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The speakers discuss the negative sentiment of dressing up as a dial and the negative image it can have. They stress the importance of educating individuals on their culture and starting with defined clothing. They also emphasize the importance of praying for Islam and not just reading the Quran. The segment ends with a mention of a TV chance to spend time with the speaker.

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given just to kind of talk about the breaking the ice. One of the things that I noticed that happens usually, and some people dismiss it these days, you know, in terms of being cultural, but the look of a Muslim, right, that's something that sometimes break the ice and causes people to, you know, to question like, why do you have a beard? Why are you going to pray right now? Or why wearing a thong or something? None of us are wearing it right now. But anyway, why are you wearing you know, a certain, you know, clothing, right? That's also something

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we find that definitely 11 reasons there that that gives an opportunity in Paris. That's an instinct, you know, is it campuses, for example, some of you know, when I am in business, or some of the clients they ask, Is it really compulsory for you to you know, have beer, because, you know, in the corporate world, they see, you know, you have to shave off and things like that. So, is it really compensating so that gives an opportunity for you, if you ask a question, then I must dwell into the discussion. So as you said, rightly, I mean, your attire, you know, everything in Islam, you need to understand as a diary is logical, and it is sensible and helps you to facilitate doing

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so that that's very important point inshallah. Okay, so let's say we got past the ice, okay, you broke the ice. And you something interesting. Imagine you said, there's two types of questions. And I respond. Also, there's also two types of Muslims. So let's say you have the two types of Christian, let's take the non religious one. Okay, the one that you want to approach through a more rational, logical way? What would be something that you know, you've already got past the whole, you know, my name is Mohammed, a Muslim, you know, do you know about Islam? And you really want to make him think now? Well, it'd be one of you know, a few tips. I'm not saying the best thing, but what

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would be some things that you can talk to them about, and you get, you know, raised to them to make them think about Islam right now, the Buddhist Quran Alhamdulillah is a book that invites and encourages us to think right to ponder to reflect so and it is a psychological book, Mashallah that can appeal to the masses, and to the individuals as well. So, taking the the inspiration from the Quran itself, the first thing that we can, you know, talk about, you know, the, the, the creation of the purpose of your creation, you know, ask them the question, as Allah mentions in the Quran, you know, what we are Muslims, and we are told in the Quran that you are not aimlessly created, or you

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are created with a purpose, you know, above and far being, you know, just living, owning, you know, eating, drinking, these things are a part of everyone's life, the whole creation is sustaining in this way. But then we have a defined goal, we have an objective, and our objective mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala, which is for you as well. Well, my anecdotal genuine insight, this is the purpose of our lives to serve Almighty God. So that will help in this world and in the hereafter. Do you believe that? I mean, do you have any purpose in mind

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that way, you know, most of the so called rational and reasonable sector of Christians or atheists for that, for that matter, they think, you know, achieving something is a purpose. Now, when you enter, when you interview with them, and discuss with them

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did, they cannot reach anywhere, I mean, when when they have when they want to achieve, like, for example, a big doctorate profession, that's the purpose of the life that will be achieved. And after that, what, and after that, what So, things will go on. So the when we have this purpose to serve a law, they don't have it, and they don't know about it. So the role, the rational people, you know, can be dealt in this way to ask them, what's the purpose of your life? What's the purpose of this? What's the purpose of that? So that way, they will be more eager in terms of thinking, you know, and triggering their okay, right? Let's say they, you know, they agree with it, okay, that, you know, we

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should have a purpose. They say, most of the time, they say something like, I'm a good person.

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I have my faith. I believe in God, I don't go to church, but I believe in God. Yeah. Jesus Trinity Holy Spirit, you know, doesn't make a lot of sense, but I believe I was born with it. I think it should just be good people. We believe in God, you know, I pray my own way. So it's, I'm a good person, right, right. So how do you the first thing that you can explain them? Who defines goodness, right, what is good?

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I mean, this is relative. What is good for you is not good for me, in fact, so you need to define what is good. What is that good and where did you get this good from? What is that goodness. For us as Muslims the good is that first you should be good to your

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creator, when I say I believe in created, that means I need to act upon that creator. That what Allah Allah mentioned a last panel that I mentioned after I mean, what do you believe, and you act upon your belief. So when a person says I believe, but I just want to be in a good person, that means he's contradicting his own belief, which is saying, just I believe, but you know, after that, what believe okay, right? That's good. Agreed? And then what? So that, you know, results us or, you know, gives us an impression that he has a very shallow understanding of goodness and belief. So you need to educate them, what would you believe in? Whom do you believe in, because deep down there in

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their hearts, they think, you know, some way down the line, Jesus their lot, you know, he, you know, he is not a son of God, but he's not, you know, the power of Trinity, but then, you know, he's our Lord and Master. So somewhere down the line, if it goes by, and it goes, when you basically, you know, throw them, you know, a few questions, you know, give this discussion of more next level, then they come out with these things. So, the first thing is, what is good, there's good cannot be good, unless it is good by the Creator itself. So this is our, you know, belief, and then we can pursue further what we're doing, would you engage them in scriptural proofs, or, or, you know, a lot of

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people you know, when they don't, obviously, from this section of Christians, they don't know the Bible that will well be something convincing or something that you've experienced that, you know, work with them that you might use either from the Quran or from, from reason or from the world around the state of science around the state right now, in terms of these kind of people, our you know, our experience is basically giving them the logical explanation that you know, when you are created, okay, I am created now, and I believe Yes, there is a creator supreme being you know, is the master and this, this and that, and then what does he want from you, and how do you basically

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get to know what he wants from you, for example, if you you know, giving a you know, a simple example of, if you have a machine, then you should have a manual for that machine, and we are a machine and wish must have a manual for that. So, logically speaking, he is with you, he is traveling and journeying with you. Yes, it makes sense, because what is logical, we feel that most of the people who are sensible, innocent and you know, open for learning, they agree with you, they agree with you. So, this is a good tip for for those who get engaged in our there is always a potential Muslim behind not yet Muslim. So, there is always that potential, so have this positive,

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you know, mindset. And when you talk to them in a logical sense with examples of this kind, that you are a machine and we are a machine with the most complicated machine, and we need to have the Define, you know, manual to have our living in the best way, which is good for you and me who can think that the one who is God, so when you get engaged and bring them you know, to the manual, and that that's the glue that is put on so you make them prove that they should be a manual for you to live in the best way your art of living? can we best only read the manual and this should be uncorrupt. This should be you know, pure, perfect, complete. And that should be by God Almighty. So

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you slowly drive them to the belief in the book that they should have. So basically, you're trying to get them to read the Quran? Yes, obviously, we cannot guide people in certain you can use arguments but that's one of the main things that you want people to do is to slowly slowly start reading the Quran and obviously reading the Quran spatola that starts generating this question and that's one of the things that really gets people to you know, to start definitely, and this this is, you know, when when you have this, this this kind of discussion, and I mean, when people have this kind of discussion, they need to understand that they should have a framework in if you don't have a

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framework, he wanders around, I mean, recently we have

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discussion with you know, a Christian family Mashallah sister was accepted Islam, a Christian, and the living got married, but her uncle is a Christian and a pastor. And he is coming up, you know, every single day troubling her, you know, what you're believing is wrong, I mean, trying to you know, pollute the mind, mindset basically. But Mashallah Alhamdulillah she's very strong. So she, you know, requested a meeting and we had a meeting. So, when we get engaged with these kind of people, then you realize, okay, this is the mindset, I mean, some people are rebellious. The I mean, when when you talk, you don't even complete it, they start a new question. So if when I started the

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discussion, I said, I know you have 10s and 1000s of

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Questions and allegations and things like that. But let me tell you in this discussion of an hour, we cannot discuss everything under the sun. We need to set up a framework and our framework and we just talk about God who is God, that's it. We don't want to discuss about Trinity crucifixion and things like that, that we can discuss it but at a later you know, event, but this discussion, so he was like quarantined, I mean, this is a framework that you set for. Similarly, when you talk to the Christians, you need to give for example, if you give them give them the Quran, you just don't give them the Quran, you tell them, Look, you're free to read anything, but ideally, we request you first

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read about God in the Quran. first read about the chapters which are in the ayah which are related and specific about the Quran, how the existence of creator is there, how Allah is proving himself to be God, how allies declaring himself to be God unlike any other one. So, when you give them that framework, that you know network in terms of so then he will be encouraged because if he reads just a translator, obviously is going to read the translation and translation might mislead him you know, if he's you know, thinking and he's kind of philosophy, you know, mentality then obviously are this and that I mean, low he will you know, go with the flow. So, give them a kind of, you know,

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framework, you read about this, and then you slowly and steadily then inshallah you know, parallely obviously the power of doula is is there or you know, for for that individual, you just don't rely on your efforts you rely on Allah, you do your efforts, you rely on a lot of parents and you pray to Allah that helped them you know, get guidance and sharp, like we're gonna take a short short break and we'll be right back. It's time to please a lot with a TV.

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A chance to gain

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