10 Ways To Gain Beneficial Knowledge Part 2

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The importance of learning to gain practical knowledge and share knowledge to increase one's success is emphasized, along with dedicating time to personal development and sharing knowledge to increase one's knowledge. The speakers also advise being clear and authentic in one's knowledge to avoid confusion and misunderstand and offer prayer-based advice to gain knowledge and become more confident. Additionally, the importance of learning to become more confident is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal success.

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Know that we are living in Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh your brothers and sisters Welcome back to a program Islam quest where we are discussing about the top 10 ways to gain knowledge in Islam. We've mentioned before the break the four top ways. Number one, you need to make an NEA and intention to gain knowledge only for the sake of Allah. Number two, you need to make the ask Allah to give you the blessed and beneficial knowledge. Number three you need to strive and sacrifice to gain knowledge. And number four, you need to practice what you love. The fifth way to gain knowledge, my dear brothers and sisters, is you need to plan program and be patient.

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These three altogether, you need to plan you can never get a write result if you don't plan to seek knowledge, you will never get if you don't plan

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how to gain knowledge, you will never get the actual outcome of it. So first thing you need to plan you need to program program yourself that knowledge is absolutely essential for you to gain. It is a compulsory act. It's an obligation upon you program your mind, program your mind that you need to gain knowledge of Islam.

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Number three, be patient.

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It is truly said that knowledge that comes in one go, knowledge that comes in one go, we leave in one go. You can never get

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all types of knowledge at once you need to be patient, you need to be with the scholars, you need to be patient in order to gain knowledge. Knowledge is a constant and a continuous process. You need to be patient, you need to establish yourself in gaining knowledge, you need to continue moving in gaining knowledge and you need to remove the old those obstacles that might come on your way to gain knowledge that stood truly the meaning of being patient in gaining knowledge. So the fifth way is that you need to plan you need to be programmed, and you need to be patient in gaining knowledge. The sixth way to gain knowledge in Islam is that you need you need to be in the company of those who

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are learned. This is really very important. When you are in the company of those people who are learned when you are in the company of those people who have knowledge, they will share the knowledge with you, they will remind you about the importance of knowledge and you being with them will gain a lot you will gain a lot from them. Because they are the people of knowledge, they would never keep the knowledge with themselves. Rather, they will share they will teach so be in the company of those who have knowledge and you need to spend, you need to spend a lot of time with these people. Because you will get the knowledge and the wisdom of that knowledge, you will actually

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read the right foods, if you are in the company of those who are knowledgeable once. So make sure make sure you adopt this way and be in the company of those people who have knowledge be in the company of those people who have got the right knowledge. As we know the golden rule, much before the ways much before the ways the golden rule of knowledge is that that knowledge must be authentic.

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The knowledge must be authentic, you cannot

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gain the knowledge which is unclear, which is weak, which is a non authentic. The Golden Rule of the knowledge is that it must be authentic, as Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Yusuf surah number 12 and by 108 old say to them, Harvey he certainly this is my way. Under Illinois law I call people to Allah, Allah masirah with certain knowledge with insightful knowledge. I call people to Allah subhanaw taala Anna, Amanita Bonnie I and those who follow me, they do the same thing was Subhana Allah and blue

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be to Allah. Praise be to Allah wa Amina Mr. Kane and I am not among those who associate partners with the last panel with the IRA. So make sure the knowledge that you gained from the scholars from the people who are learned, it must be authentic. The next reason or the way to gain knowledge is my brothers and sisters, you

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you have to spend time dedicatedly for gaining knowledge, it shouldn't be that if you get time, then you gain knowledge, no, that is not the way to gain actual knowledge. That is not the way to respect gaining knowledge you need you need to dedicate separate time to gain knowledge. Knowledge is a precious gift that not everybody will get. You need to dedicate time to gain knowledge. You need to spend time purely to gain knowledge, even if it is 1015 minutes a day. Make sure make sure you spend that pure solid time dedicated for knowledge

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you need, you need to make sure that you take out time every single day. Check yourself whether you are increasing your knowledge or not. How was your knowledge yesterday? Is it the same? Is it the same as your brothers and sisters? Or did it increase today, you need to check you need to check every single day that you are gaining, you are increasing knowledge or not. And if not, make sure make sure that you follow these ways.

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Another way

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of gaining knowledge my brothers and sisters is that promote what you learn,

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promote what you learn. This is again very effective way of learning is said the best way of learning is teaching is sharing and span law. Knowledge is something knowledge is something which will never be reduced. It will always increase when you share it is always increase. When you share you become more confident when you share the knowledge you get more wisdom from it. When you share the knowledge with others you get two benefits one, it has an impact on you and it will definitely have inshallah, the impact on others. Allah subhanaw taala praises that person who shares the right knowledge

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and quality calls people to our last panel to Allah. Allah says in the Quran in surah facilite surah number 41

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ayah number 33 woman x and Mottola memoranda in a law, why me lasallian will call in nanny minute muslimeen, who is better in speech than one who calls people to Allah does righteous deeds and says, I am among the Muslims. So Allah subhanaw taala praises a person who calls people to Allah and those people who will call to Allah who have got knowledge. When you get knowledge you try to call people to Allah subhana wa tada in for all these things, to adopt all these ways. My dear brothers and sisters, you need to realize the real importance of knowledge. How can you love and worship Allah subhanaw taala? If you don't know him, though, how can you follow? Muhammad peace be upon him? If

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you don't know him? How can you protect yourself from the horrors of Hellfire if you don't know the severity of it? If you don't have the knowledge about that? How can you protect yourself? How can you exalt yourself How can you strive to get Jenna? If you do know the beauties in Jana? The blessings in Jana, my dear brothers and sisters,

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how can you care for Allah when you don't have knowledge, to have the knowledge of Allah, which is the best of all knowledge, have the knowledge of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam have the knowledge of your after agenda and not have these knowledge and the knowledge of the obligate reacts and the voluntary acts

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By adopting these ways and any other way, by which you think that you can gain knowledge, that you can improve your knowledge that you can increase your knowledge. But as we said, keep the golden rule. Keep the golden rule, that when you gain knowledge, it must be authentic. It must not be shallow, it must not be unauthentic. It must be clear, pure and authentic knowledge that you need to gain.

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A person who has knowledge will never go in darkness. A person who has knowledge will find the right way. A person who has the knowledge will help him

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to act to your brothers and sisters.

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I would like to end this episode

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with a prayer that may Allah subhanaw taala help us with the beneficial knowledge. May Allah subhanahu wa taala help us and grant us the knowledge by which we can save ourselves with the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the fruits of knowledge and that is the fear of Allah, the fear of Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala sees in my shalom in a bar, the hill orlimar those people, those people who have knowledge, they sincerely fear Allah subhanho wa Taala they are the conscious people.

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about Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and find our way and make our way easy to gain knowledge. Your brothers and sisters, I would like to end this episode with an IRA with rich

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I started my talk from Surah Surah number 16 I am number 43 in which last panel dialysis for Allah Allah victory in controllata Alamo

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asked to the person who has knowledge if you do not know. So gain the knowledge and benefit and brighten your life so that you may never be deviated. You may always be away from ignorance, you will always be away from darkness.

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Knowledge brings you back from ignorance to reality, from darkness to light. So be the student of knowledge till you die. We're Akira Juana and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Oh, open your eyes to the world. Often day. Believe not the lies that they always say. Look for the truth and swallow your pride for things that you thought didn't exist that you might find below that we