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Allah Almighty says in the Quran in surah Al Imran surah. Number three is number 185.

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The it will mold every soul shall taste debt.

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Take my brothers and sisters,

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it comes unannounced, uninvited, unexpected all of a sudden, and disconnects you from all the things from all the beloved ones, have you ever imagined.

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Picture this imagination, picture this imagination my brothers and sisters,

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that when you die,

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when you die, what will be the situation? What will be the situation, your own beloved ones would be crying would be weeping at one side and the others would be preparing for your funeral. Some might be digging the grave, some might be boiling the water some might be buying your coffin, we do not take we do not take our bank balances with us after we die. We do not take our bungalow, we do not take our position or property. The only portion from this dunya from this world we will take as the coffin Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He said.

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Debt is the destroyer of pleasures Wallahi by Allah how true this is. Debt is the destroyer of pleasures. My brothers and sisters, the moment we die, we will leave us behind. We will leave behind every best thing that we used to have the best of the cars that we used to drive the best of the food that we used to eat the best on the clothes that we used to wear the best of the positions that you used to possess the best of the places that we used to live. We will leave everything because debt is the destroyer of pleasures