is a friend of my nan he has a book called Chasing 100 Yeah, yeah, my shoulder. So when you're a triathlon, you have to prepare like six months

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in advance isn't this? Yeah. So it's a huge time commitment. Yeah, you sound tremendous upon Allah. subhanaw taala just getting up. That's why I really the mental fortitude. Mentally you have to be there, right? You have to be with it. You have to be with years upon years. And that's why we when I'm almost sure we dealt with the youth and when we've all dealt with the youth, you know, you hear them, but it's a beautiful thing. Because when you tell them it's time to get up and pray and pray or it's time to get up into you know, roll or some time. They there's a common statement. I don't feel like I don't feel like I don't feel like

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is that something that contributes to discipline or as an antagonist? What are your thoughts on that? Well, like you know, I think discipline is overcoming the feeling

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that you don't want to do something. Right. That's what discipline is like, in essence, right? Because like nobody wants to put their muscles strain their muscles get tired and sweaty or distract yourself like you know from other things that might be fun or, or make you like, happier. They're I guess in life, right? So just I guess the statement should like for me, I don't feel like it like so there you don't like so. You shouldn't feel like Yeah, I actually the more you don't feel like it. The more we accomplish, the more we accomplish because that means you're changing yourself. You're putting yourself that's why the prophets I said in a famous Hadith he said refer to Jana too often

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Bill Macquarie well how fat in Nairobi Shaohua right, Janice surrounded with hardship. Right so like, if you look at Jana, and it's actually interesting Hadith

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Gibreel Allah Islam you so it was like almost I think it was a hadith codici when when Gibreel Alayhis Salam he saw Jana is an amazing Hadith Goddess is one. Allah subhanaw taala says the Hadith that Allah says that's not part

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of the Quran, right that our Prophet so I said I'm inform us about when Allah created Jana, he told you but he looked at Jana. So when he looked at it, Allah He told Allah He said, Yeah, Allah, no one would hear about it, except that they would enter it and do anything to enter it. And then when then Allah surrounded it with hardships McHattie, right. And then he said, Yo, Allah, I don't know if anyone can make it there. With all the hardships. Why? You know, and I say it says if you know, hardship, the ability to overcome hardship,

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is the pathway to gender.

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And it's a transferable thing. Yes, it's transferable, right. So that's, in my opinion, Oh, I see. A youth youth Rocco.

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Hula used to know, these people think that they will be left without saying them saying I believe in Allah, and they will not be tested. Right. And those tests are going to be things that you don't want to do. But that is what responsibilities and that's why it's so important for a young man to go through this struggle. Yeah. I mean, the struggle is always going to be there. But when the struggle is there, what are the choices that you're making? If you're choosing the easy way out, you're not going to really understand what struggle is about, right? And then when you go to the struggle, and you accomplish it, then you realize, okay, if I accomplish this, what more is there out there in

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life that I can accomplish? Exactly. And that's the beauty of the Muslim man, because the Muslim man is like, look, with Allah on my side with the lower, you know, trusting in Allah subhanho wa taala. And trusting is something beyond my own capabilities. Not relying on myself. Sky's the limit. You know what I say to the youth out there? Yes. And she mentioned, like, me working with the youth.

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I tell them just

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push through, discipline yourself through these hardships that you don't feel like going through or doing you don't see the urgency of going through the moment you will accomplish one in your life.

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That's it. You're going to be addicted to it. You like man? And actually that's going to be the pride of your life. Yeah. You like, you know, I went through this. And you see a lot of people both man I push through this until even like the half is the little like, the kids who memorize the Quran, like, Man, I went through and I, this was the hardest time of my life. And even during this time as it and I like, Okay, you might have hated it when you're doing it. Right? Maybe you didn't want to wake up, maybe you don't want to push through. But when you accomplish it, your whole life, you're gonna be like, Yeah, that's the goal I accomplished despite the hardship. So I just like my

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advice to every every young man or woman out there is like, just young men especially like to just push through it. Yeah, you know, push through, it's hard. Don't give up, just push through it, the moment you accomplish it. You're gonna know why we're talking about discipline. Exactly. Right. Like why we're telling you this, because a lot of times, they just don't know what,

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what they're doing it for what was hard for you what thing in your life when you were younger, that was hard for you to stay consistent on and that you finally got on track.

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You finally, you know, took that transferable discipline that you had in one thing, and then let it carry over to that thing that you were struggling you? Honestly, I always wanted to I always wanted to memorize the Quran. Right. And that was a tough thing for me, right?

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And something I realized that it was tough because I was I wasn't consistent.

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I didn't want to, like, drop certain like Hangouts or this other commitment. I was invited here. I was doing this, I'm hanging out. I want to go and visit this. I'm traveling. Right? Like, I realized that you let the I don't want to do that. No, I don't feel like doing it. I feel like I

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feel like until I started like, you know, you don't need to feel like it. You're gonna feel gender or feel not

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get yourself together and focus, right. Yeah.

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Because he started because Allah was most important thing. Yeah. So yeah. So I put myself like that, you know, from the law. And then I remember my shift. Like, when I traveled, I traveled study, right? So the first day, I was there, like I literally landed next day budget, I want to share my house. Okay, next day budget, like I'm like, you know, I heard I had asked who was a good year, sat with him. And I stalked him for like three years. And he was actually he knew about discipline. You have a teacher who has information to give, but then you have a mentor. Okay, who disciplines you? And that's the difference, you know, because a lot of people have information. But the chef told me

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Look, he told me one thing that changed my life. He knew the solution. The first thing he asked me was okay, what how's your journey been? With the Quran? And I told them, You know, I've been this I've been inconsistent, because like, Okay, I want you here four days a week.

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Whether you memorize or not. You're going to come and sit here.

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If you memorize you come in here, so, if you don't memorize it, you're going to come and sit next to me and listen to everyone who recited. Oh, so I'd go like that. So after a few times, I'm like, Man, I'm wasting my time. I'm just sitting there and I'm looking at the ones like, surpassing me. Yeah, right. I'm gonna just sit in there and like, What a bummer. Look, all these guys remember, you know, and, and the more that I'm like, I'm not wasting my time. No more. I'm, I'm just gonna come up with those. He's like, you block it off. He's like,

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You got to prioritize. Yeah. Right. And now as a discipline. That was where like the discipline was, but you know, share one thing I wanted to, you know, I started with the Sun Tzu statement.

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clear instruction.

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I really want to talk about that.

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And you mentioned something about like, like, your coach told you to do certain workouts and stuff like that right here. Yeah. Yeah. Like you wouldn't cheat it clear instructions. Right, is the first condition of achieving discipline.

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But it also has to come from a trusted source. If you don't trust who's instructing you, who's telling you, like, who's setting the path for you? You're never going to be disciplined by law, right? Like, how many people like, oh, you know, what kind of diet you gotta be on, you got to cut this out, cut that out. And you know, you don't trust the person. And they're giving you instructions, but you don't trust their knowledge of it. Or you trust their knowledge, but they're not being clear. Yeah, you can do that. You know, he's very knowledgeable, but he's not paying your mind. He's not giving you exactly what to do. Or he's not telling you, you know, so you could never

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achieve discipline. Until you have someone you trust to guide you. And someone who can clearly tell you how to get to the goal. Yeah, every step of the week. Right. And, and, you know, that's my, my thing. No, and that's beautiful, man. Because when you're talking about that, you know, we're looking at Allah. Yes. And the first Ramadan man, how was your first Ramadan? I remember my first drink of water, my first Ramadan.

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It was, uh,

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you know, I look forward to those things like hard things I like I'm usually the head first. And so those kinds of things. I was all on board. But I do remember my very first drink, I played football that day, I was dying of thirst.

00:27:25--> 00:27:37

I played football five site football that morning. And this is when Ramadan was in like August, this is a long time. So this is a full day, full sun out all day long. The sweetest water ever drink.

00:27:38--> 00:27:39

Water was even sweet.

00:27:41--> 00:27:44

taste different. But I wanted to touch on something earlier.

00:27:45--> 00:28:17

So like, the things that we in our brains tell ourselves are hard, eventually are not hard anymore, right? With consistency with that discipline. So like, it used to be really hard to make two prayers, hard to make three prayers. But then you have those shifts, you had that shift. You're sitting in this masajid and everyone's excited. And you're not. You had that shift in your mind to say like, oh, I'm going to now I'm going to do it. I have to now. Yes. And so I mean, there's no answer to when that thing happens. But it just happens. Yeah. And if if there's people in the community, they can kind of help you know, kids figure that out sooner. The panel has been amazing.

00:28:17--> 00:28:34

You know, I don't want people that is a trap. That's a trap, though. There's gonna be some people that are watching this watching other programs and when they watch, you know, certain people, whether it's your your, your, your Eric Thomas, or your David Goggins, wherever the case may be, or mashallah, you know, different different people, they get motivated.

00:28:35--> 00:28:39

And they reach a point of, they're motivated in being disciplined, like, it's interesting.

00:28:40--> 00:29:18

You know, I, you know, I like how this person looks, or I like their schedule, man, that's great. I'm gonna do it. It's kind of like the New Year's resolution that people have. Right. You know, the first month is great. Within the six month, where are we? Right? So what are your thoughts about that? Because that, to me is like a trap. You know, when you're motivated to being disciplined? What would you tell someone that you see? So my theme for all 2024 is to do the work in the dark. And so I'm only proven to myself that I'm like, so I'm chasing a marathon time, right? And what will be the result is all the work I've put in so that on that day, there's no line to myself, there's no

00:29:18--> 00:29:54

saying, if I miss a workout, or I miss a run, or I wasn't doing something consistently, it's gonna show on that day. And I'm the only person to blame. Like, so. My whole motive my whole theme of this year is just do the work in the dark, you can't lie. You can't lie to yourself, you the work is going to do the job for you. At the end of the day, no one needs to see the work beautiful, because you're only going to prove to yourself at the end of it that you did it or did it and if you know you did it, you're gonna feel you know, sad or regret all those feelings. And so that you know what you don't want. You know, that reminds me of WoW, I'll tell you what it reminds me Well, I don't

00:29:54--> 00:29:55

know You tell me.

00:29:58--> 00:30:00

Yes, or vice or

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

Somebody say as to Salam

00:30:04--> 00:30:45

wa Salatu was Salam ala when NASA Nia tautology Netta visa, spread this lamps, feed the poor people pray in the night when everyone's sleeping, you will enter Jannah peaceful is Subhanallah as beautiful man, like, you know, praying and and you know, it's my life, it gives you the incentive of when you pray in that last third of the night to hygiene. Is there anyone asking that I can forgive them? That I can answer that Do you know Subhanallah and that's beautiful. Lahore, you're gonna miss it. I was I was gonna mention about Italy. last statement. Right? He said has one full complement to Haskell was in what armella complement to that. Right. Which means,

00:30:46--> 00:30:47

you know,

00:30:48--> 00:30:50

judge yourself before you get judged,

00:30:51--> 00:31:31

and weigh your own actions before they get weighed for you. Right. So I think it's a profound, I think it's a profound statement below him, like, you know, it's, it's something that if you just put in front of your eyes, you can always be like, Okay, I'm not, I don't need to wait for anyone to judge me, let me judge myself, like deep down but internal Ireland, de basura. Like, we know ourselves better than anybody. Like, you know, you're slacking. You know, you could do more harm. Just just just be brutally honest with yourself. Right? You don't judge mentalism, too. You know, all we talk a lot about judgmental ism. But I think sometimes it has a negative effect if it's

00:31:31--> 00:32:08

applied to oneself. Like you have to judge yourself. Right? Right. You got to be harsh on yourself. And kind of others and that's the opposite of like, ego. being egotistical, right. Or just, you know, judging others and forgetting ourselves. And it's beautiful man, like you said, do it in the dark when no one's no one's there when no one's watching. I think it was a forgot which box was saying the real champions are when they're practicing when they're practicing alone. Yeah, I think it was just saying but what He said He said, I train something like nine months for nine seconds. As beautiful man, like because you're, you know, the race is only a second set and plus set but you

00:32:08--> 00:32:44

trained how long for that moment. That takes discipline. It takes really looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and really desiring it and that's why gymnasts Subhanallah as you mentioned, the reward for the for the for the believer, that's what's going to keep them going to Jaffa, as you know, boom, and then my Bhaja he had their own little brown coal from the coal mine. You know, last month Allah talks about those beaut those believers, he says, their sides are distant from their places that they lie that where they lay their head to Jeff edge, you know, boom, I did my logic, my job is like your place of rest. And what are they doing it their own? Boom KOFUN with OMA they're

00:32:44--> 00:33:18

calling on him with full fear of him and for hope in Him. You know, subhanAllah like, are you saying just, it's just a matter of just do it, don't think too much about it don't know, those that are motivated to be disciplined, like, they think too much analysis paralysis, there's going to be times in your life, we especially for a man, you know, that's where I want to transition over to his for the man, you're just gonna have to get up and do it, which leads to risk because that analysis paralysis sometimes it makes you fearful, it makes you scared. And it kind of makes you a wimp, bro, I'm gonna keep an eye on it makes me really a wimp like makes you weak. When you think too much

00:33:18--> 00:33:58

about it, to where at the end of the day, a year down the line, you did absolutely nothing. And then what will happen is shaytaan will play with you and you'll give excuses. And this data will be your pattern. giving excuses for being fearful and weak. And as a man as a protector of society starting with your starting with yourself your show because the jihad That's the whole concept of jihad enough's. Like fighting yourself fighting your desires. It's not something you know it's going to be here one day, you're going to mess up this day, but it's a process and it's it takes discipline. I'm sure you all know but you're on this session has been inspiring to me man you guys are mashallah

00:33:58--> 00:34:19

amazing everything you shared it's nice to it's nice when men sit down and kick it Yeah, the men way. Yeah, right. Like yeah, you know I want to do that no, we're go getters Yeah, right we you know get up we want to do something we you do we just do it you know and it's beautiful in that and Chef by the way I think we should elaborate

00:34:20--> 00:34:42

on on surrounding yourself with people who are disciplined oh no doubt about him. Yeah, that's like something serious because like when everyone around us like loose and rare I have no goals and no discipline. Yeah, there are who who you hang around with right like it's your pants hoodies as a kid and you ignored it. But you grew up and you're like Subhanallah they knew this whole time yeah man.

00:34:43--> 00:34:54

It's beautiful like the person who said the model identify the Infineon radical mini holiday. He said the person is on the religion of wave his friends solace you should look at who you befriend is deep because,

00:34:55--> 00:34:56

you know,

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

as a young man, there's that pressure

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

high school college Muslims too. You know you're going in an environment out to the walls man. It's, you know, Hadith the Prophet. Will you tell it? I think it's interiorly he said that he led to to be another another for en Nila Kallu I like Athenian is it oh Ali do not follow up looking with another look at the opposite gender female. He's a rarely for you as the first but upon you as a second year held accountable if you look a second time, so if you're around friends, what's the term they use? Now? Risks like tourism, they call it getting charisma, like risk here. You know, did you raise or you know, it's like you are how many females? Are you talking to? How many phone numbers? Yeah, how

00:35:42--> 00:36:20

many DMS? Did you slide in? A one one that's trying to be a discipline honorable man doesn't do this stuff. Right? Because he's, he's around people. They're like, bro, how did you even have time? To DM? Like, what do you what goals? Are you trying to accomplish? What I mean, if you look for a job, if you started an endeavor online, you can make a lot of money. There's things you can do. Have you read any Quran? Like what kinds of people are you? Are you around? You know what I mean? So as deep as deep, and that's perhaps what, you know, the benefit of like, Salah in Jamara. Yeah. Why the prophets, I said, I'm always encouraged soldier, because like, just think of it this way.

00:36:22--> 00:36:24

If you get up, you go to the masjid.

00:36:25--> 00:36:41

And you line up in a certain way and you do specific movements in a specific order with people, people who are disciplined enough to come on time to pray in the gym out. So it's like it's not only as a discipline for you to pray. But

00:36:42--> 00:36:48

what's encouraged in the *tier is five meetups with discipline people.

00:36:49--> 00:36:58

The right like you're supposed to be around discipline people five times a day as well. So that's like perhaps part of the

00:36:59--> 00:37:08

interesting, yeah, as the punctuality cleanliness, cleanliness. Yeah. You know, order, you know, saying

00:37:09--> 00:37:18

obedience following the leader, the Imam. Oh, yeah. You know, saying and then socially, there's certain add DAB even in the masjid, right. It's deep. And that's why you know, you think about it.

00:37:19--> 00:37:20

You find the older men

00:37:22--> 00:37:27

constantly in the masjid because they've been through life and they kind of they, like you mentioned earlier, the keys, they got the keys.

00:37:28--> 00:37:39

And that's why I spotlight that term. You know, we've talked about as soon as Shola rites of passage you know, being around those people that'll teach you what a man is like. And from that definitely is discipline man.

00:37:40--> 00:37:47

You talk a lot here I'm the law may Allah bless you brothers man, masha Allah, we ask our sponsor Allah to bless the triathlete with healthy joints insha Allah and

00:37:49--> 00:37:50

I gotta get their own with you man.

00:37:52--> 00:37:55

That's not going to be some days. The week man you

00:37:56--> 00:38:01

just got to do it. You know? Just do it. Just do it. I guess we got to start my garage in the dark

00:38:03--> 00:38:30

I have to to I can barely run Yeah, a couple of months but you know with discipline Inshallah, with discipline you can do it by next year. I'll be something else. Yeah, you know, because now after knowing all this about you, I trust your coach. You know, I definitely show you tell me. I'm gonna get there and show you could join us an MMA gym. Honestly, honestly, this is a thing that I've been putting off for like two or three years now. Yeah, I it makes me uncomfortable to walk in there but I want to one day

00:38:31--> 00:38:37

maybe you'd be the one that helped me do that anytime. I've been meaning to do that always been one of my bucket list items.

00:38:39--> 00:38:55

And that's the beauty brothers went on together and just in The Man Cave, you know, violent and hamdulillah talking about things that men go through and discussing it from an Islamic perspective. The last month Allah bless all of you for tuning in. And may Allah bless you to be the best Muslim men that you can be sent out my life until I had a Catholic