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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of trouble in the Quran and how it relates to definition of trouble and a definition of a person who exegomes the Quran. They also talk about the definition of trouble and the meaning of "ma'am" in the Bible, as well as a teacher's teacher's teacher's teacher's teacher's teacher's teacher's concept. The speakers mention various definition points and encourage the audience to review the definition. They also mention a demonstration and presentation for the next day.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I hope you guys are doing well. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he Wabag I am going to wait until we get some people coming in over here. And while I do want to set up Welcome to eight and eight This is Mohammed Salim coming here from coming to you live from Milton, Ontario. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to alleviate all of this pandemic craziness that we're going through and gives us the ability to go through all of these difficulties and, and uplift us. Add is basically an initiative that I've started a commitment to myself that I want to do for the next 90 days, every single day live sessions with you, all the

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viewers, whether you're on Facebook or on Twitter, or on YouTube. And the idea is I just want to go thoughts. So there's no plan here. Some days I have a plan, sometimes I don't have a plan. In the days, I don't have a plan, I have a book. And I'm going through that book with you. So again, it's just inspirations. Today I want to talk about something we hear a lot about, you know, so we talked about the four rights of the five rights of the Quran, we talked about them. And the idea is today I want to talk about something different, which is from the five rights the fourth one, the fourth, right, the fourth, right, was pondering upon the Quran that we should have some form of debt burden

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on the Quran. I want to talk a little bit about it. Two things I want to do from there today. What is the definition of trouble? What do what do I mean? What what do people mean? Oh, you know, Allah says a fella to the blue Quran. Don't they ponder upon the Quran? What does it mean? Like? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me to the

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definition in linguistically definitions in the eyes of amorphous Iran, and if we have some time, then I want to do a quick example for you. If not today, then we'll do the example for today or tomorrow. So I'll give you an example of like, this is def see this is the double so we can conceptualize it and understand it better. Okay, so the word to double in the Arabic language actually comes from Deborah. Right? It comes from Deborah, there's there's a mistake. I think that that Fatah, where's that that Fatah over here that Fatah should be on the dial? And you know, Deborah, it comes from the word of Devo, which means that behind them something right? Magneton is

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the essence and who actually will shake the last of it. So the front is called called oval and the back is called double. So front and back. So if I have something like this, this behind is called doober. The front is called

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COVID. The front the front is called bubble, and the meaning of it linguistically. Is the bottle Amrita Deborah, I never have a activity that when somebody looks at the meaning of something that bubble under that he he pondered upon the matter, ie he pondered upon it and he got to the Irati he got you know, he he saw the front, he saw an event, but he went back and back and back and back and he kept thinking and pondering upon until he got to the essence of it. He's like, Oh, this is why this particular thing took place okay, that is called to that book. Now, that is the definition in in in linguistic sense, you know, to look at something at the end the double column to adapt Baroque

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Kurama Yun Rafi Awali. He will ask you to hear somebody just double on some sort of a column it means that that individual he ponders upon a volley he points upon what is obvious in the column, and KDE hundreds upon what is at the end of it what's at the back of it. Okay, now in the villa in the terminologies of unfussy rune and the topologies of MOBA. See rune

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I'm always the first yes Hala, you are always the first and Masha Allah, that's the most important thing. As long as you're there, I'll keep doing these inshallah Zakka lucky

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for the rest of you too, by the way, but Hyla is always the first mashallah whatever. So Allah is right, it's what we're talking about the double. And let's talk about some other definitions. So the definitions have to depart from the perspective of MUFA zero people who did exegesis of the Quran, people who have done Tafseer of the Quran, what do they say? What's the meaning of the double for them? Lots of definition out there, I'm going to share with you the ones that I find that there's close to like 25 definitions, I don't have time for that there's not a class for me to go through the definitions of the book. But having said that, it is definitely a class for me to go through

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some basic definitions that are important, even actual he says, a bore

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pondering upon the Quran you know, let me just do this that's gonna be much better share screen Yes, I want to share screen application window Yes, I'm gonna share application window. Here we go. Amazing. So even as your what does he say? Even on short, he says I don't even

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I'm sure he says a terrible a Amal never a luckily fee della della Ile de la isla ma no see, but level. Now what does it mean? It basically means that I ponder upon

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it minute enough, I use my intellect and I ponder upon my intellectual ability I use that to be able to look at indications and the law is that Allah subhanaw taala like signs that Allah has left in the verses for you and me to look upon and realize that oh, the essence of why this verse came down is x. This is the true essence of why the verse came down. Okay, that one of the best definitions is one of my teachers, one of my my teachers of Tafseer Ramadan holla at me Allah subhanaw taala bring him out of the prison and hold the people who have unjustly placed him in prison account of the Day of Judgment you know Schiff hammer the lady his very close friendship massages play yard he said

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something really interesting he says at the bar who I admired with the hand but never it is to use my intellect and my my my mind, Ben Nevada to ponder upon fit if the Quran on the verses of the Quran Lee will soon Ilana it has so that I can get into so I can reach the meanings of the Quran sama once I understand the meaning never Ilana fie Hamina laka I ponder upon and see what are some of the rulings here well my RF or some knowledge or information or Lulu or ml? What is Allah asking me once I get the meaning what is it there for me? And then he said first summit Illa hum Samara hill and he has clarity you know defined to the board in five categories number one, you cannot

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ponder upon a text if you are not able to read it, there are some second Mohalla some family manner you do have to have some sense of meaning does not mean that you have to go and learn to see it. But you have to end today with quran.com with clear Quran Dr. Mustapha, very very easy for anyone to do to the Quran this okay. So number one, McGraw Hill Tierra del Quran number two reading number one is reading number two Salman manner to be able to understand the meaning of what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, very important for us someone when disembark, then to take out a steam bath is to take out something that you can take away with you. What do I walk away from with from this verse? What

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is it in it for me? What do I walk away from this verse? Then he says, some theater, when you walk out when you take out something, you're like, Allahu Akbar, it has hit me the IEA has hit me, it struck me. It has an impact on my feeling. It has an impact on my emotion. I am struck by it. Oh my God is Allah subhanaw taala. For example, when we said some of my oldest Kitab a laziness find that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen you and I, right, so walking away as Subhan Allah I've been chosen by Allah subhanaw taala. Allah has made me the inheritor of Quran, we and all of us that are over here. Allah has made us from the inheritors of the Quran. And you look at yourself and like

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Subhanallah that's me, man. Like Allah chose me to be from the generation of from the Ummah of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that is a thief. Then you read the verse, and you try to understand the meaning. And you take out and you're like, wow, that means I have been chosen, you have Thea, you connect with the IRA like that. So Muhammad v, then when you're when your insights have been rattled, and you feel a connection, then comes the point where you have to do hammer on Quran. So this is one of the best definitions that I personally think that are there for the book from the act of for us to understand the book. There are a few things.

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I just want to summarize the 25 Odd definitions that exist in two sentences number one,

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basically, the first is AMI, a difficult filmer minor Quran, which is that we need to have deep thought and using our intellect to understand the meaning of the Quran. The more we do that, the more to the Buddha you're going to have the more the more you're going to reflect upon number two Nether in a fee how octave Alma Eilat Albia will Amelie Euler anemia, Emmanuel Quran the second point is how, you know what what is what is this on telling us and what are the so like when Allah says a statement, how does that impact me first question you ask, like oh Subhanallah I have been chosen, okay. And you sit there and you think about it like Subhan Allah, I've been chosen. Allah

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Subhana Allah says in the Quran, he's like I've highlighted a boon Quran you

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Got it don't did not ponder upon the front, just this verse, you sit there and you're like, oh, and Allah is asking a question. That means that Allah knew that a lot of people are not going to ponder upon the Quran which means that you know, am I am I amongst the ones who ponder upon the Quran? When was the last time I pondered upon the Quran? These are the thoughts that you're going to have in your head that is going to help you connect with the Quran insha Allah number one.

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So, anyhow intelligible

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Jazak Allah hair, that is beautiful. So there are good family Marni Marina, understanding the meaning JazakAllah Kohala. This is beautiful, very, very beautiful here, like those of you that have not read this comment, beautiful comment. And then she says, impact on you. Like how is how is it impacting you? And how do you apply it in your life? Mashallah. Excellent, beautiful. So, tomorrow, if you join me in sha Allah, what I want to do is I want to do a demonstration, because sometimes one of the best ways to do things is to demonstrate and demonstration, I'm going to do the Verse tomorrow. Which one should I do? I have a few. Yeah, so we're going to do the sort of process we're

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going to do verse number 27. Tomorrow, sort of process verse number 27. We're going to do the translation of it. I'm going to talk about the verse and then I'm going to do the Tafseer of the verse, But then I'm going to do the deburr of the verse, and then hopefully we're able to see those different different things. Insha Allah Jessa What's the meaning of a steam bath? The meaning of a steam bot Hyla is basically how does asking the question What is the meaning of Istanbul is the bot is Cymbalta? Islam v2 is to, to to to squeeze something out. Okay? So it to squeeze something out. Okay. All right. Zach Allah Hi.