Ahmad Saleem – Eight at Eight #011 Demonstration on Pondering upon the Quran

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying in a service for eight years and the use of the "over time" in Islam. They also mention a woman named Hyla who joins the call and offers to marry two of their daughters. The conversation covers topics such as staying in a service for eight years, the Sharia, the wife's contract, and the use of hedge during marriage. The speakers stress the importance of privacy and privacy in the future, and emphasize the need for employer-earned work.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu I hope you guys are doing well. Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he was rubbish Allah, He said, anyway, sadly I'm rewatching all of that and melissani of Tohoku Lee Baraka who speak for everybody that is here actually nobody's here yet. I'm gonna give them some time while I drink my sugar and era B cup.

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I mean drink from that oh, one person is here, masha Allah.

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All right, Bismillah. Let's see with this person is Hyla is joining Masha Allah, she's on the door. That is amazing. She's always coming in. And she is here. And we will start our promises. If there's one person then we'll start with that one person. So how that does I can love her for being here. Today we're going to do a small demonstration. The purpose of this these live series by the way, welcome to A to date. This is I have been sitting over here. And I just wanted to thank you everybody that has been joining specifically the regular ones, which is Hyla. Sometimes it is Umbar. Sometimes it is a few other people. But anyhow, whoever you are, if you're joining, you're more than

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welcome. This is a safe space. And the idea is edited is supposed to be eight minutes of inspiration. So you can start your day with a boom in the bank and the boost, whatever you want to call it. All right, today we're going to start Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, the purpose of today's talk, or today's reminder is I want to do a demonstration, very, very simple demonstration of what is steps here.

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And what is pondering what is the bullet and we're going to do that. I'm taking sort of classes and it is verse number 27 I believe Allah subhanaw taala he says, Allah in the UI do an Okie haka Dubna, ya tiene Allah and Giovanni sama Nia Hey Judge, that he's saying the old man proposed from Medina and he proposed that I wish to marry one of these two daughters, one of the two daughters that I have Isla in, you know, in so I will marry them off and the MaHA Isla, the two daughters is I will provide you one of my two daughters provided that you stay in my service for eight years Santa Anita, hey, Judge, then the reverse continues. It says for in at montage run. If you were to

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complete 10 Feminine index, it will be a favorite from you.

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Well, not what do you do on a show? I like and I do not want to burden you but I don't wish to make difficult for you. Allah willing, you will find me from the agreeable men you will find Me Saturday do me insha Allah Who Mina saw the hand, you will find me from the people who are agreeable or you will find me from those people who are going to be good to you like Salehi and I'm a pious person. All right. So the Deaf seed, the Tafseer of this verse is as follows, which is that there was an old man and that old man had a couple of daughters. And he wanted, he was getting old and he was not good old enough to he was old. He's getting old and he was he was not in this full strength to be

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able to take care of the farm and whatever he had. And the daughters came in says why don't you hire him and he looks like a pious person to us. And then this old man decides in Cosmo society Salem says, Listen, I've got two daughters, you can choose one and I will get let you marry one of my daughters provided that you stay in my house and you provide you serve. You serve for eight years ammonia to hedgerows served for eight years. If you were to complete from eight if you were to go to 10 then that would be an extra from you. And I would be a great favor that you would provide to me. Well, I'm not what do you do, I'm a shopaholic. I don't want to burden you with things the author is

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saying I don't want the person is saying I don't want to burden you like that extra two years that you're going to get. I don't want this to be a burden for you. So if you do eight, I'm okay. But if you give me another two, that's gonna be really really good for you. Saturday Dooney insha Allah whom in a Salah Hain and you know, it's a new agreement you and I don't know if the person is going to be there for long like we don't know it's a total stranger. Mousavi said I was coming in meeting a complete stranger. So how do we do this? He's saying listen, if you give me 10 years, if you give me those extra two years in sha Allah, you're going to find me from the ones who are who are

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agreeable IE will have good good synergy. Or in other words, you can say agreeable in the sense that you don't mean a slider Hain you will find me that, you know, I'm not going to break my promise. Okay, that's tafsir All right, that is tafsir. Now, let's get into that bore. Number one. What do we what do we get? What do we see from this? Number one, was it Saddam is in a strange land. And

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the fact that he's in a strange land he is

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is utilizing the opportunity given to him and making sure that he makes the most of the opportunity that has been granted to him by Allah subhanaw taala. So what he's using is he's making the most out of the situation that he's in. So the first point of the double for us, is that a Muslim, he always makes the most out of the situation that he's in.

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On second one.

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Okay, so for example, many of us, we might be in situations where, you know, it's difficult and we're faced with a choice when you're faced with a difficult choice A Muslim is is case when fatling fatling. He is he is he's intellectual. He's smart, and he capitalizes on opportunities. Okay. So number one, you find that he does that number two,

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over here, we know another, for example, in the UI do an on key Huck is a recognition and it is a permissibility that a father can marry off the daughter, we see that from this verse, a father is capable of marrying off the daughter and this is what we get from this that you know, he went and he says, Listen, I got two daughters, I want to marry one of them off to you. Number three, is still not when he Amaroo it is important for us to know that he didn't say one of them will marry marry you I am going to marry off so one of the things in our Shetty i and we find that even in their Sharia, the Wally was an important aspect that the permission of the father or the guardian or

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necessarily father, or the Guardian is really necessary for the marriage, it is important for the marriage of the female. Okay, number three, what number four, what do we get?

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He says, debonair Teja, one of the two daughters, why not both of them? So we what we find is even in their religion, back then, in their madhhab the Sharia they followed you were not allowed to join and teach my obeying the law thing because you were not allowed to have two sisters in one Nikka number three, Joe was never ill Matoba we are allowed to look at the one that we are proposing. So you know if I'm going and the person is going in there getting you know a proposal and the sister you're proposing to a sister, or or what we learned from this sister's wedding Guardian is proposing to a brother saying hey, I have a sister and one here you know I want her to marry you that it is

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allowed because he's saying Hi Jane. Hi Jane Means they were right there in front of Musa return. Here's number one. Here's number two, which one would you like to get married to number three, where

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it is allowed for us to have the Mahal of the lodge and in action at the time of Rasul Allah. So selama person came to marry, marry a particular heavier. And so I asked him, What do you have is like I've nothing. He says, Do you know some Quran? He said, Yes. He says and you remember is that you're going to teach her why full time. So we know that, you know, a Maha is not necessarily the price for for the woman, like a lot of people they say, you know, what is the price for that's absolutely wrong. It is a condition on the contract that this woman is it's a sacred bond, but it is it is a burden on the man to really decide whether he really wants to get into this contract or not.

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Right. It's like you're getting a job. And then employers saying, Hey, listen, you need to pay us $100,000 What do you mean? Like how serious are you in this situation? Okay, similarly, marriage is not the price of the woman the contract Annika is a built Do you accept I accept and that's it, man is a gift that the person gives to the wife because you're you know, it's it's a mandatory like it's it has become now mandated as part of our NECA that a man has to give not the other way around what we see in Pakistan and India, you know, dollar J is

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the woman has to go into his that's just not part of a religion. That's part of the Hindu culture, not our culture Muslims. In that woman never gives woman always takes. That's the fun part. JOAs and the next part,

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now, somebody has a hedge, right? The Ira it says the money at a hedge eight years the word that is used as Cemani at a hedge, eight hedge, which we know is they had hedge. They had heritage. They had hedged their time, whatever they did, they also had the rate of hedge. And we also know that in their setting, the hedge was annual because he's saying the money at the hedge is not saying every eight years a hedge and saying somebody's a hedge like he's counting it as 12345678 So every year there was an annual hedge. We learned that from this particular verse. Now another thing we we get over here is I don't want to miss Chaka I mean that making sure that we never burden the person

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who's coming in working for us. So over here, what do you think? Well, not what do you do on the show?

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I like that whatever conditions that are placed. If you are the employer, you ensure that the employee is never put in a situation where they feel burdened. Well not what do you do in a short body? And that's exactly what you know, this old man does over here. Number Number Number three, and there's an SD laugh whether this person is like, you know, tri Valley Center or not.

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Not the last part, he says, is the hub Dileep Ahmed el mostakbal. Bill mushy. Saturday, Dooney insha. Allah, it is recommended that when we're talking about something in the future, we use the word insha. Allah said that you do need Insha Allah, you don't know are you going to be pious in the future? So he lived, he linked his salah, his piety in the future to the will of Allah subhanaw taala every single one of us that is watching this, you and I, we don't know whether you're going to be pious or I'm going to be passive. We have no idea. Maybe tonight, you know, the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that enter kabisa a person is going to sleep, and he's going to wake up a

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cafe. And he's going to wake up a Muslim, and he is going to end his day and he's going to be a Kaffir. May Allah protect us from that. So over here, when we learned what we learned from this is when we're talking about things in the future, and when we were talking about our ability to fulfill a particular contract, our ability to deliver something, we say, Saturday Dhoni insha, Allah insha, Allah by the will of Allah, you're going to find me from the pious ones. And that is what the Buddha is, like all of this.

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You understand the verse, but now you see how you apply that verse to every single one of your aspects. So you know, using in sha Allah, making a principle that we should never make it difficult for the employees. I mean, that was just like 12 points or 10 points or something like that. We can just keep on going. And that's exactly how we should study Sierra. That's exactly how we should study Quran. Anyhow, it's been a long time. 12 minutes. I just wanted to end this with a dua that we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he gets every single one of us. We get the ability to to genuinely ponder upon the Quran. I will see you all tomorrow. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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