Eight at Eight #013 Feeling the benignity of Allah SWT

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The speaker discusses the impact of Allah's subhanaw taala on people's lives, including creating a millionaire and seeing the future. They also talk about the concept of a "verile party" where people are supposed to stay in a safe zone and not be in danger. The pandemic has also affected people, including their ability to work and interact with loved ones, and the importance of strong figures and a strong spirit to overcome challenges.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he overheard Ravi Surah Lisa Doaa suddenly everyone looked at me listening of a holy Robina. Zina alemannia Karim Jessa como la Hey, for everybody that has not joined in yet, and those that will join insha Allah. Today I want to talk about something very important. And this was a thought passing by thought that came in, I said, you know, let me look up and research a little bit more on that. And that is a particular concept that you and I and every single one of us in our lives have been impacted by a particular action of Allah subhanaw taala, a particular attribute of Allah

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subhanaw taala that touches everyone. So you are being impacted by it, I am being impacted by it, every single one of us is being impacted by it. But very few people aren't even cognizant of it. Very few people are even aware of it that this is happening in their lives. Now, to talk about it more. We have to ponder upon a particular verse. The verse is where las Panatela says

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and this isn't suited to serve, so this this happens is through the use of and the context for that is, you know,

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the IRS says, What have I been working allows that he brought both of his parents and he raised them to the US, she made him sit on the Arash, what rule whose agenda and they all frustrated Are they well done in veneration for him. Allah about he had that Willow Yeah, he said, Oh, my father, this is the interpretation of the dream that I saw earlier on, but as an OB that Allah subhanaw taala was really good to me kind to me, that he took me out of the surgeon, he took me out of the prison, and then he brought you to me and then Allah says, then use of Ali Salam he says, in rugby lately for Lima, Ayesha.

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He says in rugby indeed, my Rob lovely fun. He is very subtle. He is He has benignity or the other word for is he's you know, ethereality or you know, he's all of these words combined. Give you and me the concept of what is happening. Allah says He says in our being indeed Murghab lovely, fun, he is very subtle. Lima Yasha with whatever he wishes in the who, who will Eileen will, Hakeem, indeed, he is the one who is all wise and all knowledgeable. So Allah has all the knowledge and in his infinite knowledge in the encompassing knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala combined with the encompassing complete wisdom, he chooses, and he does whatever he wishes, but then you and I can

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answer and ask questions. Why are they gonna sit down are humans Allahumma? You can you can question this and you say, okay, that's really interesting. But how do I know which part in my life Allah subhanaw taala is impacted? How do I know which part of my like where's the lots of Allah? subhanaw taala is it with you right now? Is it we know where is it? And I wanted to show some very subtle examples from the Quran. Some of them are obviously from from Quran. But before we talk about it, it's important to talk about look, what is Allah subhanaw taala says about love Allah Subhana Allah says, in Allah subhanaw taala talks about love in the Quran, and he says the following one second,

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something popped up on my screen need to close that. So Allah subhanaw taala he talks about a lot and he says in the Quran with the following, and he says, led to the recall urbosa Wahoo Are you directed upside? It is not possible for our sights to encompass Allah subhanaw taala. But he is very well aware of what is happening with your eyesight. He's aware of that. Well, who will believe he is very subtle?

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al-harbi He knows everything. Then Allah subhanaw taala he asked another question in I believe in sort of small Yes, he says

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Mormon cloud but does not the one who created No.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says, well who? Lovely fool HERBIE, he is subtle.

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Okay, so what what is the subtlety? Where's his subtleness? What's happening? Where is his benignity? Or his theory reality? Right? Where is all of this? Now we have to look into some examples. I'm not going to have a lot of time but I'm going to give you a few examples. Right Allah Subhana Allah Adam and literally here from his looked from his poverty is prevent you not portioned sustenance, some are rich, some are poor, right? Allah Subhan Allah says, Allah who will LTE. Be Riba? The Allah is Allah cleave. He is subtle with his creation with his very bad Ja Rule.

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Zopo me Aisha,

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he gives sustenance to whoever he wishes. Wo E. G is Allah subhanaw taala is strong he is powerful. Aziz he is overpowering. He is capable of everything. While bursa Lahore is. If Allah was to open the risk for everybody, Lea Eva de for all of his servants, labor will fill a room they would have entered the earth and transgressed in this earth. What key? Zero will be a fidelity.

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Ma sha, Allah reveals Allah says, I descend this Rick risk I portion this risk might be a daddy ma Jeremiah Shah with the amount that he seems to be fitting for you. So, Allah made somebody a millionaire, it was beneficial for that person to become a millionaire, because his Iman on the other hand would not have been would have been impacted. And if Allah has kept you on the low income scale, then Allah knows that that is good for you. He says, Yun Zillow that this portion, this portion sizes of your risk be either in sha its portion calculi calculated by the will of Allah subhanaw taala

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a whole being a buddy he Hubie bell sleeve, indeed he is very, very knowing he is heavier, he has absolute

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knowledge and news and information about you about his servants balsley and he is able to see obviously not the sights like you and I have but he's able to see that is where Allah's loafers just just just in the provisions right. Are there other examples? Yes, there are example in calamity Allah subhanaw taala says was

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and Rahu shyy. Oahu, Hawaii roll calm. There is a possibility you may hate something you and I may dislike something? Well, who will hire a law firm that is better for you? Well as

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to hate bougie there is a possibility that you may love something. Well, who I shout a roll welcome. And it is horrible for you. It is is despicable for you it is shallow it is it is it is evil for you. It is horrendous for your IQ and you don't know you're like oh man, I want to get this but I was like nah, not for you. It's going to harm you. Right? Well Allah.

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Allah knows why

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mourn and you do not know

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just in case calamities. So imagine this pandemic that you and I are going through, right? We all want this to end done. I am sick and tired of screens people are sick and tired of screens you and I we're sick and tired of this this lockdown, no social restrictions. Where's my barbecue at? Like, that's what I want to know. Like get Oh, my barbecue parties are gone. This summer was like all by myself barbecuing alone, just for me and my family and you know, other people. But other than that, what is happening? We all want this to end right? Don't you want this to end? I want this to end we all want I want this to end. But Allah says well, Allahu Allah, Allah knows.

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What and tonight Allah mon you don't know. I don't know. We don't know. None of us know. What is the reality of all of this? While he comes down to less than 90 How are you? Right? We do not know this. Then this is the beauty of Allah subhanho wa Taala when it comes to just Just look, his his subtlety is subtleness when it comes to Subhanallah his looks in just the matters of calamities. Right. Let's do another one.

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Shall we?

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Yeah, let's do another one. Let's do about the oscillations of events. I'm going to stick skip number three because you know sometimes.

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Yeah, that's going to be a long one. All right, Allah subhanaw taala says, for example, in Luffy from his from his loot, from his his subtleness from his love is what

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Fact, oscillations of your Eman your demand going up your demand going down. That is from his a lot. Why now what how is it the author and I'm going to read this like one of the authors he mentioned beautifully like there's a passage beautifully mentioned about this. He said, Well, I mean look Fila he had the hill movement at the Eve from the load from the ethereality, subtleness benignity of Allah subhanaw taala on that person,

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a lot may not behave the one who is weak in his Eman IUI fee him in as Babel it Allah that Allah Subhana Allah takes him out of the causes of calamities and trials and tribulations. I let the Tobler EVO Imana who the one those calamities the things that weaken his Eman Walton peso er now and his Your pain is depleted in that coma and I mean, look, we he will not mean alcovy Likewise, it is from the Lord or the subtleness or the indignity of Allah subhanaw taala for a strong believer is the how yet to us Babel if Tila Allah subhanaw taala prepares calamity for this person went into Han and trials and tribulations while you're in Hawaii and then he helps him conquer that so so an a

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calamity hits us like we're being hit with pandemic it hits us but then Allah helps that person strong strength sim fortifies him so he can fight through this difficulty, right where you're in who away from everyone who was there to be delicate in and who and then Allah helps him and carries him and just with because of this calamity, he has Dadoo Eman who is EMA and increases. Well, yeah, a little more, will you Well, yeah, a little more a little who his edger increases for Subhana lovely. How sanctified as the one who is so subtle. Phil EBT Allah wa FIATA. He in the first Eman that person's Eman has depleted decreased. And he's in constant sin. And Allah removes all the sources of

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sin. So the pandemic, all of the brothers and sisters that were addicted to alcohol, our brothers and sisters, those that were addicted to strip clubs, those that were addicted to all the other vices that existed outside because they did not want him to do those things sins inside of their house. So they would find those places the bars all around the world, but it las Panatela did. Everything got shut down. And Allah give them the chance. This is from his love, from his subtlety for all those people I know of every individual who was very much addicted to strip clubs, and he's like, when three months everything was closed. He started thinking about his actions. He started

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thinking about that. And then he middleware to Allah subhanaw taala. And then he returned back, right pandemic, yes, but for him, it was a lot. And similarly for those who were struct with with with for example COVID. Their Eman increase, they were calamity. They were like either very low in their Eman and now they have they have to rely on the doctors but they know that doctors is not enough. They need Allah subhanaw taala and that's where everything comes in. Right. This is the beauty and what does he say? We cannot feel the love of strong Eman if it does not get weak. Is that right? Yeah. You're not necessarily lot

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but it is from his lot. That your Eman decreases and Allah and from the Lord for Allah of Allah subhanaw taala is that when your Eman when your Eman decreases, Allah removes the sources that weaken your Eman without you knowing it. And from the look of Allah subhanaw taala from his benignity or if the reality is that his ethereal ness is that Allah subhana wa Tala takes a strong believer and puts on that person trials and tribulations so that he can start reflecting about upon his relation with the Las Panatela and he can be uplifted. Anyhow, I think I've done very long this is probably one of the long that is you know Subhanallah that is that you know right here like it

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happened to Hala and may Allah subhanaw taala you know, make us go through those trials and tribulations eliminate through the load of Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, luckily for you i Latifi are known as a Luca we lots of fecal Karim before he can carry anemia, generally Holy Quran does that come Allah Hi. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I will see you all tomorrow. And this is silly. You are coming in at eight at eight every single morning. I never make it at eight but inshallah I promise to you one day I'll make it at a Santa Monica, Lahore castle.