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Ahmed Hamed
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chance to gain

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smaller man Rahim Salam aleikum. warahmatullah wabarakatuh Welcome back Hooda TV a time to please Allah. And we are joined today by our dear respected brotherbrother apatani salaam aleikum wa Taala when it comes to our ariake Hamlet hamdulillah Welcome back to the shorthand and for those who might not have seen much let him have it has his show on hold that we are hamdulillah and you can I think now the YouTube videos are slowly coming in Mashallah. And you can check out the show the name of the show is Islam quests land quest, Mashallah Islam quest, and you'll find the videos on YouTube and on his Facebook page. inshallah so check out the these things shala. So, again, as I said, Get

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your paper, your pen and paper and start taking notes inshallah, because we're going to give you a few tips. inshallah, in the short time that we have, how to give dour to Christians, and brother, Ahmed,

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I want to specifically start with, you know, maybe five minutes discuss about why, you know, not just why should we get down, but why Christians, you know, there'd be a lot of people we hear today, you know, they say, Well, you know, there are people the book, they believe in God Abrahamic religion, and we're having faith. You know, recently, I heard something quite interesting, you know, someone was saying, a preacher was saying about, you know, that, you know, we're just, you know, Muslims were just like, you know, kinda like everyone else, you know, and, of course, I want to take that out of context tonight. But sometimes,

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it seems like, especially in the West, when there's there's a very overwhelming majority of Christians and Muslims are minority, that the Christian, the Muslim, sometimes they feel that, you know, I mean, we just want to integrate, we want to be part of the society, we shouldn't be, you know, aggressive, and now we shouldn't, you know, push forward. I mean, we can have like, again, I'm not trying to misquote anyone, or take anything out of context. No, I'm trying to understand what's going on. But it seems like Tao is becoming more like, let's have an a, you know, a sit down dialogue with the call. I think multifaith, you know, you tell by your feet, I tell my feet, we all

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just, you know, shake hands and go home, which is, you know, I'm not saying is wrong. I'm not saying it's wrong. But should there be more than that? And then why should we give doubt to Christians? Right, hello, salatu salam, ala rasulillah. First of all, you know, just before we tackle this question, why do we, you know, give Dawa to the Christians? First, I think, and I strongly believe that a person who is getting engaged in Dawa The first thing that he needs to do is he needs to make his mind, the makeup off his mind, the mindset that he needs to have in order to get engaged, you know, in our and that reflects, you know, a person when he engages into Dawa it reflects, I think,

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five things five essential things. Number one, it reflects that he loves the last panel time, as you see, on the contrary, we see Christians, you know, as per they believe they call, you know, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him as the son of Allah. And that is one of the biggest, you know, disrespect against Allah subhanaw taala, which Allah subhanaw taala you know, strongly condemned in the Quran as we know. So when a person engages into, you know, dialogue, especially in our particularly with Christians, first thing he needs to make his mind that he loves Allah so much, that for Allah, He will invite people who have wrong belief about a lost parent. And so this is the first thing that he

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needs to prepare his mind that what what what do I reflect, you know, when I get engaged with the Christians in doing that, the first thing is that he loves Allah subhanaw taala. The second thing that, you know, reflects when he gets gets engaged in the hour is his his true and sincere obedience of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because he was absolutely engaged in the our to them as well. And that reflects that your affiliation with prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah sent a man for that matter with the rest of the Gambia and the Rasul as well, Mila, you know, peace be upon all of them. The 13 ideally, are essentially that, you know, inspires a person or he needs to keep this mindset is to

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make sure that he is saved in the era.

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You know, every individual slave of Allah subhanaw taala, in particular, the Muslims, the Abdullah, the slave of Allah, he needs to have this mindset that tomorrow you will be questioned about john, about his neighbor, about his friend, about his colleague about his classmate to me, you know, wanders around, he roams around, he does dealing with he is going to be questioned he he will be in trouble along with john he will be in trouble. So, he needs to prepare his mindset that third thing is to save you know, your

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own Acura, your own you're after. That's third, the fourth is to

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be in, among those who are honored by Allah subhanaw taala. You see, you will never be motivated unless you you know the price of it, and allow honors those people who gets engaged in Tao imagine how Allah subhanaw taala will shower His mercy and help and love you, when you as his slave as a romance slave, talk about a man to those who have wrong belief in, you know, in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you are setting yourself in the profile of the prophets, you're actually, you know, following the same legacy of the prophets. So that basically builds up your mindset. The fifth thing is that you can never in the sight of Allah, you can never be a true friend, a true neighbor, a true

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colleague, a true, you know, acquaintance, unless you talk about a lot to your to threat to them, you know, you really care them, then you must basically get engaged and tell them, you know, they might be very close friend of yours, they might be your father, they might be your mother, they might be your sister, brother, whoever it is, if you really care for them, then tell them about Allah, tell them about Islam. So I think essentially, you need to prepare this mindset, you know, this programming that helps you to pursue effective Tao. Now, as far as your question is concerned, yes, there is a huge trend, especially in the West, as you rightly said, there are people who get

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engaged in our they have very cordial relationship, you know, you are sometimes sometimes it might represent that, you know, you're also right, and you're also Right, right. So that that cannot, you know, go in line because happened, but they can, you know, cannot stay together. True and False, it cannot stay together. However, it is helpful, it is helpful, because it helps, you know, especially the western, you know, mindset they are, you know, kind of, you know, get close to you, they talk to you, they're they're broad minded people, you know, they don't they don't think narrow, you know, a way of looking at it, they are open, transparent, so that way, it is definitely a good

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demonstration. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. So, okay, so let's say that we have some, you know, Christian neighbors, right, let's start from a point on how to break the ice, right? And while I've been engaging now for quite a while, and sometimes whenever there's a new neighbor that comes in, I tried it's like going back to point number one, I was like, how do you how do you break the eyes right? Now, this is a you know, million dollar question,

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how to break the ice, you know, that because you keep you know, sitting with your neighbor and just thoughts going on your mind? How, what should I say I mean, when you when you know that you need to do a thought, you know, goes on your your mind, where do I start? How do I talk about this? Do I talk about that? So, the I think through our experience, the best and powerful way of you know, breaking the ice is to ask question,

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you know, simple question, you know, having an identity of a Muslim, you ask a question, you know, you know about Islam, you know, Jesus is you know, mentioned in the Quran, you if you start with a question that basically implies that he will give an answer or she will give an answer. And that slowly, you know, surely it starts the this engagement of you know, the discussion, so, they don't feel that you know, you know, offend offended for sure, when you ask them, they will obviously, you know, obliged to reply and that, you know, then you can follow up, however, I feel that, you know, it is dire need that those who are getting engaged into our, you know, and I must mention over here,

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the notion that, you know, majority of the people they have that, you know, you can do dour only, you know, by giving a public talk, you know, this notion, as disturbed a lot of youth, you know, when they look at people public speaking, you know, public speakers, you know, celebrities, they talk over the stage, and they think that's only the our, that's the only way of doing that, that's one way of doing now, and we need to understand the reality that not everyone can become like that, not everyone would like to become like that to put it in that way. So, your 5% probably among you know, the the whole Luma would like to be you know, on that front, but your 95% of the people they

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have to be dies you know, on their daily routine, you know, the the neighbor that you have, you need to know how the, you know, thinks, you know, can can be sorted out. So, this requires basically, in a training

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at least a base level, understanding

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By which and through which they will be able to understand certain tips certain ways they can you know, get engaged and I must you know take this opportunity by sharing with you inshallah very soon in Dubai, we are launching this program double a weekend power packed a course Dawa dynamics, the art of presenting Islam. So for those who are living in Dubai inshallah brothers and sisters, it has rounds of discussions, interviews basically upon which we're going to have very, very, very selective, you know, brothers and sisters who can get engaged in you know, have the proper and strategic professional approach of delivering the message of Islam. Charles, when is this inshallah

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in April we're planning with nilla advertising shall definitely, definitely shot. So let's say I have a neighbor, okay, he's Christian, he wants to, you know, you said basically ask a question, right? would you ask them a question about their faith to like break the ice but like, also, are you like a Christian, you believe in this? Or do you believe in the Trinity? Or what do you believe in it? Can you ask them something like that? Or is that right now that you know,

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Mashallah, Shama? deedat, and Dr. Zack and I have developed into into the world of comparative religion and so on other people as well. Most of the Christians, they know that, you know, when you ask the you know, about Trinity and these things they feel, you know, are you trying to say that it's not illogical or, you know, I'm believing something. So the best, I think, way would be to share your book, you know, which is for everyone, which they don't understand. What does the Quran talk about? meaning for example, okay, what does what kind of respect and honor that Allah subhanaw taala, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He has given to mother a mother Mary. So if you

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share with them, you know what surprising I was going through the chapter, you know, there is a whole chapter by the name, Subrahmanyam chapter, meaning the whole chapter is enshrined entitled, in her name, so I think this way, would basically help them and then obviously, when you get involved, you can tell you know, what, what, what do you believe in Mary? You know, what do you believe in Jesus? Because we, we read, you know, Allah says in chapter five, you know, what, 75 mile mercy from a lawsuit? He was, you know, many were the messengers were sent before Lisa said, he was just merely a messenger. So what do you believe in? And if they say, you know, if, and you need to understand if

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that neighbor is or any Christian, there are two kinds of Christians according to you know, who are religious Christians, and who are you know, they don't bother about you know, then they might say, Yeah, like you like, yeah, of course, unfortunately. So, you need to understand whether they really go to church, they follow the Bible read the Bible, because your approach differs, and when they when they are religious, then you can talk about you know, more in the scriptural point of view and when they are non religious, I mean, so called secular to say, then you can engage with them in reasonable in rational approach. So, it difference so, you need to check out and study, you know, a

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little bit of background of whom you're talking to, okay. Yeah, exactly, because, you know, what we say is Tao is a communication of course, and communication requires two parties, you are a sender and you have a receiver in between you have two things, one is the process and two are the tools, if you know the process, how do you know approach and methodology and do things and you have certain tools, you know, you can you could either give books gift a book to give the translation of the Quran to your neighbor, you could give a copy of CD or DVD or you could you have n number of tools, whatever you want to utilize. So, if you understand this dynamics in a in a in a very, you know,

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closer way, you are a sender to as you talked about, you know, you should have the knowledge of it and things like that, you are as a sender must be effective, and your process must be placed based on the, you know, the way of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and your tools must be effective. If this is there, then the receiver he receives a message effectively inshallah right now, let's say something you mentioned books, right? Is that something that would be a good startup with someone you know, because obviously when you first meet someone,

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let me put this as a question as well. Would it be smart for you to know the first thing Okay, my name is Mohammad Coronavirus. Now, the first thing you know, let's say the guy just move next to you, right? Hey, I'm your neighbor. And then you're like, Okay, my name is Ahmed. Dino barsa. I believe our marriage Jesus today, right. So I think I think that wouldn't suit well, because being a neighbor means that he is,

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you know, living with you next to you. Right. So every day you have an opportunity to see him. So the first

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thing that you can actually do is to impress them by your character. You know, he's watching you every single day, he's watching you, your family, your kids and everything, the were about that you have the, the, the way of living that you are living. So he's observing and watching you very closely next to your families, your neighbor, so you impress them, and you know, give them a positive impact you as a as a model, you know, and then obviously, when you have this, but keeping in mind, you know, because I need to clarify this, because some people believe that you just be good Muslims, and then you don't talk about Islam. That's enough. I think that's very, you know, partial

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way of looking at that our Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam was Martin has another best role model, undoubtedly, but he talked about it. So he practiced that, and he talked about it. So we are omotola SATA, the bank, the balanced nation, we have to have a moral conduct in our lives, but we have to engage, you know, people in doing and delivering the message of Islam. So I think the best way to to be with them for a while, you know, let them be comfortable, let them understand you, especially the neighbor because this would you know, work well, when you are, you know, traveling in a train. You know what, I'm Mohammed, you know what, I'm a Muslim, and then you can you know, because you don't

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know whether you will meet him again or not, unless you take his details and things like that. But then that's a remote possibility. So you are going to see him once or twice for free, for example. So you can you get as I said, your approach might differ, but you will, your neighbor is living with you so you can slowly but surely keeping the mindset that I'm going to talk to him about Islam about a lost pounds and about Jesus about the Quran. But let me start this way. So Allah, you know, He rewards you based on your intention, and you have the strategic plan for Dawa for your neighbor

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to gain

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