Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 05 – What is the ruling on using weak Hadiths

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What is the ruling on using weak Hadith? This is a methodological question What is the ruling on using but if howdy

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ilaria de him

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had these are categorized in many categories for our purposes we'll say five main categories you should all be aware of number one, grade eight site number two Grade B hesson number three grade c barf number four grade D which is what if didn't and number five grade f fabricated failed fabricated grade f fabricated we know for a fact the process of did not say it fabricated we know we're in Melia Kane we know this is a candidate This is a lie. For example the infamous fabricated Hades seek knowledge even if you have to go to China this has fabricated the process of never uttered it we know exactly who fabricated it. So this is fabricated now.

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The only difference between them is the quality of narrators. You know you have Grade A and you have Grade B students they're both good they're both above average they're both passing the class with good if you get a B in a class overall you've done good you know two thumbs up or a thumb and a half up no big deal the A students Mashallah Excellent. So hesson Hadeeth is great be okay above average Good. Good You did you did the job has an Hadith is essentially an authentic hadith. And for our purposes, it is Sahil unless it clashes with the Sahaba in which case we give precedence over has an otherwise great a and be good enough now great cnd. There's something called barf, and there's

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something called bloody den, but it is a weak Hadith and there are over 35 reasons why ahadeeth can be weak. The most common one, the person in the chain is unknown, or there's a missing link very small missing link. For example, one narrator who was born in 100 euro narrates from Abu hurayrah who died in 57 hijra. So how did the guy Born in 100 hedger or Born in 80 hijra hear from Abu hurayrah? There is a missing link. Right? So and this is typically an early Islam, one that we weren't, you know, things were not fully codified. So this is a brief Hadith we don't know, what does it mean? How did his life It means we are not certain. Maybe the Prophet system said it, maybe

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he didn't, we are uncertain. But if he did, then we are fairly certain that he did not say it. But it's not an intentional fabrication. It's a mistake from one of the narrator, some narrator made a mistake, somebody messed up something, but it's not a fabrication of fabrication means we know somebody intentionally lied. So what he did, then, for our purposes, we throw it out the window, it's clearly an error, but it's not a fabrication. Now, the controversy comes over only category C which is life. And in a nutshell, in a nutshell, the vast majority of scholars from early Islam to medieval Islam to pre modern Islam 13 centuries of scholarship, this is so much so that many rouda

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even said there is or there is a default of the roadmap. They said about if Hadeeth listen to this carefully, can never be used for theology. You cannot derive aqidah from a wife Heidi, or for heroin and heroin. You cannot base a ruling of halal and haram from above. But the vast majority of scholars said you may use it in what is called nefarious actions or supererogatory, or forgotten or encouragement. So to encourage people to do something generically good. You may use the Hadith. And this is the explicit opinion of hundreds of Allah and there's no time to go into them. But the most famous amongst the beginning with him to humble himself. He said, when we narrowed a hadith about

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halaal and how long he made a fist, he said, shall we make it strict? And then when we narrate about other things, he opened his hand to say Hell no, we make it easy. Okay about football in this helmet. He made it easy. This is the month of November, and it'd be an uphill battle and Mr. manoli in his famous commentary on a book of the sciences of Hadith, Rodolfo had been one of the most famous commentaries of the books of Hadith and Salah Scott, even Salah wrote a book about Hadith. And the science had it in my mind. No, we commented on it. And in it, he says, There is consensus of the AMA. In other words, he didn't have any difference of opinion. There is consensus of the

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That a week Heidi may be used as long as some conditions are met. Number one it is used in football in, which is, as we said, encouraging good things or talking about generically something bad and everybody knows is bad. But a headache comes with a specific reward or a specific, you know, punishment, we may use that number two, that it is not how long and how long it is not theology. And then some have added number three, that the one who narrates the Hadith to tell the audience that it is a weak ad now, and number three is some of them I didn't accept, it has to be done. In any case, this had been the famous methodology for out most of Islam, however, many later scholars began to be

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very lacks, and they began using life just then maybe even fabricated had been, and it became something very common, especially after, you know, let's say medieval time. So let's say from around 901,000, hegira, the science of heady there really was no great great magette did to come in the sciences of heady scholars became very lacks, if it's found in some books somewhere we can quote it. And this led to a counter reaction. What was that counter reaction? And by the way, you know, Newton's law, what is Newton's law? For every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction, right? So there's also something in Islamic theology for every extremism, there is always an equal and

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opposite counter extremism. Take this as a rule of thumb throughout Islamic history. Every time one group did one thing extreme, another group does another thing to counter it in an extreme manner, and we cannot react emotionally. We are unbutton wasaga. But this is human nature. It is human history. And we see this by the way across the board in every issue, in any case, thinking about governments and whatnot. And you see what's going on in the extremist human extreme is there And anyway, so the point being that when this extreme laxity came, one of our great scholars of the previous generation, Chef Muhammad Nasir Dinelli, Barney May Allah as origin exalt his record said,

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forgives him since he died in 1999. And there is no question and even his critics agreed that chef Alberni really revived the love of the sciences of Hadith and the love of being meticulous. Where did the Hadith come from? Who narrated it? Where did you get it from? What's your source, even his critics acknowledge that he did a lot to revive the love of the sciences of Hadith. So Shannon, Bonnie was somebody whom Allah wrote a lot of love for a lot of acceptance for and in his love for Hadith, he began propagating a view that some have said, no one before him ever said, and that is that if Hadees should never be used for anything, and we should treat them essentially as if they

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are fabricated for practical purposes, they might as well be fair, he didn't say they are fabricated. He said, we treat them as if they're done as if their existence or non existence is the same. And he did this because he loved the sooner he did this, because he thought he wants to purify the Sunnah from anything that might be 5050, doubtful. And Allah wrote for him a lot of love, and his students took this and they began spreading a very, very,

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very strict position, know that if Hadith ever for anything, so much, so they began saying, This is the dominant position of early Islam. And they began saying, This is the opinion of rememberable hottie I'm Muslim, of Ibn taymiyyah. of so and so on, they began listing a long list of people and with my utmost respect, this is a mistake to claim those people said this about bio Hadith. And the simple reality is the greatest scholar of the human body, the single greatest scholar of adtm, Ahmed Bahati, he wrote 22 books of hadith of them, we have still existed around 12 are still existent. In every one of them. Without exception, he used life, except one, and that is his.

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And so even Imam Al Bukhari and no one can accuse him of not loving the sinner, and no one can accuse him of not knowing. So Han has an end life in every single book of his, along with Mr. Muslim, Mr. Muslim wrote a number of books he wrote Kitab with dummies, and he wrote his wattpad demo. In his other books, Mr. Muslim himself has had the that are slightly weak. And of course, he knows they're weak because they're not in his life. He purposely did not put them in His sight. So Amanda Bahati wanted to give you the creme de la creme grade eight, this is my sorry, but he fully understood that it is permissible to use the f a d for broader things. And the same goes for even

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taymiyah. His books and I have read, hundreds of volumes have been saying everybody knows this, that even taymiyah used life all the time, not for a fifth not for theology, but for any blessings and whatnot. This is well known. So with my utmost respect to this later school, and I know some people are very sensitive about this, but please read and do your research with manner. I graduated from the College of Hadith and I myself used to say once

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Upon a Time 25 years ago, we should only use is it but when you study when you learn and when you see, then you realize this position is really a new one. And the classical position is the one that the vast majority of odema use. And so it should be used properly we use a mama know who is conditions and that is you do not choose it for how long and how long you do not use it for theology, you use it only to encourage generic good. Let me give you some basic examples of life that are used and why should we not use them? For example, as soon as we have a life ad? Why is it that if one of the narrator's we don't know much about him is just a name, we don't know much about

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him. The idea is that on the Day of Judgment, the half of the Koran will come and he will make shefa out for 10 people from his family members, he will give shefa for 10 people another life it is also in Timothy that on the Judgment Day, the half of the Quran will come and his parents will have a crown of light because of their son because of their son or daughter that they've done to him. Now these are these are life. Let me ask you.

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Is it Islamic to memorize the Quran? Yes or no?

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Yes. Okay, now we understand. So what if we quote in Sudan active media, there is this idea that anyone who memorizes the Quran, his parents will have a Taj will have a crown that along with that the angels will taste on them, and they will be recognized that my son, my daughter, was half of the Koran. Is there any harm in encouraging parents to want to gain this? What is the negative? And that's what the vast majority of scholars have said that okay, the concept of memorizing the Quran it's not being proven from the IDF. Because if it was only that it would then we're in trouble. Where are we getting it from? And so when those that I've had that with are proving something new,

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new, new hella new harem, that might be problematic, but it's generically known everybody should memorize the Quran life as it comes and gives you a certain blessing that might not be found anywhere else. What do we lose because remember this point, but if howdy maybe the process of said it, and maybe he didn't, so put your trust in Allah and brutally honest I'm how often I pray in sha Allah, Allah puts dodge on my parents on judgment day. Well, I pray like this, why can't we Why can't we have that good intention of a lot what do we lose by encouraging the generic good when people follow by with the caveat as we said, we do not derive out arm and halaal by unanimous

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consensus. So that in a nutshell is the issue of wife Heidi.

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Pharaoh he is

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in a feed dounia Salah

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