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Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a historical journey about a man who visits his daughter's houses and learns that the sun is present, but not everyone is aware of it. They also discuss the historical importance of avoiding "branded father in law" and the negative impact it has on privacy and belongings. The speaker emphasizes the importance of honoring one's husband's actions and avoiding "branded father in law" to improve relationships.
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lenta V BMI now on

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to the second part of the story, which is very interesting story about Foxconn over the long run. And what happens is one of these things this will lead us to seven we get some pretty sizable takes one of his hobbies from the mystery and goes on, while he goes on.

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And he goes, start walking this heavy sticking Where's all my going? It's like a lot of time. It's extremely hot. Nobody visits anybody this time. I just have you kept walking. They come to a point when it comes to house enters the house. This is the house of food talking on the door. And this is a particular time that the Zola would particularly like a moment or appointment that jolla would go into was a topic.

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He entered and you realize something's wrong.

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He entered the house and he doesn't find any other mama in the house. So he asks, and he says

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we where is the sun? What your cousin where's the side of your home?

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So far from my mind how she replies back and she says kind of anything, we'll wait and we'll shake. There was something between me and him for about one. So we both became angry at each other for hundreds. So he left

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behind so he left

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doesn't want us to set him at that point stops talking about them or their loved one turn to this hobby outside, told his heavy go and find

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this a hobby was always when he goes out and finds out he comes back tenfold loss isn't that easy must have been. But that's what Allah gets up from that race partners house because Allah has helped and he goes straight to where to

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he says he sees the higher the Lahore sleeping in the shape. Like one of the wall, he's sitting in the shade sleeping in the shade of the wall right next to the wall. And he had some sort of a desire or an upper garment on top of him. And due to the wind going something that the upper garment had come off. So Sanders dust and sand particles were on his face his beard, and he was sleeping. But Azula bends down with all his affection and starts caressing the shoulder of Alia at the moment. And he says at that particular time, he says

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stand up or stand no, it's pretty weird to transmit this particular thing. You know, Saturday, what he's trying to say is stand up or wake up or one that has signed upon you. But in ERIC is mentioned like you're referring me, call me.

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Call me. Call me. Now. It's really small story. But let's go back once again, it's trying to analyze some of the lessons. Firstly Rasul Allah, it was the norms of the earth till this day that nothing takes place between Dover to Assam. If you go if you live in a hurricane and answer you will find out pretty soon in Dubai, like Zomato as everything is shut down, like stores are shut down everything everything's closed, like what you want to do, like except convenience stores, pharmacies, everything else, malls are shut, everything's shut. Nothing. So why was it so hot. So that was the same norm. In those days, people will just sit on the floor and go straight to where

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they would go straight to their houses, spending time with their families, the EULA, whatever they have to do. And then in hustle time, we'll come back and like, start normal, start back to normal.

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As normal Allah says salam sacrifices, his own arrest time, this was the time that he would spend with his family. And he's going out on a journey and the outskirts of Medina to visit his own line.

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Which tells us very important lesson that

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as fathers, it's very important that after your daughters actually do become married,

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that you regularly visit them in their houses.

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This allows

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for a professional bond that you already had with the daughter to become even more stronger. And we see that many times another story we see, he goes and he visits the USA seldom visits father, the homeowner just meets has an item's back, but it wasn't meant for it just means and so it's not related. So with a lot of design, that you find that many times I'm sorry, Allah is constantly going to Bama and building this one so the question that remains for us is fathers who have gotten their their daughters married off. When was the last time we sacrificed our our weekend dashing take some time out and visit our own daughters in their own houses.

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Lesson number two, you see the solar system was company will have this how he never asked us all about where he was going.

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He ever asked us all over us.

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And he carried on the journey. Why? Because he was so lost.

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So we find that he also has had this high level of respect for the solar system, which unfortunately today, some of the scholars when they're mentioning are so low in the talking scores there. It seems to be that it's not there.

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It's their time.

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Getting the monies. But if you don't feel that there's that the respect that is required from us, tourism lies given to us all.

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This third lesson that we get out of the story is when a solar system enters the house, he soon realizes that there's something wrong. He even said it.

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Because it ain't right.

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For you said I went through it.

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But also I used the word evil.

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This was for the reason to remind Fatima of your loved one. That yes, you did become angry with your husband, which takes place. But remember that you also have settled to bother you have a kitchen to your to 20 of their loan. So trying to ill spark that extra love that is required to get over this particular issue. So challenging my

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father in law 100 replies, and which is the third lesson fourth lesson for us? It's specifically for the sisters. What did she say? She said, can obey me were very negotiate there was something between me and him.

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So rather than so we both became angry, Farage, so he left, he did not put she did not put the full blame on

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NIDA Did she give Rasulullah Selim a half hour lecture on what her husband did.

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very concise, to the point that gets the message across. Because she had taken that via in house persona.

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And I can see that two sisters, once you get married, there is no benefit that you get out. When you and your husband get into small coil and you call up your mom, who you call up your time for some relatives and tell them what happened. That just destroys your own privacy. And it's just not very healthy for you. And it's also not very fitting on the mother's or father's part to dwell into these issues. And that's what we do. So lesson seven doing he did not ask optima. Follow the mantra Give, give us all a face concise answer, which was for a normal father not enough.

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Not enough. So So I did not run into the fact that what happened? Who did it? Who's that for? Who started tell me in the beginning, tell me the end.

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Rather, he took a corrective measure altogether, which was what to make Fatima was allowed to realize that the rights of the husband is so high, and it should never come to a point that your husband becomes angry. So he starts talking department veneration he didn't talk to talk after.

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Anyway, right? His hobbies all in one, go and find.

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Another lesson we find is like look at this a hobbies obedience. He didn't say in the city of four to 5000 estimated salaries during that particular time at that. He didn't say to Arizona, where would I find him?

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Where's you know why? Like why was I didn't talk to even these as popular? Which direction did he go record yourself?

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I can imagine from Missoula as

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he goes out state

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comes back with the news of Ijeoma. Now oftentimes we do obedience. But that never happens. We go overboard when to the calls, we can. So what happens is, if you and I on some of them, others would be in spot. And you know that the Zumba is calling a specific individual. And that individual is sleeping. What would you do? When you find him? you'd wake him up really well done and the slides will be free. Right? Go get him go for me personally, he's looking for you. But that's a hobby, his share of most convenience that he saw when he could have woken him up. And that would have been excellent, completely fine. Why? Because so Allah is a anomic be his father in law, see his elder

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cousin who took care of him like a father. So there's three reasons for that zahavi. Because of the status of the Solar System hired on earlier, this hobby couldn't easily open up and say this and by the way, it also lives on him. But his sheer maintenance and he just coming back and says he's sleeping with a partner

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at that point, so let's assume he gets up and leaves and he goes to where he goes for arguing alone.

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When he comes to your loved one, he starts caressing, softly trying to wake him up. And he sees says says the word that I told you omiana coming out

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in order for us to actually understand

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the whole scene of how everything took place. We can understand it from this one statement of value.

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When he was asked what is the most beloved thing to you? Hereby back that after the name persona was the longest thing that came to me

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Don't quote me on, there is no name or loving to that anymore

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in order to realize, imagine the facial expressions with muscles, how he would have smile that I imagine he's going to her daughter's his daughter's husband, who is just making her his daughter and there's been a fight between his daughter. And he's trying to bring this emotional love and affection into that that ideas alone are never forgotten that moment. So let's say that the words that I was uttered on that particular day became engraved in his heart, and he would prefer to be called about Rob over anything else.

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So, a question from Moses father in law's that can we

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draw origin we had so much impact on our son in laws, from our love and care that they remember they remember they remember us as someone long before

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they came to me either

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