Majed Mahmoud – Musas Extreme Anger & The Golden Calf by The Samiri #12

Majed Mahmoud
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Musa alayhis salam is speaking to Allah. And as the conversation was coming to an end, Allah wants to give Musa a heads up about something very serious that happened during Moses absence. It's a given we should all know this. Allah sees people from all parts of the world Correct? What's the supplication we say when we travel? What do we say? Hola. Hola enter sa Haibo Oh Allah, you're my companion when I travel. You're with me. And what do we say right after that? Well khalifa to Phil Al and you're the one who was taking care of my family back home. Only Allah does that. You're with me when I'm traveling, and you're with my family back home. Only Allah is all capable. So though

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ALLAH is talking to Musa Allah knows what's happening across the world. And he tells him something very serious. He said, Your people Musa have worshipped something besides me. And Allah says it for God for 10 coma came in Baddeck your people were tested severely during your absence. Were Ebola homos. Samory. And there's someone his name is samedi. He's the one who caused them to be able

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to find it. Sorry, I'm still getting there. Forgive me guys. So then the the guy's name is what a cemetery. I like gonna have to do a lot of cutting in the session.

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All right. So there's a guy his name is a cemetery. He abused the people. He made a false guide for the people and they fell for it. Musa Salam was furious. Musa SLM was so angry, and he rent quickly or slowly. This has something to do with religion. This serious against Allah. I'm gonna go quick. For Raja Musa Isla Comey of the ban, as he felt. He went to his people, he was so angry. He was so furious. So much so that when he walked to the area where Benissa he was supposed to be waiting for the 40 knights and so on. He came and he saw them worshiping this calf, it was like a cow. But obviously not a real cow. It was made out of gold. And they're like worshipping, seeking blessings

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from this cow. So he says bit similar to moon embody what a horrible things you guys are doing. What's the matter with you? What is going on with you? What?

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And you know, the tablets, he had the Torah, he grabbed it, and he threw it and it broke. He was angry, not of disrespect to the tablets. But he was so emotional. He did not think very much of what he's doing and you threw it out of anger. And now he started talking to people. He's so upset people see Musa angry you gotta watch out. Musa by accident. Remember what he did in Egypt before? prophethood very physically strong. He's gonna learn the lesson. I'm not gonna push people to stuff like that. I'm gonna watch how much energy Am I putting into this? He's so angry. He talks to his people. Let's see what he says. He says to bending a straw in your comb, my people allow me to

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camera book and widen Hassan did Allah not help you out? Did Allah not save you? Did Allah Allah honor you? Did Allah Allah give you for example water shade food? What's the gratitude is this year thank you back. Is this your appreciation to what Allah did? Have a Paula Ali Kamala, how would you guys now able to wait initially some books of deficit interpretation of the Quran said that Musa told his people I will be away for how long 30 Nights. But remember, as I mentioned at the 38th Night Allah added 10 more nights so they did not get the update. Benny strain so these are saying Well he's not there so I don't know what's going on. So let's do something about it. Subhan Allah

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Allah Tala Alikum Allah, could you guys not wait What's the matter with you? Then he says something interesting. He said or were you guys were just looking forward to see how God punishes people like I actually trying to make Allah angry to see like what kind of punishment he sends far left him already and you broken the promise and look to what they say something very foolish. They said, Matt, Cliff Nemo a duck B Malkina. It was not within our hands. What it said Smilla Rahmanir Rahim is not within our will that we worship this cow. You know some people you were better off just saying sorry. Right?

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Sometimes happens with children. Sometimes you might find someone you know a little kid. I'm not comparing the kids to but he's trying to relax.

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So I caught one time a kid writing on the wall.

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So I said what are you doing? Like you can repaint it?

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I just see. I'm sorry. Oh Allah. I'm like That's why Allah talks. The most nation mentioned in the Quran is the children of Israel for a reason. There's a lot of similarities. Right? There's a lot of things we can learn from May Allah protect us. You can repeat

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just say I'm sorry to say you're wrong, right? And then we try to be smart they're like oh I got cornered. So you tell them you know what Allah you Deke May Allah guide you why why did I do wrong? No I'm just saying God May Allah guide you why he took it like that and these are arguments and stuff like that May Allah protect us. So then they tell Musa let us explain to you what happened you guys ready to know what happened? Yeah let's see what happened ready Bismillah the set Hamina alZahra means it'll come they're gonna now tell you the story these Bani Israel people I got a good question in the break are all of them like ungrateful were all of them participating? The answer is

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no the majority was fair enough the majority so they said Musa we had gold jewelry with us hola hola. But from where? Some say before they escaped Egypt. Benny Surah Al spoke to the Egyptians the Coptic people saying they have a gathering to their neighbors from the Egyptians if you can allow us to borrow some gold and jewelry and it happens to this day from those that do the henna Philistine whatever they borrow gold and all the good stuff right? But these people but Israel had no intention to bring it back. So they took it. Another narration says that they collected the gold after Pharaoh drowned. So whatever floated onto the surface of the sea, etc. Or the short and the point being they

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said, Musa we were not comfortable having it? Like we were not sure it is halal, or is it haram? Okay, so what do you guys do? Now? We dug a hole in the ground with through all the gold and we lit fire in there for Gallica ALCA summary, and who joined us a summary who's this guy, I'll tell you the summary he puts the gold and jewelry into that hole lit into fire and starts melting faster Magellan Magellan jesselton low, who are a seminary was a very crafty person, the way he designs 3d shapes is outstanding idols and things like that he was an expert. So he was able with the molten gold and jewelry and silver and so on to craft an idol in the shape of a cow. So it's gold, shiny,

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very excellent way of designing it. But he made the cow have a hole as some Morpha sitting interpretive state from the back and the hole from the front. So it can be like a whistle. So anytime there's wind, and the wind comes from the back to the front, the cow makes the noise. He designed it in a way that the noise is just like a cow. Or whatever the the sound is right? May Allah protect us. So now they said when we saw that Musa we couldn't help it.

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You can just say I'm sorry. That's all what do you have to say? I'm sorry if we fell for Allah forgive us. Then we were told there Musa Isla, how come this is your Lord. So we were confused. This is our Lord. Is it a different Lord than Moses, Lord? He said know what Allahu Musa. This is Moses God.

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So where's Musa finessing Musa actually is looking for him. That's why he's 10 days late.

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He got the numbers now. Musa told them I'll be away for 30 Nights. He was gone for 30 Nights, then their Allah at a 10 they did not get an update. So some said a Saturday utilize that and he said you know what? Musa is not here. So I can make a case now he's lost looking for God. And this is the god finessing.

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Now when Musa listen, here's this, who comes to his mind?

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Where is Harun?

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He went to Harlem. Musa Ali salaam goes his brother will

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come here. He grabs him from his head, grandma's beard. We come here in front of everybody. Don

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Johan Merman, aka Menaka. What in the world were you doing? How will you not able to how did this escalate that they're above you will be worshipping this thing. How was all these people? How did he have the time to you know make a cow? What's wrong with you? I'd have to tell you any. You know, listening. Why don't you go run after me and tell me about zeta Emery? Are you straight up disobeying me? That says yep, no. Oh, my brother from the same mother.

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And the climax is something beautiful. He said mother to soften his heart. Not from the same father, the mother, there's a softness to it. Right? And many of us are moms still certain things in life. There's things I don't want you to ever do. And your siblings tell you remember what mom told you like? Oh, yeah, right. So you think of Mom, I'll share with you something about my mom, my mom see me change things. But for years, he said, there's two things I don't want you to ever do in your life. ever in your life. Do it. Okay. She said that you and I was all in high school to this day. Actually. Now she's not seeing as much. Number one never hit your older brother. Wow, you're an evil

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brother. Don't worry about it. That's what she said.

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Hello never let me be the color hope never be physical towards your brother. And the other thing she told me May Allah help us never use your phone when driving.

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So anytime something like that happens my Sisters Brothers tell me to remember what mom told you.

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Okay, right I'm not going to function or what right May Allah protect us. So Harun tells Musa you have been home my brother from the same mother in alcohol Masada phony, why people belittled me, the abused my kindness. Mohan was not a very nice guy, very understanding very gentle. And they did not tell you the full story and obvious ministry would not tell you the full story. He said, I did tell them. I did speak to them. I told them in nema 14 Tombi I told them that what you're going through is a test from Allah. I did tell them this is wrong. When the robot como Rahman I told them God is Allah the Most Merciful I reminded them Did you see how he said it to him? There's a lot of names

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for God. What did how to choose? Rama? That's who he is. The guys worship Allah is Allah man. Because Allah is the one who seeks revenge. But this is how humans nature robot man. For today only follow me and obey me trust me.

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And you know what? They said, Yeah, Musa this whole time was just grabbing him. And you know what they said? Yeah, Musa, Lana, bro, Holly, Kiffin Harun. We're not listening. We will always worship this idol. We will always worship this cow. What is this devotion? Nick, what is wrong with these people? What you're Jay Lena Musa until Musa comes back. So in their eyes, Harun is meaningless.

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Not just that Musa. Guess what they did? I kept talking to them. You know what they did? What can I do?

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Yak to loon and they're about to kill me.

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NBR Allah says about the children of Israel, not all of them, but many of them. They will go as far as getting a profit. That's how far they will go. If not according to our standard. You know, like an imam that takes too long you're fired. You pray the way we want to. You don't I mean, but it's a whole other level. This is a profit that you're willing to kill me Allah protect us era. So then, Harun says so as a result, I got two options here. I go for a civil war, right? The ones who disbelieved in the cow and are blaming Lila Allah, Allah, we joined forces and we fight to those who worship this idol. Or we completely leave them and just cause a complete destruction so I fix a

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wrong with a greater wrong. And he says Guess what Musa if I do that, then I will be considered the I disobey the Prophet meaning Musa alayhis salam. So then he says, You have no again. My brother from the same mother. Let go of my head and beard. Lata has really had to let go please. And you know what, like, I'm hurt for how long a bit. He says fella to Smith BL adda, very powerful. He says don't let the enemy rejoice. When the believers fight, then when I feel Kenyans are happy if we don't win the men in the mosh Mosh Achill problems and war and bloodshed. The enemies get rejoiced and excited. May Allah protect us. He says yeah, Musa don't let the enemies rejoice. What after

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January Malcolm valamint, and please do not put me in the same category as these oppressors. Who will Musa go to he went to Benny Surah Al, he went to Harun.

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Who's gonna go to a summary?

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Now there's no if you notice something he didn't even based on if he didn't go to sleep. He didn't say Okay, tomorrow we're gonna have to talk about No, we're not tomorrow now. Because some situations, some messages you cannot say mark as unread.

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You cannot read it, then you're like, you know what, I'm just gonna mark as unread. I'll address it. Let me know your address. It now says this was something he had to address immediately. So then he went to a summary. This summary guy

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Musala Sam told them Tomahawk Buka summary. What is your story? What in the world sort of rasa in your head to do what you did what is in the world's happening with you? Look what he says. Carla bazaruto I saw something which no one else saw. What is that? He's referring to

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Angel Jibreel Gabriel during the drowning of Pharaoh.

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So the narration is not insanely authentic. But this is the interpretation. Angel Jibreel we know for sure he was present during the drowning of Pharaoh. The understanding of this that I saw something others did not see is that Gabriel was on a horse and I saw him for carbon to cup the 10 Min atheria Rasool. So I saw that whatever the horse steps on turns green, stuff like that. So I said let me grab the soil. I think it's blessed. I think it's honorable. So I grabbed that soil which the horse was stepping on, and I saved it this whole time. And when I saw the molten gold

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only remember when he threw the golden to the fire? I sat down. What if I throw this honorable dust, this dignified thing that the angel with his horse from they haven't stepped on, and they throw it there. And maybe we can make an idol. Something that reminds us of God and you know, do something cool. So then what so weirdly enough, see and this one I thought to be a good idea.

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What he did is what actually some people may do today, but maybe not at that level. What he did is known as

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who can take a shot.

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They die and innovation ever heard the word before? This is the peak bidder. He thought you know what I got an idea if we do something and he can be very sincere, but it doesn't matter how sincere you are. If you start making stuff in the religion that goes against that religion, it's unacceptable. No matter how sincere you may be, you can be sweet you can make a speech like brothers and sisters. How many Salah do we have to pray answer or a make an emotion? How many prayers to add to pray every day? Five, right? Allah told Muhammad Hassan to pray five times a day.

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And it was said to the greatest generation correct Sahaba pray five times a day. Who is better us or them? They are better. And who needs God's forgiveness us more us or them? Us? So brothers and sisters, I encourage you instead of five daily prayers. We'll make it six from now on six Salawat we need this initial emotional, right unless at five five. That's it. So we're gonna pray as Mufti thinks when a pre federal Salah with a pre law Salah when a prayer officer Salah we're gonna pray Maghrib Salah we're gonna pray Aisha Salah I'm gonna pray more Salah let's move to Nikita Mohamed salah. May Allah bless him see I mean and guide right so the point being here is that people make up

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stuff true story, true story. A brother in the masjid I saw him he was doing in order to be able to start up Subhan Allah Subhana Allah so he took a lot longer than others which is fine because we can have a discussion it Masha Allah Tabata Kula. What can a vicar do you say after salah? What's the Sunnah? Why not to maybe there's more by no to you say subhanallah 33 is Al Hamdulillah 33 You say Allahu Akbar 33 Then you end it with 100 Let with the last one time La ilaha illallah wa ala Muhammad Al hamdu ocular chain Kadir if you do that Allah forgives all of your sins. There's another narration authentic is a SubhanAllah 10 is a Alhamdulillah 10 Allahu Akbar 10 That's it. So this

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brother told me this true story. He said I say 100 times that Hamdulillah 100 times SubhanAllah 100 times Allahu Akbar. I'm gonna guess based on a narration he said no, he said because because I'm a lot worse than the Sahaba to add the adult full grown man and I think I need to do more. And there's nothing wrong with you doing 1000 hamdulillah but this is mocha yet what is mocha yet like Allah said, Rasul Allah said do this much after the Salah is very specific. You don't change that. You guys with me? So you're doing 33 is better than doing 1000 Because there you follow the Prophet. Another one I wasn't in Mecca was a hedge time. I was able hamdulillah one point to make tawaf while

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I'm very close to the house of Allah the cab, okay. While I was there, there was a lady may Allah bless her. She grabbed her prayer mat. Okay, we're all making fun of you're in the blessed, the most blessed Masjid in the world. A prayer a prayer in an Masjid Al Haram is times 100,000 prayers elsewhere. Can you imagine that? So then she grabbed the mat and she started wiping the Kaaba.

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So what is the what are you doing?

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Similar to the summary blessings, it just bricks. Right? It doesn't make your prayers you thought this will make me pray better. This will get my supplications you know, get closer to Allah. So people do stuff like that. You want to get one last one? The whole blue I think, correct. The whole blue eye thing. May Allah guide us all the Arab. And you see people even in their profiles, right? Name is such and such into the blue eye. Right? And people are saying yes, yes, it's like very true. So and we see it. So things like that. And what's the issue with these things? And this is what some scholars they say the Devil loves innovation, more than major sin off. Why? Because when you commit

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a major sin, you may end up feeling bad eventually and stop it. But when you do an innovation you think you're doing right, but you will not be recognizing that strong so you will never stop it. One last one. And this to me is one of the most serious ones. Never does one add an elevation in the religion acts

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cept it has to be at the expense of taking out something from the tradition of the prophets. So as you see that never is added, except something else is subtracted. So most Allison gets so angry at him, and he tells him to a cemetery, go go away. I don't ever want to talk to you. They know like if in Haiti and Akula misses, no one will speak to you, no one will touch you, you will be abandoned for life. And you see this idol that you're worshipping. Then you heard the idol, the god I'm going to see on you to see with your own eyes, what I will do with it, you see the different personality between Musa and Harun? Both are greats. So Musa burns the idol makes it melt. Then he says, wonder

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Illa Illa Hakka Lydia volta, Alec arqiva, this idea that you're devoting your life to and all people to see because if it's a god, it should help itself. Right. So Mel nncf, and no affiliate minister, then we're going to throw it in the ocean. Make it a treasure down all the way in the ocean. And subhanAllah Musa Ali Salam ends with a very powerful statement. He says, In nama ilaha illa who ahead? Listen, you guys, your Lord is not none but one. Allah Jalla Jalla Allah, don't confuse them with any other god. C'est la ilaha illallah c'est la ilaha illa Allah stop what you're doing. So when they saw that, they start feeling bad. What should we do? And they start feeling that we're

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gonna get destroyed? Will Allah ever forgive us? Will Allah ever accept our apology? How do we even repent? So Musa Ali Salam receives revelation from God was a revelation. Do you know how did the children of Israel according to the Torah, at that time? Do you know how they actually had to repent and apologize for their apology to be a request to be accepted? Some people when they do some spelling test, and they get a wrong answer? What did the teacher do, right? The word or no sophisticated 15 times. Some teachers they make it three times. So depending on the teachers level, right? So for us as Muslims, how do you say, I want you guys to forgive me? How does Allah forgive

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you? You simply feel bad?

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You verbalize it, I'm sorry. Forgive me, and he tried to make up for it. That's it. You know their religion. That was the religion, you know how they had to be forgiven. They had to kill themselves.

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This was revelation from Allah to them. For the crime that they committed that was their city, in order the Sharia Allah, that was their Sharia, for their setiap

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the lamp tomb and Fusa convict jihadi communication, you guys wronged yourself by worshipping the calf calf, which is the cow,

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therefore, to kill yourself.

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They wanted to do it. Many of them were sincere. We're sorry. We want Allah to forgive us. It was so weird what we did. Some narrations say that Allah made it very dark. And people got the swords, they would not kill their own selves. But every person will kill the one in front of them. So they start killing and why did you have to do whether the father kills the son, the mother kills the daughter, a daughter kills the father, a stranger, a neighbor. Until as the population count was dropping, people are dying and dying. Allah has caused it to stop so the population doesn't go extinct and it'll all be gone. Then Allah forgave those who died. And they will in sha Allah be accepted and go

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to paradise. And those who remained alive, Allah Azza anhu, meaning what Allah forgave them, you guys are spared, and they moved on in their lives. They learned their lessons, they were very grateful that it was a way back. Because even in some systems in this country that we live in, you don't have a way back. At some people, if you tell them if you end your lives and you have a good record, and we will pay off your debt for your family, they will go as far as doing that. But even human beings they have no Rama, not even to that level. May Allah forgive us the out of 25 years serving in prison, they come out no room for forgiveness, but at least for them, Allah gave him room

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and hamdulillah and say at hamdulillah that's not how we say sorry, say I mean hamdulillah Hamdulillah. So then at the end, brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa taala. He tells Musa Ali Salam that you need to teach your people, the Torah, the Scripture, and they need to start heading towards more and more getting closer to allow the nokhada said the Holy Land. This holy land was led by tyrants Jack Burien. Some say they were the king at noon. And Allah tells Moses send 12 leaders in number 12 tribes. So each tribe had a leader so 12 of them, let them go inside the city, the Holy Land, check the atmosphere, check the fortress, check the soldiers, check the situation and

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determine how will you attack How will you enter the city. So mostly Salem tells the 12 people go there in discreet

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No one knows you. Well, the cooloola Don't tell anyone what you see once you come back except me, only tell me what you saw. Musa does not want people to hear what's happening, you might get scared. So the 12 people 12 leaders, they go to allow the Mocha desert the Holy Land, and holy did they see things that were unbelievable? What did they see? What will they say? Well, they entered the Mocha DESA is the Holy Land really forbidding Israel

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