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Heavy like the hair was Eileen, there were great when the you looked at it you saw the greatness and there were a lot of here that were going beyond the shoulder of Prophet sallallahu sallam, Elijah Muhammad Otonashi but that day he had a tie it up. So it was a Juma but it was tied up. So it was up until the IR

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look at the scene that they have described for you that they didn't say it's a Wafra he could they could have said it's a Wafra No, it's a JAMA. They were really long here but they're tied it up. Now this brings me up to this misconception that people have is having long hair for men is copying woman in history throughout the history. All of the Sahaba everyone they had long hair.

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They didn't have Berbers.

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The only time they would cut their hairs is when

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ombre and Hajj. Otherwise the Sunnah for men is to grow their hair, not to have short hair. Short hair was considered a symbol of Coface in that time.

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Do we have a complete opposite? Oh, the Imam with the long hair. Right people sharing some clips of mine from Instagram and WhatsApp and stuff. Look at this Imam. He has braids gehele they're ignorant people may Allah forgive them. They don't know simple sunnah of Rasulullah Rasul Allah used to have four braids.

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He would have four braids, they would go braid all the way to and two and sometimes kind of go through our bar. He would split the head in for 1234

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the Hadith in Behati, which mentions that prophets Allah is LM

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anh, he went to defend Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam so the Quraysh they beat him up so much

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that it mentions that I had to luffa Ed he one of his braids. If you were to lift it, the skin of the scalp was coming off with the braid.

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But the point being he had a braid

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like they held the braid and you know he had four brains. So braids, Pony skirt, like if you're tying your hair at the back, all of this was a very normal and this hadith over here if you read any short Herford you're going to find it as referring to that he used to tie his hair up what is not allowed? What not allowed my crew is that when in a man or somebody is leading prayers that you have your hair tied up because Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said in a hadith that when you have your long hair and you make such that your hair do such that will do so free them to be to bow down in front of Allah subhanaw taala Okay, so general here long is this and I was once invited in a doubt and

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this you know, he was an Army guy, his Army family from Pakistan Army push our very disciplined person and then he was like, Mom, stop, explain to the sun you can't have long hair. You do wrong the ask the wrong Imam.

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So I'm like, let me explain to you know,

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this is this by the way short hair cuts and stuff in general was even in the battlefield if you read the toughest year, it is considered a sign of masculinity to have here that our long it's considered a like, you know, in when somebody would show up for jihad, they will be like, You got shorthair man.

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Like, we don't know if you're like, you know, you gotta have masculinity that again, times have changed. Now coming to other point, when a custom becomes prevalent, like today all men have short hair.

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Right and this is the point we need to understand.

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It doesn't mean that I go back and I hold on to the Sunnah I say everybody else here is haram. The custom for men has changed. If you were to look at Abuja, hell at that time, he would have that what was different was the Romans and the Christians would have short hair.

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They would cut their hairs. So it was a sign that you had to differentiate yourself from that, but the Arabs at the time of Rasul Allah, everybody had long hair it also Allah wore the dress of Abuja

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right somebody saw me in like, in my like, you know, three quarters shorts and stuff. It's like, oh, you wear this? I'm like, Yeah, because it also like used to wear the labasa Bucha hell

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like so coming to the bass element. We'll come to that in Sharla coming back to the hair. So what fra Lima and Jama and you have to memorize the word knowledge if you remember this, you will ever understand all the different sequences Wafra is before the ear lobe limma is between the ear lobe and shoulders Juma is beyond okay.

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What's one body part and a human's body that always keeps growing.

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Everything else once you hit puberty and stuff, no body part. Nails.

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No other than nails

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So it's a physical body part

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like high high height stops height weight. Marcela Yes. I think weight is definitely one that grows

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so my brother met me and he was like he's like as that that mashallah, you know, yeah hamdulillah Imams I've ever since I got married I put on so much weight I'm like what did you do to put on weight? Right like your wife would give kids like you know what why would you put on weights so your ear lobes scientifically it's only your ear lobes that keep growing

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and they're trying they're doing research right now to find out if you can actually estimate the age of an individual with the growth of the ear lobe. They've not been able to find a you know a standard deviation of how you can measure that. But your ear lobes are something that consistently keep on growing.

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That's a total tangent.

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Then Rasulullah Solomon says,

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I lay he hold little hamre profitsystem was wearing a red shirt, other red cloak, Hola. Hola means mineral oil, which means that it covered part of his body and it didn't cover the other part. That means he was wearing a dress underneath and he had a cloak on top for little camera red. Now here's the point for everybody. There's a hadith that says prophesy Salam forbade us to wear red. He said Allah has forbidden on me and on my Oma.

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They have gold and clothes that are red for men. And Accra if you recall that I read Quran and ROCOR these three things are forbidden.

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If Rasul Allah in an authentic narration is telling us that these are forbidden in this area without authentic narrations and then you have other Hadees that Rasul Allah is breaking that rule. How do you reconcile

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good. Okay, so number one,

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it could be an exceptional rule for Prophet salallahu Salam II that rule is for rest of the men but it doesn't apply to Prophet sallallahu. Salah Okay, beautiful. It could be from the Hassan is number two is that this is a very common misunderstanding within the Muslims today. You see something happening? Or did Rasul Allah do it. That's how I do it. Therefore it's haram. Therefore it's not allowed. Therefore it's Aveda.

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absolute ignorance. That is not how it works to justify something in Sharia. As a matter of fact, if Rasul Allah left something Kulu maraca What do they say Kulu Mata raka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Hua jofa Hua DeLillo Nan Hurmati che in that rule, if Rasulullah did not do something, he left something that means is not allowed to do as a matter of fact is completely opposite.

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So Rasul Allah Azza Sallam he left

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Taraka he left

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urinating sitting down and he wants urinated standing.

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So when he leaves this something, he does not do something. It is to educate to us. What is halal and haram or something that is okay, this is something it's a recommended act. It's not something haram. So Kulu Mata raka rasool Allah, everything that Rasulullah leaves, and he hasn't spoken about. That leads to us for this understanding that it is in the MOBA character category. It's in the category of MOBA. Remember what we said wajib Mundo recommended mandatory recommended, permissible MOBA Shetty is silent on it. And we look at the event and we apply Sharia and then decide whether the event is haram or Halal concerts nothing there's no Hadith that says concert

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right no Hadees that says concert is haram Tell me one Hadees you're not going to find the Hadees How do we know that concerts that happened with you know all the singers are haram. We look at different elements of Sharia and say this particular act is falling under haram. Okay, you have mcru And then you have haram again. Mandatory wajib Mundo recommended MOBA

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permissible mcru disliked haram not permissible. Shediac comes or Rasulullah comes and moves this so the Hadith comes this thing is haram men are not allowed to wear gold and red shirts and not allowed to recite Quran ruku haram Rasul Allah comes and now he moves that from haram category by wearing it

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for us, saying that

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It is either mcru

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So one meaning is he moved it now he acted upon it now it is moved to the category of mcru ie don't do it a lot Rasul Allah only word once. Okay. That is why there are eight different opinions that are exist about men Wearing

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red clothes from the sahaba. And I'm not talking about oh lemma, these eight opinions ie within the Sahaba and terrain, they could not cut their eight different opinions about it. The point over here is not to share the eight wins. The point is, there are matters which even the Sahaba and tambourine who lived in that era could not agree upon. So for us to believe that we will have an agreement upon it

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is very naive of us.

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The matter of niqab right to Maine's harbors of the Lebanese religion of the Laban Ibis are at odds that one says It's haram. The other says It's haram to say It's haram.

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Like, where are you going to go? So we have to be as a community to be able to understand this. That our deen has this whoosah This plurality so if I see somebody wearing red, and that miskeen brothers only red one Hadees is like brother Mashallah. You're wearing haram. Right? But you don't know as a person that this is a matter that the Sahaba couldn't agree on a different opinions on that, right? So that's number one. Number two Addabbo flips. This is very important because we're going to hear what are the rules of wearing clothes very simple. Four Rules. If you memorize there is no such thing as Islamic clothing. It's it's a fallacy and misunderstanding that people have if you go read

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any Hadees book,

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and I'm now who used to wear live as of now Nainoa and from there now, when he moved to Egypt, he started wearing the clothes of the people of Egypt, when he moved to a different country. He moved started wearing clothes of different company you have Imam Shafi different acquired about him when he was in some erkunden other places in Persia and then when he moves to to Egypt, different clothes for rules if you follow in

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Libya does that Labor's will be halal. Okay, first

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Allah yuck Schiff, it shall not expose that which is not supposed to be exposed for men, navel to knee

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for women, all of their body except their hands and face if you hold that opinion. And if you hold the opinion that hands and face are also part of that then you take that opinion or allow you choose whatever you want, but hands and face everything else has to be covered a lie actually, if so, whatever you wear shall not expose that. That's the number one criteria. Now

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does that mean a man can come like you know, like, the other day I went, you know, that physio place and this guy walks in with like these tight leggings a guy What are you doing? Right? So there are certain shoot after you have made sure that you're fully covered. There are certain conditions that have to be met. Second condition, Allah you're the hurdle your Bashara your color of your skin we should not be able to imagine somebody wearing plastic clothes I'm wearing brother I'm wearing fully clothed because covering my fingers just but you're able to see everything

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I love her the clothes shall not be see through. In specific for men, navel to knee that area cannot be see through.

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How do we know the criteria of see through. If under sunlight, you're able to see the skin of the color through those clouds. Not if you put water on them and stuff like that, that goes a little bit beyond any clothes that you put water on you will be able to see the skin. If you're sitting I should not be able to see the skin color of the navel. It doesn't mean shoulder and stuff is different from navel 20 I should not be able to see the color of your skin through the clouds. A Lionheart that's number two. Number three, Allah you should be

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you cannot be dressed like a woman and a man cannot be dressed like a woman and woman cannot be dressed like a man. When I look at the person I should be able to identify right away that this is a woman or this is a man

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Okay, hola Yoshi, it cannot look like the others. The second part, which is not mentioned in that of Sierra books, or Hadith books, this is for me, because we're living in strange times. Your clothes that you wear should not resemble certain segments of the society. For example,

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the LGBTQ, right, there are certain things that are representative of their culture. And if anybody has that, it's a subtle sign that I'm aligning with you. I have sympathy for you, or I am one of you.

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An example of that. Some of the young people may know or may not allow them. Right doc Doc Martin shoes are a symbol of lesbianism for women.

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Read up on articles on that

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There's enough articles written on the culture of the, the underground culture of lesbianism. Like when a girl wears that particular shoe in public, she, it's a statement that they're making within the society. So in this today's day and age, right, because this dark Martin specific shoe has become a symbol off

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something that we don't attribute with then that becomes haram. And that's the fluidity of Islam, when that symbol no longer exists maybe 50 years down the road and it goes into the category of permissible, right. So, Allah you should be it should not whatever you dress it should not give a signal that you belong to a certain thing for the men. And for the woman there are certain dresses that are symbols of other cultures other religion

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so a priest collars, dressing like that all of those use when you're trying to imitate the kuffar the the pants shirt when the Hadith says you should not imitate the the non Muslim it is referring to their religious clothing, it's not referring to their day to day clothing, their religious ie you should not be able to look at the person and if you look at it, oh, this person is a Christian. There are certain ways to dress that you will be able to identify that this is a Christian. We all know that in our minds we can visualize that any of that is also not permissible. Last part, Allah Yussef This is a big one. It shall not describe the figure for men and woman.

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You cannot wear skinny tight jeans for men. This is a new trend mashallah, it starts from the waist and like, you know, hardly an iPhone fits in that jeans. Not allowed in our religion. For men and woman anything that describes the figure of an individual in that dress is permissive, not permissible.

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So I'll repeat that a layup to her

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should not be seen through a like Chef it should cover it should not uncover that which has to be covered. Allah you should be it should not look and resemble like the opposite gender or specific religious clothing or specific segments of the society that have a certain clothing. Allah yourself it should not describe your physical structure of the body. Okay. Well, I lay here hola to the camera Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had her little camera he had a red cloak that he wore ma a to che and

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got done. Us and Amin who

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I have never seen something more beautiful than Rasul allah

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sallallahu isn't when he says the word cotton II from the time I was born until he is narrating this Hadees and he what he has seen in Rasulullah he can affirm that even in his future he's not going to be able to see something like

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Mara a to either like in this earth not the the moon not the comma or not gardens, not the mountains. Are you sure it's a che in? I did not see anything in this world that is more beautiful than prophets of Allah when you said

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May Allah grant us the ability to see prophets Allah Selim in this linea before we leave

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Santa men who are more beautiful than him we'll stop over here in sha Allah for this hadith, this is how he's number three. Inshallah we'll start with Hadees number for next week.

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If you have any questions related to this feel free to ask yes

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culture yeah negative called haram culture. Yes

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that's fine. It's fine. Those things are fine.

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And Indian words of Pakistani flag is a problem

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yes, it's coming.

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It's coming. Remember that? I said it's coming.

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Yeah. Zafrani and stuff. Yes.

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It's coming.

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It's coming. All of these things. Sit in general silk can men wear silk clothing? No. Simple answer is no. If it is, if it is,

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what's the word for that? Silk if it is? No, not not not manufactured silk. If it's manufactured silk, there is an FDF between the scholars on that but 100% pure silk? Absolutely not.

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Yeah, women men glamorous sparkling all of these things. I mean,

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I mean, since you asked this once Prophet sallallahu sallam, he went in the market and he liked a cloak. He liked each other.

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He sold 27 camels to buy that one charter. One cloak. Okay. So, from that hadith, the amount they say that there is no like when it comes to dressing, if it's halal dressing, and if it's something that you're going to use, and you're going to benefit from it, and it's going to last you for a long time. But you can go and buy a shirt for $20 or $30. But I don't know what a high end shirt store here is. But like we have Woolworths and we have like some, you know, Harry Rosen, and some big, big, you know, where you buy a $200 shirt or $300 shirt, but that shirt is going to last you for like 20 years, that one shirt provided that you don't gain weight.

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To buy

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that's fine, it doesn't it doesn't apply to you then Right? Because you do not know. So if a person is ignorant about something he's not going to be held accountable for. Okay. Now, for the kids that are going to university in high school, they're very well aware of that.

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It's very, very well aware of that, like, you know, I went to a coffee shop and a girl came and brought the coffee and she was wearing Doc Martens. And I was talking to the owner and he's like, I'm really confused. Should I fire her or not? Because she's, you know, like a my, my clients are all conservative Christians. And now, after we hired we found out that she's lesbian, so what do we do?

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Right, so it's very odd, like but I say that as soon as I saw her I like the way she dressed in a specific type of dressing. It's a symbol right away. It's not 100% All the time. Right. But you know to avoid those symbols is American but if you don't know that was a symbol, you know? No problem.

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So good. So

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yeah, so the hadith of prophecy is LM and you know, in the explanation of it, well, O'Connor Well, O'Connor, Barney and and another narration What do you need?

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Just go You're bothering me.

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Like, why are you standing there?

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I do. is Arabic. Hello. Yeah.

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Schema time?

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Yeah, so the crimson red, crimson red. That is a color that is considered mcru for men

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right here where you're either you face or you stay with your dad where's your dad? Okay, move back. Stay with you that okay, you're more than welcome to come but when the class is happening I want you guys to just listen respectfully inshallah. Okay. What read did I say?

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What you read? Did I say

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no crimson. I said crimson red.

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Dark I think dark or light red I think very, very political should go into politics. Crimson Red, okay, is is something that is disliked on men. There's enough orlimar that have spoken about it, but it's not considered into haram in general, it doesn't look good on a man. Second part about the heads of the red is that if a person wears entire red like socks, red soul bread, the pajama underneath red, the shirt red, the head read everything red that would go under like a blatant, Li going against that Hadees and some of the Allama they said that would be not acceptable. But if a person is wearing like black pants, black shirt and a red shirt, a black coat and a red shirt, it's

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not red, like Black is more dominant. Red is just a shade in there, then they're okay with that. Okay. In general, the overall predominant opinion is it's mcru it's disliked. And it is better to avoid it. But if you don't, we're talking about the bright red. As for the shades of red then there is no no problems.

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It's fine. It's fine.

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You're fine.

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That's completely what I heard today. Right? I mean, I'm thinking

00:24:38--> 00:24:55

the whole concept coming from back home and not loving myself being ignorant, right? Not knowing anything. So here's thinking, listening those things first time on this thought and variety of opinions and all that. So now, I

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did a lot

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Trouble still, for me, it's becoming really difficult.

00:25:04--> 00:25:08

Okay, let me let me frame this way, what I am looking personally

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for others also a blueprint, these are the guidelines I should say right? These are the guidelines, all of this this if on otherwise please start hearing those many opinions, I will get confused and then I will start forming my opinions on many subjects. And I can say hey, check it out. It doesn't matter because No, no, no. So, if if it is a matter of Athena and Phil, you're very bad at and stuff, yes, you're gonna get confused, but if it's a matter of shirt, it doesn't matter.

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here that is again, it's not about that, it's that I'm talking about those aspects that

00:25:51--> 00:25:53

and that is good to know that Romans and us

00:26:00--> 00:26:35

so the whole point of this course is you should have an understanding of what took place at the time of Rasul Allah. Okay, and when a Hadees comes up, I'm also trying to educate the community with this aspect that many times you're gonna find two Hadees that are contradict, and this is a perfect example, in one Hadith Surah Surah Allah in an authentic hadith, you're saying you should, it's like as if you're wearing gold and reciting Quran and ruku It's like wearing red shirt. But on the other hand, you have a decent body and a Muslim but as soon as wearing it, and average person, what happens? They either read this or this the person who reads this says no, no, you're wrong, the

00:26:35--> 00:27:15

person who reads this is wrong. So the problem that we are facing within this Masjid is you have ends of people who've only heard one opinion, and they've never existed or there's a second part to this two, part two that exist with this, you actually educate this premise that when I see an a person following something else, I say, you know, maybe he has some opinion that he follows that might be a valid opinion, not necessarily the what I hold is the absolute truth and you know, that's wrong. And that's where we're trying to build here right through the process of these things. And this is intentional, very intentional for me it may be overwhelming but as this is very simple stuff

00:27:16--> 00:27:29

as a community like if we all have bachelor's degrees we if we can get to this level that to Hadith and how we're reconciling and then these are the different opinions about it as a community we need our academic discourse to be off that level.

00:27:31--> 00:27:32

I go back home and my

00:27:35--> 00:27:43

other opinions too so yeah, but it really doesn't matter in clothes right? Other opinions matter in a bar.do You see that

00:27:45--> 00:27:57

after these procedures is paid at least not one of the ladies is correct and wrong just simplify for us and everyone else to when they go did not start

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which I did I said it's my crew right I said the majority opinion is my crew I said that there are a different opinions but majority opinion is my crew yeah yes

00:28:14--> 00:28:16

not even though there's another Hadith about that

00:28:22--> 00:28:28

know those are specific a bad words that prophecies that I'm taught us to say yes.

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No. If it's a dua you can from the Quran, right? To add from what he's talking about. There are the Quran you can say Allahu Akbar and Rocco and I will I'm gonna shoot on a gem como la vie de la Samad lamellipodium. You can do that in Roku or Sr. But if it's a derived from the Quran, it's fine.

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What's the Hikmah behind it? Allahu Allah. I have not been able to find the answer for that.

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But like, yeah, it's a question that I have. Why? Why? Why not? Like, why I'm doing recordings is that and what the best answer that I found was because this is a MACOM in which a person is lowering himself in front of Allah physically and frustrating. And it is necessary for us to show in that MACOM, the Exalted nature of Allah and we only exalt Allah in that MACOM because we have lowered ourselves and we need to venerate Allah. But other than that, I but it's not as he can answer for me, but that's an answer there.

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Okay, I do have another meeting to go to. So inshallah I will stop over here. Bartok, Allah frico. Bara colourfix Ohana Coloma we have the official Delilah Island Sahara Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam assuming cathedra nobody can Lahoma Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Anika hamidou Majeed, Aloha, Martina Fuson Antigua was a Kia antihero, Monza Kahana What do you Allahumma X enough Latina Allahumma de la pena with the Aflac interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Masha Allah Klarna with luck in the visa

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Hola Hola How do you sell me on a banana Callaghan was a Allahu Allah Allah Mohammed wider and he was like you said

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probably somebody played with that Wi Fi