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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah al Karim. While he was happy at mind, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, welcome again to our new series, titled hevs The Greatest Journey. This is the second part of the series when hamdulillah in the first part with me, I find and Abdullah ahead, we try to cover some of the reasons associated with those reasons, benefits that actually can excite us, encourage us and inspire us to take up this greatest journey of health as well. hamdulillah So, have fun and Abdullah Hi, how are you doing? Again?

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You're doing good. Hamdulillah I think we did a lot of talking about the reasons and the benefits of why one should take up the hives. Right? I'm sure you and you are fun. When you actually did or when you were doing hives, I'm sure there were a lot of challenges that you're facing, right? And I'm sure more or less the challenges could be similar for many of course, we can rule out certain exceptions but in general if we talk about I think everyone faces challenges of you know of different natures Subhanallah so this session inshallah this part my brothers and sisters, we would like to focus on talking about some of the challenges and how we can actually overcome those

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challenges in the journey of insha Allah so let's let's start with Abdullah had.

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What is the main challenge? Do you think that people you know, have in their minds in their lives, lack of importance and desert of the Quran because sometimes when we are small, we don't know too much about the Quran, we keep the Quran everywhere. So we need to keep the Quran preserved and keep in a private place. And I think the most private place is our is our mind is is in our heart Subhan Allah. So I think that's, that's true, to a large extent, because I think a lot of us we do not really know the value and the virtue of the Quran. So because of not knowing it, it becomes a default challenge for us to pursue the journey of hevs Subhan Allah, you don't have that desire and

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love to memorize and read the Quran with Allah Indeed, indeed, I think if everything starts with a desire with your intention, so as a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he said, in normal, Binya, so, if you have an intention in sha Allah, Allah will help you and facilitate you to take up that action. Amazing, amazing. I think this is the challenge, the way you can overcome is just intent in 10, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah will help you out inshallah. All right, I found do you think of any challenge that was like personally with you in your journey? Yes, I think a lack of dedication and hard work and struggle is

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something that I faced a lot. I think when when we do the hero's journey, we to think that we need to know that there is no gain without pain. So we need to work hard, and we need to, we need to face a little bit of struggle. I mean, it's not an easy thing, the easiest journey, it's not like,

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you can finish it without working hard or without especially such benefits when you have, I think it's not easy, right? You can testify after going through that struggle. SubhanAllah. So I think, lack of dedication, as you rightly said, so beloved, brothers and sisters, this is again, a challenge that we have in our lives towards the Quran or towards the journey of memorizing the Quran is we lacked dedication, we really don't know, the verse obviously, when you don't know the verse, we don't know the value. We don't dedicate ourselves to it, and we don't put a lot of efforts towards it. Right. So I think, as you rightly said, no gain without paying and as we say, you know,

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no price without sacrifice sacrifice. So I think Hannah, Tara says, Well, let me Nyjah do phenol and Hadiya, no super Lana and those who strive for us, we will surely guide them to our ways Subhanallah so all what we require is, is to take a step to struggle a bit and Allah will then facilitate our journey Subhanallah so lack of dedication is another challenge and the way to overcome it later.

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To more effort, you know continuously on a consistent basis, inshallah you will get through. All right, Abdullah had there any challenge? Yeah, the most important thing, and that is schedule schedule, we need to create a proper schedule because of how the schedule is gone. Your memorization thing is finished law. For example, you're memorizing one page a day, you miss two days and two pages are pending. Right? Right. And it gets more difficult, right? It gets more I think the lack of, you know, discipline, lack of routine, lack of lack of proper plan in the schedule, is another challenge people take up the journey without discipline. So obviously, without discipline, you can't

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achieve what you want to achieve, right? Without having a proper routine, you cannot achieve what you want to achieve. So I think this is something which is, which is really important to note that this is again, a challenge. So the the way how you can overcome this challenge is by making yourself discipline, unis. Subhanallah discipline is a part of our all all routines, you know, there is no school without discipline, right? There is no meeting without discipline, everywhere there is a discipline, so why not in the Quran, Subhan Allah. So the whole idea is when you know, something really fruitful and meaningful and beneficial, we must make ourselves discipline to actually achieve

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that SubhanAllah. And what else do you think I find is a challenge that people face. I think one more challenge that people do face is the lack of determination and sacrifice. Because as I told you, there is no, there is no price without sacrifice. So I'm willing to sacrifice a few things, we need to sacrifice a bit of sleep, sometimes your work, sometimes you're playing.

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So we need to have a brief sacrifice, and we need to be determined to finish it, we should not be like I cannot finish it. Or maybe because you're a person who is older, Asian and be like, Oh, I cannot remember is after this age, whenever you think of something that you can't do this thing, but you can absolutely do it. And those fantasies are lentinan Beratan FICO memory, you will not achieve anything until you give away from something that you love. And I think the children, they love to play elders, they love, they love to work, sometimes we love to do business sometime. So there are different engagements of different levels of different people. So

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what I get to know from your point is we need to give up those things. And as a as a price, and then that is a true sacrifice, and Subhanallah with that, we will be able to determined ourselves and pay sacrifice and get the price Subhanallah Abdullah had what else? You know, you think as a challenge, I think break holidays in between your challenge, as you were mentioning a while ago, that if you if you leave one day or two days or three days, then you are piling up your tasks. So I think revision is one of the greatest challenge during the phase of hives. So proper Maharajah proper revision, being in touch with the Quran on a daily basis is something that will help us to overcome this

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challenge. Again, I think these are the challenges. I'm sure everyone of us, you know, face or faced or will be facing. And we the beauty is when we know, these are the challenges, we will prepare ourselves right, we will be geared up to actually overcome these challenges, Inshallah, and that's how we can progress. Right. What else do you think are fun? I think a lack of environment is something that a lot, sometimes, you know, we're in an environment where there's a lot of sound. And there's a lot of disturbing the rejoined family, lots of kids and

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there's many diversions and I think one of the biggest divisions is devices themselves. When you have a limited time for those and means try to keep them away. You want to try to because I'm sure upon he'll try to find a way to deviate us in any way. I mean, it's a greater it for him. Yeah, somebody memorizing the Quran is a greatest hit for him. Yeah. So me too. Sometimes we'll have a lack of environment sometimes. I think one of the best things that you can try doing is sometimes you know, having another separate room or maybe or maybe one maybe Coronavirus situation is better. The message is also an amazing thing. Yes, this is one place and and it's a peaceful place to do

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you, you you really need to understand that the challenge is the environment as well. So what you're saying is we need to create a support system, right? An environment that is free

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comfortable enough for us to facilitate this journey? Because I think, you know, sometimes small things will become a hurdle to achieve a bigger thing, right? So if we just fine tune and plan out a bit, I think we'll be able to overcome this challenge as well. My beloved brothers, I'm telling you, these are the challenges I'm sure you have faced if you have done hips and if you are doing the hips I'm sure you're facing these challenges. And if you are planning Inshallah, which I think you are, you know, watching this inspirational stories,

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these are the challenges which are going to be there. Abdullah, what else? Lack of patience? Oh, very important, because many times it's not a one day job. Yeah. So Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you're living Um, no, was the I know but somebody or Salah Oh, you who have believed seek help through patients and prayers. Subhan Allah, I think that's, that's really, really a big, big, you know, challenge to be persistent to be patient because this is a journey that requires patience, right? A fan, I think, I'm sure you in your journey, Abdullah had you in your journey, if you were not patient, and if your

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families were not patient, I don't think you would be able to complete the the haves and Subhanallah Quran being a solution, it also tells us you have a problem of patients, you need to actually get up yourself and know that this is something which is required. It's like mandate rating for us to pursue the journey of health and that's patients and Japan Allah, Allah gives the the tip or the you know, way, how we can actually seek the help of Allah by praying and by patients and once we do that, Inshallah, this challenge will also be overcome Inshallah, have fun. You look serious, Han Allah. Right? Are you remembering the days of challenges that you were going through? Allahu Akbar,

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Allah. I think one of the other challenges that I think many people face is the lack of plan, and motivation. Because we need to be motivated to keep going. As you know, we're going through through these challenges, we need to know that after, after we finished the head, all of this whenever like us. After finishing have i i can remember my past challenges and always feel like I did face the sentence. But now that I've done his I feel like that was completely worth it. And all that effort that he put in, I feel that I put it in the right thing. Alhamdulillah Hamdulillah. So I think, what what I'm trying to get from your point is, if you if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So this is

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the greatest journey, and how can you actually take this journey without a plan Subhanallah another thing which you highlighted is motivation. Motivation to out the journey is definitely required, right motivation from Eurostars, from your teacher, motivation from your parents, motivation from your friends, motivation from your brothers or sisters. Right. So when you have that amazing motivational environment, your journey becomes easier, and it will be definitely worthwhile. Subhanallah I think we're going we're going and hitting the nail, talking about those challenges. So Abdullah had you to smiling as well, I think you're remembering again, those days of challenges.

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Yeah. Subhanallah negative mindset. Oh, this is another challenger. Yeah. This is another challenge. So I think a lot of people they think, no, I can't do it, isn't it and they end up not doing it? You know, and shutdown wins. Subhanallah I think one advice that I'll give here is that whenever you think you can't do it, think you can do it. Just one year, like the speech is hard, I cannot memorize this, the display is easy, and I can absolutely memorize it. So you will be you will be away from negative thoughts and you will be what you're trying to say is change the challenge into an opportunity and challenge the challenge. That's what are you trying to say? Challenge the

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challenge, right? Do face the challenges and without without you challenging the challenge you will not win Subhanallah so negative mindset This is from shaitan I believe, right? Obviously shaitan does not want you, you, you me anyone to take up this journey. So what does he do? He puts negative thoughts negative He will make you depressed he will make you hopeless if you're not able to make

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memorize one Subak one, you know session with your stars or your with your teacher, I think that's where the shaitan attacks and makes you feel that you can't do it. So as you rightly said, overcoming the challenges, just reverse it go against the challenge. And that's how you can overcome Subhanallah amazing, amazing, many, many people think that only youngsters can do and that is not true. All people a very important point, if they can do PhD, why not have right Subhanallah this is something very, very important. So you, my beloved brothers who are old, don't think ever that if you're old, you can't memorize, you know, as he quoted the Hadith, and put see where Allah subhanaw

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taala he says, I am with my servants the way they think of me. So always think God, always be highly hopeful. It doesn't matter. You're 50 years old, 70 years old, and we will share with you certain inspirational stories, certain inspirational stories that will amaze us Subhanallah we're all people, blind people, women, children, they all memorize the Quran SubhanAllah. So I think being, you know, positive, extremely about the journey of herbs is very important. That's how you actually challenge the challenge. Subhanallah All right, the fun. Are there any more challenges? Yeah, I think one of them is a lack of strategy. And I think one of the best strategies, when you're doing

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have this is to enter the subject of Salah.

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To help first, seek the help of Allah subhanaw taala by the way of cyber patients, and

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I think cultural drives is one very amazing way we can absolutely help ourselves achieve what we're trying to do until right, I think this is a great way to overcome the challenge of, you know, not having a strategy SubhanAllah. To write strategic demands, you do the right thing in the right way, with effective methods that you can adopt, use the technology as much as you can. Because there are a lot of Quran apps. Of course, disclaimer, don't deviate yourself as well. But use it finally, there are a lot of amazing Quranic memorization apps that are there out, you know, in the markets panel that we can utilize, or this could be a part of the strategy that you use, what kind of tools

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you use the method how you're going to use. And that's, that's quite amazing is ways also people memorize by listening, listening, this would this is again, a part of the strategy that you listen, and you listen, and you listen. And that's how you can also memorize as well. Subhanallah All right, have fun. Do you have any more challenges? Yeah, I think one more challenge is an availability of right teacher. I've seen you I remember facing this challenge once once I shifted from one country to another country.

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I had to, I had to find a new teacher, I think is one advice that I'll give that an advice that I did for myself, but I give to other people is, while you don't have teachers, well, you need to revise it yourself. Because for me, I had I think I'd memorized two or three just by the time but without, without stars. Yeah, no, no, with the stars before I shifted. But then during that journey, when I was trying to find a teacher, I almost forgot everything, I had to start all the way from scratch. And I think that slowed me down quite a bit. So when you don't have the right teacher, um, which sometimes you might not, I think you should try to memorize it yourself. As long as until if

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and I think I think you mentioned something really, really important. The role of a right teacher in the life of a person who wants to memorize and take up this Greatest Journey is really, really important because the role that teacher can play is phenomenal. It's quite amazing. So Subhanallah part of the strategy is also that you find out the right teacher or mentor, or tailor made a method that can actually keep you always connected and help you to facilitate in this journey Subhanallah many times people also don't know the right way to memorize, which is right for them. So everybody has their own

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strength and way to memorize the Quran, some they'll quickly memorize it just by listening, some they have to read, recite it again and again. And some they they they they do different methods. So very, very important point again, that find out in which way you are strong, and then adopt the methodology according to it so that your journey can be powerful and strong. Insha Allah, I think, one more time

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We all want your you're scaring now you're scaring the people

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know what it's all it's, I've also faced a lot of these challenges, most of them. But in the end, it's all so amazing. So amazing.

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I think one of the things is a painful treatment and bad and bad experience, sometimes, sometimes teachers can be very strict and this can sometimes discourage you. But you know, I think you need to keep going. And I think finding the right teacher and everything, this also comes to that sometimes your teacher or sometimes, some family members can start getting very strict, I think there is a bit wrong, we should be really determined. And I think, as if you're in an environment where you have a person who's doing heavily, I think we should be very encouraging. And we should totally try to, you know, make sure he's doing it the right way, we should not completely go. But I think doing it in

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the right way is very important. I think I think that's really, really important, I'm sure, because you know, when you are in the journey of hives, you're all always a winner, you're always a winner, you never lose, right? So when you memorize, and then you falter, then you struggle back, then you memorize, you're always a winner. So the the advice over here that we actually give to ourselves and others is that, you know, I always have a partnership with with the student, whether it's old, or a young partnership, is something that will help to grow, and to actually take up the journey of herbs properly. Subhanallah Alright, we are almost ending this part or the session. Abdullah, do you have

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anything to say? Yes, I think one important thing is sheer panic deep deviations. For example, devices, gaming is very destructive. Right? It can actually deviate you completely from the journey, right devices, and many things that can deviate you Subhanallah so you need to be you need to be absolutely, you know, cautious about the satanic ways of how he deviates you from the path from the journey of heaven. SubhanAllah. Yes, right. I think one more point, which comes to my mind is, as I was mentioning the partnership, so the cooperation of the parents as well plays a major role in in the journey of hevs. Right? Do you agree with me, I think, for up the corporation of parents and the

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teacher and, for example, the for example,

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I maybe my little brother isn't heads, it's my job and anyone around him, to try to encourage him to try to tell him that it's

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and whenever they're facing challenges, I think we should always try to be with them and help them overcome the challenges that Allah Subhanallah I think the final point, which I would like to share is the evil eye, you know, the evil eye. And, you know, when you try to display yourself overly, you know, to the people and you try to talk about you, and I've done this and this, there is a possibility that you will be affected with the evil eye as well. So you need to make sure that you do the Asgard of the morning and the evening so that you can protect yourself because this is a journey, which is really crucial. So my beloved brothers and sisters, I'm sure, I'm sure that you

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have gone through so many challenges and Alhamdulillah every challenge has the solution. Allah subhanaw taala sent down this book, and Allah subhanaw taala is always there to facilitate us to memorize his book, his speech, the need is that we come forward, we put a little bit of struggle and we embark this journey of cliffs inshallah doesn't matter. You're old or young. It doesn't matter where you come from. Allah subhanaw taala will help you to perform this action. If your intention is serious, insha Allah, I ask Allah subhanaw taala again, to help all of us to be able to embark this beautiful, this greatest journey of our lives and help us to be the promoter to be the teacher to be

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the ambassador of the Quran, who can help teach and preach people across the globe insha Allah wa Tada Rana and in hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen