Abdul Wahab Saleem – Do Jews & Christians Really Follow their Books – Introducing Quran #15

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The use of "medECab" in the Bible is discussed, emphasizing the importance of understanding the language used to portray the people of the book and following rules to achieve success in reciting. The importance of praying regularly and keeping eye contact is also emphasized, along with the use of "has been" to describe actions and events. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of "has been" to describe actions and events, and the importance of purifying houses for those who don't want to be around too long.
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We stopped off at verse number 121. Allah for velocity we're jerks has Alladhina Eartha in our home al Kitab.

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It's Luna who have parted our de la que mi Nona V when you look for Viva hula ecoman Kosovo. Now, throughout

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most of the Surah, you've noticed ALLAH is talking about the Israelites. And in extension, sometimes Allah is also talking about the Christians as well. But not all the time about Christians, but there's discussion about Christians as well. And largely it's focused on but no, it's not either or the Jews. Even the very previous verse will enter the uncle Yeah, who do well and NESARA had that interview me later on the Jews and the Christians will not be happy with you until you follow their, their path, their if you follow their Mila by

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considering this, most of the authoritative MUFA sitting. They believe that this verse, verse number 121, is also in relation to the book of the People of the Book, either that are either the Injeel, the Gospels or the Torah.

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So let's read that within this slide. I'm saying this because oftentimes, even myself at times, I use this verse and other phenomena as well, they'll use this verse for the Quran, but I'll explain to you why someone may do that, including myself. But if you take it completely in context, it clearly appears that this is referring to the bulk of the People of the Book either that are out or the injured or both a Levine Tina Hall kita, those people to whom we had granted the book free, either the Jews or the Christians, yet Luna who have gotten our tea, they recited the way they should be reciting it. Now this is the most common translation. But really the meaning over here is

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not recital This is the opinion of ignore bass, and it is the opinion of many, many other MUFA citizen as well. That instead of yet Luna, who Tila re citation. This is referring to following the injunctions of the book, because Stella through has two meanings. It means to recite, and it also means to follow as well. So those people to whom we've granted the book, they follow it the way it should be followed. Why? Well over here, the problem is you have the Jews and the Christians who have the book in the Torah and in the Gospel in the injeel. We have a mention of the Prophet Muhammad in different ways, Mohammed, quite literally even till this day, in that Iraq and achmad,

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also, quite literally until this day in the in G.

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Right. For those of you that watched the lecture on insulin, or at least attended it over here, you probably remember what I'm talking about, right? So you have the Prophet Muhammad mentioned both in the Bible, but both in the Gospels and also the Torah as well meaning the Bible in general, the New Testament and the Old Testament as well. So those people to whom we've given the book, they follow it the way it should be followed meaning in every capacity, including following Mohammed, now that they have Mohammed before him, including following Ahmed, now that they have Akhmad before him as well. Hola, Erica, you may know NaVi, they are the ones who truly believe

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in that all right, and the injured, they are the ones who truly believe in the book that they were given

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women in the UK for Viva la Iike, human hearts, Iran, and whoever this believes in what the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or in the book as well. But without Iike human hearts, Iran, they are the ones who are lost because they haven't completely believed in their scripture. The Scripture is telling us follow a man by the name of Muhammad or follow a man by the name of Mohammed.

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But they're not doing it. So this is why I say that the Kitab over here is most likely from the context referring to

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the people of the book and their books. Okay. But that said, there is no harm in taking a more generalized meaning from this as well. And that's why another group of scholars they believe that well, while the words are general, the as they say that a laborer to be removed, we love the lab horses sub that the consideration should always be given to the generality of the words but not the particularity of the reason for revelation.

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So yes, the reason and the context is referring to the people of the book, but no problem if we understand it another way as well, because the word Kitab is in compassing of the Bible. It's encompassing of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Quran as well. It's encompassing of all of that because al Kitab is a term used in the Quran for all of those books right in the beginning of the Quran, valley, Cal kitab. Obviously, this is referring to the Quran, right? So if we understand it like that, and levena Athena Hoon Kitab those people to whom we've given the book or either Quran, yet Luna, who have cut it out to he, they follow it, the way it should be followed or

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and or they recited the way it should be recited. why did why did I say Endor? Well, there's some times Allah intentionally uses words that can have two meanings. So both could be understood because neither negate the other, neither negates the other Allah, it can mean all of it. They are the ones who truly believe they are the ones. So how do you truly believe? What do you do to truly believe in the book? How do you truly follow this book? Whenever you see the injunctions in the Quran, you implement them as honorable kebab. He used to say that they are the people that every single time they go by a verse that has the mention of Rama within it, Mercy within it, they ask Allah for that

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mercy. And whenever they go by a verse, in which the other is mentioned, they seek refuge in Allah from the hijab.

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So you have to react with the vs. That's the idea here. When you see Allah talking about I'ma ask Allah for his dilemma. When you see Allah talking about as OB seek refuge in Allah from the dub, when you see Allah talking about the people of the fire, think about the fact that you may have committed sins that may cause you to be among the people of the fire. When you think about the people of Ghana, or you're reading about the people of Ghana, ask Allah to grant you the trophy, to be able to do those actions that will lead you to Jannah and also the mercy and forgiveness from Allah that will envelop you so that you could actually enter into Jana as well. So react with these

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verses, the only way you're going to be able to react is do what you have to understand what they're saying. Firstly, that's why it's so important to understand. And this is why it's Luna who have gotten our teehee the hubco. Tila can be understood in both ways one property and reciting it because the rule of thumb is you will never I repeat, you will never be able to properly recite the Quran until you understand it.

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No matter how much you perfect your to do it.

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No matter how much you memorize and do it well. You will not be able to perfect the recitation until you understand it. Why do I say this? Because there's a science in recitation call will move, where to stop and where to continue. The only person that can know where to stop and where to continue is who someone who understands what the Quran is saying.

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sentences in the Quran they don't finish at the end of the ayah. Sometimes they finish in the middle.

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If you stop at one point, you will find yourself sometimes very erroneous,

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sometimes very mistaken. Sometimes you end up making a wrong meaning from the place that you stop. And I've noticed that sometimes people Subhanallah they've been given a beautiful voice. They have been granted melodious tone. They are memorizers of the Quran. They know the whole Quran like they know Fatiha. But you see them reciting. They sound great, but they don't know where to stop.

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Why? Because if you don't understand, you're not going to be able to even recite properly, do you understand what I'm trying to get to over here? Then on top of that, unless you understand you're never going to be able to follow what the Quran is saying. So how Cotulla is that you have to understand, so you can recite properly and then you can implement what the Quran is saying as well. And this is why my boss used to say they are the ones yet who now will help but they're the ones who follow it the way it should be followed. Yeah, Bunny straw ILAs guru near materiality and I'm to hunico Well, any football to Kamal Alameen over nuestra Eve, oh children of Israel, with goodwill,

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net materiality and unto Alikum remember My favor that I bestowed upon you what is Allah's favor upon the children of Israel? Lots of favors we've mentioned a number of them already right there in the Surah as well. Well any football to Kumal Allah Allah me

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In and I favored you upon

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Allah me

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upon all of mankind, but not all of mankind generally all of mankind in that time. Okay? Why? Because Allah had chosen as the Prophet mentioned very clearly in the Hadith as well, that Allah subhanaw taala chose from the people, the children of Adam, the correlation from Quraishi, Allah chose XYZ and from there Allah chose until you got to veneration from entourage and we chose me right? So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada didn't choose them for from every angle. And that's why I always say this. Choosing of Allah should not be generalized as a green card and everything. It's a particular reality that they experienced during their time Allah chose them for the prophet hood for them to

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have profited during their times. After that Allah decided to choose Windows nine. And that's where the decider came from. That's where the message came from. And that's where the prophet hood came from. What double yo woman fear a Day and really what you need to fear is what's inside of the day, not the day. But because everything inside of that day is difficult. Everything inside of that day is something that one should be worried about. If they haven't been doing their homework.

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Then fear the day itself Lera dead Z enough soon UNEF sin che

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no soul will be able to fulfill for another soul.

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No soul will suffice another soul in any which way. Whether you have a looming Hadron and no ransom will be accepted. Well, then Pharaoh has shefa and no intercessions will be beneficial. While our home mules are on and nor will they get help from any other angle as well. There won't be any aid, there is no soul that will be able to benefit another soul because lumenal will Coolio Lilla Hill was ideal for her for who is the sovereignty on the Day of Judgment, it is for Allah, the ever powerful, only Allah will make decisions on that day. And there is no ransom to be accepted as well that you know what take this guy instead of me doesn't work like that. And there is no intercessions

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there is no one more honorable that you can go to and say why don't you give him a word? It won't work like that. Because again, Allah is the only one who will decide who will be able to intercede on that day of judgment. Well at home use our own and there's no external parties because right now, all the parties are before Allah subhanaw taala

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what Easybeats

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Ibrahim, are easy with Allah, Ibrahim or boo. And when Allah tested Ibrahim, we Kelly Merton for at a Melnor Allah tested Ibrahim Ali Salam with some words, and then he perfected them. What are these words? There's so many different defenses about what they're what those words are? Basically, what this means is rules. Okay. Allah tested Ibrahim Ali Salam with some rules. What are those rules again, there are so many stories of Ibrahim which will be going over throughout the Quran as well. So every time you see Ibrahim sacrificing

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when he decides to accept the Rhodia the dream and he ends up trying to or attempting to slaughter his own son. That is a sacrifice when he's told to take his child and wife and put them in Makkah, that is a sacrifice. So every single time Allah tests Ibrahim, and he said, he lives up to the promise at the moon. He perfected them with Ibrahim alayhi wa. And that's why Allah describes Ibrahim Ali Salam, as the person who fulfilled in every which way.

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Allah in Niger iukl Ignacy mama.

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He said, Allah said

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in Niger he Luca li Nursey Imam, I am going to make you a leader for the people. So one of the ways to gain leadership is that you have to fulfill the tasks that you've been granted. You cannot imagine yourself or you cannot assume yourself to become a leader with every single time tasks have been given to you don't fulfill those tasks. The reason why Ibrahim was chosen by Allah to become an Imam, a leader for the people is because Allah said right before Well, it's not a boo boo. Can you imagine? The mon Allah gave Ibrahim Ali Salam, some tasks to do any fulfilled it every single time. So when he lived up to those tasks unless it's fun. In the Jarry Luca Nassima he lived up to those

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tasks Allah said, I am going to make you a leader from them.

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Among the people, but if you're not living up to your tasks, you're not worthy of leadership. And that goes for worldly leadership and it also goes for leadership within the deen as well. You have duties to do if you don't do those duties, even if you are a great human being, slowly but surely that leadership will be taken away from you because there's a task you have to fulfill that task in order for you to keep moving forward on women's reality. So Ibrahim says, What about my children? Can you make some leaders in my children as well? Allah didn't say no, because he's asking Allah and this is a person of great status to Allah. He's the Khalifa of Allah. He is the friend of Allah. He

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is the person who spoke to Allah azza wa jal. He is already made by Allah as an imam. He is an exemplary human beings when it comes to history. So when he asked Allah is going to accept, but Allah subhanaw taala also guides him to something very important as well. Allah Allah Jana, who is the volley mean, my oath is not going to extend to those people who commit wool, who are oppressive human beings. So if you are an oppressor, Allah is saying you're not cut for leadership. If you end up becoming a leader in society, and you happen to be a person of oppression, okay? But this is not because Allah wanted you to become a leader. This is just the worldly father of Allah that also

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Allah decreed, but it is not something beloved, and chosen by Allah azza wa jal. So you're not a leader chosen by Allah if you happen to be a volume. If you happen to be an oppressor, oppression and leadership don't. They ended up going together, but they're not supposed to go together. The good leader is the one who is a leader but doesn't oppress the status that Allah has granted him. Allah, Allah and Allah had a volley mean, but this also means that some of the children of Ibrahim Ali salaam will be given that leadership and among them, of course, is our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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what is Janelle beta Muthiah bottlenose? And remember remember also all of you every time or is there's a hidden word there which is saying what cool is remember when what if journal Batum a third button Lindsay what a man what Duffy the woman Muhammad Ibrahima masala. Remember when we ended up making the house of Allah azza wa jal masala bottlenose a place where people do a thorough job. They keep on coming back to a place of return for the people. So the cabin is supposed to be a place of return. Some people they make their hydro their hombre once in their life and they say that's it. I'm done. Right? That's the end of that. But yes, your obligation is finished your obligation when

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it comes to your hydro Emre is one time in your life. Allah says what a team will have Joel Rama Rotella complete a hajj and umrah for Allah huts. When you're done. You're done. Your obligation is completed. But what Allah wants from you is to keep yourself connected to this house. That's why Allah says what is your internal beta Mesaba telling us we made it a metabo mo Thaba is a place where you keep on coming back to what a man and also a piece of piece of security as well and safety. And we have a hadith and many Hadith by the way, in this vein, we have one Hadith in by healthy, abandoned others that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in Abdon so hard to

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learn who just Maha was sad to Allah you feel Malaysia Yun de la Hamza to awam in La fe to Isla Yellin The Hero,

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the person who I have fixed up his body, I've kept giving him strength. And I've given him provision as well. Five Years go by on this person, and he doesn't come to my house if we do a layup law mushroom this person has been prevented from the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah has given you a strong body. Allah Allah azza wa jal has given you money. Why are you not going to the house of Allah? Allah says what is your elemental beta? Mesaba telling bottlenose we've made the house of Allah a place you should keep going back to not one time. And this is the reason why. Right now, you know, it became when I was living in Saudi Arabia.

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At some point around 2010 ish, it became too difficult to have people go for hedge because the numbers just kept on increase every year. The increase of course COVID. They might have they definitely decreased. There was a cap on

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on how many people could go, just about 10,000 people the first year, when COVID happened, I was actually there at that time they allowed 10,000 people to go. But after that, you know, and before that, obviously, the numbers

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you know, they are very high numbers, millions of people. So it became very difficult to the government decided to go based on this hadith. And they said that those people living locally within Saudi Arabia, they're only allowed to make Hajj once every five years, is that after five years, we can't stop people because there's a hadith of the prophets of salaam where the Prophet SAW Selim said a person who I've given string through and I have given his wealth as well. He doesn't come to me every five years, that person has been prevented from Mercy. Okay, so this is a rule by the way that's only applicable to people living in Saudi Arabia, you can go every year, even for Hajj

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you can go there's no bars on how much you can do because you're outside. So this is again another Nam and for camera. It's so simple. My brother's Allah He it is so simple to make Ramadan no flights especially, you know, during COVID When they opened up even people were afraid they were going for like $900 Get yourself a flight to go fly out. Make rubra go see the house of Allah azza wa jal Allah he will be a moving experience. This is Allah saying that what is Jerilyn and beta metabo telling us we made it a myth about a place you keep on wanting to go back to and rely on feeling like going myself now while I'm known and also a pace place of safety and security as well. What I'm

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gonna what ducky zoom in my army, Ibrahima masala and make them an arm of Ibrahim that structure that you see right behind the camera and gold. Make that MACOM of Ibrahim A place where you pray as well. Where are hidden Ibrahim, what is smile? Tahira Vitiello, PA, fina will ask if you know what to do.

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And we took a oath

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from Ibrahim

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or we delegated the task to Ibrahim. And also it's Maria Ali salaam, that

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purify my house for those people who'd like to make pull off circumambulate as they say, right, or those people who'd like to do record,

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bow and also those people who do sujood as well. And also again, those people do I think as well when aquafeed Jimmy

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so Allah

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granted the task of purifying his house, Ibrahim and is married. Now that means that this task of cleansing a masjid, a house of Allah is a prophetic task. So everyone should be raising and be involved in all of the janitorial work at the masjid because this is something that Allah azza wa jal gave to Israel and also gave to Abraham and Sarah, where he denied Isla Ibrahima Izmail. We told Ibrahim and also a smile, purify my house for the people who do throw off or the people who do tick off for the people who do to cure and the people who distribute, purify from what some said, literally purify meaning clean it up. Others they said purified from idol worship and that's

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something that wasn't even there at that time. But meaning instill within your progeny, the values that they don't end up committing should go over there and they did it for centuries after it's made. But of course, slowly but surely,

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you know, shaytaan misled them and the idol worship became prevalent within Arabia but they did instill the values as Allah subhanaw taala had told them to do. And then Allah says Tahara Beatty Allah effing so the first rabada that Allah talks about when he talks about his house is a blow off. And that's important, because blow off isn't a badda that you can only do over there. When it comes to takeoff. You can do it right here. When it comes to Raghu and sujood. You can do it everywhere in the world, but throw off is the most particularly baddha to the bait of Allah azza wa jal so Allah starts off with a BA Fe and also because when you go to the kava when you inshallah Allah bring you

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all to the kava, when you go to the kava, when you go to the beta of Allah azza wa jal when you go there.

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If you're coming for an ombre or you're coming for a hedge, or even if you're just coming from the luff, you don't do that here to the masjid. The Toorak ask that you pray before sitting down. The Prophet said whenever you enter a masjid, don't sit down until you

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You pray to raucous right. So those two records of the here to the masjid. Basically reviewing the masjid, the hated Masjid. The here means to have the honoring the masjid to rock I pray to honor the Masjid. That doesn't take place in beta light Hara. If you're going for throw off, or you're going for Omaha, or you're going for Hajj.

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However, if you're only going to pray, that's when you do to hear it in Masjid. You understand? Like you're going there to pray or you're going to a lesson because there's a lot of lessons that take place in the masjid or you're going to sit down to simply make some decaf because you can do a tick off anytime by the way, right now you can make your intention to do it coffee until you exit the Masjid. Or you're going there for Odin as God just to remember Allah azza wa jal with all of those intentions, you don't you can go ahead and pray the hatred Masjid but if you're going there for toe off, or you're going there for Umrah, which starts also with the throw off, or you're going for

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hedge which also entails a throw off, then you start your entrance of the masjid not with at the theater masjid, but rather with the throw off. And notice Allah starts with a thought ifIm because this is the first act to do when you come to the masjid on pa Hara 80 and a PA a fina, while Aquafina and also those who make take off as well which is na vida. A very important one. Well rule guy sujood and also those people who do record and scheduled as well.

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So make sure you do camera and do it regularly. Umrah and Hajj these are practices that we think oh my god, if we put the money down to go for m&r You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that alumina to eat an MRE he said,

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Daddy rubine and hygiene Urmila he said do hajj and umrah back to back Derby or banal hygiene well Umrah for inner Homer yen for yarn in Saqqara with zoom camera and film que hubbardston Hadith that do Hajj and formula back to back because they ended up blowing away they ended up purifying, they ended up getting, they ended up ridding you of your sins and your poverty just as bellows

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rid the irony of the filth that's there.

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Okay, so hajj and umrah will preserve you from two things, they will purify you from two things, they will purify you from your sins and insha Allah to Allah, Allah will repay you and you will get more of this from Allah azza wa jal, so go and make Hajin Rama on top of that they are an explanation the Prophet generally said Illuminati can follow to Lima Binomo. During Ramadan and other Umrah there's, it acts as an expiation between

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this time and that time like all of the time in between it ends up exploiting the sense for it, right? Allah continues.

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Allah says that, what if Allah Ibrahim and remember what Ibrahim Ali Salam said?

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Or Bucha alhaja Bella and Amina Oh Allah

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make this area here. Maccha make it a peaceful place. What was Allahu Mina Thermalright and give the people of Mecca all sorts of fruits, and all sorts of vegetation and vegetables, and everything that grows and everything that they can benefit from cathedra is a fruit of all sorts, Min Armineh minimal only those people who believe in wisdom. So Ibrahim already has farsightedness, he recognizes law, sooner or later there are going to be people over here who are not going to believe and they're not going to worship Allah. And so he was considerate of that. And also because earlier on when Ibrahim he said he said Allah women's reality he said and what about my family? My children,

00:29:11 --> 00:29:31

Allah Subhana Allah says Carla lionello devalue me. He said, My covenant is not going to extend to those people who are transgressive against themselves the greatest of transgression. Gopher, so now Ibrahim Ali Salam is more cognizant of his words. He says, Oh Allah, give the people of this land Thammarat but only those who believe.

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He learned a lesson from Allah's correction their men and Avila.

00:29:38 --> 00:29:59

Were the only author and also on the Day of Judgment. They believe in the Day of Judgment. Allah woman cover the OMA do who believe and some of you who either either now Allah says as for those who disbelieve, you got the promise related to those who believe but those who disbelieve from these people of Mecca, the Almighty or who Pauline and Allah

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I'm enjoy as well, their time over here. So

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then I will expel him to the punishment and the chastisement of the fire well being said mercy, and how evil of an abode that happens to be. So Ibrahim alayhis salam, he left his family in this area. And he wanted ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to give the people of this land, fruit so that his family could live comfortably. This is something that's very important. Sometimes, you know, these people who go for these,

00:30:37 --> 00:30:41

I don't want anybody to cut this out and put it into a refutation video. So I'm going to make this

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disclaimer here, but people leave for 40 days or 400 days or whatever else, right?

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And you have a family dude.

00:30:53 --> 00:30:54

What's happening?

00:30:56 --> 00:31:01

You got to think about your family, when you sort them out, then

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you can go for the 40 or you can go for 400. And you can go for 4000 jama

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Ibrahim Ali Salam He did this because this is a divine injunction. He knows Allah will not let him down.

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Even * recognized that this is a divine injection, so she said, Okay, call us. If Allah has told you, he's not going to let us down.

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You have responsibilities even then Ibrahim Ali Salam, what is he saying? Give fruits to these people that Allah has children over here. his progeny is going to be over here.

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And he said bring people to them as well because they're lonely. And that's why in another verse in Surah, Brahimi said, federal fgdata Mina necesita who Elaine allow some of the hearts to go to these people as well. So that they have company they have people it's they're lonely, they're in this land alone. He wanted them to have comfort. He wanted them to have fruits and vegetables. He wanted them to have everything. Why the Allah homage Quran so that maybe they'll do Shuker of Allah azza wa jal, which is also in a bada right?

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Allah woman kufr of Madeira, who by leighlin, through a third row who ILA either Binetti webit, sigma seed.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, whoever disbelieves I will allow him respite and time as well, but then I will expel him to a torment I'll expel him to the fire as well. Now, when Ibrahim made this to offer Thammarat demo facility in the moment, to be he mentioned this, they say that Allah azza wa jal at that point allowed a bar f to have all of the vegetation and all of the fruits and trees and vegetables and so forth, and by if I would invite you to go to five, it's one of the most beautiful cities you'll ever go to in your life. It is full of everything that you want. So some of them will facility in like Toby said when Ibrahim made this dua that's when a thought if became the way it

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became and others they said in his report it also from Ibrahim Abbas of the Allah I know that before the dua of Ibrahim Ali Salam, but it was actually a portion of Philistine of Jerusalem, but then Allah, he took a portion of that land and he moved it over to Arabia, which is modern day of Bife Allahu Allah and he was this a report from a bus. But nonetheless, it is something reported but you know, chains and stuff like that there may be something wrong there. But the idea is that if you do look at a five today, if you do look at five today, it is actually out of its place. Everything Allah around it is desert land, and suddenly you have this beautiful land with all sorts of trees

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and fruits and everything grows and land is beautiful. And all of Arabia they like to go to a tie for the summer times right.

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hamdulillah so we will stop here. I ask Allah subhana wa Allah to grant us the tofield to practice to convey and I asked Allah subhana wa Tada to give us the understanding of his book and the understanding of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam or some of the Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad him or other early he was engaged right

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