Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #56 – Follow This and Allah and The People Will Love You

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding false assumptions and bouncing off negative emotions in order to achieve success in life. They use the example of the god's signal to people, which is to refrain from certain activities and avoid negative emotions. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of letting people know what is happening and how it affects them.
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One day a man came to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and he asked him for advice. He said, I want you to give me something that will make a lot of me and will make the people up. And this is one of my favorite Hadith and the Prophet Mohammed sly Salam said, is headfort Dunya, your hidden book Allah was had female and the NAS, you have broken nests, said, refrain from Zuid. Maybe some of you have heard this word before, refrain from the dunya. And Allah is going to love you.

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Refrain from what belongs to other people, and that people will love you.

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And this is a tried and true wisdom that I see play out every day in my life.

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Imagine you go over to somebody's house, you're a guest. They bring out the food, they bring out some tea, some desserts or whatever.

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You crushed it all. And then you ask like what else you got.

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You start looking around the fridge, you start opening the cupboards checking out this stuff, right? Like kind of we're looking at their watch, and you're just like, Alright, what's next? I hear this game on you flip the television on, right? What's the, what's the host gonna feel the host it's inevitable they're gonna feel something in their heart towards you. They're gonna be like, Man, I wish this person would just go already. In my stop, drop, start dropping you hints. As

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you know, you better get out of here. Right? This is natural. This is natural. And actually there's a very beautiful Arabic custom where if you're a guest in someone's home, you go in there there's,

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you know, tea and coffee, maybe a meal and then excuse me, coffee on dates, a meal and then tea comes and wants the teas done then you're done. That's when you say goodbye. Alright, have a good night the tea is kind of like your signal to all right, you can go home now. Right? This is so that everybody's on clear terms. Nobody kind of has any misconceptions or misunderstandings. If you help yourself regularly to what belongs to other people. People are not going to like it. That's hard on the next you can't do that. You have to refrain

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abstain, withhold yourself from what belongs to other people, and people will automatically be attracted to you and drawn to you. And the same goes for the dunya this dunya all that's in it. The income, the money, the things, the cars, the houses, the vacations, whatever.

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You if we're not talking about halal and haram here, all the stuff can be halal. You can enjoy it, it's permissible for you no problem. But if you abstain, if you withhold

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if you take just a little bit

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instead of what you could take a lot of is going to love you in a specific special way

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that he doesn't have for other people.

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