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Just this close, like one point

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she was she just she just got up like she she went like oh, she went to hospital. She's like hit and she was like, Okay, I'm up. And she's like, wait a minute

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I can taste. They've been to every doctor in the world. They can turn it back on.

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It's Allah Who gave it to us. So let's, you know, use it wisely.

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And other thing.

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The tongue is the Magda. It's the it's the Allah Allah. It's the muscle, that through which you can tell if you're sick or not. How

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know when, when you go to the doctor, what do they say open

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and they're checking for your tongue. They're checking for your throat, they're checking for that connection. If you ever been to a DC Hakim in Pakistan,

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I've been to one. I don't know what he was doing. But I trusted his medication work, whatever he did, I didn't the science didn't work for me. But I'm like, man, and fix me. I'm happy. Right? So whatever, they asked you to open your mouth, they can just touch your nub, right, they can touch your heartbeat, and they're able to read on all of that those things. Right. And there's an entire science that was lost. Now we're not able to see that. But we you know, people are able to you know, there's a story you mentioned in one of the tangent. What's really interesting, there's a story you mentioned about one of the hurricanes in Bhopal in India, who was very famous Hakeem. And whenever

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he would meet a woman and he would want to check woman he would not touch the knob off, he wouldn't touch the woman. He would ask the woman to tie thread

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tie a thread of your tie a thread and the thread would be hanging and he would just hold on to that thread. And he would be able to tell what is wrong with that woman.

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These aren't these are not fables. These are things that happened right now it's like you know you have Hakeem and you have like people who can do is Tahara for you for 50 pounds. And if you want to guarantee and dream 100 pounds there's lots of different things out there nowadays, you know, don't do them. I'm just giving you in the not just the I'm recommending this don't go and say the Sheikh said it now I should go and get a 50 pound is the hara if you're going to do it come to me.

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Least crucify the owner. Anyhow. What's the first bounty that Allah subhanaw taala is going to ask us about

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bounty. eyes,

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tongue, there's eyes and tongues. There's some Hadith as the eyes and some of these is the first thing Allah is going to ask us from Mina Nam, some mulatos Ilona, you home even her nein nein on that day, verily, and surely you shall be asked about the bounty though Elena is like which bounty is Allah talking about and in our aim, which one?

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It is going to be our tongue. That's the first thing Allah is going to ask. So before Allah asks us the simple question happens begins. The simple question comes to our mind is how do we give the help of this bounty?

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And Imam Ghazali he says, You give the heck of this with two folds. How do you do sugar How do you thank Allah for this? How do you give the do right of this tongue? You give it to two things you need to do for the sugar of it. That number one this tongue never tastes that which is haram.

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No morsel enters on this tongue. No taste buds of yours have ever tasted haram. Nothing enters your mouth, which is haram. You try your best. Right? We live in worlds where you know, it's very difficult. Again, but you try your best control in can you try your best to eat halal to the best of your ability? Right? That does not mean you make yourself very difficult, you know, life difficult, like LA halal. If it's like salad. What are the ingredients of its salad? Right? As long as you don't have bacon bits on it, right? You're fine like it's salad, right? So there's two extremes. One is like mafia Machina, the other is like everything is a mosquito. So create a balance in that. The

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general rule about Halal is that if the hair of that thing is not obviously halal, obviously haram vile, we in Sharia are not required by law. Smetana has not required us to go and out. Find out each and every ingredient.

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That's not from Sharia. If somebody wants to do that, Alhamdulillah that's great. They're taking the extra cautionary step and I'm not gonna you know, that's an amazing thing. And that is from the taqwa and Eman of that person. Mashallah. But for the general masses, if you go out and they give you a cake, right, you're going to garage sales. Somebody's like giving you a cake. You eat the cake, it's cake. It's not Allah is not asking you Okay, which cake like, what type of fat did you use in it? No, like, no, no, it's okay. Because Because at the end of the day, Allah said that the food of the people of the book has been made halal for you right. Now that doesn't mean that we also

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say Bismillah halal and go and eat a steak. Okay, like that's another extreme so we have to be balanced in that into so that's number one sugar is that nothing touches this tongue except that which is halal in your best possible capacity. Don't go

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In like EXTRA MILE best possible capacity we do that. The second thing

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is nothing. No speech comes out of this tongue except that which is halal. No haram touches this. So your tongue is only filled with that. Only that which is halal which is permissible which is recommended which is wajib those are the things know my crew and haram things Evers are spoken through your tongue and we're going to go in details about that. Right so your tongue, the sugar of it, is that you use it for TA for obedience for zikr for Quran for good things, good speech, knowledge, dissemination of that, all of that amazing.

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Stay away from haram stay away from things that's how you thank Allah subhanaw taala for your ability to be able to speak, right? There's a hadith which is high in Alberta, in sorry in narrative Bible 100 and Aveda would say, hey, Abu Dhabi that would he mentioned about this hadith he said Canada Julian, if you've been in Israel, you know, there were two people for Canada DOMA youth nib one of them was a sinner. Well, after much the head fell like that. The other one was really striving in His very bad. Okay. And they were moto ATHLEAN they were brothers, they were friends.

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They were friends with one another, but one was a constant Center and the other was a person who was moto. You know, Phil, Machida hate Phil any bad he was working hard and he was striving to to worship Allah subhana wa Tada Farrakhan Allah as much the head Yara Allah Allah them. So every time this good person pious person would come around, he would see his friends still committing sin.

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So he would say

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Fayer Punahou XL, man cut it out man enough how much are you gonna send

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let's stop it has cut it out

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for what are the WHO ARE THE who Yeoman? Neither of them been called Allahu Akbar sir. Another day he comes out he was in the middle of this and he said man cut it out just enough how much more Fila honey will be leave me to my Rob don't we hear this sometimes? Who are you don't be

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don't tell me Allah is there it's okay I'll deal well Allah subhanaw taala he says the same thing hardly any well rugby league leave me with my

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other eye style. Even did Allah send you as a security guard to me?

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He's like are you sent by Allah as a security guard document are you like watching over me? Like Stop stop watching me just leave me alone for Karla Walla. Love your Allahu La

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Well, yet Hola. Hola. Hola, Jana. He said to him by Allah, Allah will never forgive you and He will never enter you antigen. This is the pious person

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for Kobe, the Arhuaco, whom Allah subhanaw taala took their lives.

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Both their souls were taken.

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first demo and our beloved Amin and Allah gathered them together in front of him.

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For Karla the hurdle much the head

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couldn't be it man. You knew about me. You had knowledge about Allah you not had knowledge about me. You were a good person. You knew everything about this.

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Our contact Allah Murphy, ye da da da da Did you think that you can overpower me Do you have power over my hand? Get the Acharya Do you have control over Allah zand

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wakad l Muslim is hub work work Allah little Muslim and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, to the most nib to the one who sinned. He said to him is the hub go for the Holy Jana be rahmati go enter Jana because of my Rama will call her if her boo. Be Ilana. Take this person to hellfire because he his piety his piousness led to him now Thai dry, you know, competing with Allah and decreeing on people who is good and bad and saying you're entering Jana and you're not entering Jana, because of this tongue of his right. So In another Hadith, it has mentioned about this.

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And this is this is long discussion with another Hadith that has mentioned about this, that Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says Subhan Allah, what his what tongue did, all of his arm Allah was not able to do

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that is why Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam In another Hadith he says that in other Komiyama Ramadan Jana, one of you would be doing the actions of people of Jana.

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And then what he

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He's going to do what he is going to be shipping he is going to be a Kabbalist one hands with close to Jana fire and Malou Amala Halyna. He is going to do the Amel of people of hellfire in the last moment for yet holiness.

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And he enters in. So life lived like a pious person just few minutes before death, you did something wrong. And we Allah enters that person. And that's why provinces sentiment in another Hadees he says that a person may say things from his done tongue. Now you will feel a harbor Island, he doesn't care about it. He's that he just said it. Just like this person. He said it. How many times we may have said things with our tongues. We may have hurt someone. We may have offended someone. Not intentionally. This guy didn't intent like you know, he's like he's caring for this person like I in my religiosity, I care for you.

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But sometimes we may have crossed that line, where our tongue our iman may become a source of us entering into eternal predetermined predestination of hellfire. That is why another Hadith Prophet sallallahu Sallam talks about this he says that a person

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may speak from this tongue, things

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that he may enter into the depths of hellfire Submariner Khalifa 70 years of descent in hellfire, because of one statement from your tongue that you just didn't care about. You just said it like that.

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Now, from the effect of listen from the calamities this tongue can get into if you were to categorize everything, all the bad and evil and everything that we need to refrain from, they can be categorized into two primary categories. One of them is alpha two column Bill bottle. Speaking that, which is bottled not true, okay, and the word bottle is more than not true. It means anything that is Allah has not allowed anything that is opposite of health. It includes the Riba and I mean, all of these things that we're going to touch upon.

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And the second thing is alpha to Sukkot and ill health

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and to be silent, when you need to speak up.

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There's a there's a there's an issue, we have to address it. The community needs to speak up about the issue of LGBTQ right now. Be silent, and say no, no, it's okay. It's okay. It's their fight, let it happen. When help when the voices against health have to be written, then at that point, the person choosing to say it's okay, I'm too comfortable with my world and I don't want to hurt myself, my family my job and I don't want to do this and I don't want to raise my voice against this.

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And when this happens, then the demise when the second happens there will m&a talk about this that the demise of a society begins with that

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when we see things that are blatantly wrong,

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if at all, so cote Haniel happy

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or endl healthy, and they'll help me sorry.

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Now, the relevant they say a circle to a circle to an ill health, if a person is quiet on the matters where he needs to speak up, he needs to have the courage he needs to be a man and speak up for help where he needs to. Then in that case, this person becomes a shape on a horse.

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This person is categorized as a person who is a distance shaped line somebody who has no sanity.

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I seen Lila that person isn't a disobedient of Allah, Maura and generally he is going to have show off muda and he is going to show he is going to worship to show off and muda when he is going to show his wealth off if them yeah if Allah enough see he'll Kotla when are we the only time you're allowed to stay quiet and not speak up against help is when you're afraid of being killed. Definite fear that if I say this, somebody will shoot me or something will happen. In that case, you need to be quiet. But even in those spaces you had our toddler in and Tabata Tabata, Varian and all of them they still spoke up at those locations, to set a standard that when it matters, the whole matter of

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Karbala was about how the entire issue was about how the issue of even Mr. Rude or the Allahu Allah establishing the the thedata in Makkah was about help. Speaking up against that, when especially when you are the one who has the knowledge and the power to speak, then it becomes a lot more for you. But if an average person is you know doesn't have much power, you try your best to

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Speak up against the help. Okay. And the other one wylfa To listen I mean after in fact I'll in son, the other one which is the most you know this is clearly as a society but the one that is scary for each and every one of us is that we say things that we're not supposed to with our tongues about them. So the way I have laid the skeleton for this May Allah protect our tongues from that which is haram and provide us you know, listen and sadaqa with the Quran that Allah gives us a true tongue and the tongue that worships ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So what I've done is I've divided this entire discussion of ours into three main sections. Section one is going to be heavily dependent spoke,

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we're going to speak heavily about Riba and Jemima because these are such prevalent things in our society. Many times even pious people even you don't myself, you'll catch yourself speaking about some just casually Well, yeah, you know, this guy, you know, he had this car and you don't, you're not talking about about him. Right? And that guy must you know, if he hears that you're talking about him like that. He doesn't want anybody to talk about your car to somebody else. It's nothing bad about him. So our definition of riba needs to be redefined.

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Alright, prophecy, Selim was sitting with a set of the Allah Juana. So I shall be Allah Hannah. She started talking about the height of Sofia, Sofia the Allah Han was shortened in height. So she started talking to votes. Rasul Allah said, they stop.

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You have said, Kenny, Matt,

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that are so potent in its potency, that if they were to be mixed with the entire oceans of the Earth, the entire oceans will become poisonous.

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She just said she's short.

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Not in a derogatory manner.

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Right? So like, Haji Rasul Allah stopped

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in another. In other narration, she spoke about the description of a person as insan

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oh, by the way, this enzyme, you know, he looks like describing behind Rasul Allah stopped her

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so, I mean, like, I mean, we were we were beyond that man. I'm serious like we're beyond that he's biryani was like this His food was like this his car is like this. His house was like this like we go to somebody's our, or his sofa was like this. We talk about these things normally, not ever thinking that that is lever.

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Like think about it, like, you sit in somebody's car you come out he's like everybody in the rdt No, I'm serious. Like, we don't really talk like that. The car was dirty.

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What happens? That's

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May Allah protect this man? So the first one is going to be Riba and Aviva. The chapter of the whole discussion on Riba is going to have nine categories all the way between, like how do you get rid of Riba and how do you get awareness of Libra and all of that, and I think these are an important discussion to have. The next one is going to be this is a big one. Speaking about the deen of Allah without knowledge.

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This is a big one.

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And we do this with our tongues.

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Every single Hadith book if you pick up in the early Buddha ODE and stuff, they talked about what catabolism and the first thing they teach you in Kedah will the book of knowledge

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whosoever speaks about

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the matters of deen and in specific about the Hadees

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and he fabricates that Hadees or he doesn't know he doesn't have that knowledge he says, Oh this is a Hadith but this was an Ayah or desire he said it's a hadith prophets and Selim says forget about what marcada whom in and let him prepare his special seed for himself in hellfire.

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Oh, I don't think this is halal.

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I think this is haram. It's very common. We're dropping halal and haram bombs left, right and center.

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Oh, by the way, where did you find it? Oh, I watched it on some YouTube video ones.

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That's not knowledge.

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That's not knowledge. So that chapter or that that discussion on speaking on about matters of Allah without knowledge is going to have number one, lying or fabricating things about Deen that are not part of the presenting things that are part of that have nothing to do with Dean and presenting them as Dean al Khatib. Right lying on Allah and His Messenger

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And sometimes if we're not lying intentionally, we're just like, oh, that's all I know. But you really don't know that shouldn't be speaking about it. I mean, like think about this that Saba, you know? How many. So I think some of you will remember this, but how many total movies did Rasul Allah leave behind when he died?

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Seven, right. And then if you add those Mufasa rune and stuff like that total 13 People who had knowledge of the Quran or even carbon stuff like that, and they were they were moved east to right in their own regard. So 13 In total,

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total 13 People that promises them during the TAVR in time one would come to the first one, say, tell me the mean must Allah I don't have I have this issue. What do I do with this type of skin of Camel? Go to the next one. Go to the next one. Go to the next one. Go to the next one. What they will come back to the first one that like I've been to all the ones you sent me man. Nobody wants to enter? Because they were so afraid to speak on the matters of the

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Imam Malik there was a person that traveled so far to Imam Malik he had list of, I believe 70 questions? Right 70 questions, it comes to Imam Malik Imam Malik answers how many 16

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He said Mahathir have gone on in NASA Rajat What do I go and tell the people like I met Malik, and he didn't answer the 70 questions. kulula Malik, Leia, the Malik does not know.

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When was the last time we said I don't know

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from our tongue.

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So that is a big one that we need to touch upon. And the next one is about false allegations of Kusuma below edgy killer, I unnecessarily fight and bickering. And by that I told Listen, speaking things saying like the lowering our level of o'clock, and other from this tongue. Now the reason we I chose all of these are because these are reflections of the state of our heart.

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So it is a spiritual journey, but it's also a journey of awareness. And it's a journey that I needed more than anybody else.

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Because I, you know, I, at the end of the day, I'm at the end of the receiving, I get like seven different, like an incident happens. And I get seven different opinions about it, like seven different versions of that incident. And I have to be very careful about this. And I found myself that I need to go back and review this for myself to have that acute awareness about ourselves that we shouldn't be speaking about that. Right, and then there's other o'clock today we're going to talk about like wasting time and stuff like that in Java, but that's what we're going to do in Java. Starting next week, we're going to begin with one and hopefully go through them. And again, they're

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going to be point form. So if you want to start taking notes, you can do that because it's going to be very structured, it's going to be point in form point one point 2.3 point five next class point one point 2.3 rather than you know, amalgamating it in the talk in Sharla. And the last point that I give us Sophia to practice and Pamela Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was he was selling this even if you're already Coloma Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad came about after Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim and Academy do Majeed Allahu Mata Hurley Santa Ana Allahu Allah Headley, Santa Ana

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Allahu Mata headless Island Amin al Khatib Allahu mapa, headless Anna nominal Ifat Allah Houma, la Headley, Santa Ana Minella Jimmy Jimmy al Fitr, Bella Alameen Allahu Mata Hara alumina. What are here I'll say Nutana Yara but I mean, Allah Who Medina, Medina Yatta but I mean, Allah whom in Sofia was said that there were Toka or benign I mean, Allahumma it you know for Santa Taqwa was a Kiha antihero. Mundaka Antonia you have no Daheia but I mean, Allah whom Allah Mata hippo Vana, Allahu Mata, hippo Vana, Allah whom I know we're kuruva and I've been reading the Quran, Allah whom I know we're alumina binaural Quran, Allah Who Manowar Kaluga Nabi Allahu Munna we're Kulu Vana, we have

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been Abbey and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Huma Habibi Lena mejor carbona la Kiara, but I mean, generally Willie karamo SallAllahu Masada Fadia faulting him for maganda odd he was happy with

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Baraka lofi come exactly

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talk about exactly what covered sorry. What you can't talk about skin.

00:34:38--> 00:34:41

sort of situation where yeah, we will cover where