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welcome back to the program know your Lord, we were discussing about the conditions of testimony of feed the conditions of Shahada before the break we talked about the first condition is the knowledge that you need to have, when you are testifying that there is no God, except Allah. And you need to have that knowledge with certainty, with no doubt whatsoever, that you're believing that there is no God, except a law. And we talked about the acceptance, which is the third condition of Shahada. acceptance, calls our

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attention towards the action. When we know that there is no god except Allah, when we are certain that there is no god except Allah. Now's the time that we accept and embrace what all commands that he gives, what all prohibitions that he says, we need to abandon them what all commands that he gives, we need to abide by it to our lives. This is called acceptance of Shahada. We need to accept, even though even though we do not like it, we need to accept what all our Lord commands us. And this is what it means the acceptance of Shahada. Moreover, moreover, our relationship between a law and us is master and slave. What is the relationship between the master and slave, the master

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is the owner of that slave, he can command anything, and the slave has to listen, we'll take a small example.

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Like an employment, if we get employed somewhere from nine to six, we have to obey, we have to comply, we have to accept all the things which the employer commands us to do. Allah owns us 24 by seven my brothers and sisters, Allah is the owner of everything. When we accept on las panatela it means that we accept anything and everything what he says. And we will abandon we will prohibit, we will forget about those things which he has prohibited. This is the real meaning of the acceptance of Shahada. So this is the third condition of Shahada of testimony of faith, that is the acceptance. The fourth condition of Shahada

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we accept this testimony, we accept the Shahada, with humility. We are not proud, we are not boasting, we're not doing a favor on anybody, by testifying, that there is no god except a law, we have the knowledge of it backed up with certainty, we know for sure, that we need to accept him in at any point. This acceptance must be done with humility. You need to behave in Humble yourself as a slave does.

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The slave he does anything and everything and he does it with complete humility to his Lord, to his master. And this is what the condition in the yard means humility, you basically accept a loss of Hannah Medina, because it is the Lord He is the Lord who deserves to be worshipped. And you, whether you accept it or not, are the slaves of Allah. Now that you have done the Shahada, which is meaningful view you have got the knowledge that you have recited a testimony of faith, you have testified that there is no god except a lot based on your knowledge, you're certain about it, you have accepted it. Now, what you need to do is to humble yourself and accept Allah subhanho wa Taala,

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with complete humility, within pay art, show yourself act, in the heart, in the mind, in the tongue, on your body, that you are the slave of Allah. You are the slave of Allah. So humility, humility is the,

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the the condition of Shahada of the testimony of feet. The next condition of Shahada

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is was

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with truthfulness. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He loves a person who is truthful alone

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suparna huhtala he loves a person who is truthful. And when he is truthful, in Shahada in testifying, that there is no god except a law, this person will never be disloyal to his Lord, He will never be dishonest to his Lord, He will never corrupt his belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he will always be truthful to a las panatela. So this Shahada must be done based on the truthfulness of that post, he should be truly understanding it. Certainly, with acceptance in humility, he must, he must accept it as true in terms of everything.

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So truthfulness is the condition of Shahada, which makes a person his Shahada more meaningful and fruitful. The next condition of Shahada is sincerity. Islam, my brothers and sisters is all about sincerity. Islam is all about sincerity. And if you are sincere to Allah subhanho wa Taala, while testifying this testimony, the Shahada La ilaha illa Allah, you are sincere, you will never, ever bow down you will never ever worship anyone except on las panatela you're a birder will be only and only for Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa tada says, In Surah Surah number six is number 162. Own see to them in most certainly salatu wa nozaki Rama Rama Murthy lillahi, Rabbil aalameen my

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living my dying, my prayer, my sacrifice, everything is for a law, the Lord of the worlds.

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The person who testifies this must have that sincerity, must acknowledge this Shahada, this testimony with complete sincerity, that there is no god except Allah, and I will always humble myself to to Allah subhanaw taala I will always worship Allah subhanaw taala I will never go down to a grave or to a saint or to a prophet or to an angel. I will never put my forehead on the ground for anybody except Allah subhanaw taala he is the person who sincerely accept the Shahada. He is the person who knows that there is no one worthy of worship, worthy of my servitude, except Allah subhanaw taala there is no one who can help me in the times of my need, there is no one who can

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support me, there is no one who can

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look after me in all my needs, except Allah. So make sure that your Shahada is sincere. So we talked about the knowledge, we talked about the certainty that we need to have in a loss of Hannah huhtala, we need to have the acceptance of a las panatela in schad. We need to make sure that we do it with NPR with humility, we need to make sure that we do it with truthfulness in need to make sure that it goes with complete sincerity, without any pollution in between, without polluting your Shahada. You need to make sure that you actually have complete sincerity towards Allah subhanaw taala. The next condition of Shahada of testimony of faith is the

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denial. you as a person who testifies this testimony this Shahada confirms that there is no god worthy of worship, there is no person there is no deity, there is no profit, there is no angel, there is no creature

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who is worthy of worship, you deny everything in the strongest of terms, also the denial of everything which Allah does not like anything which Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibits, you deny that, you abandon that.

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And that is how you strengthen your Shahada denial of every other God and denial of all the prohibitions, which Allah subhanaw taala has made. The last and the final condition of Shahada is the adherence. This calls out for an action when you know, when you have the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. When you know that there is no god worthy of worship when you have

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Certain, when you are certain about Allah subhanaw taala, being the only God worthy of worship, when you have accepted Him,

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when you have accepted him in full humility, when you are truthful in saying, in believing in your heart, and in your actions, when you are sincere in what you are saying, in what you are bearing witness to in what you are acknowledging, you are sincere, and you have denied all the rest of the gods, all the demigods, and you have denied all the commands of prohibitions, given by Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you have denied all these things, the last thing which is left for you, as a condition of Shahada is that adherence of all that Allah subhanaw taala has given us, when you testify, you need to comply with your testimony. When you testify, you have acknowledge that you

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will abide your life, you will live your life as per the will of Allah subhanaw taala and that is the definition of a Muslim, a Muslim is the one who submits himself to Allah subhanaw taala. And submission must be of total

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submission must be of totality, it must be

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that you have to adhere, you have to comply, you have to follow you have to obey on what Allah subhanho wa Taala as mentioned in the Quran, and all what Muhammad peace be upon him has given as a teaching. So these are the conditions of Shahada,

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the testament your feet, in order to make our key usable for us meaningful for us

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and worthwhile, we need to comply with all these conditions that we discussed. And that is knowledge, certainty,

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acceptance, acceptance with humility, with truthfulness with sincerity, with

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complete denial of everything, and with

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the humbleness with the adherence with the obedience. These are the conditions that will make our Shahada. That is the key. In sha Allah with the mercy of Allah opened the door of heaven. With this, we conclude this episode, that is the testimony of faith and conditions of Shahada. In the next episode, we shall talk about the meaning of tawheed that is oneness of Almighty God, its importance and its categories. Till then, do remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and strive to follow all these conditions so that we may make our destiny or fate fruitful and meaningful. With this, we end this episode with Afro da Juana and it hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen.

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