Kamil Ahmad – Prophetic Parables – Parable #25 – The Hypocrite

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The parable of the munafo and their definition of the Delirto are important for understanding the history of the century before the arrival of Islam. The use of the "theid or apple" to identify individuals and the " "theid or apple" to identify individuals is important for understanding the CEOs of the United States' characteristics. The history of the century before the arrival of Islam is also discussed, including the use of the "theid or apple" to identify individuals and the " "theid or apple" to identify individuals.
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After that, we move on to the next parable.

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And this is the parable of the munafo, the hypocrite.

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And so this hadith is narrated by Abdullah bin Ahmad called the Allahu iguana. I need to be usul Allahu alayhi wa sallam McCall,

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methanol munaf et Kemet, le Shanti cometa Lee Shatila era

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Dana lohana mean.

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Isla de Moura what ILA had hemara

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in this hadith.

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The example of the hypocrites

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is that of a sheep,

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which roams hesitantly between two flux

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going to one at one time, and going to the other at another time.

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And so in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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described to us the reality of the moon, half moon, the hypocrites

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and showed us their true face.

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And so he compared them to

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a sheep

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that doesn't stick to one flock.

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But rather it constantly wrongs about between two different flocks.

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And so the scholars of Hades who explained this Hadith, they mentioned that what is meant here is a female sheep

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that goes to one flock of sheep, in search of a meal to meet with,

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and then it turns to another flock, looking for the same thing.

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And so it is never with one group constantly.

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But rather,

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it is searching for ways of fulfilling its lust and its desire. And he doesn't care which group it is with. And so as long as its will, as long as its whims and its desires are being fulfilled, and that's all he cares about.

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And so, this is the exact description of the Buddha

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in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and whom Allah subhanho wa Taala exposed throughout the

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and so Allah subhanho wa Taala said regarding them, debbie debbie in Edina Dallek La ilaha illallah wa la ilaha illa

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, about the Buddha Kuhn that a waver between them,

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meaning between the two groups, belonging neither to these, meaning the believers nor to deems the disbelievers.

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And so, there are always two camps, the camp of Eman and the camp of Kufa

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the camp of the believers and the capital the disbelievers. And then you have this third group

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which does not

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want to form its own group.

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But rather, they want to

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they want to waver between these two camps.

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So they are never, they are never permanently in one camp.

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And so sometimes you find them with the believers

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and other times you find them with the disbelievers.

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When do you find them with the believers and when do you find them with the with the disbelievers

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when their desires and their objectives are being fulfilled.

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So if their desires and objectives are being fulfilled among the believers, then they will come to them

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and they will say we are with you.

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But if their desires and objectives are being fulfilled with the disbelievers, and they will go to them and they will say we are with you. And a loss of Hannah who wouldn't have told us of this exact characteristic of of the moon half moon when Allah subhanho wa Taala said Allah Dena yet or Basu navico the in can Allah confetti domina ye

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all lm na kumarakom

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What's up Hana huhtala says those meaning the mafia cool, who wait to see what happens to you

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the way

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Are the Muslims going to be victorious? Or are the kuffar going to be victorious, they wait to see what happens to you. And then Allah says, so if Allah grants you victory,

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then the munaf akun, will come to you and say, were we not with you? were we not on your side?

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We're in can a little caffeine and also we will call alumnus with the La kumana coming in. But if the disbelievers have a share of the victory, then they will go to them. And they will say to them, did we not have that? Did we not have that advantage over you? Yet, we protected you from the believers.

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So this is the reality of them when I feel

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that they are too faced. And so they are never completely with the believers nor are there nor are they ever completely with the disbelievers. But rather, whenever their desires or their objectives are being fulfilled, then they go to that group and they tell them that they are with them, and that they are not with the others coming to each with a different face.

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And what proves this further.

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The fact that they are not with either camp. What proves this further? is a loss of Hannah who would tada when he said and I'm Tara ella larina tell well lo Coleman, lovely Bella who it him

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Do you not see

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the hypocrites?

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When they ally themselves with the people who Allah has had his anger over the meaning of the Jews? Those who earned a lot of anger. Do you not see these hypocrites who ally with the Jews, and and this is what happened in Medina.

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The munafo they would ally themselves with with the Jews. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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now minko

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while I'm in home now,

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while I'm in home,

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lol KDB huami Allah says, they are neither with you, nor are they with them.

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And so these are no explicit words of lies telling us that they are neither with the believers nor are they with the disbelievers, the Jews.

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And then they will swear

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with California lol KDB or homeodomain, they will swear

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to their lies knowingly

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that they lie about their claim to be with you guys with the believers, while they know for a fact that they are not really with you.

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And so, in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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compared them with the hypocrites to the sheep, that rooms between two fluxx never isn't with one always nor is it with the other always but rather, roaming between the two, confused, not knowing which one to go to.

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And so among the lessons that we learn from this hadith is first of all,

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concerning the definition of the hypocrite in Islam,

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a hypocrite in in the English language basically means someone who is two faced

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the definition of the monastic the hypocrite in Islam is basically the one who openly shows himself to be a Muslim, but inwardly he is a cafe.

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So his heart does not have a man. He is a cafe completely.

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But he lives among the believers, he lives among the Muslims. He shows that he is a believer, he shows that he is a Muslim outwardly.

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And so this is exactly what this parable shows. And so they are not upon a man and right guidance,

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but only with the believers outwardly.

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Neither are they with the disbelievers completely.

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Outwardly they are not with the disbelievers

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but rather they are only with them in secret behind closed doors.

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Secondly, among the characteristics of the hypocrites,

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is their quest to fulfill their lusts and their desires, irrespective of who they will fulfill them from.

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And so sometimes there'll be with the believers as long as it's to their advantage to be with the believers. And other times, you will see them along the kofod.

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when there is an advantage for them to be among the kuffaar.

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And in general, in general,

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the munafo goon,

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when the community of the believers are strong,

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and the Muslims have authority,

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and they're strong, this is when the hypocrites, you don't see their true face as easily, you don't see their true face as easily.

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And so you will find them among the believers,

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as if they are as if they are one of us,

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but when

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the power of the Muslims weakens, and you find that the Muslim community,

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you know, is very weak,

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and the kuffaar are stronger than us. This is when you find the mafia goon openly, openly spitting out the cover

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and attacking the Muslims,

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even though they claim to be one of us, even though they claim to be one of us.

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And this is what we find in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had established his state in Medina, and the Muslims had strength and power.

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The whenever you were not able to easily move around, and openly spew their Kufa and their enmity for the Muslims and for Islam.

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But now, let us come to for example,

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you know, the, the Western world where we Muslims do not have any kind of strength or power. And so you have these hypocrites among us, who are Muslim by name, and claim to be Muslims, but yet they side with the kuffaar in their enmity against Muslims. And so you find them, you find them always, always attacking the Muslims with the islamophobes

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even though they claim to be one of us.

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The third and final point that we can mention here

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that the danger of the hypocrites

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it far exceeds the danger of the open.

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The open disbelievers who openly they are too far. Or we could say

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you know, our enemies, the enemies of of the Muslims, the hypocrites are more dangerous than death.

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And so this is because they make it seem as if they are in our camp

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they are the real enemy.

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And so they deceive your ordinary Muslim

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who can distribute can distinguish and can't tell.

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And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala said Humala,

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they are the enemy. So be aware of them. This is a command from a lot to the Prophet sallallahu Holly was Allah.

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Allah says they are the enemy, as if, oh, Mohammed, you have no other enemies, but rather they are the enemy. So be aware of them.

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And that's why

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if we were to contemplate history,

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and look at every single

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Islamic State

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throughout our Islamic history that fell

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in almost all cases,

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one of the primary reasons for its fall was because the hypocrites then went off who were given authority.

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And so then being the enemy, they brought down that Islamic State

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and so you can easily prepare your defenses against your open enemies.

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But how can you do that?

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With the enemy that

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is among you,

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who stands in your ranks, who shows you that he is one of them.

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And so you give him authority,

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you give him certain rank, while he is the enemy from within, and he can easily stab you in the back at any time. You can't prepare your defenses against such people.

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As for the open enemies, your enemies which show their enmity to you openly, it's easily it's easy to prepare your defenses against.

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And so this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala warned us

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against the moon after Kuhn in the Quran,

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more than he warned us of any other group.

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And so a lot told us about

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keytab the Jews and the Christians, a lot told us about the machete coup and a lot told us about all of these different

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And he told us, you know, the things that they did and the things that they do, and he told us of their danger, but a loss of Hannah who attalla

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really laid out the danger of the hypocrites more than any of these groups. And so, for example, in the beginning of pseudo Bukhara in the very beginning of Surah Baqarah, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions

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the three groups, the believers

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in a few ayat

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and then he mentions the disbelievers in a few ayat.

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And then after that Allah talks about the Buddha Kuhn

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in 13, verses

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showing us the danger of this group more than more than any other group and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala warned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of them whom Allah do further home, they are the enemy. So beware of them katella Humala who and now your goon May Allah destroy them, how are they diluted?

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And so without we come to the end of this session, we ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to grant us beneficial knowledge that translates into action. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forgive us, our sins and our shortcomings. Whatever I said, that was correct. Then it was from Allah alone. And whatever I may have said, that was incorrect. Then it was from myself and from Trayvon. So how Nicola who will be harmed ik, but she had to alert you to Hitler and Mr. Furukawa to be like, was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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