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Ramadan 2015 – Day 29 – Continuing After Ramadan

Jul 17, 2015

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You're listening to the polymer Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani

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for Human hamdulillah Hamdulillah, hookah fowl Saddam

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Hussein Allah seguro pseudo Hartman ambia Allah Allah heliski Asahi Latina Ahmad.

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I once heard my teacher saying something very beautiful.

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He wrote a very small line of poetry which I felt had a lot of meaning.

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He said,

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jewels in the Giga Zara Gar Amazon kitara josiane, the Giga zargar, Amazon kitara, mod ID school eat kitchen kitara

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that the one who turns Ramadan into his entire life,

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the one who takes from Milan beyond the 30 days of the month, and turns his entire life into Ramadan.

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Then for that person, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give him eat. On the day he passes away, the joy and happiness he will experience the day his soul is returning to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Will will be beyond imagination.

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The month of Ramadan is not the end of our journey.

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And as Ramadan comes closer, many of us are thinking that I'm done. On my journey comes to an end. The reality is that the journey only starts in Amazon. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the lawn, kind of like a refill of energy inside our tank. It's a refill, it fills it up, it fills us up with energy. And now this energy that we have, that we've gained in Ramadan, we have to make sure it lasts for the next 11 months. And what happens is that if we do not take care of this energy, and if we don't reserve this energy, then it may be very possible that just the day of ease itself, all of that energy will be gone. And we will come back to square one all over again where we left off

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before we even started.

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And this happens, we talked about this earlier the other day, this is exactly what happens. The night where the moon has been cited after that, that very same night, people are engaging in how long, I was once invited to a gathering and then that gathering men and women were dancing together inside a person's basement was a very big house in the basement. They were having a party and people were dancing away. And I was thinking to myself that Shavasana was just released and now we're back to the sleeves again. We've gained energy to fight against shaytaan in the month of Ramadan, we've gained strength and we've learned how to say no to a thought. But when shaytaan comes out and shows

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us a little temptation and flexes his muscles a little we can't give industry at all we have to learn to stand up against a thought and if we cannot use the energy of romane to continue after him Yvonne that Allah knows what will come to help us change in our lives. Because everyone is something that is beyond just normal. It's a very very, very special month. The scholars when they talk about the word Ramadan itself they say the word Ramadan comes from the Arabic word Rama and Rama is the very very very hot soil. They call it Rama. And the reason why the scholars say Ramadan is called Ramadan is because just as the heat purifies an impure metal if you put impure metal inside meat

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instead of heat, it gives you It takes the impurities out and gives you the pure metal the same way the month of Ramadan is here to purify us from the impurities that we hold within ourselves. So we have to take them on outside this month. We have to take our actions outside this month. And that's where we find for many scholars they say that yes later than it is in the month of Ramadan. Yes later the other isn't the last 10 days of Ramadan. Yes, better than color isn't the odd nights of the last 10 minutes of Ramadan. But if a person knows how to utilize his time, every single night of the year can turn into leaders of color for that person. Because the last one without a has no

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limitations of how much you can reward a person and he can only reward a person that much in that night. Yes or no. A lot can give a person the reward of 1000 nights of worship 1000 months of worship any night of the year is restricted to that. Of course you know you can give it whatever he wants, but you have to know how to ask from Allah subhana wa tada we have to learn how to beg from Allah subhana wa Tada. We need to continue on from Vaughn after the month of Ramadan even comes to an end.

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When we fast in the month of Ramadan, we have to ask ourself one very important question that why is it that we fast in this month?

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What's the reason that we fat Who are we fasting for this month? We are fasting for none other than Allah subhana wa tada and if it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who you are fasting for in the month of Ramadan, and if it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who we are struggling to gain taqwa for in the month of Ramadan, then why is it that we stopped once

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The month of Ramadan has been announced and the month of show wall has been announced. That has come to an end and chawan has started. Why do we stop there? Because Allah subhana wa tada doesn't leave after Ramadan does he? Still after that, and this is a sign for those people who are seriously looking for their true intention, why are we fasting? Are we actually fasting because it's just a custom? Are we fasting out of fear of being called out by other people that this person he's not a good Muslim because he doesn't worship in the month of Ramadan? Or are we fasting because it's just the norm? Or are we fasting because of Allah? Because the person who's trying to gain love for Allah

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His journey does not end when Ramadan ends. And this is exactly what aboubaker Sunday Guardiola Juan sits at the companions when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away. There were students who thought the purpose of life was over and there was no, there was no point living anymore. And a balkrishna Nicola Juan said to them in a very historical lecture, he said to them that whoever used to worship Mohammed Mohammed has now

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he's passed away, he's gone. Whatever used to worship Mohammed Mohammed has passed away some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, but whoever used to worship Allah, for Allah. Allah is alive and Allah is never going to die. So your deen doesn't stop with the end of the passing away with the end of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Likewise, your deen doesn't stop with the end of Ramadan, it continues on, we have to go ahead and make the rest of our life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if we want to continue on with whatever we whatever energy we have gained Inter Milan posts from Milan, the first thing we need to do right now is purify our intentions. But why is it

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that we are worshipping Allah? Why is it that we are worshiping in the month of Ramadan if we're doing it for Allah then it is very possible that after Ramadan, we will be able to continue what we are doing in the month of Ramadan. inshallah, that's

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the second thing that's very important is to remember that Ramadan is where we worship a lot excessively, we go above and beyond to worship Allah. For me to ask people to worship a lot in this very same manner outside of Milan would probably not be suitable. It may be a little excessive, someone may say you're asking for too much. But what we do ask for is that continuing whatever actions you are doing in Amazon, outside Amazon, but maybe in a smaller dosage. So rather than reading one juice a day, if that's how much you're reading in Amazon, outside of Milan, at least read one page a day, at least read five pages a day, but make sure you continue on with consistency.

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If you are fasting everyday in Milan, then let's make a habit of fasting two days a week outside of Milan, because we realized that we're fasting 30 days in the month of Ramadan. It wasn't hard. It was a little inconvenient. Maybe it was a little a little you know, sometimes it just got a little hard for us, but it wasn't extremely hard and unbearable. There was no fast like that in this room long inshallah. Okay. And we learned the hard way that when that does happen, when the fast becomes unbearable, it's not because of the heat or it's not because of we didn't eat well, usually when the fast becomes unbearable. That's a sign of what?

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Yes, it's a sign that we were sitting while we were fasting. You guys know the incident of the two ladies. This however, they said O Messenger of Allah, they are so ill, they're fasting in their soil that we don't think they're going to make it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called them and he put a bowl there and he said to them vomit inside there. And when they vomited, it was a flesh came out. And he said to the Sahaba, that these women were, they were backbiting that's why they're fast became so hard on them. Okay, that's why they're fast became hard on them. And for them a full mahalik are the opposite meaning of this. If sins make fast harder than Vicodin levada, makes

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fast, easier, rather reverse meaning of that we learned that directly that good deeds at a bar that the Corolla makes the fast easier, so if we can't fast every day, outside of Milan, that at least we can fast Mondays and Thursdays inshallah, let's make this an intention that I will continue on with something. And we all know that once a month of Ramadan comes to an end, in particular, we should be fasting six days of chawan that's as soon as the Prophet said a lot of it was sort of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Whoever fast the month of Ramadan and add six more days it's as if he has fasted the whole year, the whole year because a month of A minus 30 days, at six more days

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that's 36 days every reward every action we do is multiplied by 1036 times 10 is 360 you got your full year of reward right there but we need to continue on to fast as the year goes on inshallah Nazis so And not only that, reading our Koran you know in the month of Ramadan if we learn to pray five times a day, let's make sure we continue that if in the month of Ramadan, we learn to pray our Sunday as well. And let's make sure we continue that in the month of Ramadan, we learn to pray that Allah prayer, then let's continue that by praying tahajjud prayer inshallah Allah says, if in the month of Ramadan, we give some sense of God, and let's continue our set of thought and giving that

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as well. So any good that we did in advance, let's try to continue that outside of Amazon as well. The next thing that's very important for us to do in order for us to continue on the good things that we do

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Amazon, outside Amazon is something that once I remember I was discussing with one of my classmates. And I mentioned this earlier on the, you know, on Sunday, just reiterating some points from that lecture of ours, that my friend and I were having a discussion that how does the person abandon sin. And he said to me, I said to him, that every time you send, you should maybe get some sort of penalty, monetary penalty. Then one person said, You should say stuff for 100 times every time you send, that'll help you stop sending, we went through a few different options that we should go through, that a person can go through in order to stop sending altogether. Then one of my friends

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said something very beautiful. He said, You can give all the monetary penalties you want to you can give all the stuff of God to stuff and allow you want to, but you will never learn to stop sending until you learn how to hate the sin. The day you learn to hate the sin is the day you can guarantee that you will never do that. Again. If you can understand all the volume that takes place behind one production of a single Bollywood movie with Lucha Nadim, you would never watch that, again, if you realize what kind of funding that industry gets to within the country itself, and how many oppressed people further go into oppression, and how many innocent people sometimes because many, a lot of

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that dollar is used for the army. And we all know where the army fights and what the army does and what kind of corruption the army is in. If we knew that we would stop ourselves from ever laying eyes on such a thing. We have to learn to hate the sin, the moment we can learn to hate the sin is the moment we will never ever go back near the sin again. So now using that very same model.

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Let's again like I said, flip the meaning over the full mohalla of that, flip it over again and look at it from this angle, that we can continue to worship all we want. I can sit here with you all the all of the all the different virtues of the good deeds, and we can reward you and give you a trophy for every time you finish reading the Quran, and all this other good stuff. But we will never learn to be consistent in our worship, until we learn to love our worship. If you learn to love a Baba, if you learn to love Allah, then Avada will become very easy for you. So in essence, what I'm asking for is that we need to learn to love love, we need to learn to love the bother. If you're a bother

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can turn into a passion, then no one will have to come to aka for further Salah. No one will need to come and tell you it's time to read the Quran because you will be the one who desires that I showed the last one that says sometimes the Prophet said a lot of it was someone continuously asked to the right. Is it time for tahajjud? is a time for the 100 Is it time for 200. And the entire night would pass by and he would even forget to sleep.

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You know sometimes you're so anticipating something so much that you keep asking is it here yet? Is it here yet. And before you know, hours are gone by and you forgot to do anything else. That's how worried and that's how concerned the profits of the long audio system was for his mother and this habit were the same thing. They were the exact same thing. Once a hobby was captured, and when he was captured, they were hanging and they were going to kill him in the name. The name is outside the boundaries of Mk. This is before Mocambo karma had been conquered. And then when he was about to be hung, he started crying. And it was a cry to him and he said to him, are you finally afraid of death

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right now? He said no, I'm not afraid of death. These tears are not because of death. These tears are because I was just hoping that I can have many more lives to give for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. I was just hoping that because I was with you and said, Would you rather the Prophet die in your place? He said never. I would never want anything to happen to the prophecy of Islam. And I wish I can die many more times for the sake of Allah azza wa jal because they had so much pleasure. And this is exactly the same thing that happened with Abdullah that thought of your loved one as well. He was him and his army were fighting in the Roman lands. And they were captured by one of the

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Roman generals. And when they were captured, the Roman general he saw beloved hoffa was something special. So he stepped out of the law, that why don't you leave the Muslims in Jordan, my army, become Christian, join my army, and I will give you a large portion of our property and we can fight together and we will conquer the lens. So we looked at this guy and said, What are you talking about? You me to lead my team forward for some property, get out of here. And then he said to me, okay, you're gonna play tough, I'll show you that he learned for a very big part. And he, he, he had some liquid in there, maybe oil or water and he boiled and it was bubbling hot. And he said, I will

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toss your man one by one all inside there. So he said, A blah, blah. I said, Look, these men knew what they were standing for when they stepped out of their homes and came in the path of Allah. I don't think they're afraid because they came for the construct of the life for the sake of a life that was what was demanded of them.

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And once a hobby was stored inside one of his men, another metal sword inside. And finally, the general order that I've been loving has often been thrown inside. And when he was going towards the end of the plaque, where he was about to be pushed inside, he started crying. And the general called him back and said, Are you afraid of death, and of 11 has often said I'm not afraid of death. I was crying because I was praying to love it. Oh Allah, it's a shame that I only have one life to give for your sake. If I had enough lives, equivalent to the strands of hair in my body, I would give every one of them for the sake of Allah subhanho data, and then on this on this Roman general

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Realize that Abdullah was no normal person. So he said to me, You know what? I'll let you free. But there's one condition. He said, What's the condition? He said, haha you have to kiss me on my forehead. If you honor me and kiss me on my forehead, I'll let you free. At 11 o'clock I said, I'll only kiss you on the forehead if you promise to let me and all of my men free. He said deal. do love and laugh. I kissed him on the forehead. He took his men left Kim directly to Medina when when it came to Madina munawwara he told the entire story to the meaning of your loved one. And the last one was sitting down, he stood up from his place, and he kissed up the love and hot off on the forehead.

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And he said every man should stand up and kiss of love and head off on the forehead for the courage and the wisdom that he has shown in this in this story. So we learned that these people their their love for Islam or their Avada wasn't simply because they were pushed or they were forced to their father and mother. were forcing them to do it because they wanted to do it. And if we can learn that our ibadah needs to turn into a passion arriba is not for Allah when we worship Allah many of us act like we are doing a law favor. We are doing the law favor Who are we doing the favor to ourselves by doing a bada we're doing ourselves a fever. We have to get out of this attitude, this mindset that

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I'm doing a lot even no one's doing a lot any favor. You're doing yourself a favor. If you can learn to worship Allah properly with hubback then watch what kind of Baraka Kabbalah says something very beautiful, he said such Dinesh Kota ibaadat Mimosa Hari says the meta never Socrates. He said when you worship Allah with love, that's when you're going to learn to enjoy your worship such Dinesh Gupta invited me Masada hardy centimeter dunya soccer team, these guys does these words these prostrations that are empty of Allah love, this is all about the dunya you're thinking about what you're going to do after Salah what needs to be done for the rest of the day, what you did

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previously, this is all about the linear. He said, locate.

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And select I hate

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that people say it's time for me to go fulfill my obligation. My I have to go fulfill my father my obligation, but you act like you're going to pay back some debt. Where's your attitude, if you're going to fulfill it and a bother, you should be excited, you should be happy not rooming sad and angry. Then he said there is such a such a coffeemaker a cabal to do

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that don't let your frustration be the source of your disbelief, because you say you're wrong in front of a lot. But your thoughts have nothing to do with the loss of data. So learn to love a lot arriba and we will easily be able to continue these outside them. And the third thing that's very important is that outside Amazon, we must make sure that we surround ourselves with people who do good. surround ourselves with good people. If we have good friends, if we have good family members, if we have a teacher, we come to the masjid outside Ramadan, we will easily be able to continue

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because we'll still be praying our salon inshallah, we're in a good environment, we'll stay away from sins, we're with good people. If we can keep ourselves with good people, you'll be able to do good. But if you keep herself with bad people, then there is no hope that you'll be able to keep yourself on the straight path. I was saying the other day that how many people do we actually see on them on the day of he actually even attempts to lie in the machine.

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The massages are empty. And I believe that anyone who attends the budget on the day of eath is truly a friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala because everyone is thinking of party, but they forget about the actual purpose of that party. The purpose of the party is that you're being rewarded for your ibadah and as soon as a man's over we forget about arriba as well.

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And you know there are other things that the scholars have said as well the things that can be done in order to continue after the after the month of Milan, but these are things that I said should suffice inshallah, we pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives us an ability to continue after Ramadan what we started in the month of Ramadan and that allows us to just like I said at the beginning, this gives him the Jihad Amazon kitara this key is in the key whoredoms anchieta mode IQ score at chancadora. The person who turns his life into the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanahu wa tada will make his death and give him joy on that day like a person experiences on the day he Subhana Allah

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Subhana Allah

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Allah Allah Allah and start silicone tube willeke after the outer layer of gnarly Mr. Mr. Kumar

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