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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Shavon in internet use and the potential consequences of speaking out against evil behavior. They stress the importance of honoring a man's rank as a prophet and not dismissing people's dreams. The speakers also emphasize the need to read the dreams into one's personality and be optimistic to instill trust and value into one's behavior. The goal is to use the influence of parents to influence one's behavior and to lead with faith.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Although he Mina che upon your Rajiv on buena yella console Surah iya Kerala who are the GEF cafe I can do like al Qaeda in shame on in sunny Doom Mubi in work at Valley Kalia Jade Derby County bukan well you on the moon can mean that we need DC while you team Munia Mehta who Eileen Gangwon early Apple back can

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belly can mean cabello Ibrahim I want he's

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in the back and Eileen Moon Hakeem laconic fee you sofa what he

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doing this?

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Ali wasabia drain begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah. Mais find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad Salla Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path. We ask Allah azza wa jal in this final hour of Jamar, this blessed hour, this hour of responsive dua for Allah to make us and you have the carriers of his book, and of those shielded and shaded by his book and those transformed as worthy of His pleasure or into being worthy of His pleasure. By virtue of our dedication and our commitment to his book Allahumma Amin.

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May Allah azza wa jal make this Quran a means for us to accelerate towards his paradise and his company forever. And may Allah azza wa jal protect us from being of those who placed the Quran behind our backs, and as a result are driven by it into the fire driven because of it into destruction Allahumma Amin. So we welcome everyone back to our discussions and our reflections on sort of the use of the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam and the 12th chapter of the Quran. And we concluded last week at the verse we're in Allah azza wa jal said that Jaco Valley he said, I'm the father responded to his son Yusuf and said, Oh, my dear son, do not relate this dream of yours, that is

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foretelling Your glory or coming greatness to your brothers for yaki do like a Qaeda because they may plot against you.

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In the shaitana, insomnia doom will be in because the shaytaan is a clear enemy to the human being. And of course, if shaitan is invisible, then how can he be a clear enemy, that will be a misunderstanding as to what they clear enemy refers to throughout the Quran, a clear meaning Make no mistake about it, he will forever be your enemy, he will never consider or back down from he's your permanent enemy, he's your staunchest enemy, he will not go away he will not be negotiated with he will not sympathize. He is as clear as they get in his enmity to you towards you.

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And also, you know, this is very

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intelligent and wise have Jacoba Alayhis Salam, before we move on today's something we didn't cover last week is that he tied the plotting that may happen by the brothers with shaytaan. This is obviously not equating the brothers of any wrongdoing they may do. In fact, he's warning him against his brothers. But it's also reminding him that there's an overlap, the human being is not the shaytaan, but he just so susceptible to shaitan. And so that could help us many times when we have like some confusion as to how to understand a person could be so evil, or sometimes our kids also

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you don't know how to explain to them that this close friend of ours or this relative of ours performs an open haram in their language and their behavior in their decisions, whatever it is. And so this is a great advice from Iacobelli. Salaam, you can say to your kids, or even say to yourself when you're like how can I ever forgive this person for that evil deed? Tell yourself, you know what shaitan tricked him in that the same way he tricked us in so many other things. And so when we make dua for ourselves to be protected from Shavon, let's make dua for this person as well. Maybe that was the help that he that use of Ali salaam needed that subtle help, that helped him forgive his

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brothers at the end of the story, as you all know, the fact that he realized that they were in a sense, though not acquitted of guilt, or of you know, wrongdoing, but in a sense, duped by shaytaan into

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accepting that for themselves.

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And then the next is the ICT we will begin with today. Allah azza wa jal continues the status of the Apple Valley his Salam that he says to his son, Joaquin Valley caged tobiko

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or a book and so will your Lord choose you and he bet in the Quran some scholar said only refers to Prophet to not just choose you to be righteous or choose you to be special HTB only came at some of the scholars said with regards to prophethood meaning he will choose you or use of as a prophet. While you're a limo came into reading a hadith and teach you the interpretation of a hadith statements, dreams events. We'll come back to within sha Allah because it has the potential for all of these things.

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These are the dangers of speaking in the outdoors, your notes can fly away

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well, you timoni I mentor who I like and perfect His favor upon you were an early Jacobian upon the descendants of Jacob or your descendants in mind, camera attempt Maha just has he perfected in the past upon your forefathers Abraham and Isaac Ibrahima is half in Rebecca Alim and Hakeem your Lord is all knowing all wise. So think about that there is a plot, but realize that your Lord has chosen you for something very special, the very special rank of Prophethood from all your brothers he has chosen you. Though there is some discussion that the other brothers were chosen as prophets. But as even to cathedra him Allah has it's extremely far fetched to believe that even before prophethood

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an individual that would become a prophet could perform the acts that the brothers of Joseph performed in the story that we will cover.

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And so he has chosen you,

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in front of they will plot against you. And you know, that's what I didn't feel if you mentioned something very beautiful that

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everyone can plot. But when Allah chooses, then all of the plotting becomes irrelevant. All of the planning becomes irrelevant. And so when Allah selects a person, for example, to become distinguished, the most thorough plans, the most vicious storms, the best enemy tactics, they become Childsplay they become a breeze they become a walk in the park, and the darkest, most sinister plans, they become daylight. They don't face or harming the least.

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And then he said, Oh, your Lord will choose you. And he said, teach you that we didn't have the thought we'd means interpretation. And it could also mean the outcome.

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A Hadith, like Hadith of the Prophet SAW said it means his statement and otherwise, or includes his statement, at least a hadith is the plural of Hadith, it means statements, the interpretation of statements, or rule our dreams. The dreams here are called statements. Why perhaps have the wisdom another lesson in that is that people always talk about their dreams is just part and parcel of human nature, we just cling to our dreams. And I don't want to get into the potential psychology of that. That's not my that's above my paygrade. That's not my specialization that belongs to my sister. She's the psych major. But there are some reflections here about human patterns. But that's

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not what we want. What we want is considering these are human patterns, so let's just get past that point. We should tolerate people and something that's just naturally embedded inside them people forever for as long as human beings have been around like to talk about their dreams. And so we should let them whenever they're not obsessing over them or making too much out of them or, you know, overly relying on them. Let people speak about their dreams. Don't be that person that interprets without qualification, but also don't be that person that shuts people down when they want to talk about something that means something to them. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam himself

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would ask people if it's after salted vege has any of you seen a dream and so this is something that even I struggle with, not to say even I but it is just ironic or unfortunate the one sharing the words

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always get stuck on the words that needs to be said for the greater benefit but are awkward and being said by someone who doesn't live up to them. I struggle with letting people

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say their dreams in front of I have to really hold myself why? Because

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most people are a lot of people they

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they put too much in dreams and so I might go to and now is just and that's wrong. It's just to almost roll my eyes and here we go again or when the dreams come but at the end of the day, Allah did give us Quran he did give us sunnah he did give us wise people with real life experiences. He did give us a staccato prayer. He did give us experts to consult. And so we should not be dismissive of all of that. That's all I want to say. The non be dismissive of all of that, just because of a dream that we can't shake off. But we should say let you say your dream whenever you're not being obsessive or misusing of that dream. Also, you know, it's possible that we can take from this in the

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science of dream interpretation that when people have vivid dreams as children, they may become a person of greater skill or greater aptitude to interpret dreams.

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when they're older, they have greater potential for specializing in that the same way you can notice his kid will be a good engineer that good will be a good, you know, legal scholars or whatnot or physician, this person could be skilled at having that heightened sense of making sense of the dreams, especially when it requires a sixth sense of sorts that has principles, by the way. But you also have to read a little bit into the personality of the person, two people could have the exact same dream and it could mean two very different things, because it is a little bit varying based on the person that saw it. And so perhaps this is of the signs of being skilled at dream interpretation

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when you have vivid dreams early. Where do we get that from from our whole ballet salaam, telling his son,

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your Lord is going to teach you the interpretation of dreams, while you Timonium matter who I like and perfect His favor upon you.

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And upon the descendants of Jacob, you know, every one seeks God's favor is a very important lesson. But to seek the perfection of God's favor,

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is something that those best acquainted with Allah know that they should do. What is the perfection of Allah's favor? I mean, for sure, the most perfect favor from Allah is to be most perfectly guided, and to be a prophet, but none of us are going to be prophets after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sealed prophethood. And so the perfection of favor is for us to be benefited by whatever things we enjoy whatever secondary favors, we'll call them, or relative favors. The favours of life and health and wealth and friends and intellect and these favors, to be perfected for you is for them to be a means of you coming close to Allah. Because every single favor is imperfect, it

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could benefit you, it could harm you. But the perfect favor is the favor that brings you close to Allah. That's the true favor. That's the absolute favor. And that is why when you say Soraka Lavina and I'm totally human and Fatiha, give me grant me the path of those who favored what is the Who are those who favored. It did not set off on Mr. Kim guidance to the straight path. And so that's why it maintained me I said, in reality, whatever brings you any blessing that brings you closer to any hardship that brings you closer to Allah is a favor from him, and a gift and a blessing. And every blessing, right what we ordinarily at face value, consider a blessing that brings you far from

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Allah. That is a disaster, that's a calamity.

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And then he said, Perfect His favor upon you and upon the descendants of Jacob the same way he perfected it on those before you to always feel like you didn't fall off of a tree or come out of nowhere is extremely important for us.

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To be humbled also and to be optimistic that we are the extension of we could be the product of someone's Do I have a parent or a great great grandparent whose name we don't even know do I that left their lips in the middle of the night in their scheduled or otherwise? Use of Alehissalaam is the most noble, the Son of the Most Noble, the Son of the Most Noble, the Son of the Most Noble, as the Prophet SAW, Selim said Ibrahim Ali is set up, maybe he is the product, maybe he had Ibrahim Ali said I'm not made that dua, Allah would not have blessed his descendants in such a beautiful consecutive way. And so, that is very humbling, that it may not be me that much at all, as much as I

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think I am, you know,

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eating on the tab of, if you will, a far more righteous person than myself that I am just one of his Baraka, one of his blessings.

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And likewise, you become optimistic that many things go wrong, but there are hidden factors helping you along your path that you may not realize just as he perfected his favor upon those before you Ibrahim and his half and then the father ended by saying in Rebecca Alim and Hakeem, your Lord is all knowing all wise, you know, nothing, even statistically speaking nothing

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ensures the transmission of faith to your children.

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Like the influence of the parents, even if the parents may not realize it, you know, they blossom in the direction of the parents more often than anything else, even if it takes a while even if they blossom late. And so the best influence or the strongest influence will be that of the parents. And so the best influence the parents can offer their child is to instill in them unwavering trust of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, before you are plucked from their life or parents or before they are plucked from your life, the children and you know, life takes its course whatever that means, in a you know, countless ways. Make sure you carve into their personality into their depths into their

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soul, then rest assured they'll be fine once they know who Allah is subhanho wa taala. And, you know, in Rebecca, you just need to know that Allah is knowing wise. That's it.

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While we say rest assured because you don't know exactly what else you should rely on besides Allah, you can't rely on the fact that my life will take a certain course you can't. They say Hindsight is 2020 When you look back and say, Oh, those disasters weren't so bad.

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And so Allah knew subhanho wa Taala how important it was for use of La salaam to see the glory of his dream, to see to his glory through that dream is to stay positive when the when the vicious events erupted.

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And so he helped him along subhanho wa Taala it may not have been at the moment, what we would think is the best, you know, course of action, but use of La salaam was taught Hamdulillah I think even the use of La Salam was not taken away from his father until his father had the opportunity to instill these values in him. That's of the great knowledge and wisdom and care of Allah for use of Allah His Salaam.

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And so Allah showed him this and his father kept reinforcing in him your Lord is knowing wise.

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And so that stuck with him throughout the process, you know, you can think of it may be, you know, that

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we might think like Hindsight is 2020. Right? We might think before the events that it would have been better for use of Alehissalaam to know what's gonna happen to him like to just brace himself, but that's actually not wisdom at all.

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Because many times we hurt ourselves more obsessing or being anxious over something harmful, right? That may or may not happen actually, right, more than the actual harm itself far more damaging, far more disrupting of our peace of mind. And so of Allah's wisdom, subhanho wa Taala that he showed him the outcome of the events. And he knew before the outcome came that Allah is Lehmann Hakeem, so that he could await the outcome. The last idea we will cover very quickly, we recited in the beginning of the podcast for use of work what he I actually say it in, there is certainly in the story of use of and his brothers lessons for all those who ask, what does that mean? I mean, first of all, I mean,

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signs, signs means lessons and proofs and indications that need to be pointed out. So even though I showed him a whole lot he says about this guy and his staff see it, that the story of use of at a salon, it contains signs for many things, many signs that he said in the plural, right? And so signs that signify the necessity of being patient and being pure enroute to good outcomes, things take a while.

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But in the grander scheme of things, it's just the moment and also how envy and malice even where you least expect it is usually the case behind the details of why there's animosity between people you may think it's because of this or it's because of that, but at the end of the day, the underlying factor that we should keep in mind is this envy and this malice that lurks in human beings and Aveda is also signs in the story signs of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam it becomes beyond question after he brought to the experts scholars of the Judeo Christian scriptures the story of the lost knowledge of use of Ali Salaam in this story, and also you know our

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legal staff Hello together to give having

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Muslims in the park Mashallah.

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It says in the story of Yusuf and his brothers is a lesson a lesson also for for those assigned for those that are wondering if they can ever forgive.

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It's his brother's the most difficult emotional wounds are those that come from directions you least expect. And so you know, like your own flesh and blood and so through the story of use of Ali salaam, we are reminded that even those the most difficult wounds emotional wounds can be overcome. And so like you're struggling to forgive and forget, remember the story of use of valet said in that is a sign for you. Have they done to me it will use us as brothers did to him

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at something shift Dr. de la sala

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once brought to our attention and because he was the one feeling

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attacked by those he least expected it was very beautiful coming from him. At the end of the day. He just takes a deep breath and he says, You know what, what have they really done some have they done something with the brothers of us have have done to him? You know, may Allah forgive us and them a test for them with the wrong knee or not. And they're a test for me. It's just very beautiful of him. The last thing I'll say about I actually said alien it is science for those who ask. You gotta be looking for those inquiring about it. You know the concept of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance means basically a mental disconnect to deliberately let yourself disconnect. That's

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actually the problem with stories that you don't ask why why do I feel this way or

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As what is in this story of a lesson for me, you just get absorbed in the story and you just ride this story and you don't ask.

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And so to push yourself to be thoughtful and to reflect, in order to benefit from the lessons that come your way

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you cannot let yourself just get sucked into any story and just listen to it passively. You'll miss out on so much. Allah wants you to be inquisitive. subhanho wa taala. You know, perhaps that's of the wisdom why the stories of the Quran are?

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What's the word scattered? It's not the word I'm looking for. But you know, the story of Musa alayhis salam is distributed all over the Quran, the story of most prophets not use of Alexandria, but almost all the prophets distributed throughout the Quran, why? Maybe it's so that you can dive into the story, take the lesson and come back out. But if the story just remains a story, you'll just get sucked in and live the moment and you will not benefit as much. That's probably why or one of the wisdoms why usually the stories of the Quran are like that, and Allah knows best. And if not best about the Allahu Anhu. They asked him actually and he is sort of dramatic Quran right, the

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master interpreter of the Quran among the sahaba. And of course everyone after them. They asked him, How did you develop all this knowledge? Like all this deep understanding of the Quran? Where did you get it from? He mentioned two things. He said, be discerning said Wulin, wakatobi and Opole.

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He said, with an inquisitive tongue, I'm always asking questions were called in alcool and a receptive heart. And so in the story of use of and his brothers are Signs for those that have a receptive heart, those that are inquisitive, those that are inquiring, those that are receptive. May Allah make us and you have them. Lomani Exactly. Look at everybody's pentacle, only hum diksha Allah Allah Hi land, Mr. Furukawa two weeks, I don't wanna make them

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