JAR #13 5 Reasons Your Duaa Is Not Answered

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The DUA is not solved due to the lack of life in the door and the timing of answers. People should be patient and not rush, as the risk of losing their job is high. There is a need for people to trust Islam and order and caution in order to make a decision. Order and caution are important for everyone.

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Was that catered for in

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federal meeting? Well now, I'm going to login now.

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Hello Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allahumma alumna Meyer founder and founder of Hema alum Tana was at the ailment your hammer I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us what benefit us benefit us from what he taught us and increase us in knowledge me and your anatomy and my dear beloved, respected, honored brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who will witness the month of Ramadan and in the month to make us from the people who are fasting and praying pm and giving in charity and making a lot of DUA and reading a lot of Quran and doing all kinds of good me behind me.

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Today in our reminder,

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I want to discuss a question that we ask a lot and many people

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inquire, he or she have been making dua for such a long time. And my daughter is not answered I don't see the the result of my why my dua is not being answered. I'm trying everything I can. So Charlotte Allah in this short

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talk, today, we will discuss five main reasons why

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the DUA is not answered. Okay. So first,

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the number one reason is

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the dua itself

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is weak. And the person who's making

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a he was also weak. Yanni, he is making the DUA in a way that

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in a careless way.

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Dunya Hassan, Hassan alcanada, no, no life in the DUA. The Doha is coming from a heedless heart, no, nothing in the diary and he has if he's making,

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you know, because he heard that you how you make, it will be answered. So there's no life in that door. And there's no loss I seldom said in the hadith is in Tirmidhi, you should know that Allah does not answer the DUA that comes from a heedless heart called La Sol. The opposite is true. That when I'm making the diet, I should put my heart in the dark. And like they say, from the bottom of your heart, you're asking the DA you're in dire need, you are feeling that you are so weak and Allah is the is the most powerful, you are feeling that you are so poor, and Allah is the old rich you are see you're feeling we are so helpless. And Allah is the Kadir is capable of doing anything. So

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number one is having a heedless heart is the obstacle. Number two is the person himself has doubt in Allah's

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ability to answer the.so He's answering it if it happened, it happened. So he his trust in Allah subhanho wa taala, answering the DUA is is weak. And he would say, oh, you know,

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this is cancer, how is this going to be cured?

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It's a million dollar debt, what is what is going to do? So he's he is himself doubting before he makes it? What kind of what do you expect? And so as I said, What did he say? SubhanAllah. Listen carefully. My sisters, my brothers are to Allah. We're Antonio more tiene una bill each other. I want you to concentrate on the word move on from the word Yaqeen. Make dua and you have your key in the door that will be answered that will be answered. I'm not asking another human being. I am not asking

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a president or a person that is his capability are limited. I am asking the old powerful, the old wise, the old knowing the one who knows the Unseen.

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The one who has the vaults of everything like he said, Allah said in the Quran, there's nothing except we have its vaults. What do you want? What Allah has its vaults. You want to help Allah has its vault, you want righteous children, righteous wife, Allah has its vaults. Allah subhanaw taala has everything. So when we are making dua, they are keen that 100% will take place, it should be there and lacking that Yaqeen will

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effect the answer of of the dark third, which is very, very common,

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very common.

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I've been making oil for a year almost Allah He nothing is happening. So I start

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Ilaha illa Allah big huge mistake, huge mistake. Let me give you an example.

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Do you know how long

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was the period of time between losing use of Allahi Salaam and reuniting with his father Yaqoob.

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Someone said 40. And some are just like the amount of poverty he said 80 years 80 years Yaqoob Yaqoob A Prophet alayhi salam, he is the most beloved to Allah at that time, right? The Prophet of the time is the most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala he was the most beloved to Allah, making dua to reunite with his son. It took 18 years to answer the dua of Yaqoob. And you did that for eight minutes. 80 days and you're surprised why is this happening? Ibrahim alayhis salam made dua Allah send among them a prophet, a person that will use a key Him that He will purify them and He will teach them your deen it took 1000s of years for the DAR to be answered. So be patient do not rush,

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do not rush or so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the dua of any one of you will be answered by Allah as long as he does. He does not show impatience by saying, Yeah, I pray to Allah and I prayed and my prayer was not as Buhari, I prayed and I prayed. And there was as that was not answered, so I stopped praying Subhanallah

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the DUA is up to you.

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The timing for the answer is up to Allah azza wa jal. It looks like you know, as somebody who bought a piece of land, he put the seeds, he watered the seeds. And then he waited one week, two weeks, three weeks, no fruits, he left the land and color synote He gave up. Oh, the fruits are coming. Just be patient. Just be patient. Allah subhanaw taala has the cure for everything. Allah has the solution for everything. So keep knocking. Keep asking. So this is an issue that we always face. Why I made so much for my son to be killed. I made so much to to be to be to get that job. I made so much. Too many that brother that sister?

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Leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal, he is the all expert he is the old wise, who are we? What is our knowledge compared to the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Taala you are dealing you are asking the one who knows what's going to happen tomorrow? What's going to happen in a million years. He knows Allah subhanaw taala knows knows what's good for you

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and knows what's best for you. So you just ask and you leave it to Allah subhanaw taala and don't be hasty.

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Fourth, a major reason why the DUA is not answered and many people do not pay attention to this. And that is on lawful income, haram income. Haram income.

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A person who's dealing with riba all the time, a person who's selling and buying alcohol or any haram.

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He is asking ALLAH and he's wondering why my dryer is not being answered. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us the story about the man who's traveling, he is traveling, he's tired. He's in dire need. And He's raising his hand and he's asking, but his food is from haram. His clothing is from haram. His drinks is from haram. How a nice to Jabba how's he going to be answered? So my brother, my sister, if you notice that you've been making the DUA, and that is not being answered one of the reasons you should check check your income. And Allah here a side note my brothers and sisters, please listen carefully. Well Allah He is not worth it to get a penny from

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haram income a penny when me and you were four months old in our mother's womb, okay, you're still four months your mother My mother was four months pregnant with us. At that time Allah decreed how much wealth we are going to make, how much wealth we are going to make. Let's assume that Allah said

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this person

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Abdullah he is going to make in his life span of 60 7080 years, he is going to make $1 million. All is fair and he's going to make $1 million.

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Abdullah will not die before he makes the million dollars. He will not die before the risk is complete.

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Now, how does he make the million dollars goes back to Abdullah? Is he going to earn it from halal? Is he going to earn it from haram? Is he gonna rabbit he's gonna steal it? Is he gonna inherit it? Somebody's gonna give it the gift to him. This is what's going to appeal this decision okay. So, the amount is still the same, how they earn it, it depends on us. So do not think that by you dealing with haram that is going to make your income huge that money is going to come to you anyway. Just seek the Halal means and put your trust in Allah and that will that risk is coming 100% Okay, the last reason The fifth reason, or the fifth possibility, why the DUA is not answered. Let's not read

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the Hadith and you will get it automatically Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you know what, when a hadith starts, by your solos SLM swearing, well, light, it shakes my heart. So as I said, and he said, by him, you know, in whose hand my life is, or is my life, and he's swearing by Allah azza wa jal. What is it that you swearing, swearing about your rasool Allah, he said, you either enjoin good and forbid evil, or Allah will certainly send his punishment upon you. And this is the showerhead, you will make a lot of DUA and it will not be answered. So the last obstacle we will be discussing is ordering good and forbidding evil, admirable maruf. Were Navy and in Moncure.

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When we stopped doing that, and yeah, Allah, Allah, how many people stopped doing that? These days? Subhan Allah on Hamdulillah I am good. My family is good. I don't really care about anybody else. You see the Haram we see members of our families, members of our families that do not pray, do not wear the hijab do not deal with they deal with riba they do haram and we don't order good and forbid evil. We don't say nothing. Nothing. Oh, they might be upset with me. No, you're actually in a very nice in a very gentle manner, order good and forbid evil. We're not telling you to beat people to obey Allah, this is not your job. Our job is to give the message to remind the people just like

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this, this program, just a reminder, we are telling you we are reminding each other we forget. Maybe your your your cousin who does not pray, maybe he did not know the importance of prayer, the importance of being consistent on the prayer, the danger of leaving the salaat maybe the sister that you know, that does not wear the hijab, maybe she heard from somebody that it's not an obligation, she thought it's just an option. As long as she is dressed modestly. That is enough. No, you have to talk to her and explain to her the steps of the hijab kindly gently, do not be harsh Allah subhanaw taala said la quinta finale dunkel, Lanford Domon how Nick if you are harsh people will run away

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from you know, our deen is to come in a nice and gentle manner, you know? So? Ordering good and forbidding evil is one of the means to make the answer and stopping it is one of the obstacles of having our answer. My brothers and sisters, these are some of the reasons why that could be what's the possibilities of the DA not being answered. May Allah subhanaw taala answer all our that may Allah azza wa jal I asked Allah with the best of your names yeah Allah for for myself, and for my brother Samir, who's taping me and for my brother Bashir and for all the brothers and sisters who are watching us Ya Allah make the alas needs their best needs. Yeah Allah accept all their ml in

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Ramadan and outside of Ramadan. Ya Allah bless us all with righteous children and righteous spouses. Yeah, Allah Yeah. Can you forgive all our sins? Yeah, Allah bless us with sincerity and all that we say and all that we do. And in Europe, I mean, I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana Coloma, Michigan La ilaha illa and Mr. Heruka wanna to Willick

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you on

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flooded he got help I

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mean holy.

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The lobby was the

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