Quranic Reflections 2 Episode 8 The day of regret !

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The transcript describes a culture where students are rewarded for their hard work and mistakes not to do so well during a exam. The transcript also mentions a culture where a friend is left behind to avoid consequences and regret the choices made by the oppressor.

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One day when I entered the school where I was working, I noticed that the students some of them were very happy. They had studied they prepare for the exam, and they were answering the questions very easily. The other ones who had been negligent and hadn't prepared for the exam, all of them were biting down on their fingers. Subhanallah I immediately remembered the verse and sort of for con, while Yo my outdoor volume or Allah, your day, and the day that the oppressor bites down on his hands, he's biting down on his hands out of regret, just as the students had oppressed themselves by not preparing for the exam. When you reflect on these is the reason why this dog and this oppressor

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will bite down on his hands on the Day of Judgment. What did he say in the I had your own? Yeah, let you turn it to her to my Rasulullah Sabina, he will say I wish I took a path through su I wish I followed the Sunnah in the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The only way for us to be saved in this life is for us to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Imam Malik described the Sunnah he said, it's like the Ark of Noah. And he salaam, whoever gets in it will be saved, and whoever refuses to get in he will be destroyed. The second reason mentioned in these verses, they say Yahweh let later eliminate target Phoolan and Karela. Oh, woe to me. I wish I

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didn't take so and so as a friend. Why what happened when you chose a friend who wasn't a good friend, love God, abundantly and his decree by this journey? He made me go astray from the remembrance after it came to me. And in the end of the verse, Allah tells us that she is born is for us. coluna that he tricks us and then he portrays us and he leaves us it's important we come to such verses that we stop and reflect what made this oppressor bite down on his hands so we don't fall into the same trap. He refused to follow the Sunnah. And he regretted the friends that he chose in this life.