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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, ala MBA evil mousseline mother le he was happy he ministered nabeshima t laomi de la Domine home, wamena Latina Emmanuelle Amita, Sati hat, whatever, whatever so the sub Emil Berliner means that we're continuing from where we left off. There is one important point about the

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miracle of the Quran that I failed to mention. That should not skip our notice. When Allah azza wa jal says woman shuttling Nephi 30 filler occurred. When the ayah was revealed. No one knew that there were people in secret, blowing knots. And during this kind of casting of magic, as I told you, the messenger himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was keeping this secret. He did not tell the Sahaba or anything like this. It wasn't publicly known. And of course, these people who do this do this in the dark of the night in secrecy. So now, being this specific, it not just even saying, you know, Michelle has Sahara, from the evil of sorcerers or magicians that would have been General, but

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to specifically pinpoint what exact ritual they were doing down to the actual act that they were doing it. The purpose of that is the remember the Sula began quote. So yesterday declared this out loud, when he declares this out loud, even the Sahaba these magicians, this libidinal house him and his family they hear this too. And they wonder we do magic to try to harm him. What did he use to get this news? How did he get this information that we're doing, you know, this nefarious feeder robot they have, he has no way of knowing this, except by way Salalah hardy you know, so this in and of itself, this kind of bar, you know, to let the people know that he has a source of knowledge

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higher than theirs. They call on their source of knowledge, which is magic, but the messenger has been given the highest source of knowledge and it out does there's even the way they're called out in their secret meeting. So that's one thing I wanted to bring to your attention. The second is I promised you to share with you the parable parable I found it very beautiful. Actually, Chef Mohammad Qasim Nanodegree is recorded by Shabbir Ahmed of money in pursuit of money, it's an audio, his commentary on total filler, he comments the notes he took himself from the ship. And he says he gives a parable explaining certain follow up and the different kinds of harms it protects us from he

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says it's like, Allah wants us to think of ourselves like the plant that a gardener takes care of a gardeners is planting a plant in the ground. And it has different problems that it has to protect itself from. Number one, there are animals like you know, a goat or lamb or something that wants to graze on that plant it wants to chew on it. Now the the goat or whatever animal that may be, or even a bug or a bird it does, it's not the enemy of the farmer, it's only doing that because that's in its nature, Allah created it and part of that creation is going to eat a plant or it's going to chew on it. This is part of the manifestation of minshall Riba holla. There are other things Allah

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created, and they can cause you damage not because they're evil, but because that's what they do, you know, a shark or a lion or whatever is going to do what it does. And it's not because it's evil, it's just it's acting out in accordance with its nature. So in the way a lot created things naturally, there's the potential for you receiving harm just in the natural order of things. And so you have to ask a lot for protection from them. But that's not the only kind of protection he seeks. So he fences the plant around so that you know, the goat doesn't come by and chews it up. But the next thing is he has to plant the plant in a place where it gets plenty of sun. It gets plenty of

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water, it's in a good environment. And it's there are no obstructions. There are no things that keep it no blockades from keeping it from the things that it needs. We asked a lot of women chelny last season in our club and this Lezak and walk up the barrier of dark keeping you from what you will, what you would otherwise have access to in the light of day is just like that farmer who wants that there are no blockades, there are no obstacles in his path and the obstacle for the human being clearly becomes the dark of the night. Then he says the third element is that if What if you have too much water or too much sun, you get overwhelmed and the plan used specifically in the example of

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the plant getting buried under snow or getting flooded with water being overwhelmed from an outside element within shovel enough or 30 feet orchid I mentioned to you before, when people their sorcery is done on them, they feel like they're being you know, suffocated from within. They feel like they are being pressured, there's this heavy burden inside of them. That's the feeling of someone who has been who magic has been done on and finally he protects his garden and his plant from an enemy who wants to harm him. It's not just the elements. It's not just he wants to make sure it gets enough sunlight or whatever. Not just the animals, but there's an actual enemy that wants to make sure his

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plant is destroyed. How does this little address this enemy woman Shelby has hidden is a hazard so from every angle, just like that plant the gardener wants to protect a lot as always

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wants to protect ourselves and he wants us to see protection for ourselves. So this surah is about protecting yourself from physical kinds of harm that may afflict you. The next sutra will be about spiritual harms that can afflict you. So there's the body being protected in Sultan fadak and the ruler and the knifes being protected, and saltiness from wasp associaton and evil company and things like that. The final comment in shallow Thailand final two comments rather

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mentioned the positive comment to you first. So jealousy is a really terrible thing except woman Valley. canossa. Hammond, odd sallallahu alayhi salam from the things that are acceptable as what is authentically narrated from the profits in the long run name sanim la hacer la fitness. There is no room for jealousy at all except in two things. Rajan Allahu ala melon was a lava who Allah halakha T and Huck, a man who Allah has given wealth, and he is exhausting himself in destroying it, spending it for the truth. He just wants to get rid of it all. And the words that really interesting, he had it, he didn't destroy them, I just look at it. I want to give it all up. It's like he can hold on to

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it. He wants to give it up for the sake of Allah, this attitude of giving, when somebody has that you say, Man, not just, I'm not just jealous of his Well, you know, what I what you're jealous of there. His attitude? How does he have? How do you get that? How do you want to give money up so easily? Like, it's hard for him to hold on to it, it's easy for him to give what's the case with most of us,

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it's hard for us to give it it's very easy to hold on. You know, especially when it comes to Phil Huck, in the true spending in the path of the truth is very difficult. You know, fundraising can be like pulling teeth, for you to like, give $100 towards the building of a machine or you know, helping out the mother or cell or whatever else, right? There's that little program or this or that it's very difficult. But when you go to Walmart, you don't think twice. That's like the car doesn't hurt. You don't think man this money could have been better used for you know, the kids college fund or this? No accounting comes to your head. But when it comes to spending in the path of Allah, all

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of a sudden all of you become CPAs.

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Man, this money could have been I needed over there. And this bill in that bill in the whole financial balance just rolls before your eyes. It's like you've logged into your online account just sitting there in front of the machine. All the founders is going on. Right? You think all of the reasons why you should not be giving. But this person we should be jealous of who when the opportunity comes to give me Just let me get rid of it. It's like it's on fire when it's with him. And he just wants to get rid of it. This is the first person we should be jealous of. No, you know, some people don't understand this. And what do they do? Man? I wish I was wealthy like him. If I was

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I would spend to know you wouldn't

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just like the money part you'd spend but not like he spends. Right. So sometimes we have these fun, you know, I really want to be rich so I can spend in the bathroom a lot. Yeah. You really mean that? You know? Or do you mean I really want to be rich? And yeah, I'll spend a little I guess because I feel bad. I said that already. Right. So have a lot we can play games with our intentions. And so this person is someone to be jealous of some something to aspire. Then what did you learn at Allah tala hikma for who is Libya? That's the first he says a man who Allah has given wisdom and we learned just like mine comes from Allah. You don't earn man, you also don't earn What? wisdom that

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also comes from Allah. And so what does he do with that wisdom? yoke levy ha number one, he judges by means of that wisdom when he lives his life. He lives in according accordance with that wisdom. So here we're learning the difference between knowledge and wisdom. You can have a lot of knowledge, but you don't act on it, which means you're not very wise. When you have knowledge and you judge by it, you act by it, you live by it, you benefit from it, then you're actually wise. knowing a lot is not difficult. You can memorize the entire Quran 1000s of a hadith you can learn Arabic learn filter sila Akita, you can learn all the allume you want, you can become an island. That's easy. That's not

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the hard part. The hard part is hikma. Heckman. The ancient Arabic definition of hikma was you learned something beneficial and you act on it. If you do those things, then you are hacking.

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For example, fire burns, simple knowledge fire burns, if you still touch it anyway, you're not very wise.

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Wisdom would be you have beneficial knowledge and that leads you to proper action you stay away from fire. So So number one, Allahu Allah Allah hikma for Libya, and then the second then the second one, you are the Mohandas he teaches the people with it. Allah gave him wisdom. And he uses it to teach the people here. It's something else. Allah didn't say. He teaches people knowledge. He says he teaches people what wisdom. He lives by it first. Then he teaches people wisdom. This is a person to be jealous of. This is a person that not only lives by it, but instills in

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people's love of knowledge and the love of acting upon that knowledge May Allah make us people of wisdom and mela pika people make us people who instill wisdom and others. Finally, I said, there's two kinds of jealousies I wanted to bring to your attention. The most common kind of jealousy, we suffer from within our own homes, within our extended families within the Muslim community. It's so pathetic sometimes. So panela Oh, my God, they didn't make me president of the machine. I'm gonna make my own machine.

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And then the people who are in the other end this I don't know about the machine, I don't want to know, okay, I'm just saying, I've been to enough machines. Right? And then the one they left and they made their own machine, you say, Oh, my God, I can't believe they take our money. And then make your own money. You're jealous, too. They're doing hustle, you're doing hustle to get over it. It's the house of Allah be happy.

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Whatever their intentions were, we have to we have to stop being petty, to stop being petty. As we start, we start being petty in the things that we shouldn't be petty, we should be happy. In certain things. We shouldn't be judging people's intentions when we do these kinds of things. Unfortunately, there are many how many places in America I know, off the top of my head, three or four places where lawsuits are taking place between massage machines suing each other?

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How ridiculous is that? They go on, we call fundraisers in the middle of Ramadan, asking people to give for the sake of Allah so we can build a house, that house for Allah, you know who whoever builds a house for life in this dunya Allah will build him a house in Paradise and that people give their money sincerely, and you spend all that money on the lawsuit. Come on, we're not going to answer to a love for that.

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We should do this is really hurts. It hurts when these things like this happen. And it's become commonplace. Like it's not the exception. It's become the rule. It's so scary that we reached that point. So we have to jealousy is the root of it, though. If we sincerely we just wanted to serve a lie, this would not be a problem. People's egos get tapped, you know. And this sutra was about crushing your ego seeking the last refuge. From you know getting getting rid of your ego who are not, you know, when somebody gets angry, what you're supposed to remind them of say RO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Right? You try doing that to a Muslim when he's angry? Mother just say

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altavilla What do you mean? I'm cheban?

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You know, that shows you how badly Shannon's got a hold on him. Don't say it, bro. I'm with you, man.

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Subhana Allah, this is the state we reach. But this this was the first kind of jealousy. The second kind of jealousy is those who don't believe no matter how many problems we have on the inside, we are still miles better. miles better in what La ilaha illAllah. What Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Allah has given us, this gift that Allah has given us is still far better than anything else. No matter as bad as we are. As bad as we are. We are still leaps and bounds ahead and they are jealous. They are jealous. And so Larissa just says what deca theorem and

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there are many, many, not all, not all, but there are plenty from the People of the Book. lojo dunican, mimbar de Monaco foreign, they would wish to turn you back after you have gone back into kofod.

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Now, the IRS doesn't say they want you to become one of them.

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The IRS says they want you to become what kofod

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they just don't want you to believe what you believe. They'd rather not have you in their religion either.

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They just don't want you to have Islam anymore. They can't stand it. They can't stand it. And then why can't Why don't they want you to have Islam anymore. alesse has has had them in India and fusi him this is my free low in Arabic is called Afro lahoma. I

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mean, a genie has hidden

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it is because of a jealousy that is deeply rooted inside of themselves. we embody metabo unilumin, Huck, even after the truth became absolutely clear to them, the truth became clear to them, they realize they have to change, and they didn't want to change. But they saw people that did change. And when you when you didn't change, and you see all these people that did become better, it makes you look worse. So the only way to make you look better, is to make them do things that are worse than you. Right. So they really want you to become a good father. So they at least are not as bad as those guys over there. That's what they want. So there's a there's an entity that is there that will

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want this. There's not everybody but there is always going to be such an entity. And why did they do it? hazard I mean, and the unforeseen member, it might have been a tomahawk, then what should our response be? And that's what I want to conclude with? What should our response be when we hear things like that took a fara to get us, you know, we will dedicate websites on how they are plotting against us and speeches and how the kofod are plotting and how this and that and the other and they're, listen, take a loss advice, unless they're jealous, and they want to harm you. Right? What do

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they you know, they whatever harms you, they love LSS called

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Eva mitofit about the animosity has come out of their mouths and what they're hiding in their hearts is even worse. It's even worse. Look at what they're saying on the the blog posts on CNN.

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about any article, what are they saying about Muslims? That's what's coming out of their mouths. Allah says what they have inside their hearts is worse than that.

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I'll open it up, right? But after all of that, what should you do? What should your response be? Allah didn't leave us without advice. He says fairfull was for who had to lobby me same if

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you keep pardoning it?

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Pardon? Let it go. You don't get angry at the barking of a dog. It doesn't make sense to bark back. Does it make sense? let it slide, it's okay. was fine, we'll turn the page pretended did not have time to lobby on BMD until Allah comes with this decision. You keep doing your doll, you keep doing your part. Let them be jealous. Let them do what they're doing. Your response is not to get fired up. Your response is not to get over boiled. The Muslims today, unfortunately, are so reactionary, we are so reactive, well, I, this is hurting me. So I'm gonna just say it. You know, that recent incident with South Park and the cartoon and all of that. I can, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But

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I can tell you this much. They were people sitting in the boardroom and the producers room that said, this is going to cause a problem. When we draw this and put it on the air, it's going to cause a problem. They're probably going to be some Muslims that burn tires in Lahore, or, you know, set some shops on fire in Cairo. And they're going to be some post protests and rallies all over the Muslim world. It's going to fire people up, there's going to be assassination threats, this and that, and the other.

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And it's going to be on the front page. And it's going to be on the main news on CNN. And it's going to be on BBC, and it's going to be on Fox, it's gonna be on NBC. What do you think? Should we go for it? Yeah, the show's ratings are going down. Let's do it.

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So they do it, anticipating that the Muslims are going to explode in anger.

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And guess what the Muslims do?

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Exactly what they planned. They've got us figured out like lab rats, like lab rats, we do exactly what they planned. And what happened, this offensive show that they made nobody's endorsing it. But this offensive show that they made, which would have had X number of hits, because of our response, what happened

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100 million times more.

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They got their ratings went up and all of this stuff, what they got exactly for them. It's not about ideology. They don't hate the Messenger of Allah, they just want to make some money. for them. It's about ratings. It's capitalism, brother. We have to you know, if you want to play the game soon. So for definitely defamation, when they see a lawsuit, they become a little more respectful. Because it costs money. It's nothing else. It's not a battle of ideologies. It's not what it is. We have to understand the times in which we live and the games that are played with us. And by the way, as far as the Muslims are concerned, if we are offended by any insult hurting hurled against the Messenger

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of Allah sallallahu wasallam and we deeply are offended. We are but we should be equally offended when Abraham and his Salaam is made fun of when he saw the sermons made fun of when Allah subhanho wa Taala has made fun of family guy hasn't been doing that for years. The Simpsons don't do that all the time. And are you still watch it? So you know, that was a funny clip, man. And before were to tell my friends, I put it up on my Facebook page. we endorse these programs that deliberately and openly make fun of Allah's messengers. And we say to Allah, we say no, no, for the kobina hadn't been home. We don't make distinction between any one of them. If the dignity of Muhammad Rasulullah

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sallallahu wasallam is important to us. So is the dignity of all the messengers, all of the prophets, not to mention Allah when Allah is a little silly, he will mean we can't have this half baked attitude. We're really offended about this South Park community follow Jesus from the first day. First day. They've been making fun of nobody says anything. Nobody gets offended. Oh, that's a Christian problem. And he's at least not honored. And

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he's not one of our messengers. We have more claimed to him, we follow more of his legacy than the People of the Book. We are more claimed to him. musasa is mentioned more often than even anywhere else more than even Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam I met named mentioned by name five times, Mousavi, some 70 passages in the Quran. These are not messengers that deserve honor and dignity. We have to have a cool calculated response. I'm not saying we shouldn't have a response. We need to calm down first, burning some poor guy's car down in Karachi is not going to help.

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You're really angry that the messenger was you know, insulted and you burned his car. What did he what do you do you man? What did he ever do? You know, breaking windows and things like that. What is this craziness? How is this showing love? I understand the Muslims are and we are we are deeply offended, but we need to put our heads together and crush this thing. You know, at the end we can do that. We can make a plan like that until we're calm down. Allah says far fool was literally chill out. Calm down. overlook it. Turn the page hottie. Aloha.

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We Emily in Allah Allah Quran Leisha, in Cadiz, no doubt it is Allah who is upon everything in complete control. The final comment on this I want to share with you about the Hassoun the people who have hustled against us, who is on our side.

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What do you have to worry about people, Muslims getting out, man, they have this many weapons, and they have these many agents, and they've got this and they've got the other and all this conspiracy theory. Who do you have on your side?

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all the darkness on one side and the one who tears through the darkness and brings light to you on the other side? What do you have to worry about? We have to hold on to this book and seriously believe in it. When it gives us counsel, we have to take it as counsel for us. We can't just take it as empty, you know, just a Duff's and some some interesting knowledge. But go back to our editor. This is supposed to change our attitudes. It's supposed to change our attitudes. I pray that Allah azza wa jal gives all of us the strength to change our attitudes. May Allah make us unified with the Quran? May Allah give us a comprehensive understanding of it. I just want to make two announcements

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before I go. Those of you that want to catch a hold of the rest of the series. We began from suta Nava, it's on our website but you know.com slash podcast, it's all the mp3 is are free and they're available, and even the recording of this session will be on there and shallow Tara, additionally, this week Alhamdulillah I'll be done next week, inshallah and Irving, what sort of ness I hope I'll be done with sweetness next week. But at the same time, my colleague Shahab Nasir, that pretty much all of you, I think, know, started the study of just about UK today. And he started in colleyville. And those podcasts will be placed online also. So I'm taking about a month break and shallow data

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after after NASA is done. And I'll I'll reconvene from the 28th Joe's, but he'll be starting to bark immediately. So you can get a hold of those tools as well in shallow data. This is the first time and the second announcement is May the 16th there's a column program. I know you've many of you tend to color programs before that's May the 16th in the colleyville mustard from two to seven o'clock it's called on our family in the Quran. So inshallah Allah bring bring yourselves in your family from two and two to seven on May the 16th at the colleyville Masjid barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakim when I finally what year it was Kima Samadhi