Ahmad Saleem – Eight at Eight #021 Tbi’ who dared to judge Omar RA

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "veron to the next generation" situation where the "reminder" should lead. They share stories about people who bought a horse and went to a judge to choose a judge. The importance of healthy behavior and returning the horse to the judge is emphasized. The "veron to the next generation" situation involves a man named Juan who is defective and hesitant to say his name and his age. The renaissance of Islam and practice for older individuals is also emphasized.
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Are all the Willa humanists shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lobby Hina stain without people to delimit akinola or DeWanna Illa. Allah Alameen Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Everyone, I hope you guys are doing well.

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All right, so we are talking about something really powerful today. And something really like a general reminder for everybody. See, oftentimes what happens is we end up growing up, as does everybody. And when we grow up, we have the sense that you know, I have, I have the right okay, I have a, you know, a right to be a leader, I have a right to lead a particular situation, I have the right to a particular thing, because, you know, people of my age my Spectrum people that are in my range, because we have earned that right of being in this world longer, we should be the ones that should be leading the conversation, or we should be the ones that will be in charge of something, or

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we should be the one that should be in charge of a particular scenario situation, or occupation, organization, whatever you want to call it. But if you look at the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu Ultramarine by the way, this your brother, Mohammed Salim, this is eight and eight, I keep forgetting that every single time. And we're joined at eight but never at eight and it's always for eight minutes, but it's never for eight minutes, that type of a scenario that we have now beautifully what happened. One of the beautiful stories about the the current generation passing on the baton to the next generation to come provided that we find the right skill set a unique set of

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skill sets there is something so powerful a story what happens with the Almighty Allah who were Ahmadi Allah Who and he goes and he buys a horse. So he ends up buying a horse. And then what happens is as moto the Allah who he is why He said, I'm gonna have Allah, unofficial guide. He's buying the horse, he buys the horse. And then what ends up happening is, is as Omar Abdullah, who and he takes that horse, and he's walking with that horse, and he's walking away with that horse, something really interesting happens. Halfway down the horse, it starts acting up, so halfway down and distorts a horse decides that, you know, it's not, you know, it's not going to act properly. So

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if the horse decides, I'm going to, you know, become sick and starts pretending whatever you want to call it. And then what ends up happening is, is it's almost the hola Hawaiian, he decides, and he looks at his horse, and he's like, Oh, my God, this person told me the wrong horse.

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Like, okay, so I'm gonna be alone, he takes that horse and goes back to the person. And he says, You have sold me the wrong horse. I'm gonna be alone. And he's like, upset. He's like, You sold me a wrong horse? How dare you? So the person who says yeah, or model? Yeah, I mean, oh, you know, the leader of the believers, love their Toka Salema. I sold this horse to you. And it was selling, there was nothing wrong with this horse. And now you come back to me, and you tell me that there's issues with this horse? That is your problem. So obviously

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he's quite upset with the situation. And he's like, No, it doesn't work like this. Like, you can just do this. It doesn't work like this. You're gonna take this horse back for me. So the person he refused, he's like, No,

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I'm not gonna take it. You keep it. I'm not taking the horse back.

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So at that point,

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something powerful happens.

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I'm gonna do Hola, Juan. He says, Okay, how about you and me. We both ended up going to

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call the we both end up going to a judge.

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And let the judge be the deciding factor. Let the judge be the tiebreaker. Between you and me. That itself is so powerful that I'm one of the allaahu and he was the leader. He was the leader off. I mean, the believers and he says, Okay, if you happen to have a disagreement with me, how about you and I we both go to a judge

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and I'm gonna the Allahu and gives this person the option to choose the judge. And he says, you pick the judge. And this is this this person who brought profits out of seller, O'Meara Delano bought the horse from, he says, Okay, no problem. The judge is going to be sure I know, the our judge, the person who's going to judge us, his name is going to be surely I'll call the Now should I call the is known as his attire very. He is

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definitely not

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At the level of the Sahaba, he is definitely

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he is someone who accepted Islam during the life of Prophet sallallahu sallam, but for some odd reason, he was not able to make it and he was not from the ones who Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was able to be called as huggy.

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So at this point, should I help out the he's picked up, and he's the one sorry, he's decided he's been picked by the two sides. On what are the hola Juan he agrees and he says how to lead. I am happy with you. I agree with you. So I'm one of the Alana one he agrees to this person. And he says, I agree with you on this. No problem. I will agree four. I'll agree with you on this one, that it is going to be shorter, healthy. So then next thing happens what is that? They go to stay healthy? And they said this is the issue? Yeah, I mean, I mean, I don't mean tells you what I had an RD who's very and he says this person I bought this horse from this horse is now defective. I was traveling

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on this horse. I was not able to go even this X X amount of distance. I want my money back.

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So should I handle call the he turns around your model, the hola Hawaiian? And he says, Yeah, I mean, it'll mean

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or emitted meaning or leader of two believers, when you bought it?

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Was it perfectly okay? Then a bit of meaning. And he says, yes. When I bought it, it seemed perfectly okay. When the transaction happened. I was I was it was a healthy horse.

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So then, should I bother you turns back to me, they don't want me and he says if you want to return it, you have to return it in the same state you bought it.

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So at that point, I will model the Allah one he says Subhan Allah, Maha they look a lot like how wise is this person? should I handle coffee, and look at his wisdom to be able to judge and at that very moment.

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He appointed should I call Lee as the head of all the judges.

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And he met amazingly understand the traditional call the you had all the others have as you had the idea of the Allah who I knew had Earthman or the Allah one. You had many of the ashram oversharer all of them were alive. So a lot of the Sahaba they were a little bit riled. Like, why would you put this kid up to a task? Like he's just young, you know, Yemeni, he's from Yemen. He accepted Islam. He didn't need us not even as a hobby. Like, come on. Right? Like we do that right? Sometimes, like where he's not even practicing, like, how can we give him leadership? Right? Like, same thing. He's not even as a hobby. Like how dare like how could you do that? And look at the wisdom that Omar the

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Allah one had at that time, that when that happened Subhan Allah

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after the death of Omar Radi Allahu Allah, and should I handle call Lee ended up being a judge for six t ears. So he lived

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from that age, for 60 years. So or model the Allahu ankin. Then Ali rhodiola, who on earth man rhodiola, Han Kim, and he left him as the head judge, then idealer the Allahu and came, and he left him as the head judge. Then, while we came, he left him as the head judge, then the binomial the people of the Omega dynasty came, he left him as the hedge head judge when hijab and use of came, that's when should I call you decided that he's had enough, he just wants to take some rest. He's been doing it for 60 years, and he requested to be removed from the position. Right. And this is sometimes an important lesson for all of us that many times

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let us not define individuals just by their status, their age, what they have done where they're from, rather, we want to look at the true qualities that Allah has blessed that individual, and how that particular quality can be used for the benefit of Islam. Okay, and that is the lesson the biggest lesson in this story. And if we do so, then many of our massages many of our Islamic centers, they will have some fresh blood. Right now, a lot of these Islamic organizations within North America, we are going through this renaissance where a particular generation had simply walked away just because of being unwelcomed or being not heard or or not given the chance to lead and and

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the previous generation is holding on tight saying that this is our rule our realm, and we own this. And now there's this this tug of war that is happening between the two generations, primarily the newer generation trying to take their rightful right and it's always wise as one of my teachers. He says it's always wise for an older person to know that when it is time for them to step back and guide from the back. That's why even if you look at like the animals right in alpha packs and stuff like that, and alpha wolf

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When they realize or alpha meal when they realize they simply back off and let a younger stronger person lead, and even in the wild, they have these rules. So let's learn from the story that when it is time for you to step back and let other people take the mantle and let us do that, and let us make let us not make a big fuss about it. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice. A Salam alikoum Rahmatullah. I will see you all on the other side tomorrow. I said Armonico BarakAllahu li calm

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