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AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of sharing information and networking on Facebook to learn about issues related to Islam. They also mention a donation campaign and a donation policy in Sharla. The host also touches on the use of the " handy" manual for dow and the " handy's tool for dow" during the break. Additionally, they discuss the importance of knowing one's place and not speaking too much when talking about Islam.
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know sending God good deeds are opportunities, sparkling bright and true, raising you in the sight of Allah and

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Don't forget the oppressed and when you go to sleep

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monitor him hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salatu salam. Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, and welcome to another episode of a time to please Allah. It's always a time to be the last panatela of course, but this is our show Thursday Night Live from Dubai. And Sharla we hope that you're gonna have an entertaining and educational experience with us for the next hour shala with our dear guests, Diamond Hamad, and we're gonna discuss a very, very important topic and that is a follow of what we discussed in the previous episodes, which is about Tao. And who should give Tao how we should give down so on and, but today specifically want to talk

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about how to give Dawa to Christians how to give Dawa if you have a Christian neighbor, a Christian friend, and so on. And I'm going to say inshallah, because it's not so easy, people think it's okay, I'm just going to talk to people Islam when I tell them it's not that easy. So inshallah I think I picked the right guest shall have for today, brother, how it was very experienced, and now shall he's going to share some some techniques and some knowledge with us in sha Allah. But before that, something very important. I know that you've been hamdulillah following with us for the next, you know, past few years since we started a year and a half or so. So we started this short hamdulillah

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by blessing last pantalla. And, of course, like all good things, sometimes they, you know, there's some glitches and some bumps and some, you know, bruises, but tangela nothing that cannot be fixed. And as such, we found out that the show is, of course,

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having some issues with funding. And for those who don't know, this show is live out of Dubai and Dubai is definitely a very expensive place. Why is it live out by people might as well because brothers smile, and myself, we live close to Dubai, we live in the UAE at hamdulillah. And this show by the rest of Las panatela has been broadcasted live from here for this past, you know, a year and year plus Alhamdulillah, we've had some amazing episodes, you can go and check out our YouTube page, you can go to check out the whole YouTube page and you find a time to visit. All the playlist is there, all the episodes are there in Sharla. And you can watch our previous episodes. You can also

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go to our Facebook page, time to preach a lot. And you'll see our past posts. So we've talked about things that Mashallah I believe that a lot of people are shy to talk about, we've talked about things pertaining to situations and issues in the 21st century to the Muslim Omar, youth and so on. Things that people don't want to talk about, we talked about them. And we receive good feedback and hamdulillah people calling in question and so on. So I believe that this show is a lot. It's a blessing from Allah, Samantha. First of all, it's an honor for me and for a smile for us to be part of the show. And it's a big blessing for us to be able to conduct it and to discuss these issues.

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And I believe that our audience learned a lot and our audience benefited a lot. So we want to keep the show rolling.

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In order to do that, we need to raise some funds. Of course, I'm not going to do any fundraising over the phone here or anything like that. But I urge you to spread the word, I urge you to jump up on your social media, Facebook, Twitter, you know, we're so fast at liking and sharing things that sometimes just ridiculous, you know, might be something funny might be a joke might be a picture that's funny or so on. And we like it and we find 1000s of likes, maybe hundreds of 1000 likes and views and shares and so on. But when it comes to something that is beneficial, we find ourselves as Muslims we find ourselves that we are shy to share the hair. Okay, so share the hair, okay, share

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the goodness, if you don't have money, you know, I don't know everyone's situation. If you cannot support the show by your donation financial issue, then just like it just go and share it hamdulillah our Facebook page grew over the years from the law. But you know nothing like certain other things that we see other Facebook pages that have no benefit whatsoever actually they are damaging are Muslim, and you'll find that the Muslims are liking them like like like like, share, share, share, share, and so on commenting, engaging with them, and so on. Anyhow

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Check are a time to build a Facebook page. And we have started a donation campaign in Sharla. And be at nilla. With your support, you know, it takes just I mean, so on. I'm sure that more than 60,000 people watch this show, I'm sure. Okay, I'm sure that in Nigeria alone, there's, you know, maybe 100 1000s of people watching the show Thursday night, the time to please Allah. And all it takes for each one of you is to donate $1 Okay, so everyone will put $1 done, it's over hamdulillah time, please allow keep going on for another good year Sharla. So, inshallah, try, try your best to help us and try to visit our site to share again, share and share, share, and view the previous videos

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type. So let's jump to today's topic. And it is an exciting topic, you might want to take

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a pen and paper, pen and paper and make some notes. Because we're going to talk about the end my previous show, I spoke about the importance of the hour, and about the importance of knowledge. And I see a lot of people fall shy because they say, Well, you know, I don't know too much about Islam, how can I speak about Islam, and I mentioned the Hadith the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, bulevar neolo area. And he conveyed for me if it's one ayah and this is the most important is that you can do that with which is called who Allahu Ahad, na are telling me will say Allah is one, God is one, he has no partners, he has no associates, no one shares in his dominion. And we also said

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that a person should know his place, a person should know his place and shouldn't speak more than they are qualified to do. And that's why Allah tells the Quran is a decree in quantum law. If you don't know, go and ask the people know, send the people who might ask you to someone don't start giving the answers to questions that you do not know about. So this is something very important if everyone would do that little take care of this piece of advice, you know, our dow situation would be much better. But today, sadly, everyone seems to be a scholar and seems to be very knowledgeable, and people do more damage to Islam than benefiting. So that is one of the first rules, okay, of

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doubt is, know your place, know what you you know, what knowledge you have, and Don't go Don't go past these limits. Right. And we also said that the hour is something that is foreign DNA on the people on the oma, we talked about, you know, whether it's for dine or for and so on. Anyway, it is something that is important, it is something that you and I will be asked about, on the Day of Judgment by Allah subhanaw taala. What did we do with the knowledge that we had? What do we do with the opportunities that we have? And how, you know, how do we take care of the people around us? And do we care about the Puritans, because if we look at the life of prophet SAW Selim, he was very

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worried about the people around him. And I'm talking here about not just not just the Muslims, we know that he was Danny, on the Muslim journey he was like, and he was even more than just worried.

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But about the non Muslims, about the people around them. His efforts in dow if you look to the era of the processor, and the Sierra of the processor, again, I want to reiterate this, the core earned number one is the first mat or the most important manual Tao. And number two, the way of the processor, his Syrah, his Sunnah, is the second manual for us to do Tao. Right? And you will find when you take those as your base, yes, you can add different techniques, you know, we live in modern times, though, back then they didn't have this and that, but keeping the Quran in the sun as your basis will really, really, you know, cement your doubt. And that is something very important. Today,

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specifically, we're talking about how do we reach out to john and

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Kerry and Lucy and the Christians who are around us, we live amongst Christians, sometimes in the West, specifically, and a majority Christian country. in Muslim countries, we have Christians, right? How do we reach out to them? How can we do and it's not easy, okay? Especially when it comes to neighbors, especially when it comes to family, you would expect Oh, they're they're so close and I can just talk to them, it becomes even harder actually. So inshallah we're gonna take a short break, and we'll be right back with our guests, Amitabh it and we'll discuss this Don't go anywhere. Make sure you pick up the phone inshallah. We'll open up the lines. If you have a question, a

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specific question and you want to ask, I mean, you want

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As myself with regards to dow given our questions, there's got to be your time numbers on the screen inshallah. And at the same time during this break, you want to go to our page and make sure to check out the donation, how it's moving and so on. Zack, what I heard was you're right after the break

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