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Ahmad Saleem
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provision it suddenly wasted. Everyone will be discerning if calling or visiting him in law visiting environment.

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In Charlotte, the topic of my lecture today, or a small reminder

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is a problem that each one of us when you have children, when you're a teenager and we face, which is that how do we inspire our lives,

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from the lies of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam?

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Each one of you, every single one of you probably knows the story. They know the narrative. This happened, this happened, this happened, this happened. And then this happened, and this happened. And then he felt alone. He was then passed away. We all know the narrative.

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But how often does this narrative

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entices us

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to do something with our lives. How often does this this story, this this amazing life, lived and fulfilled for a greater cause inspires us.

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And if it's not inspiring us,

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then the mere fact that we know the narrative is not enough.

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It is not alone, it is something we need to know, it is something we need to do to teach our children that this is what happened. This is the history. But the purpose of history is that

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it gives us inspiration.

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It gives us this drive that we're doing something wrong, and we change our direction.

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And when that doesn't take place, then a story remains a fairy tale.

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Since it doesn't have any influence in our lives. So what I'm going to do today, inshallah is present to you, I prepared three. And if I have time, I'll get to the third story. But I have two stories that prepared. Most of you, or almost every one of you should know this story.

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It's a very basic story,

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a medium level zero book, or an advance your book is all mentioned about the story. And then once I'm done, telling the story, the next piece is going to be that we'll together. And I hope there's some mics here.

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We'll pass the mic out. And I want you to think with me

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that what do we learn?

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And then there will be some things you would say that I don't know. And there will be some things I would say that you probably haven't thought about. And together, collect collectively, we get some lessons out of a story, then we'll go to the second story, do the same thing with it. And if time permits, we'll get into the third story.

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So the first story is called saying dude, why'd you

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say you do it?

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The leader of the value.

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So the story begins something like this. The story involves Sagiv in mind, who was the leader of the I was trying, or who would be one of the villains of the strike, and then only ever kind of what if he was the leader, one of the leaders in production. So what happens

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over here in southern Morocco,

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he comes to Makkah,

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and he stays as a guest.

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He stays as a guest with my yoga.

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And then he turns around even further than I came with the intention, I came with the intention of doing

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so could you find a time in the day where I can actually perform at that point even further, if he says okay, you know, the best time is going to be around as overtime because it's really hard. Most people will be in their houses. So we'll go out and perform tawaf and I'm gonna come back and nobody's gonna realize, And subhanAllah it was their lucky day. And you know, they go out and they didn't find anybody.

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Nobody was there in cabin. So, Savin ProHealth. He started to start off

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and as I said, it was his lucky day. That while he's performing Baba,

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he means Abuja

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and Abuja Hello, says, Who are you, Sagamore? This is leader of house is as an argument live.

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He said many of Philip Are you salad from yesterday from Medina said Now are you performing remember with peace and security and you've given refuge to Lasala you've given refuge to Mohammed and his companions. So I said no. He said one lie if you're not with us have fun which is only because of you will not have returned

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In your house in one piece, sadly, while obviously the leader is not used to being treated intermediated like this. So he says, he says,

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online, I shall prevent you from something that is much more beloved to you than you making any damage to my body, which is that their caravans, the Quraysh, their caravans would go through, you have to go through Medina, onwards to Sham. So you said, I will prevent you from this, and your treat will be affected.

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So, here's the Bucha *, and here's sad and they're debating. So that's a good answer something, what might you have

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for us upon he's standing there, he looks at a Bucha. And then he looks inside. And he looks and he's confused you there's no which person who's going to decide with and eventually he makes the decision.

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And he pushes

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and he says,

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sad, however, say you blew it. This is the leader of this value.

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for sovereignty, number one, now realizes that even his own friend has washed his hands away. So he washes his hands away from both of them. So he pushes about safarnama even further with his hand pushing him or putting his hand on the chest and pushes them is it Allah as a man editor, and as for you

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stay away from me

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for reading, you know, so Allah, Allah, Allah has told me that we'll be killing you.

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Now about someone might have been fed up to take the new road. He's he's like, instead of defending Abuja, he's like, and then their battle starts again, he comes into the one we went, where are they going to kill me? And then they're like, Oh, they're going to I don't know whether

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I want to be killed in my car. Medina said, I don't know. And then

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finally, he says, the very vital Allah rasool Allah Muhammad does not lie. Mohammed does not lie. And he puts his head down, walks away from the meeting. And he's saying this, he's repeating these words, that

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he never realized he never lies. And he's repeating this as he enters the house. And obviously his wife saw that the concern, so he's like, Mommy, can I support? What's wrong with you?

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He said, haven't you heard? What my brother from your firm has said? Meaning sad? Have you heard what he said? That he said, The Rasul Allah told him and his companions, they'll be killing me. This point, the wife, you know, the support for every man, she says, Allah, he might actually

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need to report his response back with the same thing and even more, it hurts him even further.

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At this point,

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fast forward, the same battle of weather comes, this thing takes place after each other. So better brother comes some three years down the road. And he still remembers the statement. So he refuses to meet, so comes up, which I had once again, and he says, You are the leader of the world, he, you are the leader of this valley, as a foreign, how can you stay back from the battle?

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And he says, Don't you remember what the person said? I will literally be my brother from yesterday. He said, Don't you remember that?

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And then he leaves. And if you've seen that, they call this the middle of the place, you know, it's like a very fancy Declaration and the police put coal in it. And oftentimes they put border or, or cold or, sorry, ruined or something like that. So he brings them around, and places it in front of Mombasa for

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hours upon is looking at, like, what is this? He says?

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Meaning, you know, certify yourself

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for in the community.

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And over here, he's the leader. He's displaying such heightened emotional,

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and he's a

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journey. I am from the men. And he gets up and he goes and buys the best camel. And his wife reminds me say, Don't you remember what he told you? But you remember that? She says If he says yes, I do. That's why I purchased the most fastest Campbell in Medina at Maccha. And I would ride with them a day or two and run back.

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And we all know how it happened. In the end, when they reached back to the weather on them. All the leaders, majority of the leaders of corporations including diversified they passed away

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or so the story ends here. Most of you know there is more to the story, but I've actually had a choice. So most of you notice that up to this point. Firstly, we need to ask notice

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The belief

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and the Eman that none of us have one had on the words of Russell. And we need to ask this question to do we actually take a single last word to this literal sense that it affects us emotionally and psychologically.

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Here, I wasn't born as a Catholic.

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And here's a statement about himself and he does not believe in Rasul Allah.

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And yet, it affects him emotionally and psychologically. Why? Because they knew this for a fact that he doesn't lie.

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And they knew for a fact that whatever he says, will come true.

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And that's why they were really scared of anything that I said. So the question we need to ask is when we hear Hadees or a ruling of Islam, from Quran, right Troodon from Quran and Sunnah, what is our lithium and how does our insight what happens?

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If nothing takes place, then we need to do a check of our heart.

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The what is it? That is preventing us because it should there should be some reaction inside. Secondly, we need to understand that we here imagine how would Sahaba How would have they understood the following words were those who Allah, Allah subhanaw taala, he says, had no idea no matter what or Sue, or Allah.

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When I said to him in that email, this is what Allah is restored as promised. And whatever they promised came true.

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And this coming true of the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala only increased his habits and believers today. In what Iman on this in EMR and total submissions. Islam

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is comprised of compromised of two things. Right, it's Eman. If you if you say Islam, What is Islam submission, but what submission what it's, its first, the love of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and the love of Allah subhanaw taala and then Imam, and when the to combine, then you get to submission.

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If you just have hope. I love us all. I love Allah, Allah, so Allah, and you don't believe that. There's no benefit. If you just have a man, alone and no home, then again, you have masters, they all say that bla bla bla, but when you say talk about Islam, they have no love. They listen to you for about politics and sit down with you and all the different aspects of life. But the minute you open the chapter of Islam and say, let's talk about Allah Nene, we want to stay away from all us. That's the first thing they'll tell you. And that's the consequence. So, you as a die will see that in the next story. Your task, when you do go back into the society when you graduate, is to first

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bring people to love alive as resulting,

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when we get this from the heavy civil servants who suddenly says law you know,

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and then the Hadees continues until you become I become the most beloved team. So what is I will say nothing to you female Allah subhanho wa sallam he indicated in mind that you shall not have Iman

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at the core of it even had these plugs on. So that's one second one we need to understand the

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third point there a nerd or this this, this fight or this transgression, against Rasul Allah, Allah was in them that existed existed for what reason is existence for a reason we get this from the guy in the Quran, he says,

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They don't

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belong you. They don't say Rasul Allah is a liar. They never say that. What our kingdom God either.

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But very those, you know, falling in the transgressors, what's their quality? They are just for no reason against is online. Davinci means that you are, oftentimes you're aware of what's taking place, but you take a stance, just for the sake of argument. And have you met those people and they argue with you, they believe in what you're saying. But oftentimes, it does take a standard just to argue for the sake of it.

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And, you know, oftentimes people get involved in these arguments. So stay away from these arguments. But bottom line Jahaz, actually, and meaning that your office officer comes to you and tells you you do this, and you know, you need to do this, you're at work.

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And then you do two things, you either say no to him, or you prove it with your actions otherwise, and that's what most of them do. The island proved into their actions. They didn't believe it, or they actually started just verbally is ignored or like Ebola.

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came to us online said that.

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This is the point that, you know, I need you to understand it carefully because oftentimes, it's gonna be misunderstood.

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We find this that when we become Muslim,

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that this is the Muslim society, we are part of the humanity, the greater human society. We are part of this global village.

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And we cannot live by cutting ties off from everyone.

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And we see this over here

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that signs are going to be more

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who is what? From the top 10 Okay, I call the top 10. So, sadly we'll

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start even while he's from the top 10

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ways away from bottom seven does definitely want to have these muscles that said, you know, when they came into police camels into stones on the soldier Solomon, he came in he said alone, I leave it to you. I know you haven't heard on mama and you can do it too. But any mentioned one seven, all of these seven died, I've actually gone

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to battle and seeing where they're actually they were, they got into the welder with their bodies were thrown in. And as you saw it, everybody in whether in the city, whether they don't even go close to this place, they're afraid of it that you know, something's going to happen. So the bottom line here is someone from the top 10

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don't want business business transactions with somebody from the bottom seven,

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or should take one and it will hurt him. He's emotional IQ guy not he has rejected Islam, after realizing and we'll have him and his from the hunt. They're their warriors that against Islam, there's a war between them and Islam. And here is somebody from the top 10 And Rasul Allah has no objection, even after establishment of the Islamic State to carry on their businesses.

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Here's the second part. Another partner of whom I am in front of was

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another one of those top talents. And the standard was whenever I would come to Medina, he would stay either xx please or mineral and they will give him the full respect and honor of a guest provide them with food, shelter, all the security that is needed and then he will carry on his caravan.

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And on the contrary, when you come to Medina, Mecca or Medina, they will come and stay with who will even call up their business partner. So what we need to understand that but we live with a society where we live in this in this global world, we can cut ourselves off from this, these human connections that we have.

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It's very important for us for us to understand

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that we are going to have a human relation with them. Ask yourself this question. What is your heart feeling? If a Christian

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or a non Muslim Hindu anyone enters your home And subhanAllah you don't ask this deal? I've seen so many families when they come home they you know they put their their plates separately and then the Washington seven times with like, you know, soap and I don't know, soil erosion as if like a dog ate from it.

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It's insane.

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And then I've seen people say that a demerit is in the National Intelligence audits I am the pharmacist that touches so even if you touch them, something's gonna happen. This concept of truth in our in our language.

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So it's not like that.

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Both the two stories I've picked is to actually rectify this issue in the society

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fifth, or the fourth point, which point your

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fourth point. The fourth point is,

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isn't easy to sit on.

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The fourth point is, isn't this hubby's a monetarism? Doesn't it tell you that the miracle of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that he is telling you what's going to take place in the future. And imagine the belief of Sahaba when they are in the battlefield, and they're 313 faced with 1000 and they see the first leader go down the demand boost they will get and they see the second one go down at the demand because Rasul Allah had told them that this, this, this this, the following are all going to die.

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And the Imam they would get that they're seeing the predictions of rasoolillah coming through in their life.

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And then fast forward in the Battle of Ohio in the hundreds and they come to a stone and they're unable to break it or Sula comes in, takes a hammer hits it, and there's a spark that comes known comes out of that out of that rock and he says you shouldn't be given the keys of Rome. As if Rasul Allah for Ireland was saying you shouldn't be given the keys of America. And then the first of all, you

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Talking about

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the greatest nation in the world, UK, Australia, the West.

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But they believed it because they themselves in their lives saw smaller predictions of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam coming true.

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So it was very easy for them to accept it, and believe in it blind following like they would like close their eyes and say for us, since the rasool Allah said it is going to come true.

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Fourth point is the fifth point we see over here is

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a Buddha

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and his tactics, his techniques of misleading people

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will always

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pleased with emotions.

00:20:47 --> 00:20:50

At the time, he also was Uncle was dying, he played with emotions of his uncle.

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And he said, What is your nation going to say, after you die? Doesn't matter what they say?

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But on the deathbed, he said, What is your nation going to say? How are they going to remember you for the rest of your life.

00:21:06 --> 00:21:08

But on the contrary, you see that.

00:21:11 --> 00:21:14

On the contrary, you see, again, over here, coming to Miami,

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and saying, You are the leader of this value,

00:21:18 --> 00:21:19

you are the leader,

00:21:20 --> 00:21:21

whatever people want to say,

00:21:23 --> 00:21:29

although he was not the leader, because you already see in the story that many guys think had the same way.

00:21:30 --> 00:21:39

So imagine his is his play that he's doing that he's lowered his own standards, that will still be able to assess your three rooms value.

00:21:41 --> 00:21:43

If you're gonna stay in who's gonna go?

00:21:44 --> 00:21:44

And then if he's, you

00:21:45 --> 00:22:10

know, imagine how would you feel if you're given this position of status, and we use the leader of this rally, you're the leader of this group, this, this this power, right that you get. And then after that, he realizes that this technique is not working. So he plays another game, he comes to the emotional side, the worst thing that you can tell a man to get him angry is telling that you're a woman.

00:22:11 --> 00:22:22

Ask any man, if your brothers sisters, husband, ask anyone, the worst thing for a man is you come and say you're about a man. And that's something like, What are you talking about? Let's settle this outside.

00:22:24 --> 00:22:26

No matter how educated that person is,

00:22:27 --> 00:22:36

you can get into that state. And this is the ultimate weapon of shaitan. To play with your emotions, what will people say if you don't?

00:22:39 --> 00:22:47

And then the 1000. Ask yourselves, those of you that were not doing the car, when you started doing the battle that you went through, it was nothing but an emotional battle.

00:22:48 --> 00:23:00

What will people say locating the vehicle and all that stuff? Right? So Shabbats number one technique is he comes to you, and He does not say this is how he'll never say that

00:23:01 --> 00:23:07

and come to you in the center. If you don't do this, nobody will have a cemetery in the society.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:12

What does this guy need to do? And all this conversation is taking place.

00:23:13 --> 00:23:32

And the best way to combat that emotional attack from Shakedown and the people around is to connect yourselves with stories of inspiration. People have a role model in life. Get yourself inspired by those people, whether they're alive or they're dead.

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00:23:42 --> 00:24:05

The last point we need to get from this story. Notice how Rasul Allah says, has absolutely no objection for a young child, young, young, young man in his 30s, early 30s, to go into the lion's den, which is where there is what's an area where there's like all these items, and totally trust and certainly,

00:24:06 --> 00:24:15

despite the fact that he's a young child, that you can go to Makkah and come back. And he knows that Sahan

00:24:16 --> 00:24:18

can handle the situation.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:45

And there's no objection in that. So in modern day and age, the advice for most of them will be based on this. Yes, there's no harm for a Muslim to go into a non Muslim land for business for education does no harm as long as there is the CFP or there is this 80% chance that the person will be able to preserve as well. How do we see that side has preserved as is done? The military sees the Goya has washed his hands away. What does he do? He washes his hands.

00:24:46 --> 00:24:52

Like as for you, I don't even need your protection, because allies are protected, right? That that demand kicks in.

00:24:54 --> 00:24:57

And that's that's the mirror that we need to actually

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