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Ahmed Hamed
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim while he was happy as marine. I was Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim. Learn to Nala burrata tune Cebu mimma to a boon Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. rubbished Alicia de. We are certainly Amri while the term melissani yufka Who told you your brothers and sisters Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh meaningly the peace, mercy and the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala be upon all of you

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welcome to another episode of why Hajj

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this episode mighty brothers and sisters, we shall take some of the key tips in order to perform a productive Hutch.

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As we have mentioned in earlier episodes, that Hajj is one of the greatest ibadah of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Therefore, we need to make sure that this Riba should be done productively and perfectly. Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with intellect and through which we have to make sure that we do certain things, set up certain tips by which we can actually gain and fetch more results more fruits

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out of hatch. In this episode, inshallah, we'll talk about some of the tips in order to do productive Hajj.

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The first and foremost, my brothers and sisters, you need to plan and prepare for Hajj

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as the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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So we do not want to fail in our ibadah. of Hodge. We need to plan and your planning should not be limited to buying a firearm and buying couple of books and preparing for yourself in the physical aspect of it. No, you need to start preparing.

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You need to ask yourself a question. Why are you going

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you can't go by yourself. It has to be a law subhanho wa Taala

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who should grant the permission for you to go. So you need to understand what you brothers and sisters and plan your plan yourself in this perspective. That it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who invited you.

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It is a loss of handle data who wants and wishes you to be the guest of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you need to plan from that perspective, that you are going there because Allah subhanaw taala invited you and Subhana Allah What an honor, when you know that someone who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, someone who is the Lord of the worlds someone who is you and mine, Rob Lord sustainer cherisher provider and owner has invited us then you need to make sure that you plan in accordance that you're going to meet and be the guest of Allah subhanaw taala you need to plan and prepare in that manner. And we know for sure that we will know that we are going to to perform Hajj

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at least a month or couple of months before so make sure that you plan in advance and prepare for that in order to perform and do productive huch

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such as remembering and memorizing the two hours that you are going to ask Allah subhanaw taala during Hajj, memorize them, you will have enough time in order to memorize them. understand them. Remember what its context is you need to understand the background of it so that when you go

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Hodge in reality,

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you will memorize these doors and you will reduce doors with a lot of meaning. With a lot of excitement, you will read these drawers not as a lip service, you will know what you're doing, you will know why are you making this drum then you know the meanings of it because unfortunately the bulk of the Muslim Ummah, they just chant the Arabic da without understanding what they are actually asking Allah subhanaw taala. So you need to plan and prepare yourself with these two hours with what all the activities that you are going to do during Hajj. In order to make your Hajj productive, you need to do the checklist. You need to make sure that you need to plan each and every step of Hajj

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and how you're going to reap the maximum out of it.

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You need to make sure that you plan and prepare accordingly. With the perspective My dear brothers and sisters, that it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who has invited you. So make sure that you plan and prepare in order to do your Hajj in a productive way. Number two, you need to make sure you need to make sure my dear brothers and sisters that you study that you study the life of Ibrahim alayhi salam, you need to study the history of Hajj, you need to study the life of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. When you study and learn these stories and the historical evidence and when you go with that knowledge subconsciously keeping in your mind when you go there, you feeling your

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exposure, your observation, your capturing your understanding, your reflection will be very different. It will be absolutely different experience because you know you read you learned about these things much before you come to actually do perform an arch.

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When you learn these things, the story of Ibraheem alehissalaam How was his life, what went through through his life, the study of the history of Hajj, when you know the background, what actually happened, when you when you when you actually go there, you will realize and you will have a different experience altogether, you will have a different meaning to your visit. So make your visit

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of Hajj, this journey of lifetime, meaningful and fruitful. And that's how my dear brothers and sisters, you can make your Hajj productive.

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That's the way how you can actually perform a productive Hajj, you need to understand the background and the historical events in order to relate yourself. When you see those things in reality, physically, you will have the sense of belongingness straight you will have the sense of understanding the sense of importance and your your your spirituality, it will grow it will develop similarly, many brothers and sisters, the third way of doing productive Hajj

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is to basically do Hajj with halaal income.

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Allah subhanaw taala is pure and he accepts all that is pure.

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So you shouldn't anyways do Hajj with halaal income haram income, you need to make sure that your Hajj which is a spiritual journey of lifetime and obligation

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of fulfillment of one of the pillars of Islam, it should be done with halal means you need to make sure that you need to abstain and keep yourself away from the Haram money haram belt

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and never use that in order to perform Hajj never on that, because that's all impure in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and that's how you can make your Hajj inshallah a productive hatch, mighty brothers and sisters.

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This is one of the greatest of ibadah that Allah subhanaw taala has enjoined upon us. Leave no chance, leave no chance

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to skip anything that you can't use it. Make sure that you that that you gain maximum out of it. And that's the foot.

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Make sure that you invest your time.

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your energy, your skill, your mind, your heart, and your body.

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absolute sense, when you go prepare yourself psychologically, that you, you, my brothers and sisters are going as a guest of a last panel. And this is a journey of lifetime, you never know that you will get this chance again or not. So make the most of your time. don't engage in any gossips. Don't involve yourself in petty issues, don't waste your time. That is very, very precious time. Once it goes, You will only regret it will never come back. So you have time in your hand, make use of it completely. Make use of it in a maximum sense. And that's how you can make your Hodge productive hatch. Make use of your mind. Ponder, reflect, understand and know

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what you're doing each act that you are trying to do has a background has a meaning to it. Have a sense of understanding to it. So make sure that you invest your time, your money,

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your skills, your mind and your body to the maximum so that you can do productive Hutch. The last thing that I would like to share my brothers and sisters with you in order to do productive heart is set your goal for Hutch, set your goal for Hutch to achieve it. And what's your goal? first goal should be your heart It should be Hjelm roll, it should be the acceptable hudge this should be your first goal

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for doing Hutch. And the second goal that you should make sure that you should remain pure even after Hajj. That should be a second goal because the real fruits understand this because the real fruits of Hajj

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it can be seen only after Hajj, what effects that Hajj has given

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you can be seen after Hajj, so set your goal and achieve it by making sure that you do all the acts of the prophets way sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that your Hajj inshallah can be accepted in the sight of Allah and you should make sure that you remain pure post Hajj as well. So these are some of the tips in order to do this beautiful everybody. This beautiful worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala in a productive way. I would like to end this episode with an ayah with which I began my talk from Surah Allah Moran surah number three and 192 in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, learn turn Allah burrata don't matter. You will never attain piety unless you do you sacrifice that which you love

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the most. Well, Akira Juana and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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