Allah’s Helprecite & Reflect #9

Ahmed Hamed


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The speaker discusses the idea that corruption is a criminal act and emphasizes the need to call out individuals for fear of punishment. They also mention the importance of facing facing tough odds and being hopeful in taking action.

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mineral more see me again. When we reflect on this idea, we get to know that corruption at all levels is a criminal act And subhanAllah we are told by Allah Himself that we need to call out to Him with hope and fear. Because Allah Almighty is the God of justice and he is extremely merciful. So we need to also make sure that we call out with a lot of expectations from Allah Allah is up and we should not be heedless about the punishment for those who does this kind of criminal act. Also my beloved brothers and sisters, the point of reflection is we are told that those were duels of good they are deserving the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this son is in Allah He Tirana and son

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illness, both levels if son with a lot of abilities, and if son with the creation with the humankind and the rest as well. So my beloved brothers and sisters, let us always be hopeful and always be fearful about the punishment of Allah and keep doing that which is good