What Does Islam say Regarding Defaming Gods of Other Religions

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Mr. J nyak. What does Islam say about the defaming of the other religion or other religious gods? why I'm asking this question is that when one of the Indian artists, who is a Muslim he has drawn into gazzara, so the nude condition, which was appreciated by everybody as a freedom of expression, and each and every Indian supporter when Salma industry has written one book about Islam, and when it was banned by Rajiv Gandhi, almost each and every Indian has supported that move. But when Hussein has drawn the Hindu god in Inuit condition, Indian political parties, especially their parties, like a communist, have told that the heat is a freedom of expression. He can try anything

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wherever what is the Islamic view on that about the defaming the gods of the other religion? The brother is referring to the Muslim rtfm Hussein didn't give the name or maybe doesn't know maybe knows in order to give the name. FM Hussain is from Bombay from the city where I come, he did some paintings of Casa de unclouded and

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many of the journalists reported saying, if you ask my opinion, first of all making a nude picture of any lady whether God or not God is haram in Islam.

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Whether Muslim or non Muslim,

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it is unethical in human. Why do you undersell your daughter's mother going back? See what's happening in Western cultures?

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They are selling our sisters selling our mothers and one of the famous ad which I heard about BMW BMW car. You know what the BMW car

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it is somewhat like Mercedes, for the youngsters, Mercedes top level in that ad, I'm sorry to say. I was told that the lady standing in the bikini in front of that car and it mentioned the test driver now who the car of the girl

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What does the girl want to do with the car?

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So this is all in the name of freedom of expression that you're getting the woman what FMO center is totally wrong. regarding a basic question. Can you criticize

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the other gods of other religion? Allah says in the Quran in surah Anam chapter number six was 908, reviled not abused, not those who they worship God besides Allah, lest in the ignorance they will have is Allah subhanaw taala. Quran says, abuse not those gods, who the people worship besides Allah, lest in the ignorance they will abuse Allah subhanaw taala so in Islam, it is prohibited to abuse and analysis God even though you may not agree is God. It's privated. That's what the Koran says in Surah. anon, chapter number six was a minute and what FM Hussein did during the nude painting is totally private in Islam.

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